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Wizard King Candidate: Yuno Grinberryall! Black Clover Chapter 355 BREAKDOWN

There are a Million things that I love about this series. From the art and imagery to the characters and the ways they all look- to the “Epic Fantasy” and down right Biblical vibe it can give off sometimes. And this chapter has all of that in SPADES. I though last year’s anniversary was something- what, with that Sekke chapter and all. But THISBravo, Tabata Sensei- Bravo. Also; I think I had gotten hit with the Mandala Effect. I thought last year marked 8 years of serialization, but it’s come to my attention that that was the seventh. Did……. Did anyone else feel that? And looking into it, didn’t it starts serialization in February of 2015? Why didn’t we celebrate it back in FebruaryAm I F*cked? I’m excited and glad that this series made it this far, but……… I don’t know; maybe I’m just tripping. 

We also got a new Key Visual as the colored cover in promotion for Sword Of The Wizard King, as well as an interview conducted between Yuki Tabata and Fumiya Takahashi, the Japanese VA for the 16th Wizard King- Jester Garandros! Oh man I am so hyped to see that movie. The “Grandiose” name and the trailer we got(we’re apparently about to get a second one), and the designs for all the Wizard Kings……… also I find the name “Princi Funnybunny” F*cking Hilarious to thinking about. I could stay here and talk all day about it, but I don’t have as much time as you guys would think. Let’s begin. Black Clover Chapter 355: “The Star Prince.” This boy, I swear……


Picking up from last timePaladin Morgen took at Jack in one hit- hand lopped off and hole right through his torso. Yami even catches him and realizes that he’s “already…..” Without a moment’s hesitation, William makes his move with his World Tree Magic and darts towards Lucius. He vows to give his own life if it means stopping Lucius, but…….. Lucius doesn’t have time to play around, and uses a Time Bubble to rot Williams arm away. And it’s time to begin The FINAL Judgement. 

The Angelic lights in the sky- beings physically different from Paladins- begin their attack; one so powerful that no one thinks that they’ll be able to stop it. And then Yuno Does- creating a Barrier Of Light with his Star Magic, he stops the Rain of Light just as Julius did to Patri, and sending it all right back to the sky. He appears in front of the others, glowing in the midst of the trees. Yami can hardly believe that he’s this strong after only a year and 3 months. But seeing what he’s done, he comes to a Realization- and a Shocking Decision

Yuno Is The Captain Of The Golden Dawn.

Memories play in his mind- memories of Asta’s defeat and Sister Lily’s Paladinification. And telling the Church in Hage what happened. It’s enough to make Yuno say that he’ll Never Forgive Lucius Zogratis. But he’s not here for some “Revenge Story;” He’s going to beat Lucius here and now- Because He’s The Man Who Will Become The Wizard King. The bandages on his left arm come off, bringing about a bunch of smaller stars. And Lucius realizes that he should really get t crushifying Yuno right now. Black Clover Chapter 355 END!! Wow, that was SHORT. But so, SO impactful. 


What to say, What to say…….. Yuno is About To Fight A GOD. I’ve said I don’t know how many times that I felt like this series would Ultimately end with Asta and his allies fighting an actual God at the end of this story, or how many times I’ve said that Yuno is the “Destined Child” who would fight that God, and Asta- through his Anti Magic- broke through “Fate Itself” to be the one leading the charge against that God. That is how I saw the series ending. Because of just how much Yuno has tacked onto him

  • Wind Magic
  • Chosen By The Wind Spirit
  • Royalty giving him access to Ridiculous man reserves
  • Star Magic
  • The Reincarnation of the Son of the Leader Of The Elves and a Clover Kingdom Royal
  • Beloved by Mana and Women alike 

Yuno has a LOT going for him. Enough for me to say that he has some kind of “Grand Fate” awaiting him towards the end of the line. And then you have Asta; a boy born with no magic, which allows him to wield Anti Magic- with High Proficiency. He’s unchosen, but he’s “immune” to Fate because of the Anti Magic; he can chose how the story will end, with him as the Main character. Now none of what I just said is what’s going on; despite what I’ve been saying, Lucius is certainly NOT a God. At least not completely, yeah? And as much as “Fate” has been talked about in this series, we can gather that there isn’t some…….. ACTUAL deity that’s controlling the narrative. Not one that we’re going to meet and they need to actively fight against, anyway. But that’s effectively where we are. 

