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Manga Chapter Review Dump Post #21: OCD + Movie Review

Okay, this one’s a Me thing. I’m in the middle of working on my review for Sword Of The Wizard King, so I kind of decided to just make a Dump Post again. It started with “Chainsaw Man” chapter 133, then I decided to scrap it and turn it into the Movie review. Then all the chapters started coming out. I was able to ignore it for a while, but then…………. I got an itch. I’m beginning this portion Wednesday, June 21, 2023, at 1:31 pm after having seen the leaks for Black Clover 363 and My Hero 392. And here we are. I got to them so late in the day because I made breakfast for myself and my brother’s that day, and for WHATEVER reason; it always takes me 2 or so hours to make the right amount of pancakes. No matter HOW good at get at it. And I do it  A LOT. I like Pancakes, if it’s not clear. They are God’s Gift To Man. 

Like I said, doin’ the movie review. Don’t know when I’ll be done, but, uh…… I’ve got a lot to say about it. But the chapters that came out this week are………. Okay; I don’t care all that much anymore for My Hero and Super, but I’m still going to do them- if for nothing more than out of the love that I once had whenever they dropped new chapters. God, I feel so bad for saying that. But it’s the Honest Truth. Also because Himiko Chan is still Best Girl. Let’s Begin. 

Chainsaw Man Chapter 133: “Chainsaw Man Protest

Yoshida has taken Denji to a Diner that’s next to the recent Chainsaw Man Protest- a movement in which the people are trying to get Public Safety to treat Chainsaw Man as a Devil and put him Down. But the “Chainsaw Man Church-” a group of people who have either been saved by the Chainsaw; support his efforts; or High School students in it for the LOLs- fight back against them. Denji likes having people fighting for him, but Yoshida knows that- if both factions continue to grow- it’ll become a conflict on a Larger scale. So he presents Denji with an UltimatumStop being Chainsaw Man and live a normal life with Nayuta and the Huskies- or they kill Nayuta. Denji chooses BOTH. 

Nayuta breaks free and comes to her brother’s side, so they tell Yoshida to shove it and go home. And I’m just left thinking “You’re more than welcome to TRY.” Nayuta’s a little terror unto herself, but Denji is the type that’ll go in hacking and slashing to save her- and continue once he’s either succeeded or failed. And then Fami’s a caring(enough) Big Sister to the Horsemen Devils, so………….. No. You can try, Yoshida, but neither scenario ends in you being alive. 

Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 109: “A Trying Week

The Chaos Knight Rosebank meets back up with her allies, and finds that they have taken Gawain captive. But she’s more focused on this “Warm Feeling;” something brewing ever since she saw Percival heal her- an image she can’t get out of her head. She’s taken a romantic interest in Percival, if that wasn’t clear. So much so that she even hides the Dragon Relief from her fellow Knights. So Mortlach moves the conversation to how they’ll deal with the Knights of Prophecy in a Week’s time. Kill just one of em and the prophecy’s over. They have Gawain in custody, but her relation to their King prevents her execution; Lance and Tristan are in another league from them- they’re man enough to admit that much; but Percival is clearly the weak link in the chain. Target Acquired. 

Speaking of; Team Percival begin their training with Lance. Their goals for the week

  • Donny– Lift up a tower from 250 ft away- 10 times his current max distance he can be away from an object. 
  • Nasiens– He has to improve his personal endurance. So he has to run around the entire platform- as long as he can and as hard as he can. 
  • Anne– Magic families fall into 2 types: “Powering Up” or “Transforming Altogether.” Anne’s has transformed. So she has to learn the ins and outs from scratch. As for how, it’s something she’ll have to “meditate” on. 
  • Percival– Sword Practice. His Magic relies on others, so he won’t be able to use it as often as he desires. So he’s gotta learn how to use a sword properly. So for now, he trains with Lance, who’s going to copy the enemies he’s fought thus far from his memories and fight like they would- even making energy constructs of their weapons. First Talisker, and then Macduff. 

