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One Piece Chapter 1,089 SHORT REVIEW REDUX

Hey. I’m trying to get to that Black Clover chapter, alright? It’s gonna be another “Short Review,” and then I’m gonna do a post about it and my personal history with the series. And I’m gonna follow through with it no matter what; I REFUSE to let this next chapter review be the last thing I write about this series until f*cking DECEMBER. We’ll get to that when we get to it, but for right now; I have to do a repost. Long and Repetitive Story Short: My site went down and a lot of my post past July 28 of this year were lost. Crushed ma soul a little bit, but I’ve rebounded and gotten back into a little “rhythm.” Regular stuff will be coming shortly, but we gotta get back what was lost. This is one of those things. So- for the second time– One Piece Chapter 1,089: “Hostage Situation.” Starting with…………

Bonney’s Age

I remember one of the things I talked about with this one was St Saturn’s line in this chapter in regards to Bonney: “She’s just a girl.” The unofficial I saw said “LITTLE Girl,” but both imply that Saturn sees her as a child. 2 ways to take this:

  1. “No Threat;” “An Infant;” he’s old as DIRT in comparison to most other people so most people are but “children” to him. 
  2. Bonney is in fact using her Devil fruit to age herself up to an age at which saving her father and getting revenge on the Government is a lot more feasible. 

I came to believe in this theory a little bit because of what happened when she and Luffy’s group ended up on Egghead; how she was seemingly “okay” with being naked around guys. Jimbei intentionally didn’t look, and Luffy and Chopper don’t care, but you would think that SHE would care about guys seeing her naked. Not to mention the clothes she wears don’t often fit her like they’re supposed to. It implies to me that she doesn’t care like someone he assumed age would; almost like a child who hasn’t learned all of “that” yet. That, or I’m looking too much into that scene. Maybe I’m looking too far into this line, too. Kuma’s 47 currently, so having a teen-20-something year old daughter isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Maybe she’s just like Luffy and doesn’t know or even really care about that stuff. Myeh

The Straw Hat’s Prowess 

When I saw this scene, my immediate thought was “The Straw hat’s really are up there, huh?” They may not be exactly up there with those characters, they’re at least in the domain of characters like Shanks, Whitebeard, Roger and more- they’re now at the point where we don’t need to see what happened. We might not get a flashback to what happened last night. I don’t think Oda feels the “need” to show how last night went; he wants us to understand that- unless it’s like Endgame character’s like Teech or Garling and Imu- the Straw Hat’s can handle whatever comes their way. Even the Seraphim. 

The Lulusia Hole

I don’t know where this is going to lead, but this hole looks like the one under Enies Lobby. What’s that mean? Because the Mother Flame- as we’re lead to believe- is a recent thing. And the Enies Lobby Hole is like hundreds of years old. But they look to be the same. So either the Mother Flame isn’t what we think it is, or this really is just a replica or Uranos:

  1. The “Mother Flame” is a power source- something Vegapunk made to help the world that the World Government is using to power the only Ancient Weapon they had but could never use because 
    1. It had a ridiculously long recharge time or
    2. They no longer had the power source and nuked the Kingdom that made it 
  2. “Those Who Don’t Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat it.” The World Government won’t let the World Learn from it, so Vegapunk ended up accidentally making a Uranos copy. That or they came to him directly and had him make it. 

Another thing is that the blast raised the f*cking sea level. So, uh……. I hope Iceburg got Water 7 a float. Though this- like with the earlier point- indicates that there’s a reason for the high sea levels in this world. How many of times has this happened before? You’d think we’d hear tale of another hole like that, but we haven’t. Wonder why……..


Longer than it’s supposed to be, but I had some time to sit on this one and think about what I wanted to say now that I didn’t back then. “Second chances” I guess. Um……….. Let me know what you guys think, too. ‘Twas a fine chapter; I wanna see where all of this goes. He says like he didn’t post the 1,090 review some days ago. But I’m putting this on a back up doc, so if the site goes down again, I’ll post them in their proper order. Christ I hope that doesn’t happen again. At least not for as long. Til next time, all; catch ya later!! 

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