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1001 Ways To Say Rebecca’s Fighting A Clown! Edens Zero Chapter 190 BREAKDOWN

I know this fight start in the last chapter, but I didn’t review that one(My Own Fault), so I figured that I could use it. Also I couldn’t think of a Good title. Or, to be more accurate: I had too MANY ideas for the title. Varied Quality, of course. I managed to find the chapter a day ahead of schedule, so I’m able to get this done on my day off! Yippee. And I picked an interesting one to come back on. Edens Zero Chapter 190: “The Greatest Show From Hell.” Their words- not mine. Let’s begin…………

After The Escape………….


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Rebecca fights Sister’s counterpart- The Death Of Edens, Dark Star Clown. She activates her Overdrive to have a better chance at hitting him- which pays off. However; Clown was prepared to fight against her, as he activates a Ring Of Fire that incircles the girl. She leaps into the air to escape, earning Clown’s praises. He shoots more Fir Rings at her, but she leaps through them all(no pun intended) to land a powerful kick to his face!!

Kitty Kat KICK!!

Noticing Rebecca’s speed; he activates the Electric Floor– limiting her movements as she clings to a curtain. Clown picks up a bunch of swords, and starts to juggle them- before he throws them at her. She dodges them, but it’s only a matter of time before one of them manages to hit. Pino notices that the cage isn’t locked electronically, so her EMP won’t be able to open it. So she tells Rebecca to physically break the cage.

She grabs one of the swords with her feet, and focuses her Ether in her legs to make sure the sword breaks the cage. Happy and Pino start to come down, and Pino uses her EMP to take out the Electric Floor(Clown is immune because he has Anti-EMP Coating). Now Rebecca is free to move about as she pleases- and she has her Happy Blasters. Clown begins to panic and starts shooting at her himself. Pino tells her that Clown’s armor is less heavy around the back of his neck. So she maneuvers to his back, and uses “Happy Blaster Full Burst-” knocking Clown to the ground.

It seems as though our Gamer Girl won the fight, but Clowns gets up- a little jaded and ready to take the fight seriously. He activates his Battle Dress- becoming “Nightmare Clown.” And his first action: Turn Rebecca into a Black Mist. Thus bringing Edens Zero Chapter 190 to an Ominous END!! Something doesn’t seem right……….


………………. Okay; maybe not “The BEST” I could have chosen to talk about. Looking through it again for the review; the page layouts were a little colors. The Images that I used were some of the best shots of the chapter. No offense to Mashima; I really like his artwork, and it’s probably difficult to focus on the layouts of a page in between all the projects he’s working on(Video Games, other manga, etc. he can’t reveal yet). I’m just saying that the first like 5 or 6 pages of a 19 page chapter were difficult to find a good pic. And it wasn’t the most AMAZING, SUPER COOL chapter if I’m being honest. The primary thing that I can talk about would be what happened to Rebecca at the end there. I have 2 ideas

  1. He was updated to be able to use “Empire Ether” and turned Rebecca into the mist.
  2. This is an illusion he’s casting on everyone.

SOMETHING Happened!!

In theory 1: Clown and the other Dark Stars had upgrades in the last 3 years that allowed them access to “Empire Ether,” a technique from the Aoi Cosmos that changes other people’s condition. According to Cpt Connor in chapter 179 that Ziggy was “scanning” professionals from all kinds of fields to update and upgrade his Skeleton Army. He’s making them- as well as more than likely himself and the Dark Stars- smarter and stronger all the time. So if they were to get Powerful Ether Gear uses like, sayCallum Steelford and the other Oceans 6 to be “scanned” and have their “Empire Ether” ability copied into the Dark Stars; that might be what be possible. And it could work to reintroduce those characters into the story.

Theory 2 would be a reference to Fairy Tail and ITS Oracion Seis member- Midnight. His magic “Reflector” let him distort and twists things such as light to make optical illusions. Perhaps his “Optimizer” ability is to twist and distort things like that. I haven’t seen anything to suggest their connection– it’s just a thought because Mashima likes to do sh!t like that. Either way; I’m not sure if this was the “Overclock” mentioned last chapter, or just his Battle Dress. Or maybe they’re even the Same Thing. Maybe “Overclock” is what Wizard used on Shiki in chapter 187, and whatever happened here is Clown’s way of doing that.

Whatever his ability; the primary question remains “How Will Rebecca Win The Fight?” If Theory 1 proves correct, then it may end up confirming a theory I’ve hade since we’ve learned Drakken first taught us about Overdrive- and since he displayed his own Fully. You know where this is going: Rebecca Unlocks The Next Level Of Overdrive!! Shiki and the others seem to still be on the 3rd level(partial black patterns), and Drakken reached the “Full Thing(the monster form from chapter 95).”

I’m gonna stick with this theory until the manga says otherwise!! I think that Shiki and the others still have another level- including Rebecca. She may be the first on the crew to achieve the Full Thing- because she needs it to finish this fight. Rebecca is strong- no denying that. But she’s FAR beyond everyone else on the crew(except Mosco and Couchpo. We saw what Labilia could do already), so she’s got to “make up the gap” somehow. Think back to when Kris got his Overdrive: Kris had to “remember who he was” to FORCE the flow of his Ether back to normal- leading to his Overdrive. Maybe a similar effect for Rebecca? If that is so the case; this is ALL purely speculation right now.

………….You guys can see what I’m rooting for, right? Knowing my unluck with this kind of thing; I’m PROBABLY Dead Wrong. I was SO WRONG about who would fight who and the scenarios that would play out. So it’s probably just some kind of ability of his. But I’m still holding out hope that we’ll something cool. Thus far; this arc has just been…….. “Okay.” I wouldn’t say better than the Aoi War- I think that arc was a “cap off” to the first section of the story, whereas this might be a “Status Quo Shift,” given how many Galactica and Interstelar are present in this arc. Character deaths are coming. Who will die, and will they stick? And will another vacancy open up in Interstelar’s ranks?

Or maybe it’s time to…….. RECRUIT him?


Like I said; not very much to talk about with this chapter. I was actually gonna say that this ability might be related to the “Overclock” that was mentioned last chapter, but………. that would still just be his ability. So the Theory count got bumped down to 2. And after that was a little bit of padding- which could have easily gone on and on knowing me. So I’ll just stop the post here. Until the next post, boys and girls- Have A Magically Wonderful Day, boys and girls. Later, guys!!

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  1. I’m always impressed with how Eden Zero actually lets Rebecca have a lot of big fights like this. It’s something I always wanted for Lucy back in Fairy Tail (And she’s finally getting a lot more action in the sequel series) so it’s cool to see Rebecca holding her own like this. I’m hoping she will still be able to claim the win here in spite of this latest trick. Illusions was the first thing that came to my mind with how this guy was setting that up. Either way I’m always up for some good action, we’ll see what happens next time.

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