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The Duel Of D! One Piece Chapter 1,064 BREAKDOWN

That was difficult- like: SUPREMELY. I can’t remember the last time I had to think so hard about a review title in recent memory! I’ve certainly struggled before, but that’s usually from coming up with TOO MANY titles that would fit. I almost called this post “A Prediction Of Death.” How cliche can you get? And that doesn’t even happen until the end of the chapter, so I’d be no better than any of these other mangaka who will name the chapter after a singular line at the end. I don’t like titles like that; a lot of them just feel “forced.” And, yeah- This ties DIRECTLY back to the cover serial. Oda’s not messing around- WE ARE IN THE ENDGAME NOW. 

certainly don’t think that this will be the FINAL cover story, and I don’t think he’s gonna “rush” through content like Elbaf just so he can “finish it.” That month long hiatus was meant for him to “iron out the details” of the Final arc to make sure that it moves as smoothly as possibly; quick without being “rushed-” focused, and finishes every characters story in a satisfactory way. He’s got a lot of work to do. He can shoot for “3 years” all he wants, but I really do believe around 5- maybe even 6. But I can’t deny that THAT day- she’s a comin’. I’m doing a “wrap up” like we’re already at the end of the post; we still got a chapter to talk about, people!! One Piece Chapter 1,064: “Egghead Labophase.” Let’s get into it…….


Germa 66’s “Aah… An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 22

It was Aokiji. He and Van Augur went to Chocolat Town to procure Pudding- the only other person in the world capable to deciphering the Poneglyph’s. But why not go after Robin? I don’t think they’re afraid of the Straw Hat’s, but I do think that they know Robin will ACTUALLY die before she EVER helps Teech become the Pirate King. Other than that, the Germa 66 wasn’t in this one. It’s not the final part- it would have said so. So I think the next Volume will cut back to them and tell us what they’re next move is…….

Side Note: I like how Pudding doesn’t even know the status of Big Mom. We don’t know, either; we just know that something went down between the Big Mom Pirates who came with Linlin to Wano and CP Aigis 0. You would think that they radio in if they got Big Mom and bailed- it shows that she may actually be gone. Probably not, but you never know…….

Chapter 1,064 

Blackbeard is coming in on the back of Stronger. Law has Shachi and Penguin dive into the water and attack from where they can’t be seen; living in the cold waters have tempered their bodies to handle the harsh climate, and allowed them to adapt a fighting style unique to themselves(and Fishman, I guess- they ARE just shooting water bullets into the air). Van Augur tries to snipe Law, but Jean Bart gets in the way, allowing Law to attack Blackbeard uninterrupted. Teech almost falls into the ocean, but Van Augur catches him and brings him to the ground to fight Law on equal footing. 

While on the “Saber Of Xebec(Blackbeard’s Flagship);” the crew really begins to feel Sachi and Penguin’s attacks. But they remain confident in their Captain. Pudding tells them that their Captain won’t be so tough against Big Mom- if she’s still alive. “A New Era Can’t Begin If The Old Legends Are Still Kicking Around” she warns. As the Captain’s clash; Akainu receives word of the collision, and laments in the frustration that comes with the position of Fleet Admiral. 

Back on Egghead Island; Bonney used her powers to alter her group’s ages- Luffy and Chopper are turned into old men, while she and Jinbe turn into children. Doing so made the Pacifista back off, but Luffy’s upset that he didn’t smash it. Pacifista’s are kind of a……… sore spot for the Strawhats. But even so- even knowing it’s just a soulless copy; Bonney couldn’t bring herself to to let it be broken. 

Jinbe speaks up, revealing some of Kuma’s history: He was the Tyrannical King of the Sorbet Kingdom before being deposed by the people and forced into a life of Piracy. He was caught by the Navy, and his ties to the Revolutionary army ended up coming to light. He was given a life sentence, but Vegapunk took an interest in his physical prowess, so he was offered the freedom of being a Warlord on the condition that he comes Vegapunk’s test subject. And you know the story from there. But Bonney says that he would never have agreed to becoming a mindless machine. 

