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Sad Man’s Farewell- Sad Girl’s Smile. My Hero Academia Chapter 394 BREAKDOWN

This was a better conclusion that the Todoroki Story. That’s how I feel. I had mentally checked out of that plot about the time Dabi was getting ready to explode; the fight with Tomura has had its Highs– and lows(with the highs not even being THAT high); didn’t much care for the Heteromorph story or really what Spinner turned into at the end or how he was handled; I hate Twice with a passion; and that Ouji Harima reveal came out of left field. Tomura Shigaraki and Best Girl Himiko Toga chan have been the HIGHLIGHTS of The League Of Villains for me- really the stand out antagonists for the whole d@mn series for me. Them, Rappa, and Muscular. Tomura got shafted by that Parasite, and the lack of focus on the Villains didn’t help progress Himiko chan all that much. It sucked. And then you have Tomura TRIUMPHANT Return to the story, and everything that’s been going on with Himiko chan in the last few chapters- seeing how well Horikoshi handled her story and how well written this battle is- I almost don’t want it to end. But it has to- if for nothing more than I fear what focusing on the Blood Queen is going to do for the sales of this particular volume and what that’ll do for the series as a whole. 

But yeahHer fight ends here. At least where the Heroes are concerned. I have some very violent, graphic things I want her to do to that nutsack faced Megalomaniacal Parasite with that knife of hers. Horikoshi and Editorial Staff of Shonen Jump- Let Her Cut His F*ckin’ Nuts off. My Hero Academia Chapter 394: “Ochaco Uraraka vs Himiko Toga.” Seriously? I don’t think Uraraka has had a “Rising” chapter yet. And with the rate Horikoshi’s going, I kind of doubt we’re gonna have time for all that. Then again, we still have to fight the Hand-Man himself………


SMALL FLASHBACK: Uraraka notices some kind of irregularity in her quirk that’s making to Mass of Clones float. Up above, himiko chan tries making more clones, but they end up getting touched by the Zero Grav Bubbles as soon as they’re made. It makes Himiko chan think back to when she felt the “Press of Death” against Curious. As Tiger is anchored to the ground by Kamui Woods, he remembers back during the training camp that Uraraka could only lift around 3 tons- but she’s grown a LOT in such a short time. All while Uraraka’s body starts growing colder. But even while losing all of this blood- she’s still fighting to reach that “Sadness” in Himiko chan’s heart. 

Without her equipment, she can’t steal anymore blood from anyone. So Uraraka takes the chance to explain her full story, starting with her desire to see her parents smile- how she learned that a lot of people needed someone to make them smile- how she fell in love with Izuku- and coming up to the present. She tries stabbing her again, but Uraraka continues on to ask what it is that lead Himiko chan to this moment. The memories play in her head, twisting her inner child into a mass of flesh that wants to stab the child Uraraka in front of her. But Himiko chan herself- relents and tells the full tale. 

She starts by saying it was “always easy for her to fall in love-” Animals, Villains, Heroes, Boys, Girls- anything with blood. And because of that, she was told not to smile, so seeing other’s so free to smile made her Super Jealous. She goes on to say that the boy she killed that day- a boy named Saito- looked a lot like Izuku. She wanted some of his blood, but could never find the courage to ask him; she thought he’d react just like any other person. It terrified her to think that he would call her “the opposite of cute.” Which is the same reason she was afraid to ask Izuku and Uraraka the same question. And that’s what pushed her to join the League. And as her inner child fails to go through with stabbing the child Uraraka- Twice’s blood starts wearing off, and with it will end the “Sad Man’s Legion.” Soon “Twice” will be gone altogether………

As the clones begin to turn to dust; Uraraka embraces Himiko chan, admitting that seeing someone pushing themselves even while wounded- is kind of cool to see. She knows that she can never replace the League in her heart- but she wanted to tell Himiko chan that she had a Beautiful Smile. Himiko chan asks if Uraraka really thinks she’s cute. Uraraka responds: 

“The Cutest In The Whole World.”

The clones all turn to dust in the wind. My Hero Academia Chapter 394 END!! No jokes about how I agree with her; no undercutting it by talking about “Gay Undertones” or anything; this is just a Wonderful Scene. Honest and for truly; it’s just a great part of the story. 


