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1001 Ways To Say Gawain Doesn’t Know How To Fight! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 63 BREAKDOWN

This is like the 4th posts in the past 2 months to have a “1001 Ways” title, isn’t it? I know; I’m getting kind of lazy with this. And while I’m trying not to rush myself to finish on a set schedule- I also don’t want 2 posts in specific to take too long to come out. I already didn’t intend on doing the Edens Zero review yesterday, and this one DEFINITELY wasn’t planned. But I found this chapter to be interesting. Because it tells us a little more about Gawain’s character- enough for me to stop calling him “Escanor 2.0…………..” seriously. Character wise; he still feels like Escanor. Which is fine.

……………….Didn’t I just say that I don’t want to take too long with those 2? Let’s get to it. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 63: “Taming A Wild Horse.” Dag, you gotta call the man a “Horse?” Kids are so cruel!!

Take The Horse By The Reins, Percy!!


RECAP: The Four Knights Of The Apocalypse assemble to stand against the “Black Knight” Pellegarde. While Percival and the others were willing to let him go after giving them the information they wanted; Gawain wanted to destroy him for calling him a “girl.” Percival doesn’t want to kill anyone- let alone someone he doesn’t hate- so he stops Gawain, p!ssing him off. Thus; here we are!!

Pellegarde begins falling to the ground, only for Percival to catch him before he crashes. Pellegarde asks why Percival would save an enemy, to which the boy responds “Why did you cover for me?” The Black Knights says that it’s “only natural” that he’d want to protect someone he cared about, to which they both call each other weird over their principles. Then Gawain lands and plants hi foot in Percival’s gut. And Gawain’s like 3 or 4 times Percival’s size, so he basically kicked his entire torso.

He lectures Percy on how he(Gawain) is descendant of a “Mighty King,” so he shouldn’t be so defiant. Tristan catches Percival and heals him up before he lectures Gawain on his behavior. But Gawain could not care less about his fellow “Knights Of Prophecy,” as he gives us a powerful quote that tells us what kind of character he is:

See; That’s what irks me the most- Putting Me in the same company as You or That Child…. Is Sheer Humiliation.

And what was That? “Friends?” Nothing More Than The Weak Huddling Together.

Remember This: Only Those Stronger Than I Can Give Orders And Move Me Around. But I’m Perfect In Every Way- So No One Can Do It!

Gawain Of Famine

He begins to taunt Tristan to use his swords and prove himself, but the Prince refuses to “Aim His Sword At His Allies.” So Gawain b!tch slaps him out of the way. Percival gets up, and demands that Gawain apologizes to Trsitan. And then……….. He calls HER A “Wild Horse.” Just…….. on top of calling Gawain a girl; he also compares him to a Horse. Naturally Gawain is ready to End Percival’s Existence Here and Now, but Pellegarde intervenes to “begin the taming” in Percival’s stead.

Annoyed with the constant interruptions and being called a “girl;” Gawain unleashes his power power once again- with every intention of burning Pellegarde and the rest alive. But the Knight Of Chaos hits him in the stomach with his weapon. It is here where Gawain’s Fatal Weakness: He Lacks Control– he’s just “throwing his weight around” with no direction or technique put behind it. A flaw that Pellgarde takes Full Advantage of.

Defeated for the first time in perhaps ever and on the ground; Gawain lies stupefied by what just happened. And when Pellgarde tells him how weak he still is- the boy just starts crying. Slams their fist on the ground in anger and cries. Kinda ugly if I’m to be honest. But with that; Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 63 comes to a Confusing END!! That one felt natural.


This chapter is pretty straight forward in what it tells us: Gawain’s just “all muscle,” but doesn’t really know how to use it. There’s a difference between “being strong” and “knowing how to fight-” or something to that effect. But just because you “know how to fight” doesn’t mean that you’ll win against a F*cking Athlete. It’s the central idea behind Superman vs Batman fights; Batman may know how to fight, but………… that doesn’t matter against someone who can bench press a planet……………. I’m not doing this right, am I? LOOK: I’m trying to say that Gawain is the type to outmuscle the enemy and use big attacks- he’s likely never gone up against someone who knows what the h#ll they’re doing. And if they have; Gawain is just strong enough to negate that sh!t.

I wanted to use this image at some point so here you go.

This may also mean that he doesn’t have the best stamina when it comes to using his magic or actual hand to hand combat; he’s probably never had to do much beyond the initial energy burst gimmick he seems so fond of- and probably didn’t have to do too many physical attacks if and when that didn’t work. Probably rare that he’s had to actual fight. So in terms of power growth through the course of the story; he’s going to be learning how to control that raw power- extending the usage and concentrating the power rather than “levelling up” as everyone else will. That’ll come at the half way mark of the story, I imagine.

As for what this story tells us about Gawain’s character: He’s certainly got an Ego on him. Self conscious about how he looks to the point that he’ll actually murder the people who call him a girl; Believes in his own power so much that he never bothered to learn how to use it; never met anyone who could beat him, so had to show anyone respect; descended from loyalty so they think they’re entitled to everything- with the power to back it up; slight God Complex due to both facts; never learned how to handle disappointment or defeat so they respond to it like a toddler; and never cared about anyone likely because they were so alone because of his intimidating strength. To summarize: Tragic Monster. I think we can all see where this is going.

As for what this particular fight does for the story; it’s made to endear us further towards Pellegarde, while also show us what the relationships and group dynamic for the Knights is going to be. Pellegarde is going to get away; he won’t be captured or killed- I’m sure of it. Whether he leaves of his own volition or is taken back to Camelot is anyone’s guess. But we know that he actually cares about Percival, and Percy doesn’t think of him as the “Enemy.” If anything; I’d guess they’d kind of be “Rivals-” Pellegarde popping in every now and then to see how strong Percival has become……… however long he’s going to be in the story. Just because he’s gonna make it out this doesn’t gurantee that he’ll make it through the whole story okay!! He may also play a role in helping take down Camelot, or at least aiding Percival in victory every now and then.

Gawain…………. probably didn’t learn anything from this……….. yet. That’ll probably come during the training arc that I suspect is up next. And even then; even probably won’t get the message of “Tampering His Ego” until later on. But I do think that Gawain is going to take this little “lesson” to heart and train a bit in how to use his magic- if for nothing more than Revenge for his first major loss. And probably get into a “Training Match” with Percival that goes too far.

Speaking of; Percival doesn’t like Gawain. Or at least won’t forgive him so soon. Tristan is probably gonna try to keep the peace between the 4 of them, but Gawain’s probably gonna be distant- yet somehow still in their face with how “Great” he is. Lance gives not a sliver of a f*ck. Several Character developing events laterBest Of Friends.


………………………..Yeah, that sounds about right. But just because I get the feeling that I know where it’s going- doesn’t mean I’m upset.S’all Bout The Journey.” And heyMaybe I’m Wrong. Gawain and Percival don’t HAVE to be friends to go out on missions and stuff; just because they hang around each other doesn’t mean they’ll be all “buddy buddy.” It could just be a “Co-Worker” type of thing. Nah; they’re gonna be best buds.

In any case, boys and girls; that’s all I got for you guys today. ‘Til next time, everyone- By~~~~~e!!!!!!

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