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Toya Todoroki: The Spotlight. My Hero Academia Chapter 389 BREAKDOWN

Don’t know WHY he chose a Best Girl Himiko Chan/ Uraraka cover for a Todoroki clan chapter, but then he chose a Gentle and La Brava cover for a Tomura chapter, so- meh. Also, Himiko chan takes the full cover of volume 38, so he probably wanted to show her off. I almost want to buy that volume; I don’t really collect “My Hero” volumes anymore because……… it just Does Not Feel The Same Re-reading the series anymore– it feels so……….. tainted knowing what happens later. It just……. hurts. For that reason; I really don’t know if I’ll come back to reading this story after it’s finished. That’s just how I feel. But I still love Himiko chan, so i might get it if for nothing more than sake of having her own solo Volume Cover. Oh, that’s why he chose this cover page for this chapter; Himiko chan > Todoroki storyline. Maybe not in importance but in interest. ‘Cause while Tomura and Dabi have Very Clear Endings; Himiko chan still doesn’t have an answer. Blood= Affection for her- How do you fix that? 

In whatever casethis is a quick chapter. Though it ties into a funny conversation I had with my brothers the other night. I’ll save it for the Review section, but know that it ties into the subject of Izuku and Bakugo and their recent level ups. So funny. But let’s get to it. My Hero Academia Chapter 389: “Assurance And Prayers.” 


Picking Up From The Last ChapterTodoroki Family(Minus Shoto) tries to contain the blast- frying all the while. It looked like they’d manage to get the Heat at the center of the blast to go down, but, uh……….. No; that sh!ts still gonna blow. And internally; whatever is left of Toya Todoroki in this charred, boiling corpse is actually…………. Happy. Because- when all is said and done- he got what he wanted more than anything in the world: His Family is Finally Looking At Him. He wonders why he didn’t do this sooner.

The Twice Clones are still attacking, but getting incinerated by the heat. Wild Wild Pussy Cat’s Tiger tells everyone to get out of here as soon as possible(all the while, Uraraka manages to find Himiko chan amongst the sea). People running at the shelter while them kids from Shoto and Bakugo’s Provisional License Make Up Course continue watching the news, knowing that someone is on their way to help. And else where; we see that Natsu Reference Kid from the Pro Heroes arc and someone else I don’t remember in the slightest start praying for this to end without anyone dying. While in the distance; a Duo rushes forward. SeeShoto made and Ice Jet- an actual construct in the shape of a jet, with the purpose of 1)Keeping Ilda’s engine cool 2)Make them more “aerodynamic” so they can travel faster and(in my mind) 3)let them glide a short distance so Ilda can rest that much more. 

5 Wieners is Coming To Save The Day. My Hero Academia Chapter 389 END!! Short and too the point- considering he’s just coming off Food Poisoning; this was a pretty well done chapter. Shoto shows up next chapter, and Dabi finally gets a resolution. Chapter after that will probably be the wrap up for this clan, and then we switch to A) Deku vs Tomura B) Uraraka vs Himiko chan or C) Bakugo and his half braindead @$$. 


……………. This was a “There” chapter– that chapter that reads better when you read this whole conclusion in a binge. By itself, it doesn’t do much on it’s own but “move things along-” or more accuratelyshows points. “Point A,” “B,” up to the end- we’re just going through the Climax of this storyline. As such, I don’t really have much to say. Well, I have a few things. For one; I wanted to talk about Horikoshi’s Speed Problem. It’s something my brother’s pointed out; they here a lot of them “Power Scaler” types in school trying to say that Deku can beat……… LuffyGojoGokuCharacters of THAT caliber because of his recent Speed Amp. And I mean just WHOLE CONVERSATION about how Izuku could blitz most characters you could think of right now. And that reminded meDidn’t Bakugo get 2 Speed Amps? There was the first during the Initial War; when his desire to “Save” surpassed the desire to “Win,” he made explosions that had less smoke and debris- a “100%” utilization of that energy, making him faster than before. Then again in his battle with All For Destruction; the side effect of his “Cluster” technique allowed him to create explosions from any part of his body– injuring himself in the process.

And this chapter shows off something we’ve never seen Shoto do in the course of the story: Ice Constructs. Seriously; for introducing an Ice user of the bat and making him actively handicap himself to where he would only use his ice; I’m surprised that we’re only now seeing the boy make constructs. And the first thing he makesAn Ice Jet Around Ilda. 1)It’s more “Aerodynamic” than them- they’ll be able to get their faster without Wind Resistance f*cking them up 2)In between buildings and the ground; they can just “glide” through the sky a little bit and give Ilda some time to rest, and possibly even get further distances(if only bit by bit) and 3)Keeps Ilda cool at this intensity. Honestly, this is a really smart construct for them to make in this situation. I’ll say that much. 

But yeah; Horikoshi’s been all about Character’s speed lately. I don’t know what that’s about, but I’ll take it at face value. Maybe he was a fan of CW’s “Flash” TV show and he’s sad that it’s ending. In whatever case; something else I think i want to talk about is Dabi. When he says “Why Not Sooner?,” he’s either saying “Why didn’t this happen sooner” or “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” One of those paints the story that he didn’t want it to come to this, but it’s far and away too late to ever go back; the other paints it like he’s finally got what he’s wanted and thinks this was the best idea he’s ever had. I’ll let you guys think on that. It also looks like the next story to wrap up is gonna be the Himiko chan/ Uraraka discussion. So yeah, we’re moving this story along. Don’t really know what else to say that I haven’t said a Million times already, so………. I guess that’s all. 


Wow, that was Wicked Short. I don’t even know what to say. I like the chapter; I liked the Ice Jet; I’m liking the conclusion of this plot, I guess. I’d say I wish there was maybe a little more, but 1)I don’t know what else could have been done in this chapter and 2)Horikoshi is just coming back from Food Poisoning. We can’t expect him to make the “Biggest And Best Chapter Of The Year” after being sick like that. So……….. Yeah. Guess that’s all I got for ya today, folks. Until next time, uh……. Catch ya later? Yeah. 

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