What do I say that hasn’t already been saidThis was a Really Good Finish. Though how people feel about how Himiko chan’s plot is something I’m curious to see. Nice scene and strong storytelling- how does this resolve the character’s involved? Uraraka’s evolution is gonna make her a pretty effective Rescue Hero for sure, and she’s going to be letting Himiko chan drink her blood- which is showing her Affection. That’s………. Yeah. Someone who’d be willing to share their blood with her was a good way to resolve this, I feel. It’s not like any of these character’s are hurt by the ending(Character wise- they’re pretty banged up right now), nor has “all been forgiven” between Himiko chan’s kill count and Twice’s death. It’s………. Logical. The only problem that I could plausibly hear lobbed at this chapter is how Horikoshi handles quirks and how they affect their users- a la the All For One Explanation from Vigilantes. 

Something that brother’s always talk about when it comes to Himiko chan is how poorly Horkoshi portrays how these quirks afflict their user; how Himiko chan’s the only one who’s really had trouble with her quirk combining “love” and “blood.” For mem I always looked at the very “base” level of the character’s personalities to find some connection to their quirk: Bakugo’s “Explosive” Personality- angry or other wise; All For One’s greed; Tomura’s itch for Destruction; things like that. Which aren’t the same as Himiko chan. For them, it’s just the base line part of their personality- that “one word” that you would use to described them; a base instinct based on their quirk. Drinking blood is how Himiko chan shows affection; wanting to become “more like” someone she loves is just……….. no different than a hug or a kiss. Bakugo doesn’t blow up people’s hands as a high five; All For One doesn’t steal you watch with a handshake; she’s……… she’s the only one like this. And yeah; that’s a bit of a problem. 

Though talking about this is reminding me of the theory I came up with while reading this chapter. THEORYThe Children Are The Quirk Vestige’s- the “consciousness” that all quirks hold. We learned in chapter 287 that quirks hold a portion of their holder’s consciousness- a “piece of their soul” as it were. I think the children- Izuku in chapter 305; here with Himiko chan and Uraraka; Shoto vs Touya in chapter 352whenever we see the child versions of these characters in the present- in an dream sequence- it’s meant to represent their Quirk Factors- their very “Base” instincts/desires. Which is why they’re represented by children; kids at that young age don’t have that “social awareness” that comes with growing up- they have to be taught to share- they don’t understand right away what they did wrong or why they don’t get their cookies; they just know that they don’t. They’re the most direct, bare bones versions of ourselves. And our Vestige’s are just acting on those innate desires. At least that’s what I’m thinking. 

As for why there’s a “Tomura” and a “Tenko” that need to be separated, I think it comes down to Singularity. I think Tenko’s “Decay” was already succumbing to Singularity, which is part of what put that “mental cap” on his abilities- it was him subconsciously trying not to let himself decay away. But when he stopped giving 2 sh!ts there was no limit to what he could destroy. Not even himself. It was only through his mutation a la Dr Ujiko that his body was able to mutate the way it has. Everyone else is still showing some restraintTenko’s body doesn’t have that “limit” anymore, and the Quirk Factor- Tenko’s desire and its general power- were allowed the chance to Grow. To paraphrase a term from Oceaniz’ video about Tomura’s Glory: “Tomura is The Monster That Evolves.” Yeah; something like all of that.

I even started to think about that Twisted version of Himiko chan that tried to stab Kid Uraraka. If Tomura is what happens when Tenko allows Singularity, then that might have been Himiko chan starting to give into her own Singularity and ended up backing out before she let her Quirk Factor reach that point. Just a theory. Huh; by this logic, everyone in the current generation of Quirks could reach Singularity if they let themselves “Go” like Tomura and Himiko chan did. Cool idea, but there’s no way we’re going to touch upon that idea with the time we have left in the story. Oh well; that’s what continuations are for. Also money, which “My Hero” makes. 


1 Last thing I want to mention pertains to everything I said about Singularity and how it applies to One For All. I said that their Vestiges are our inner most child, but then you see the Vestige’s of the One For All users as adults. For that: Yoichi told us in chapter 193 that One For All was “Already Past Singularity-” and I said that Tomura and that twisted Himiko chan are the results of those Vestiges giving in to Singularity. Those are their “Singularity’s Vestiges” I guess you could say. And that’s everything. Not much to say on the chapter itself, but I pretty much got all of that out of my system with the previous review. Not much I can say that I haven’t already! But I did manage to come up with a pretty cool theory. I’ve always felt that a potential sequel series should dive into the true nature and origins of quirks since Horikoshi never got the chance to. Tie that to the big bad and have Tenko as a “One Punch Man” type character, and I think it could be pretty cool. I’m still thinking that Tenko is going to become the 10th One For All Holder. Mark my words……….

Let me know what you guys think in the comments. And yesHimiko chan is the Cutest Girl In The Entirety Of “My Hero.” After her would be Nejire chan. That’s it. Catch ya later.

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