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The God’s Strike Back! One Piece Chapter 1,086 BREAKDOWN

The only reason I seem to be rushing is because the site that I’m using to begin this post won’t let me download the colorings, so I- being………….. ME– tried for like 2 hours to find ANY way to get the coloring images for the post. They just look nice. But it used up a lot of time that I don’t have. So sorry in advanced if I seem to be in a bit of a hurry to finish this post. Then again; I’m working on this Wednesday, June 7th, 2023, at 1:39 pm- in addition to Black Clover which is back from break; Four Knights; and Edens Zero. All before I have work for the next 5 days because I know those B@stards are gonna take my Weekend again. Even if it’s just 2 days, it will ALWAYS be the weekend. But I won’t Dump Post out on this one; I WILL discuss all 4 of these chapters- I just have to. My Pride Won’t Let Me Wimp Out On This. 

That, plus……… this one might not need to come out right away like the others. BECAUSE: “One Piece Will Be Going On A 1 Month(4 Week) Hiatus. Oda needs Eye Surgery; it’s starting to affect his work. So it was decided that he’s going to take a 4 Issue Leave of Absence to get his surgery and recover(and- because he’s such a Work Horse- he’s going to spend a little bit of time planning out the story further, even if he has to leak a little bit of information on future events to someone who can write them down as not

Okay; calming down from earlier. Comin’ down. Alright; let’s see how far into this I can get. For some reason, in a lower position; I’ve got more hours on the schedule than some of the Leads. I gotta find a new job. And this time I’m closing off my weekends. One Piece Chapter 1,086: “The Five Elders.” Oh yeah; we get all their names, don’t we800 somethin’ chapters after their introduction. 


The Reverie Is Over, and the information concerning Cobra’s Death- Concealed. Not even his closest advisors from Alabasta know about it yet- nor do they know the current status of Vivi. The Monarch’s begin the journey back to their homelands, with some stowaway’s hidden all throughout. Eigis Kingdom Ship: Vivi and Wapol hide underneath the floors, in contact with Big News Morgans. In exchange for “The Ultimate Scoop,” he offers them refuge; the plan is to use the guise of an Interview with King Tea IV to sneak them aboard the World Economics Journal’s moving HQ. Since they’re gonna have some time on their hands until then, Vivi decides to ask what it is that Wapol saw. She’s the last person who needs to know. In fact, it seems like a bad idea to just be around her right now, so he tells her to go back to her own ship. But she’s being hunted CP Aigis 0 right now; they’ll take her back by force if at all necessary. As such, she needs to get in contact with her Father as well to let him know what’s going on. That poor girl…………

Tajine Kingdom Ship: Bonney’s stowed away underneath, hungry, cold, and alone. Then there’s this ship going to this place called “Lulusia,” where Sabo is hiding out- constantly remembering the last thing King Cobra told him. Some time passes and word of Cobra’s fate and Vivi’s disappearance. Up In The Holy Land: The Gorosei talk about Sabo and his relationship with certain members of the D clan. Then some discussion on the matter of Egghead. But then Imu chimes in; they say they want to use the new weapon Vegapunk invented: The “Mother-Frame.” They needed to test it anyway; Egghead’s fate depends on it working or not. The Gorosei suggest a secluded, unpopulated area, but Imu has another idea in mind: A Quant Little Island Called Lulusia, where signs of Rebellion have started to show. They’re a little apprehensive because of its population, but…….. Imu don’t care. After AllThe World Moves By The Will of It’s Creator. Gorosei Name Drop

  • St Jaygarcia Saturn- Godhead Of Science And Defense
  • St. Marcus Mars- Godhead Of Environment
  • St Topman Warcury- Godhead Of Justice
  • St. Ethan Baron V. Nasujuro(that’s a Long One)- Godhead of Finance
  • St. Shepherd Ju Peter- Godhead Of Agriculture

Though before the Nuke that place out of existence, Imu tells them One More Objective to Keep In Mind: He Desires Nefeltari D Vivi. Wonder what her Bounty Poster is gonna look like. Though I can already see it being “Only Alive.” But in whatever case; the Marines find themselves dealing with Revolts from Eigis and Tajine- even deploying Seraphim Doflaming, Moriah, and Crocodile.  And we come to present day in the Kamabaka Queendom, where Sabo explains his stent in that Lulusia Place: He arrived to see the people rise up against King Seki and Princess Comane. As a Revolutionary, he was welcomed with open arms. And when news got out that he “killed’ Cobra- Hailed As A Hero. He saw the “Spirit Of Rebellion” revving up in the people, so he bit his tongue and kept quiet.

