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A Shift In The Status Quo! Chainsaw Man Chapter 132 BREAKDOWN

Okay- THIS ONE’S backed up!! Looking at the site, the last time we did a solo “Chainsaw Man” post was chapter 128. Now that doesn’t seem like it’s been that long, until your realize that this series is Bi-Weekly- every other week. I haven’t done a proper “Chainsaw Man” post in a little over a month.That makes me sad. Especially when this series is one of those “Content Is In The Downtime Chapters” types; the fights have “substance,” but they’re really quick. Vs chapters like THESE that have……… A Whole H#ll of a lot that needs to be discussed……… in addition to all the stuff that I’ve been needing to talk about. This post might be a little on the long side. Good thing my boss can’t make a proper schedule! Chainsaw Man Chapter 132: “Protection.” Note: If Someone Says They’re Holding You Captive “For Your Own Protection-” You are NOT safe. Let’s begin………


Seemingly Picking Up From The Last Chapter: The Control Devil Nayuta is eating lunch, getting food from people with her powers. Conversations abuzz; kids talking about how few kids there are at school today, and the reason behind it- whether it’s because they’re moving away from Japan or just straight dying. But before any of them realize what the h#ll is going on; A Swat Team comes in and points their guns at Nayuta. Big Mistake, boys- BIG mistake. 

Cut over to Asa: She’s in the Emergency Room- going in and out of consciousness- hearing bits and pieces of the news like “rolling blackouts” and Falling’s body count. SPOILER ALERT2,000+ between Japan and………. well, the whole d@mn planet. And even as more and more injured are rushed to surgery- even with someone in total shock from the death of their Grandchild- Asa once again remembers that Chainsaw Man Saved Her. That information keeps her from properly hearing the Big News

Haruka Iseumi takes the stage, announcing a New Organization: The Chainsaw Man Society For World Peace- a group of people who will help Chainsaw Man to prevent Nostradamus’ prophecy. And they need new recruits. Then he gets his @$$ blasted because he’s only in High School. He’s totally embarrassed. And when he brings all of this up to Fami- asking why he had to become a Laughing Stock– Fami simply tells him “The Ridicule Was The Point.” So he asks why. And she says that he doesn’t need to think at all. And a hand starts creeping onto Iseumi’s shoulder, telling him that Fami is the brains of the outfit- He(Iseumi) is the Face of it all. All For The Sake Of Chainsaw Man and a World Without Evil……….

Speaking of Chainsaw ManDenji’s tied up naked in a chair. Yoshida is keeping him here for his own protection, and has those Swat guys going to take Nayuta and the Huskies to safety. And that p!sses Denji off; he warns him that if he tries to take them from him- He’ll F*ckin’ Kill Em!!! But he’s willing to- sh!t you not– tongue Yoshida’s butthole for a week in exchange for his freedom. But Yoshida assures him that no harm will befall his dogs or his sister- no butt licking required. But they’re still going under their protection. Chainsaw Man Chapter 132 END!! What do you think goes through Fujimoto’s head when he makes chapters like this? What has to happen to you that you think “I’m gonna make this Chainsaw Demon Say He’ll Tongue Another Man’s Butt?” And why am I still talking about it? 


Alright, so far so good. I should REALLY be getting to some other stuff, but I’m gonna enjoy my time off to it’s fullest. And that means FINALLY getting to do a complete “Chainsaw Man” post. That being said, howeverWhere do I even begin? I haven’t given this series a full post in a little over a MONTH. Though 2 of those were just wrapping up the battle with Falling; it’s the chapter before this that had my eye. Because it concerned Nayuta. QuestionHow Much of Makima Does Nayuta Remember? Because Makima was able to remember even Devils that Chainsaw Man ate- she remembers things like Nazis, Aids, World War II, Soa, and even vaguer things that Fujimoto probably made up just to show the scale of what Chainsaw Man has done in his lifetime. And she implies that she can still remember a little bit of them. Very Powerful Devil- fitting as a Horsemen. 

She’s likely been killed and reincarnated over and over again- yet she still remembers all of that. And we know that some Devils even retain certain memories of their previous incarnations. So you have to askDoes Nayuta Remember Makima’s Last Interaction With Denji? If so, then……….. what the h#ll is she doing? You’d think she’d be trying to get Chainsaw Man out of Denji again, but she’s living a pretty nice life with Denji and the Huskies. I guess she really DID just need hugs from someone- not necessarily Chainsaw Man. Perhaps when she met Denji at the end of Part 1, she probably just decided to accept her new life- a life filled with love from Denji and the Huskies; one where she can use her powers to live like the “King Of Children;” one where she isn’t fighting for her life against Devils more powerful than herself- finally getting the warm hugs herself and previous iterations of Control Devil had always wanted. And then THIS sh!t with Fami and Falling happens. 

