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The Main Event!!- And A Bunch Of Other Stuff. My Hero Academia Chapter 380 BREAKDOWN

………… Yeah, that’s to be expected. I was hoping we’d at least get to see the start of the Final Clash between Deku and Tomura, but I guess we DO have to wrap up some other story beats before we end this. “Save The Best For Last,” huh? I’m not even mad; I’m just a little…….. indifferent. This week’s chapter of “My Hero” didn’t get me as “Hyped” as I would have thought. Honestly, not a lot of the chapters this week have gotten me “Amped;” all of them were Fine, but I wasn’t all that excited. To be honest, I’m more excited for the Monthlies. So knowing my unluck, next week All 5 Weeklies are gonna bring their A Game. Oh well, “Rules Are Rules.” My Hero Academia Chapter 380: “A Skosh.” Ah cr@p……….


Picking up from last time: Gentle is struggling to keep UA from crashing; even with La Brava’s “Love Boost,” his elasticity has reached its limit. And La Brava hasn’t completed the new program yet. But to make things weirder: He finds himself being Recorded by the Business Course Students. He yells for them to get inside, but they yell back that “This Is Their Job;” they’re here to help with public relations between the Heroes and the General Public by filming the Final Battle- and everyone who helped the Heroes towards victory. Seeing the determination in their eyes, Gentle thinks back to his plan to invade UA so long ago………. and how that was probably the worst thing that he could have ever done. 

La Brava agrees with the Business course, and- after finishing the new program to get UA airborne again- decides to start some filming of her own. “Even if he’s made peace with it- I won’t let Gentle’s Legendary Deeds go unseen.” She hacks into the kids phones and the barrier’s camera’s, and makes sure all eyes are on the action- and UA begins to hover again. While on the barrier; the Twice Clones continue their assault, breaking the Erasure teams platforms and sending them plummeting. Kurogiri- still in the midst of his identity crisis- opens a warpgate that catches Mic and Aizawa, sending them off who knows where. And with “Erasure” no loner an option, they left to just put their faith in Izuku……..

Gunga: All For One is doing all he can to get over to Tomura. Originally; the plan was for him to gain control over Tomura instantly upon giving him the original “All For One.” But he miscalculated how much “Hatred” Tomura had for everything, and the “Possession” ended up becoming a “Merger.” So his current objective is to inject his current quirk factor into Tomura and suppress him completely this time. But Hawks isn’t libel to let that happen, halting All For One in his tracks. He’s fighting so that the sake of the Young ones- the ones who will make an “Unbelievably Bright Future.” And he won’t let some nutsack faced weeny take this “story” away from them. But All For One has another quirk up his sleeve- one that lets him twist Hawks to death in front of Tokoyami!!! 

Or So He Thought. The Hawks that he “twisted” turns out to be an Illusion created by Camie Utsushimi!! The real Hawks was saved by Seiji Shishikura’s quirk. They were originally tasked to be a “Nonaggressive Defense Force” that would receive refugees from UA, but they’ve yet to arrive. So they came over to Gunga. Shiketsu high is here to help, whether they want it or not! Inasa Yoarashi- “Gale Force-” whips up the Twice clones with his quirk, and tells All For One that the “wind blows” where HE wants it to! My Hero Academia Chapter 380 END!! Why is Camie flying on a Giant Disembodied Finger? Why does Horikoshi do this to himself? Also, Camie says in the Official “If I Had Been A Skosh* Later, You Woulda Unalived* That Certified Hottie I’m Simping* For. Not Very Fetch* Of You, No Cap*.” In translation

  1. Skosh: “A Little Bit.” 
  2. Unalived: “Killed.” 
  3. Simping: “To Have A Hard Crush on Someone.” 
  4. Fetch: “Cool” or “Awesome;” the translator isn’t sure which. 
  5. No Cap: Even I don’t know that that means. And it doesn’t seem like the translator does, either. 