Huh……….. Not a bad idea. Actually learning how to use a sword rather than just swinging it around with power behind it. Gawain needed to learn this lesson, too, so………… now they’re in the same boat, I guess. Wonder how this Rosebank plot is gonna go…….

Edens Zero Chapter 244: “Iron Rain

We pick up from the last chapter with Shiki and Shura breaking into Muller’s lab. Amira explains that she sent them a message when she managed to locate his lab, and the fighting starts with Shura yanking of Rebecca’s shackles and sending them flying at Muller. But Muller blocks it, and displays Xenolith’s gravity powers, believing himself capable crushing the Temple as Xenolith did Foresta. Amira calls his bluff, but the Gravity Bros aren’t will to take that chance and break his f*ckin’ face. Seeing the situation for what it is, Muller decides to use the power he stole from Xenolith to have the drones he just sent out come crashing to the planets surface, causing considerable amounts of damage. So Amira asks her allies to do something about that. Ladies and Gentlemen– The Oracion Seis Interstelar Of Universe 0

  • Eraser
  • Holy 
  • Feather 
  • Jaguar
  • Victory
  • Amira(Codename: “Face”)

Together with the Crew of Edens, they manage to take out most if not all of the drones. So Muller tries to take Rebecca’s legs again– clinging to them like REAL Sicko. So Shiki Overdrive’s and hits him up, then Shura breaks him in 2, with Shiki coming in with a “Black Sky” to end the fight. 1)Suck it, Muller, ya piece a sh!t and 2)f*cking CALLED it last week; Amira is an Interstelar!! Meaning she SHOULD have some Primo Combat Capabilities. I can’t wait to see how she and Holy interact with a crew, though, considering the last world……

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 94: “Get Your Head in The Game, Son Gohan!

Soldier #15 and Piccolo arrive at Pan’s school to kidnap her. 15 gets knocked out, but she recognizes Piccolo right away. Piccolo explains the situation on the way back to the base, and they film her asking Gohan for help. All of that. He and Piccolo pop over to his house, where Gohan shows just how “out of touch” he is with his training that he can’t even recognize Piccolo’s ki. They get him riled up by telling him they kidnapped Pan, then take him to Red Ribbon HQ where he does battles with Gamma 1. He’s tough, but Gamma 1 is tougher- though clearly there’s a misunderstanding going on. But he needs help. So Piccolo and Pan pretend that Pan is getting hurt. And he snaps back to his senses, taking his “Ultimate” form. Just like in the movie. That’s the tragic part, though.

The “Battle Of Gods” retelling wasn’t……… anyone’s favorite, and the “Resurrection F” retelling just plain f*ckin’ SUCKED- worse piece of media I’ve seen in my life- genuinely just not good. BUT AT LEAST THE SH!T THEY ADDED MATTERED!!!! We whole life changed locations for Goku and Beerus’ fight where the general party went on- and even got a cool moment or 2 out of it; the bit with Tagoma being Frieza’s training partner was pretty interesting(even if they just……. put Ginyu in there for some reason), and it was one of the last times we saw Gotenks…………. PERIOD!! The Prequel Bit With Goten and Trunks………….. Nice- But ultimately pointless looking at where it went. I know I’m gonna take some of this back when the prequel stuff connects to another arc later, but for right now…….. Nothin’. Just go watch the movie. 

Black Clover Chapter 363: “In The Way” 

A Lucius Clone notes how “obsessed” everyone seems to be to Asta, but he already had a contingency plan in place for his potential return. This being Paladin Damnatio coming to the Witch’s Forest. They fight back, but………… PALADIN Damnatio’s scales always tip in the favor of Lucius’ army. So they’re defeated, and has the Guardian Angels fire a conjoined blast at the Witch Queen’s castle. At which point we cut away to Yami vs Morgen. Morgen informs Yami of the Attack on the Witch’s Forest, and asks that they continue to fight together as they used to in the Gray Deer- now as Lucius’ Paladins. Yami of course refuses, saying that he’s already got a squad of his own. It reminds him of something Morgen said way back when: “You have a good eye for people, Yami, and the power to bring them together(even if you are blunt); I think you’d make a Good Brigade Captain.” Now’s when we see if what Morgen said was right………

