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Why Am I Able To Title This “The Power Of Sex?” Chainsaw Man Chapter 128 BREAKDOWN

The………. They’re die over this. They’re about to die because they have differing opinions on Sex. That is why they’re about to fall into H#ll. Oh My God. What the h#ll is Fujimoto smoking right now? It must be that new kind of crack for him to come up with this sh!t! I…… I don’t…… have a proper introduction right now. Some of my family reads these posts, man; how am I going to explain to them how 2 teenagers died because they couldn’t agree on “The Power Of Sex.” WHY IS THAT WHAT THIS CHAPTER STARTS WITH?! Let’s…… Let’s begin. Chainsaw Man Chapter 128: “Main Dish.” This sh!t is so f*cking stupid. 


Picking up from the last chapter: Denji arrives just in time to catch Asa before she falls to H#ll, but she reveals that she wants to die at this point- being to afraid of heartbreak and rejection to get close to anyone but too afraid to be alone; she just wants the pain to end. But Denji tells her that there are always reasons to live; for him, it’s his dream of having sex. She tells him to go to H#ll for being gross, but Denji remarks how sex is “Super Beautiful,” and “The Only Reason That Humanity Has Grown To This Size-” it’s the only reason they’re here having this conversation. 

Asa retorts that people only have sex ’cause they’re bored; the whole concept of peoples saliva and sweat mixing together grosses her out. And then she asks the question: “Wait a sec- What Makes You Think YOU would ever get any?” Geez, what a b!tch. And Denji………. he pauses for a minute, and says it’ll happen someday. But Asa tells him: “NO WOMAN IN EXISTENCE WOULD WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH A GUY WITH A CHAINSAW STICKING OUT OF HIS HEAD!!!!” Welp, they just fell to H#ll- on a plate with that one Public Safety guys head and those apples Falling got some chapters ago. Asa’s unconscious, but Denji- being Chainsaw Man- is raring to go. 

He makes a beeline for the nearest door, but Falling’s “Customer” hacks him up as he runs- even taking off his head. But he just grabs it by the handle, puts it back on, revs the engine, and keeps on. Then Falling comes through the door, promising to send him back if he leaves Asa. Denji asks if he can at least bring her @$$ back with him, and Falling labels him a “Pervert.” She ain’t wrong. But she gets cut up again, and not by Denji- but the SECOND CHAINSAW MAN!!! He tells Denji that Falling’s “Customers” are relentless with their meals; Falling doesn’t tolerate people who don’t finish what’s on their plate, so they will die if Asa Mitaka isn’t devoured. All Denji has to do is evade them until sunrise. Chainsaw Man Chapter 128 END!!! All of this because they didn’t agree on sex. D@mn.


Tatsuki Fujimoto What the f*ck are you trying to do to us? Like, I know I should probably talk about the character stuff, but…….. what can I say? Denji wants to have sex; Asa find the concept gross. But like we established with chapter 124, she wants some kind of relationship- platonic or romantic; just someone that she know for absolutely CERTAIN she can trust. But there’s no guarantee of the relationship ever turning sexual. I don’t know if she’s completely A-Sexual; it might just be that the topic is a little uncomfortable for her, and she isn’t “ready” for it. Which is completely fine; her choice. Why the f*ck am I talking about this when there’s someone who can turn into a walking Chainsaw? I don’t know; maybe she’ll Let me stop before I say something stupid. The 2nd Chainsaw Man has made his presence know to Denji. 

There are 3 questions that are to be asked when it comes to the existence of Chainsaw #2(we’ll call him): 1)Who Is He? 2)How Is He Copying Chainsaw Man? and 3)What Does He Want? As of the moment, we have no information on him other than the fact that he’s the one who killed Yuko in chapter 111– something I’m not sure Denji would have done if she had begged for her life. Which she didn’t even get the chance to with #2. High sense of Justice that Denji isn’t living up to in their opinionHm……. it could be the work of the Justice Devil again. That one’s had it’s hands in 2 of the first enemies Asa has faced so far, so perhaps Justice has some role in all of this- something tying into Notstradamus Prophecy about the Terror King. 

And Justice’s role is……… “prepping” the War Duo for…….. something. It’s the reason they came together in the first place, and it was through the battle with Yuko that Asa learned to make weapons for herself. Now, maybe someone has made a contract with Justice to get Chainsaw Man’s powers and is going around exacting their own sense of “Justice.” Yuko told us that the Justice Devil turns ones sense of Justice into power; hers manifested as telepathy, and Asa’s Class President became a Muscle Monster thing. Becoming a facsimile of Chainsaw Man is one way for them to manifest- though I doubt that it’s able to replicate the Erasure Ability. But clearly that sense of Justice has to be strong enough for him to be able to get the jump on and carve up a Primal Devil like Falling. Hm………. maybe it’s someone who’s a Fan of Chainsaw Man. Makima told us in chapter 84 that- for all the Devils who either fear or hate him- there are still Devils who Revere him. #2 could be one of them- perhaps the Justice Devil itself. Justice could take the form of Chainsaw Man because of the reverence, and- much like Makima– find Denji to be unworthy of being host to the Chainsaw. 

Other than the Justice Devil being involve in this, though; I can’t see any other way for this guy to exist. Unless he’s like Reze and he’s an experiment created from a fragment of the Chainsaw’s Flesh- a Man Made Chainsaw Man you could say; one that’s been freed to………. do something. Maybe whatever Government made #2(going by the theory) set him free to help the Real Chainsaw Man, who’s become a popular Superhero in Japan since the end of Part 2, stop this Terror King from coming out- which is why he’s helping him right now. Those…….. Those are the only 2 options I see right now. Fujimoto can come out with some other 3rd concept that he’ll expand upon going forward- plausibly in Part 3 if he chooses to continue that long- but right now, I don’t see any other options for #2. We’ll probably find out by the end of this, but I won’t guarantee that this is the case. 


If Edens Zero is the one that takes the longest to review; “Chainsaw Man” would be the shortest. I was able to start this, work on finishing the Edens Zero 237 review, and finish this post all in the same d@mn day(Tuesday, April 25th, 2023, 6:28 pm). Sh!ts crazy. I find myself once again lacking any real Closing thoughts for you guys. Uh……… I’m curious to know what #2’s role is going to be in all of this? Yeah, that sounds about right. This was a really good chapter, so…….. yeah. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until next post, all- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. Laters!!

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