He couldn’t find a Jamming Snail, so he maintained radio silence until he and those who wanted to join the Revolutionary Army set sail. Then the Government caught wind of where he was hiding out- and you know the rest. Wait, what DID happen that day? Sabo mentions that something HUGE appeared in the clouds- something that can’t be a living thing or a natural disaster- something…….. Dangerous. Ivankov takes over exposition from here, revealing a few important details: 

  1. The name “Imu” belonged to one of the original 20 Monarch’s that founded the World Government- someone from the “Nerona” family: St. Imu of the Nerona Dynasty. 
  2. Since we even have information that there was a Doctor who used the Op Op Fruit to grant someone Eternal Life, that means it was done at least once in the past. Thus this Imu must be……
  3. If they assume that whatever supposedly blew up that Lulusia place is Man Made, then the only person who could have possibly made it would have to be Vegapunk. But they both know that Vegapunk would never make a weapon like that. So they speculate that it might be an Ancient Weapon…………

Holy Land Mary Geoise: A Celestial Dragon Has Been Put To Death- an event that will never be reported to the World. The Dragon in Question: St. Donquixote Mjosgard- the Dragon that chose to save a Fishman. And The Judge: The Supreme Commander Of The God’s Knights and Former King Of God Valley: St. Figarland Garling. And he believes that those who chose to protect “Scum-” are lower than the scum they protect. One Piece Chapter 1,086 END!! So this is the guy to beat, huhBring it, ya Crescent Faced Old Coot. 


Okay- Where do I start with this one? It’s like; there’s nothing specific I can hone in on with this one- it kind of jumps around a lot. But the things that it jumps around to– ALL MATTER. The names of the Gorosei; the reveal of New Seraphim and information on where they are right now; Sabo’s mindset; Imu Information; the Figarland Family; and so much more. Man, when Oda goes on break, he really treats us to something, doesn’t he? Um………….. The Mother Frame? Or is it “Mother Flame?” The official release will clarify, so I’ll simply put it………. somewhere after this sentence. In whatever case: Imu’s new weapon. Everyone was thinking it was the Ancient Weapon Uranos, and that it was used to nuke islands out of existence and “erase them from history.” That’s what we were all thinking, and you know it. But this new information debunks that idea. And instead raises a questionHow’d He Make This?

This is some…………… Next Level Tech on the Level of the Ancient Weapons. We though it WAS an Ancient Weapon. But if this is something that Vegapunk made recently(like the last few years- probably took a number of years to build something that big with this much power), then how’d he do it? My thinking is that- in the course of researching the Ancient History- Vegapunk may have figured out how to build Uranos. If anything would have the instructions for making the Ancient Weapons, then I would think it would be some of the Poneglyphs. For the same reason that the Shipwrights of Water 7 had the blueprints to make Pluton: If some moron got his hands on the Ancient Weapons; we’d be scr#wed. The only thing that can defeat an Ancient Weapon is an Ancient Weapon. And Vegapunk is smart enough to understand the Blueprints. So he probably used that as a basis and made the Mother Frame. But did the Gorosei know that? 

They know what happened in the Void Century. And I’m willing to bet an 800+ year old King from a secret hundred year period will recognize one of the 3 most Destructive weapons of his era when he sees one. They would know- meaning they would know that Vegapunk was somehow investigating the Ancient History(assuming the York hadn’t told them by then). But they also understood that this was their chance to finally get their hands on an Ancient Weapon. So they let him make it- confirming the he’s been researching the secret history and its tech. And the weapon worked. So he has to Go. ‘Cause if he has access to that kind of technology- the fact that he may know how to Destroy the Mother Frame- that makes him a threat on the same level as Nika. Thus sending Aigis 0 to off him and his satellites.

St. Figarland Garling

This is like the 2nd or 3rd most important thing in this entire chapter. And in true “One Piece” fashion: It’s all just in a Single Panel. A single character can spart a multitude of discussions; such as the idea of his relation to one Red Haired Shanks. In a special 2 page story penned by Oda, it is revealed that Shanks- as an infant– was taken by accident by the Roger Pirates- From God Valley. He was in a treasure chest they made off with after God Valley Mysteriously disappeared. Sh!t, what did happen to God Valley then? If this is a New Weapon from Vegapunk, then they wouldn’t have had anything to Nuke an Island like Lulusia 38 years ago; the best they could have done was the Buster Call to End All Buster Calls. And I doubt that a Celstial Dragon would allow their land to get obliterated like that. Oh man; whatever got rid of God Valley must be Unmentionable. 