Fami and Falling threatened to take away Denji from her- leaving him in that Monsters guts with Asa- someone she recognized as a “Thief” already- and leaving her mostly alone again. She had her Huskies, but………… Makima still happened. That might even be part of the reason she refused to work with Fami: Getting involved in this jeopardizes her life with Denji, so she’s trying to keep herself and him out of it. Especially now that she knows that Asa is all wrapped up in this sh!t. She didn’t like her from the get-go because of Yoru, so knowing that the War Devil is the only one who’s gonna be able to stop this Fear King- she’s probably a little wary of letting Denji get involved with her……….. even moreso than before. 

Some information that comes out of this chapterFami seems to be working with the 2nd Chainsaw Man. Gettin’ tired of saying it like that; let’s start calling him “Chainsaw2.” We know from the previous chapter that Fami’s primary ability is to “control those who are starved;” this ability was strong enough to even take control of a Primal Fear, making it do her bidding. And she plans to use Yoru in the same manor to kill the Fear King and save the World. Where does all this leave Chainsaw2? The dialogue in this chapter is leading me to believe that he’s similarly a “pawn” of Fami’s, what with him leaving all the planning to Fami. Hm……….. perhaps Chainsaw2 isn’t something special; perhaps this is a side effect of Fami’s power. 

She can make the starving her “pawns,” and you can do whatever with a “pawn…………” I think. So maybe she made him Chainsaw2- a Chainsaw Man replica to pick up the slack while the real Chainsaw Man goes skirt chasing. Because a world where she can’t eat Pizza and Chinese food is not one she wishes to live in. And with Chainsaw Man being stated to specifically save women- and his introduction in Part 2 showing us that he……….. doesn’t always save people anyway; I’m guessing more death means less people to make her food. Can’t have THAT now, can we

Alright, gettin’ ma flow. The Chainsaw Society. What purpose are they gonna serve, I wonder? Maybe making Yoru more powerful? The more a Devil is feared, the stronger it becomes. So it being a “Chainsaw Man Organization” might just be a guise to get people in- and then make them fear the idea of War to make Yoru strong enough to actually do something against the Fear King, right? And where Fami’s concerned: She probably can’t control a Devil of the caliber needed to defeat the Fear King. Which would mean that this thing is stronger than a Primal Fear. Falling is a bit weird. On the one hand: Everyone’s afraid of falling- that “shock of the impact;” the anticipation leading up to it; the physics at work that physically hurts you; that’s something we all fear. But NOT as much as you would think. Otherwise, no one would ever go Skydiving. Falling is a primal fear- but a weak one. Plausibly even THE Weakest One, depending on which other Primal fears we see in this story. 

Falling being the weakest of the Primal Fears + Starving it somehow(would LOVE to know how Falling became Fami’s pawn)= Famine Controlling Falling. Primal Fears Have Never Known Death,” meaning that they’ve likely never incarnated on Earth. MEANING they’ve never gotten the chance to eat Humans. All Fami would have to do is keep Falling from eating ANYTHING and she was hers. Something to that effect. I hope we get like a bonus chapter on this, man; it makes no sense for something to be stronger than a Primal fear than another Primal Fear. Falling was REALLY underwhelming compared to Darkness; it’s the fact that she……… she had to DO more, you know what I mean? All Darkness did was show up and………. we FELT that. vs Falling who just acts as a glimpse into the mindset of a Primal Fear- the boredom of it all. Getting off topic. Wait, I actually think that was it. Yoshida’s group is proving to be an Antagonistic Ally, but I get the feeling Nayuta’s about to “correct” that problem. 


Oh my God I finished this one on time. Quick, before I run out of time!! This chapter was………. pretty interesting. As you can imagine, I’m looking forward most to what Nayuta will be doing in the future. I think Fujimoto has a plan for her in the Grand Scheme Of Things. Though when that role will occur is anyone’s guess. The Grand Finale with the Fear King is set for July in story, but……. Anime/ Cinematic timing. For all intents and purposes; we could probably do a time jump to a week or 2 later and see the characters preparing to battle the Fear King. Eh, maybe not THAT far; I think Fujimoto would set up a training arc and THEN jump ahead a little bit. Don’t know what he’s planning to do right now, but I feel like Part 2 might not have all that much longer. I’d give it til this time next year. Don’t………. Don’t Hold Me To That. Let me know what you guys think. ‘Til next time, all; Have A Magically Wonderful Rest Of You Day. Laters!! 

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