She also yells that her father wasn’t any sort of “Tyrant,” and that he would never work with the World Government- they had to have forced these experiments on him! And it might just be because he’s of a “Special Race.” The group find themselves in Vegapunk’s scrapyard, where Bonney find……… it’s a lightsaber. And she plans to use it to make Vegapunk pay……… 

Back with the other Strawhat’s; Lilith is using her mech suit- the “Vega-Force 01-” is bringing the Sunny into the sky, to the “Research Stratum.” Franky and Usopp are amazed at how fast they’re going, but Lilith says that it floats using Anti Gravity, and propels itself with the jet boosters on its back- as well as using the Island Aircon to adjust the climate. They apparently want this to be possible everywhere in the Future. They arrive at the “Labophase,” where research is conducted. Below them is the “Labophase,” where the actual inventing is done- and where Luffy is being “Luffy.” The others choose to go with Lilith, while Zoro and Brook stay on the Sunny(Zoro still doesn’t trust Lilith). 

Walking around up here, they feel as though they’re back on Skypiea. Lilith explains that they can modify the density of Pyrobloin and moisture in the condensation nuclei, thus re-creating sea clouds from Sky Island. What A F*ckin’ Dork. They are shown to the Dress Transformation room, where they get changed before entering the Main Research lab. The “Dom Shoes” apparently grow and shrink to fit any size by pulling a lever. 

Meanwhile, within the lab; Shaka is on call- with Dragon. He’s called in to warn Dragon that his time is almost up. His death will come sooner rather than later- and he wants to make a “Last Request.” One Piece Chapter 1,064 END!! Oda’s, uh……… he’s doing a lot more in terms of “fan service” right now, not giving the girls pants. That……. Vegapunk made it so that girls don’t wear pants, right? Oh, and One Piece Will Be On Break Next Week. So yeah. 


LOTS OF THINGS ARE HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. I could talk about Kuma’s lineage and what it means for Bonney; I could speak on what’s in the scrapyard; or even Law vs Teech. In terms of that, I almost want to say that we’ll actually be seeing more of the fight in the next chapter. But I feel like Oda’s gonna offscreen that one and just show us the aftermath. Like always(one of my PERSONAL complaints with the story). But since he’s “breaking tradition” and giving us some pay off with that Cover serial while it’s STILL GOING means he’s throwing all of that to the wind and he’s almost drawing off the “sheer momentum” of it. 

I mean, if he’s changing things up, then……. Show me a Good Fight!! Though I hear fights aren’t where the series “shine-“ people mostly come in for the worldbuilding, the mystery, the characters(be it the female designs or the actual personalities), and some parts the comedy. I like it ALL. So if Oda wants to show us Law vs Blackbeard in full detail, then I’m ALL for it! That said, I don’t really think he will. The Cover Page thing is important because it shows that the stories gonna be moving a little faster than before, but it’s not like that part is what the Cover story is about. The Vinsmoke’s probably won’t be back in the story for a little bit, but Pudding is needed for when they go for that Last Poneglyph. Who knows; maybe THAT’S when the Final War will begin- the War For The Final Road Poneglyph, and the route to Laugh Tale. Maybe!! 

So is Kuma a Lunarian or what? Big Mom said there are 3 races missing from Tottland; Giants, Lunarians, and we assume some of the Sky Races. He says like we saw people wit Wings in Tottland at all. I definitely think that she knows about the sky people, so for her to say that there are “Only 3” means that Brikans, Shandians, and Skypieans are in her country somewhere. There’s no way that she doesn’t know, right? Come to think of it, does the World at large know about Skypiea and all of that? They know about Sky Islands, but……… I’ve never been too clear on that. But back to Kuma; what is he? Because whatever he is- Bonney is, too.