In any case; The Figarland Family are at least confirmed to be affiliated with the God’s Knights- even if they may not be outright Celestial Dragons. Perhaps the God’s Knights are a class all their own; not descendants of the original 20 Monarchs, but rather the families of strong warriors from their homelands- the descendants of their Personal Bodyguards. And the Figarland family resideds in their original Homeland still, taking over as the Ruling Family rather than just the top Knights. And then, every few generations; the family is to give over a newborn to be raised to become the Next Leader of the God’s Knights, while the previous retires and………. would it make sense for the Old Man to become the KingIt would go something like this is my point. So what was likely supposed to happen Prior to the invasion of the Rocks PiratesGarling- the Former Leader of the God’s Knights- was preparing to hand off the Baby Shanks to the World Government to become A God Knight. But then the Incident happened, and Shanks was taken by Roger for a life on the high seas. 

As for their relation to each other: The very simple answer is “Grandfather/ Grandson.” Shanks is his grandson; he retired as a God Knight, and Shanks’ biological father was the then Leader of the God’s Knights. But then something happened to Shanks’ father(possibly something AT God Valley), and Garling took the reigns back. But I imagine the whole experience made him……….. a bit of a Crochety Old Man- the type that would say something like that. That or he’s just……….. that indoctrinated into this life. Like, if the Figarland’s AREN’T Straight Up Dragons; I think they get a little of the same privileges as them. So……….. they had slaves. And they’re definitely the worst sorts of Human beings. So maybe Garling was always like this, and this is just…….. him. But I think he resents Pirates because of what happened to God Valley. And his feelings towards Shanks probably aren’t all that positive, either. 

Who will he end up fighting? Well, he’s gotta have 2 fights going forward; 1 showing us how he fights, a little more of his personality and mindset, and what he brings to the table. Both Armament and Observation- PLAUSIBLY Advanced Conqueror’s – uses a sword- Old Man. And the Supreme Commander of the God’s Knights. Tough Guy Right here, folks. So whoever has to job to him- May They Rest In Peace. I don’t know who’s job it would be to job for Garling, but I think that he’s going to end up fighting with Shanks when it comes time for all these factions to duel. Him or Mihawk- someone in search of a challenge. You don’t get more challenging than the God’s Knights Supreme Commander. Which begs the question as to why Mihawk hasn’t sought a duel with a God Knight Swordsmen- probably the only other swordsman in the world who could challenge him(that he’d be willing to fight- Shanks Can Still Bring it, but Mihawk refuses to fight him now that he’s lost his arm). Maybe………. Ah, Who Knows. 

More Imu Information

A Member of the Nerona Family. Someone’s gonna have to scour the whole series to find even the vaguest of references to a family like that. But it’s something. Other than that: Imu is almost assuredly a Void Century Survivor. Especially with what Marcus(some of these guys have the most Casual Names) dropping that Imu is the “Creator” of this World. Imu made the World Like this, huh? That can be an inkling to his power- as in he LITERALLY shaped the world to be covered in Water and using the Redline to separate the the world like this. You know; that “Umi” thing, or perhaps “Mother Gaia-” something akin to that. But it’s probably more in reference to how the world works; the Government, what they do, and what islands need to be erased. That’s all Imu. 

Tekking101 speculated in his review for the previous chapter that- from the start– Imu has been ruling; that the story of the Original 20 Kings is just that: A Story Told To Hide The Truth. And that, rather than the swords being planted in front of the Throne to symbolize “No One Will Ever Sit Upon It;” it’s more like “We Pledge Our Lives To Imu.” And he said that Lili wasn’t about that life, so her “blunder” was not bowing down to Imu. Smart idea. I don’t watch chapter reviews until after I’ve already finished making the review; I want to come up with my own ideas before I see others- I don’t want to just copy everyone else. He says like he’s not reviewing one of the Longest and Single Biggest Manga Series of all time that people have already made theory after theory about. You know what I mean: I want to make a Theory myself. 

But then I actually hear some of these theories, and- Genuinely Speaking- They’re Better Than Mine. Tekking’s was the Logical Conclusion- the answer that is the safest. And “Occam’s Razor” exists, so it’s probably the one that Oda will go for. Maybe I’m giving him a little too much credit, but I like that idea. That being saidD. Did she possess the D BEFORE helping found the World Government? Or did she see through the bull and defect, becoming one? The General consensus of the fandom is that- while some who bear the D are related to the original clan by blood- not all of them are. “It’s Just A name carried by those who inherit the will of the past-” Anyone can Bear The Will of D. So it’s possible she became a D after choosing to Defy Imu. Because she sent that letter after that event happened. So either Lili defied them and joined forces with the D’s, or she was a D the whole time- trying to create the world the D’s dream of: Free World. 

