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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #24: Some Thing’s Are Just Beyond Our Control

I don’t know what the h#ll happened a few days ago; I just remember I woke up F*CKING FAMISHED and had a wicked headache. And that head persisted WELL into the day, and would come back with a vengeance the very next day. I got no work done on Thursday. And when my usual methods for getting rid of headaches failed, I realized “Okay, I’m dumping everything.” So the “Four Knights” review has been rolled over into a “Dump Post.” And next week is the new chapter for Dead Rock so, uh…….. yep. The only series not here will be One Piece because it’s really good and at least needs a Short Review. But also- My brother’s and I watched the first episode of the Live Action. So, you know– “Priorities.” But even now, It’s still bugging me, so, uh…….. I’ll try to make this quick. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 141: “Normal Life Plus

Denji and Nayuta are having a normal shopping day– Denji ever melancholic about how he’ll never be Chainsaw Man again, watching some no-names from the Church kill a Devil that appeared before him. Later that night, unable to sleep- Denji questions if life after High school and having a job will be happier than what he has now. A Groggy Nayuta proclaims that she’ll stay with Denji forever, and then he’ll be happy because “she’s just that cute.” Denji embraces her, and it’s off to bed. Not………… Not like that. 

We see Flamethrower, Sugo, Whip, and Spear at a diner, discussing their plans for tomorrow- the Chainsaw Man Church’s Day of Worship. And that means that none of them are going to be hunting Devils that day, allowing for Public Safety and Civilian Devil Hunters will be coming out of the woodwork and snatch their kills. So the Weapons plan is to kill the whole lot of em in an attempt to bring out Chainsaw Man. Seeing Spear and Whip here means that it the other weapons really are a part of the Church. And I don’t think Sugo’s lying about them being grateful to Chainsaw Man for saving them from Makima. Though seeing Samurai Sword and Reze again is gonna be……………. interesting. 

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 118: “The Battle Trigger

Percival returns from “his world” to tell his friends that the Behemoth as been quelled- through conversing with the “Life Spirits inside the Behemoth.” Chion says he’s lying, but  Anne interjects to ask if he’s alright. It’s not a “lie,” but he’s probably still shaken up about what happened. But they don’t get much time to dwell on that, as they finally see it off in the distance: The Door To Camelot. But Percival wants to save Gawain first and foremost. Tomintoul gets in their way, however, but Lance manages to divert his attack so as not to destroy the door. But Tomintould grabs him and pulls him off for a separate battle. 

As for Percival and the rest; Mortlach challenges Percival to a 1-on-1 match. But Rosebank warns Percival against accepting the challenge, knowing this is part of Mortlach’s plan. She pleads with Mortlach to try and talk this situation out, grateful to Percival for saving her life even knowing she was a Chaos Knight. But Mortlach doesn’t feel like talking. And Percival accepts the challenge. So it looks like part of Mortlach’s magic is getting his opponent to accept a challenge, and the other is that he has to fight 1-on-1. Which I’m sure Percival is actually looking forward to. Though what he’s about to learn on top of what he now knows- might just break him. 

Edens Zero Chapter 253: “Stage 1

Pr Weisz’ modification to Joker’s code allows for himself to use magic; Shiki possesses the sword “Gravity Core(“Rave Master” reference); and Rebecca……………… gets the bikini armor and guns. All the while, Joker………… is unhappy with these mods; she says they’re “cheating.” So she changes the game to an Escape Room, in which Rebecca’s goal is to save Shiki and the professor before the room they’re in fills with water. Other things in the chapter: Bernadette unimpressed with Young Weisz and the Professor asking if Shiki is Rebecca’s boyfriend. Yeah. “Edens Zero” tends to be on the shorter end of the spectrum in these “Dumps.” I’m just getting good at making “Edens Zero” content, I guess. Plus, I’ve been reviewing this series so long that I just don’t feel the end to keep calling back to stuff. It’s kind of nice. 

Once again; Rebecca proves to have the most “unique” fights in the series- which is fine. Not every fight needs to be won with Combat and “overwhelming power.” Though she has moments of those, too. I look forward to how she wins this next chapter……….

My Hero Academia Chapter 399: “Organic , Mingling Clusters of Light” 

Just getting this out of the way nowMy Hero Academia Will be On Break Next Week. Chapter 400 in 2 weeks, folks. Hopefully Horikoshi’s healthy enough to make that chapter one of his best since the end of Himiko chan’s story! Or just that he’s healthy. In whatever case; All Might is trying to Dr Octopus away from All For None, thinking it’s time to use “that students” themed gadget, trying to damage him SO BAD that he rewinds away. All For No One Asked sees through the ruse, and plans to crushify Small Might “with minimal effort-” and summons to Giant heads that try to eat All might. And then just going IN on All Might, calling him an “Old Fart” while doing everything in his power to kill him. But All Might isn’t done yet………….

Then- after 40 something chapters of NOTHING- we randomly jump over to AOYAMA’S Battlefield to tie in to the gadget. Everyone BUT Aoyama is dead– even Fat Gum. Kunieda’s quirk lets him grow plants from the nutrients in people’s bodies, and everyone’s been “planted,” so………. he starts chastising Aoyama for his betrayal; he even took his support belt so his “Naval Laser’s” just spewin’. But Aoyama isn’t done yet, either. With all the will and power he has left, he starts firing wildly- allowing Toru Hagakure to grab one of the blasts and refract it into Kunieda!! And that fight is over, so we come back and see All Might activate Aoyama’s Themed Gadget: “CAN’T STOP TWINKLING!!” Laser cannon that blasts All For Done into the dirt. BasicallyStar And Stripe Fight But With A Stake For The Bad Guy. 

We last saw Aoyama in chapter 353. It has UNIRONICALLY been 46 Chapters– whole VOLUMES since we saw that battlefield. We knew this was coming- let’s not pretend; we knew Horikoshi was just gonna put this in somewhere, whether we actually saw the full fight or just the Aftermath. We knew. Do I hate that he did that? I can’t bring myself to care, to be quite honest; this happened and I don’t care. Better now than in chapter 400. Because……….. a chapter like that– at this point- HAS to show even a glimpse at Deku vs Tomura. All Might vs All For One might not end in the next chapter, but it’s wrapping up in like 2 or 3 more, depending on how Hori wants to handle All Might AND All For One’s 10. Or…….. 5. Maybe 6. ‘Cause he has to do BOTH of their flashbacks. And I want to see how this dork came to this conclusion in life. I need a good laugh right now. 


Welp- Looks like One Piece is also on break next week. So, uh…………. Yeah, the “Dump” for next week will likely be coming out earlier, yeah? Man I’m looking for that “Dead Rock” chapter. It comes out on the 6th, yeah? Wednesday. And wouldn’t ya know it? I got that Wednesday off. After Saturday, I don’t have to be in to work until Friday morning. Not good for the check, but oh so wonderful for my sanity. Their OWN fault if they don’t have someone to cover a whole bunch of people’s shifts. Though there’s 1 person I wouldn’t mind working with again, yeah? Let me know what you guys think in the comments, folks. ‘Til next time, America; Take Care Of Yourselves- And Each Other. Laters!! 

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