It doesn’t seem like he or Bonney have the black wings or the white hair, but he does have the skin color. Maybe it’s a faint relation- he may not be a full on Lunarian like King. Perhaps his lineage goes back to Lunarians- his Great-x-amount Grandparent is a Pure blood, whereas he has a lot of “Human” in his blood for it to be noticeable. He’d probably only ever tell someone he KNEW he could trust, and only told Bonney for her own protection, yeah? Whatever the case- Vegapunk knows. I don’t know if that lineage plays into the Seraphim, but I think that whenever we get into Bonney’s own battle(possibly against Stussy, but we’ll see). If it IS a Lunarian, then King might not have been the only place they got the DNA for the cloning process from. If not, then we’re in for some more lore. Either way is good. 

There’s also the scrapyard Vegapunk throws all his trash. He should PRO~BABLY make sure he properly dismantles it all so it isn’t used by people after his head. This is going to bite him in the @$$- all 7 of them. But of course- His prediction. Is it Observation Haki? Can he not see past a certain point with Future Sight? Sensing CP-0 coming his way and, being a genius, only sees the most bleak outcome? Probably the second one, right? Because I do believe he has Observation; he needs to be aware of what’s going on all over his lab. It’s only a matter of how good he is at using it. If he foresees CP-0 coming- or just that there’s some assassin coming after him- then he knows that he’s boned. 

I think Shaka called Dragon knowing that. But I believe that- should Shaka choose to mention that Luffy is here- Dragon will give him some advice on how to circumvent his own destruction, yeah? Dragon knows Luffy; Robin more than likely talked about the Enies Lobby invasion. In knowing the lengths Luffy will go to to protect a friend, Dragon could advise Vegapunk to befriend Luffy. Something to that effect. Heck, in all honesty; it’s possible Dragon HIMSELF will come to protect Vegapunk, thus facilitating the long awaited meeting of Dragon and Luffy. Which will cement to everyone that this series is coming to it’s end. There are several things that must happen- several, SEVERAL things, but that’s like Top 10 right there! 

But if Vegapunk and his satellites befriend the Straw Hat’s, then………. could he give them Upgrades to their ship, or even Nami’s Climitac? Probably. Franky, Nami, and the Sunny will be receiving a number of upgrades- ones that will be carrying them…….. part of the way towards Laugh Tale. The rest is up to them! I’m REALLY hoping they learn Haki at some point before this is over. Nami’s obvious an Observation specialist; Franky- Armament; Usopp learning projectile Armament like the Kuja would be cool, especially going into the fight with Van Augur. I actually talked to Mammoth Base Opera Castle about it; I said that Van Augur is going to end up being the “Lesser Sniper” in that battle- that he’ll become overly reliant on his Devil fruit, warping whatever he shoots to where it can’t miss, while Usopp actually has to “try.” “A Sniper doesn’t need to move the Ammo to hit their target” or something like that. 


………….. Yeah, that’s about it. I’ve said all that I wanted to say, so I’ll end this one here. A bit lengthier than usual, but I’m only doing the one Jump post this week; Black Clover’s on break this week, and My Hero………… eh, just not that interested this time. Maybe next week, yeah? Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, boys and girls. Until the next post, everyone- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~e!!

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Comments (2) on “The Duel Of D! One Piece Chapter 1,064 BREAKDOWN”

  1. Oda can’t show too much of BB VS Law seeing as BB will probably be Luffy’s final pirate antagonist. Can’t have BB show all his fighting cards until the end.

    I’m really liking how this arc is incorporating stuff that’s happening in the wider OP world such as CP0, Bonney (Kuma’s daughter), and even Dragon. This won’t be an isolated arc. Well… most arcs aren’t isolated. But I think Oda is especially making sure this arc will be a world-wide game changer packed with important characters.

    1. Yeah, that makes sense; we don’t learn all these Main Antagonists can do until it’s time for the Final Battle(or, in the case of Blackbeard- probably second to last, depending on when the fight against Imu takes place). But I think we’ll be seeing at least how Law is defeated….. or how he escapes.
      THAT’S WHAT I LOVE ABOUT “ONE PIECE” THE MOST: The sheer volume of important characters and the things that happen having these unbelievable effects on everything in the world! And if Egghead ends being even half as good as what it’s building up to be, then I’m already willing to say this is better than Wano!

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