Through Time Magic, Lucius is able to see a scenario where he’s defeated- one where Yuno is involved. So there’s something about a Prophecy in there somewhere; a future in which Yuno is the key to smiting this False God. That being said, I can’t say there’s something in specific that Yuno would have over Lucius in this situation. Unless the key is being “Beloved by mana” again. It’s what helped him beat 1 Zogratis; I don’t see any reason he couldn’t take the other one out the same way. Especially since this one is directly trying to control Magic itself, as Sister Lily explained. Hm…….. maybe the “Worst Case Scenario” for Lucius is mana choosing Yuno over him and Yuno using all the mana Lucius is gonna put out there in a GIANT Mana Zone attack that annihilates him completely. 

Or perhaps it has something to do with Yuno’s Souls- his own that allows him Star magic, and the Soul of Licht and Tetia’s son that let’s him have Wind Magic. 2 things can come of that

  1. He can only mess with one soul at a time, which might make Yuno immune to his “Reprogramming-” being it he can’t mess with Yuno at all or one Soul will take command of the body if he messes with the other. 
  2. Mana exists right down to the soul. And Yuno is “beloved” by mana. Maybe Lucius can’t f*ck with either soul…….. because “Mana Loves Yuno More” and won’t let his “will” be overwritten. 

But the only thing that’s guaranteed is that Yuno having 2 souls in his body- much like Lucius Himself- is what will let him stand up against Lucius. Heck, it’s what let him fight on the side of the Magic Knights during the Elf Invasion; Licht jr was an Fetus when he died- Secre could only save one of the twins. His will overpowered that of an Infants. But that infants soul- as we see in chapter 308– is starting to develop. So if Lucius only messes with one soul, then the other will “tag in” and use that Paladin amp he gave them to FURTHER kick his @$$ with 3 kinds of magic!! It would be Lucius’ loss- and he knows it’ll be. Which is why he’s not trying to convert Yuno- he’s trying to CRUSH him. 

Other thingsYuno is crowned the Golden Dawn’s Captain. I always felt that that the Captain’s telling Asta he was “One Step Away” was being generous; he was only a First Class Senior Magic Knight- the equivalent of a Vice Captain’s rank. Yuno was at GRNAD Magic Knight- right there with the Captains and a literal step from becoming the Wizard King. Asta’s got a rank to go, and he’ll be getting it after Yuno. Not to mention Yuno performing THIS Feat. This proves that he is “There.” 

There’s debates about where Asta, Yuno, and Noelle- these 3 in specific– stand next to Julius. Some say that they surpassed him before the first time skip by defeating Zagreb who was stronger than a Patri who got 2 amps(Full Reincarnation and Dark Elf Power) who defeated Julius before even fully reincarnating. Statements from Tabata saying Noelle has the potential of surpassing Julius and Acier when she taps into her full potential; Asta defeating the Ancient Demon where Julius at age 28 couldn’t defeat a Dampened one; and a bunch other sh!t. This. If you ever question whether Yuno at least is at Julius’ level- This chapter leaves no doubt. Yuno is As Strong- If Not Potentially Stronger- than Julius. And I will be hearing nothing more about it. 

Jack’s in a bit of trouble, clearly. DeadActually, Maybe. The way Yami’s talking, I’m thinking that he might actually be dead as a door nail. New Paladin Incoming? Eh; when Lucius finds the time in the middle of this fight. The New Type Of Paladins in the sky- the “Mummified” types- are something of note. Maybe they’re more “Artificial” Paladins made by Lucius- ones made with very “Basic” functions. Maybe as “Peace keepers” in the New World- those tasks with preserving the peace that Lucius plans to make like the Magic Knights. That’s about all.


That’s about all. Finished Thrusday, March 23rd, 2022, 7:19 pm. I’m gonna enjoy all this extra time I have. Well, I took an extra shift for Saturday, so……. maybe not. Short chapter but a lot to talk about in terms of the next chapter. That said, I have NO CLUE what’s gonna happen next week; I didn’t even know what to expect this week. As far as Yuno’s arm- Star Magic Arm. No clue what it’ll do, but the page indicates that it has something to do with Star Magic. Let me know what you guys thin in the comments, and until the next post- Stay safe, everyone. Later!! 

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