Over in the Witches ForestA Compound Trap Magic Spell sends back the blast, and the Black Bulls(Luck, Magna, nacht, Gauche, Charmy, Zora, Secre, and Grey) step out to face Damnatio as they did some time agoCan’t wait to see what this group is capable of after a year and some change; if I were to bet which one’s been DREAMING of slugging Damnatio the most, I would say………… Gauche. Because he f*cked with Marie.  Will he get to? And did Magna ever remake his “Soul Chain Death Match” spell for a time like this? Though then they wouldn’t be able to jump him like they tend to do. We’ll get to see all of them in action, I assure you. Also BREAK Next Week.

My Hero Academia Chapter 392: “Villain Name

Best Girl Himiko chan is hold Tsu hostage(her wounds from Okuto Island preventing her from fighting back), planning to stab her to prove the difference between her and the Heroes. FLASHBACKMore context to the flashback in chapter 226– That bloodied bird she’s holding was found like that, and her thinking it “cute” and smiling creeped out her parents. So she was sent to Quirk Counseling– to make her “normal.” One day, she’s in the park, watching the “normal” people go about their lives- and she bites her finger so hard she bleeds. Later on; we hear a story about her “kissing” her friends wound(she seems to have sucked out some of the blood), and her parents just keep screaming at her to be normal. But she has no clue what the f*ck they mean; she’s showing her affection for others the only way she knew how!! 

Back In The Present; A Visage of Curious of the Meta Liberation Army comes to her mind, telling her the Full TruthShe’s been suppressing her emotions just as she was told to- but the emotion she ended up suppressing was her “love” for others, trying to become the Villain that would take revenge for Twice. She flees from the visage, and goes to face Uraraka at full force. All the while, her duplicates start consuming the blood of Heroes that spill about on the ground, disguising themselves and taking out the confused, injured, exhausted Heroes at every turn. Heroes seem to be scr#wed, so………. Tsu goes for broke, and asks that Himiko chan hear out Uraraka. But the main body didn’t hear it, and instead says that she’s never known the “happiness” that the Heroes have- so they’re “standards” don’t apply to her. And then a flashback of Twice telling her to pick her Villain name. Too Little- Too Late.” 

Though I will say that this chapter was a little more interesting than the last. Because I think it paints a different picture: We had always believed that- of the 3 main League villains- Himiko chan would definitely be saved; Tomura and Tenko MIGHT be; and Dabi would die. But that clearly doesn’t seem to be the case if- even after ALL OF THAT BURNING Dabi did- he’s still aliveWhile Himiko chan seems to be doubling down on these traits, even starting to think about the name she wants to use as a Villain. Don’t know how or why, but I don’t feel like she’s going to live. But Touya does. Huh. Also BREAK next week.


Huh………….. I didn’t expect for My Hero to be the chapter that interested me the most. Genuinely, I didn’t. Last week, I didn’t even really care to review the chapter as you saw. I just didn’t. Maybe that had something to do with my boss p!ssing me off(something that even DAYS after it happened I’m still upset about), but I wasn’t all that……….. invested, you know? Cut to THIS week and it’s the section that took up a lot of me time! Crazy. But……….. ah, man, what do I have to say? I guess the second most important series this week was Edens Zero– if for nothing more than the fact that a theory I came up with last week was right. Wonder if Shiki will ever get a spot on Interstelar? Ah man, what would that even entail for he and his crew? Interstelar is allowed to act on their accord, but I imagine there are some orders they have to follow. Meh; who’s spot would he take, anyway

Um……………. Let me know what you guys think, I guess? Which one was your favorite; have you watched Sword Of The Wizard King yet; are you playing Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom; did you get that job/ promotion you wanted; yadda yadda yadda yadda. Til next time, everyone; Have a Magically Wonderful Rest Of Your Day. See ya. 

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