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I’m not going away this timenot again. I swear it. However; I might not do much of a “regular schedule” for the next few weeks. By that; I mean that the “Weekly” stuff I do is going to stop so that I may catch up. Because……….. I messed up. You see; I fell behind writing my review for Four Knights Of The Apocalypse chapter 47- it was a really important chapter to the story(I’m writing this the night before chapter 48 is to come out), and I was trying to get it out in a timely manor. But I ran into 2 problems- 1 that’s a “personal” thing, and 1 that has been kind of “interfering” with what I do for a while now.

I don’t know exactly how to explain it in anyway that would make sense, so I’ll spare you the trouble and simply tell you that I have trash sleep schedule. I’m needing to sleep for longer, and I can’t “blow through” the exhaustion as effectively as before. And with the times that I’m supposed to be up Monday- Friday- I should really be going to sleep earlier. But for whatever reason; I don’t. But I’m gonna try to from now on, ’cause this is getting to be ridiculous. Now the second problem is slowly working itself out: I have work at 3pm Wednesday and Friday(and I tend to say “Yes” when called in randomly), and tend to FULLY wake up at 12 pm. I start getting ready at 1:15, and it takes me around 8 to get ready. Point is: Not enough. Especially with the way I do posts.

And I High Key made the mistake of working on Multiple “Regularly Scheduled” posts at the same time. The Four Knights review ended up taking longer than I thought- and then Boruto and Dragon Ball Super dropped their chapters. The day before My Hero and Black dropped theirs. And at that point; I just got…….. “backed up.” I tried to work on all of them without ever finishing any of them. That was my own fault. I’m going to make up for that by giving you the Best quality post that I can. I also have my review for Spider Man: No Way Home that I want to get out while that movie is still popular, and a story post that…………. Oh MAN I can’t wait to see people reacting to that one!!!

For all of these reasons(and……. several more); I’m going to stop doing the “regular” posts until I get out all 8 of them. When they’re done- I’ll come RIGHT BACK. I don’t want to be gone for a long time like I was before. Hopefully I won’t be: I have a lot of thoughts on the movie that I want to get out there, and I really want to discuss this month’s chapter of Boruto before all is said and done. Thank you for understanding. Until the next post, everyone; Stay Safe…………

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