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Edens Zero Chapter 261 SHORT REVIEW

This series has been getting a lot of “Short Reviews” as of late, huh? And if not that, then a Dump Post. Not ideal, but……….. not much going on in “Edens Zero” right now; we’ve BARELY gotten into the Mother Cosmos and we’re already in pitched combat with the Edens One and its army. And as of this chapter- They’re sort of winning. I don’t know if the Zero is really about to be destroyed, but……….. The crew is going to lose here. And where that leads them is………. really, it’s anyone’s guess. Maybe they’ll end up doing a 1 year time skip like they did for Fairy Tail and Shiki will come back with his long hair again!! I need to get back to Fairy Tail. I need to get back to reading a few things, thinking about it. And with this time off currently(Knock On Wood Knock On Wood Knock On Wood), maybe I should use whatever down time I have to do that. Though I have a few other projects I’m working on, too. Even OFF work I’m busy, man, what the f*ck?

Ah………….…….. I have 2 things to say, honestly; 1 an actual point I came up with reading the chapter, and the other something I saw people talking about on twitter and thought “Eh, might as well.” So let’s begin. Edens Zero Chapter 261: “Life/Death.” You would THINK Sister and Clown would be more important to the chapter with a title like that, but we don’t really focus on them after the opening par of the chapter. Eh. Maybe it’s more in reference to- 

Shiki vs Lightning Law

Law is demonstrating the ability to puppeteer the Skeleton bots that Shiki(and he himself) just got through thrashing. From just this first glance, I get the feeling that one aspect of his ability is using his Electric Ether to puppet Lifeless machines. What his true power is itself is unclear- maybe something simple like “Lighting Ether Discharge” or just controlling machines like this itself– but…………. yeah. And it’s in thinking about it like that that I am also reminded of the Doflamingo character from One Piece– which ties back to the Eneru reference in his debut chapter review!! See, it all comes full circle! But, um…………. oh right; there also might be a thematic reason why Law is fighting Shiki- something like “A Man Who Values Life Of All Kinds vs One Who Would Disrespect A Corpse.”

Shiki and his crew decided to leave Valkyrie’s body on Sun Jewel because of what she meant to the people- Law sees the Skeleton Army as………. Mindless Drones for him to use. So when it comes time for a rematch battle, Shiki will have something to say to Law- before Void applies that same mindset to him. Something like that. Or maybe Mashima is just saving Freya for either Valkyrie or Homura and just “gave” Law to Shiki. Who knows, maybe Law WILL fall here and Shiki will be able to go into the Final Battle with Void completely fresh. Just a thought, I guess……………….

Shiki’s Parents Revealed?

The end of this chapter- and the build up from 259- is telegraphing that Regret and Leonard are Shiki’s biological parents. That’s what it looks to be. But the fact that it IS so obvious- is what’s making people think that Mashima is setting up for a Bait-And-Switch, citing all the build up around Elsie during the middle portion of Kaede War. For 4 chapters straight Mashima built up the idea that Elsie was the “True Enemy” Ziggy was talking about- before showing us she wasn’t. So now we’re left in a situation where you could say Mashima is gonna “keep it simple” and pay off what he’s building up right now- OR trick us once again. 3 possibilities

  1. “Occam’s Razor” and this is exactly what it portrays
  2. They think it’s a boy, but it ends up being a girl who would go on to become Xiao Mei
  3. Twins and it’s both

Mashima allude in his Volume 23 afterwords that there’s a “Latent Mytsery” that he hasn’t seen anyone talking about, and was debating on whether or not to even bring it up or even answer it. What is itHe obviously didn’t say, but I’m starting to think that whatever it is- pertains to Xiao Mei. I don’t know about you, but even amongst twitter fans; I haven’t seen ANYONE bring up her character or the mystery behind her powers of premonition, or the Fourth wall breakage since…………. the Mildian Arc itself. So………… maybe? She says at the end of the Mildian arc that she received her powers from Mother herself– in exchange for all knowledge of the where is. She of course keeps it vague– both for the character’s in the story and the audience she knows is watching- but it might be that she and Shiki were spared from the Death of this…………. “Mother Planet,” and were chosen by her for some “greater purpose.” And if it’s actually just her and they’re not twins, then………….. I have no idea what Shiki is. It’s certainly not beyond the realm of possibility that he’s just “The Messiah” created by Mother out of thin air. 

They have the same hair color, it that’s worth anything. Though………. that’s also a point towards them……… not being………. Regret and Leonard’s kids. We don’t know their human hair colors yet(it’s a black-and-white manga, and he doesn’t shade in Witch and Wizard’s hairs; we know from their official colorings on the manga volumes and other images of them Mashima colors), but we can assume that they’re still green, based on Yuna and Human Brigadine’s colorations in the manga Alright, I’ll admit I just made that the f*ck up I’m not sure right now. Then againMother can put people through a process of “Rebirth,” so…………. maybe it’s a total rebirth- a completely different person, maybe even down to the soul. Just a thought, I suppose………….


That’s…………………. The Post!! I don’t have anything more to say! Man, it kind of scares me how much better I get at certain kinds of posts; I feel like I’ve been making so many of these lately that it’s becoming…….. the “Norm?” I don’t WANT it to; I enjoy the way I usually do posts- it allows for a lot more discussion and theory crafting, yeah? When I made this category, I just wanted to cover up all the bases of the series I talk about- I didn’t mean to already fill up 2 pages. But I ALSO don’t think make Full reviews for chapters like this and the upcoming “Four Knights” chapter(SPOILER ALERT: Another Short Review) is a good use of the very limited free time I have. I’d rather spend it working on………. other things. And I promise at least 1 of them is coming at ‘cha. So until then, everyone– Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, And Stay Magic. Laters!! 

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