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One Piece Chapter 1,091 SHORT REVIEW

The Live Action; The Gear 5th episode; do I hear “Film Red” in my future? Yeah, I’ve seen the Gear 5th episode. And last night from when I’m writing this part(Friday, September 1st, 2023, 7:58 pm), I’ve watched the “One Piece” Live Action with my brothers. And- we had to sayDecent. It made some “unnecessary changes” according to Ajay, and Malik found a clip we didn’t notice of the Wado Ichimonji bending when the actor for Zoro rolled to avoid and attack. But in all, we actually enjoyed it; a decent adaptation all around. Though we only watched episode 1. We’ll watch more as we go through the weeks. And I don’t really have a way to slide into the next topic. I hate it when that happens. Um……… “Short Review” for this chapter; not really much for me to say on this one. Though more than I would want to put in a “Dump Post.” So….. Here ya go. 

Oh, and alsoOne Piece Will be On Break Next Week. Which is gonna make my job easier with next week’s “Dump Post” and the “Dead Rock” review. So things are lookin’ pretty alright! KNOCK ON WOOD KNOCK ON WOOD KNOCK ON WOOD. That’s how you get UNlucky. In fact, you know what? Let’s get this started. One Piece Chapter 1,091: “Sentomaru.” He was introduced in chapter 497, and NOW he gets a chapter titled after him. This series is LONG, man…………

Luffy’s Battle

Yeah, we’re starting with this one; it’s not like these kinds of posts have a set order of how I’m supposed to talk about them, anyway. Now, one of the things I wrote down was how Luffy might- somewhere in his mind– be thinking of testing himself here like he did with Katakuri. Or, well; his fight with Katakuri was getting himself to improve– I’m saying here that he’s testing his mettle against the opponent that handed the Straw Hat Pirates as a group their collective @$$e$. They weren’t ready to face an Admiral way back when. They’re stronger now. Luffy is stronger now; he fought against Kaido and- after 2 Major Losses and several people whittling down the King Of Beasts- won. I don’t know if it’s overconfidence or if he’s actually feeling like he can do it, but I’m definitely thinking that Luffy thinks he can win. 

I think it might also be a reaffirmation that Luffy will be able to handle whatever threat comes their way; if they can handle an Admiral after a lengthy battle with former Yonko, then he truly is ready to press on towards the One Piece. Though it also shows more of how Luffy might be biting off a bit more than he can chew. Which he did with Crocodile the first time, and would later again learn when he summons an Admiral by punching Charlos. And again when he FIRST fought KaidoHe’s far in a way the strongest he’s ever been, but he hasn’t seen all that the Admiral’s have had to offer. And he was certainly shook when he felt Kizaru coming(PAUSE). I hope he knows what he’s doing…………

Kizaru, Sentomaru, and Vegapunk 

The only other thing that I could think of off the top of my head: Why Kizaru is so gung-ho about being the one to deal with the situation on Egghead. And from the flashbacks we’re seeing and how it’s being presented; it’s starting to look like Kizaru was Vegapunk’s original Bodyguard. We see Sentomaru’s backstory that was told to us by Oda in a recent SBS that he was just a homeless boy found by Vegapunk- and Kizaru. And he was taken on by Vegapunk for his strength. I think Sentomaru– had this arc NOT interrupted his day off- was going down a similar path to KizaruBorsalino- much like Sentomaru- was brought in just to be a bodyguard for Vegapunk on behalf of the World Government. Then asfter some time, he was made an official Marine. And when they found Sentomaru, he took over as Vegapunk’s bodyguard, and Borsalino was freed to go off and prove himself a valuable asset until– he became and Admiral. Sentomaru was on that track, but……….. sh!t happens. 

I also think that this chapter implies that Kizaru was- in some way– Sentomaru’s mentor. So- much like Garp earlier in the arc- Kizaru is fighting his old apprentice. I don’t know how you want to count the end of the Pirate Island Shenanigans, but I wouldn’t say that Aokiji won– nor do I think Garp lost. But in terms of their 1-v-1: Garp Won. And so has Kizaru. Though what I’m getting at by bringing this up is that Sentomaru likely learned his powerful Armament from Kizaru. Or at least, Kizaru might have introduced him to Haki; seeing Aisa from in Skypiea(we also started watching the anime on Netflix again) means that people can just “have” Haki naturally. Maybe Sentomaru just “refined” it with Kizaru’s help. But the point is that Kizaru has Armament Haki. And looking at Sentomaru- it’s Strong. Luffy’s Armament got a buff during Wano, but…….. it’s not the one he’s most proficient in- just ask HordyI’m just sayingDon’t Discount The Admirals. 

Zoro vs Lucci

A lot of this is just gonna be made up on the spot from here on out– as you’ll soon see. Zoro vs Lucci……….. I feel like Zoro has this. Maybe not “easily,” but he definitely has this covered. But it’s also Oda further showing how far the Straw Hat’s have come, showing us an opponent that only Luffy could defeat prior up against another member of the crew. It also goes to show that Lucci still has the mentality that he must complete his mission- regardless of his seeming animosity towards the Straw Hats; the fact that he prioritized killing Vegapunk more than someone like Robin means he’s still loyal to the World Government. Though it could ALSO imply that he’s keeping his word to Luffy, vowing not go after his friends until after he’s killed Luffy. Though Luffy ALSO said not to go after Vegapunk. Maybe he made an exception for the good of his mission, but is still keeping it in that he’s not going after any of the Straw Hats. 

It also says something that Sanji had the foresight to put Kaku in a bubble. I think Vegapunk may have informed him of Awakened Zoan’s recovery abilities, so he got ahead of him and stopped him from joining with Lucci. Smart play, Dart Board Brow. Now go help Zoro avenge Stussy sama!! 


Huh………. even for “not much,” I still managed to get a lot of my thoughts out. Not too shabby, yeah? Again- Break Next Week. Easier on me, but sucks because I enjoy this series a lot. Then again, I ALSO enjoy Dead Rock, so- Hopefully a Good week. Please oh PLEASE let it be. Someone I didn’t really like but was there for as long as me just left, someone I actually like working with is now being targeted by my superiors. So……… I gotta help. But the person who just left was our resident “Thief Deterrent,” so without her; we’re about to get robbed. It’s annoying as f*ck man, I never knew. So……… Wish Me Luck in The coming week. And let me know what you guy’s think of the chapter. ‘Til next time, folks- Laters!! 

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