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The Curse Of Elsie Le Lendard. Edens Zero Chapter 211 BREAKDOWN

I had kind of problem coming up with the title. But that’s because the title of this chapter is actually perfect. Mashima’s the type to take a phrase from the chapter and make that the title, or takes the thing he wants us to focus on and makes that the title. Sometimes that works- sometimes it doesn’t. This is one of the cases where it does. And unfortunately; it seems to follow Elsie wherever she goes. I wonder what all that’s about……? I don’t know if she herself is the “True Enemy,” but she certainly has something to do with them. We’ll talk about that later. Edens Zero Chapter 211: “Tragedy.” Let’s begin……..


We pick up where the last chapter left off: With Elsie- freed from her cuffs- standing over the lifeless bodies of Jesse, Gowen, and Hyoga in sheer shock at what’s she’s seen. 10 Minutes Earlier: Elsie is confined by Justice following her fight with Ziggy. Justice goes off to fight Acnoella by himself, but she doesn’t think he’ll be able to win alone. She’s trying to break free when Jesse comes on Justice’s orders. He is ordered to simply “watch” her, but he takes the opportunity to kick her while her hands are tied. Elsie asks why Jesse hates her so much, to which he explains that he and his parents used to Live On Lendard. Then the thing happened, and…… Yeah. 

Jesse tells her not to look so sad- as something “Fun” is about to happen. We cut over to Hyoga and Gowen, who are following Elsie’s distress signal to her location. They finally come to the room she was trapped in, but she yells at them to leave- “IT’S A TRAP!” Before either of them can make sense of the situation; Jesse manages to slit Gowen’s throat, and hold a gun to Hyoga’s head. He shoots, and hit hits Hyoga dead on. But Hyoga manages to create an ice pike that expands in Jesse until a hole opens up, and freeze Elsie’s cuffs enough for her to break free. And we return to the present, where Elsie begins to think about everyone that’s ever considered family- Hyoga…….Gowen…….Jesse……..Ziggy…….Valkyrie……..Witch…….. Her parentsall of them dead. It’s enough to make her think that she’s “Cursed With Death………” 

We then jump over to the core of Lendard, where Rebecca receives a call from Homura. She says that she managed to deliver the moms without a problem, but she’s finding Acnoella’s Dragon horde to be a problem. Rather than lead them to Rebecca and get the all killed, she decides to stay do something about the Dragons. As she begins to make her way to Acnoella, we see Justice come up through the Dragons mouth, and asks Acnoella if defeating her would stop the Dragons. According to her conversation with Ziggy– No. Seeing him, Homura says that she’ll help him out on this. But hearing her name, he thinks back to what Jesse told him 3 years ago……………..

We then see Justice, Homura, Acnoella, and Elsie in rapid succession, and then Rebecca saying she has a “Bad feeling.” And then we cut to the Edens Zero, where Hermit demands to see Elsie’s medical records from 18 years ago. This will not end well for you, Hermit Mio….. Edens Zero Chapter 211 END!! Seriously, girl- You are playing with FIRE. 


……………………….. This part is kind of difficult. Because this is an “In Between” chapter; that period of time between the “Set Up” and the “Big Reveal.” The last chapter set up the teaser, and I can’t say if it’ll 212, 213, or 229 where they finally reveal the Big Bad. I don’t know. And the only thing that we have to go on is that they have something to do with Elsie. The only characters that would be causing this are people who have some sort of vendetta against Elsie- like Justice and Jesse- or someone who’s trying to “twist up her mind” and make her into an actual Villain. In my mind- I feel like this is going to be like Rouge in Fairy Tail. Remember how he tried to get in his past self’s head during his fight with Gajeel to make sure the timeline leads towards that outcome? Yeah. 

Mashima could make this a case where a future version of Elsie has come back for some reason, and they end up being the Central Antagonist for the next portion of the story. And part of what her plan is is making her past self into another Evil Elsie. WhyThey want an ally they can trust? Or perhaps they’re trying to make Elsie want to die so she can get a “replacement” body? Because as we’ve seen with the Weisz Steiners and Shikis of the story- “There’s No Guarantee Of Anything.” Even if she’s pushing this Elsie into despair; there’s no guarantee that she’ll give in. All this makin’ sense

I don’t know what Hermit is hoping to learn from Elsie’s medical records- I don’t think that she’s like a robot or anything. We see her as a young girl, so unless she’s this “Super Advanced Model Android;” I can’t tell you what she wants to see. And honestly, if they find anything they didn’t see all that time ago; I’m sorry, but that makes the Shining Stars look a little incompetent. How did they not see it the first time? Maybe it’s something they didn’t think too much about at first, but is now becoming relevant? I hope it’s a good explanation.

The other main thing is Homura vs Justice vs Acnoella. None of these people are going to work together; Homura’s not going to ally herself with someone like Acnoella to fight against Justice, and Justice would NEVER “stoop so low as to accept help from a murderer-” or work with Acnoella to accomplish any goal he has. I might be willing to say that Acnoella’s gonna “nope” the f*ck out of there and just let them take each other out, but they still have to deal with the Dragons. Plus; this is her chance to take out 2 problems at once. I don’t think either of them will die- at least not yet. But I am anticipating Homura being ejected out of the Knight Gear and have to fight Justice face-to-face. That would be cool. And it would be a good way to find out how strong Homura is in relation to Oracion Seis level characters. 


Those were the MAIN THINGS of the chapter. There’s nothing really more to talk about. Like; I can’t even find anything to stretch with this one. You know? So instead of dragging this one on, I’m just gonna stop here. I have to redo the “My Hero” review, anyway. Let me know you’re own thoughts in the comments, boys and girls. Until next time, America………

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