Also another drop of the word “Desire” in the official release. Imu’s Desire took control of him, and………. well; you see what happened. Imu is what York will end up becoming if she gets her way. For all the good that “Desire” can create in this world- such as Medical abilities that can cure any disease or even a God to free you from servitude under a False God- it can also drive you Power Mad if left unchecked. And Vegapunk left HIS Desire unchecked; giving it its own body and taking away any control from it that kept it from acting on the basest of desires. So if Dressrosa is- as one Youtuber put it- “A Miniature Version of what the End of ‘One Piece’ will look like,” then I’m going to say that York- on some level– is a “Bootleg” version of Imu; a threat for sure and smart as a whip, but not quite the World King. That’s probably what the Egghead adventure is meant to convey. That and how arcs are going to be leading up to the Grand Finale- We haven’t seen the Straw Hat’s in a while now. And I mean…….. we can’t really afford to focus on just them anymore. 

The last handful of chapters have been showing us the kind of sh!t that happens while we focus on Luffy’s group; what the events we’ve always heard about look like in Real Time rather than an allusion- the outcome mentioned 50 something chapters later- and a flashback hundreds of chapters later. We can’t do that anymore; Oda’s REALLY trying to wrap this up within the next 3 years. I’m betting 2 years longer than that, but the fact that the ending is THIS CLOSE now means…………. We gotta see the “Endgame” characters getting ready for this. Anyone dropping off at this point is gonna end up getting involved in Throne War(I feel like we’re gonna see EVERY SINGLE CANON CHARACTER involved in that conflict), but as……….. Grunts– NPCs fighting in the background. Some of the more important one’s do some more important sh!t, obviously, but characters like KiddAfter what just happened, I’m thinking he’s going into Throne War in a similar way to Crocodile at Marineford: Trying to snake Shanks and Luffy getting in the way. Probably that Exact Composition. 


So Tajine HAS to be around Egghead for Bonney to get there, right? Bonney said she came to Egghead alone, and that Mechanical Shark ate her ship. She stole an Evacuation Vessel in the middle of the night and made way to Egghead? “The Glutton” would need quite a bit of provisions, and an Eternal Pose to Egghead to she know which way to go. That part I’d believe; it’s how she got here that I’m wondering about. And then you have to wonder what the h#ll happened to her crew. Where the f*ck ARE they? You’d think that…………………….. they have her Vivre card and are on their way to Egghead now, aren’t they? Add THAT to the mix, and you’re wondering what that Newspaper’s gonna look like 2 days later. 

…………. Seraphim Reveals and Mjosgard is confirmed dead. Uh………….. Even I can’t stretch that out enough. Seraphim Doffy, Moriah, and Croc are revealed now, but it’s not…………. they with Saturn’s fleet, got it. ‘Cause this is a flashback to about a month or so ago. Whereas Mjosgard seems to have just been executed. So………… yeah. 


Like I said: This post doesn’t need to come out RIGHT away like the others. This one, I allowed myself a little bit of “leway” to make it. As such, I think I allowed myself to make a really good post. But that’s just my vanity talking. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, yeah? Rest Well, Oda Sensei; making a manga of THIS caliber can take a toll on you- especially at your age. So rest up, guy!! And don’t go using those laser eyes of yours for evil!! See you in a few weeks. Laters! 

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  1. Mihawk having a connection with God’s Knights? Interesting. Mihawks backstory being rooting in recent revealed lore would explain why Oda never got into his backstory. It may also explain his relationship with Shanks. Gonna keep an eye on this theory.

    1. Oh man; sorry I saw this so late!! I’ve been busy with my job and with family visiting- brother Graduating from High School and all that. Not to mention all the posts and stuff I have on backburn. Sorry again.
      But yeah; I just find it a little weird that someone as “bored” as Mihawk wouldn’t have sought out to fight someone like Garling- someone we already KNOW is gonna put up one heck of a fight. My initial thought was that Mihawk might be a little INTIMIDATED by Garling to fight him- but that doesn’t sound like ol’ “Hawk-Eye” does it, now?
      So now I’m thinking that Mihawk may have actually LEARNED the way of the sword under Garling, and thus is not allowed to fight his Master…… or something. And then that ties back to his training with Zoro- teaching him in a similar fashion to how Garling taught him, but for a different reason. Mihawk reared his own greatest challenge; Garling probably wanted him to be Shanks’ replacement as a God Knight- though he probably isn’t a Figarland himself.

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