So he DOES want Tomura to steal his qurik. The only question Is: Does his Rewound body have a younger version of “All For One” and he’s planning to chuck his full Vestige, in addition to the Vestige of the current era “All For One” so they can just team up and fully take over Tomura’s body? Or is it still the counterfeit Ujiko made? It would have to be the first example, right? I don’t think a copy would have a Vestige. But yeah; All For One is trying to get his quirk stolen- something that All For One would never let happen if he had a choice. Meaning………. His Back’s against a wall. Tomura regaining control of the body(which he can more than likely sense); his body rewinding and getting younger by the minute; the Heroes proving to be more of a problem than he probably expected………… yeah, he’s in a lot of trouble right now. Though, now that Tomura knows what’s up………. he’s not gonna fall for it. 

I suppose All For One could try to force this “All For One” quirk unto him, but………. can he DO that? He can definitely just pumped Tomura with every quirk he has, but can he “chuck” the MAIN quirk? I don’t think so. And with a perfected body that’s adapting to the quirks he has as is, he can probably take a lot more before any signs or “overflow” start to show. 

The Business Course Students. It’s very clear what Horikoshi is doing: That video at the start of the series is being recreated by Izuku- All Might’s first appearance saving all those people from a Disaster is what made Izuku love All Might. And in turn, this video will become the inspiration for another boy to become a Hero- whomever that might be. Although the difference goes back to Izuku and Bakugo’s interpretation of “Hero;” All Might’s Video was “A Hero Who Saves Everyone,” and Izuku’s will be “A Hero Who Always Wins.” Speaking of, I’m still waiting on Bakugo to come back and get into the fight. Though considering the condition he’s in, the best course of action is to sit this out and let his wounds recover. He WON’T, but he should. He better be pretty darn important to this battle for what happened to happen. 

Kurogiri. He’s…….. on the fritz. I honestly don’t know if Shirakumo coming back is the best thing for him. Like, imagine coming back from to life after all is said and done. He Died in HIGH SCHOOL; he’s been under mind control by a mad scientist the F*cking Devil; can he even FUNCTION in society as he is? I’m saying all of this because I feel like he’s going to die. Probably doing something that does more harm to Tomura than good, thus paying off that line at the USJ when Tomura threatened to kill him. I had always felt like Kurogiri’s storyline would end with Shirakumo coming back and using “Warpgate” to help the Heroes against the Villains. Then die at some point during the finale because………. He just can’t work. I feel like the psychological effects are gonna be too damaging for him to live past what they need him to do. That and Ujiko’s potential “Failsafe” in all the Nomu’s. 

That said; he caught Eraser and Mic. And he’ll probably have some questions for them in regards to who he is. From there, again; probably bringing Aizawa to the battlefield for One Last “Erasure” at a critical moment, allowing Izuku and Bakugo the chance to finish the battle. That’s how I imagined the Final battle would go. And we may still get that- but not in the way that I had imagined. 

And then you have the Shiketsu Students. I wanted to see Inasa’s reaction to Dabi’s video most of all. He’s a “Kind Person,” so his reaction to the video would probably be “Todoroki Had A Rough Life……. And I Said Those Awful Things To Him.” But I was more concerned with his reaction to Endeavor. To him; Endeavor didn’t look like what a Hero should look like- that he wasn’t “Warm Blooded” like All Might. And he saw that in Shoto during their Special Recommendation Test. But then he saw that Endeavor was trying to make a change, and put his best foot forward to accept this new Endeavor. And then DABI leaked the Family History on the net. What must he have thought of EndeavorAgain- He’s “kind.” And- unlike a lot of the Haters- actually knows Endeavor; saw him in person and how he was changing. So he probably thought “That’s Who Endeavor Was,” but he’s looking at the Endeavor of the Now. And from there, he would probably agree that Endeavor should be the one to deal with Dabi- but also submit that he’s the only one who can Fight All For One. 

There’s also Shishikura; his dad worked at Tartaros and All For One more than likely killed him. Will he let his emotions get the better of him and attack All For One? We know from his debut in the Provisional License Exam that he can let his personal feelings cloud his logic and judgement. Will he be the first kid to die because of that? Or has he learned somethingCamie hasn’t changed, and didn’t need to. Though I think her quirk maybe be stronger now; I don’t think she could make Solid Illusions before. Unless Horikoshi is the type to introduce a character at this juncture who can make………. Giant Floating Fingers for her to ride on into battle. I’m joking, but…….. That Bakugo thing…….. Mirio’s magical resurgence during the previous war…….. Star And Stripes debuting and dying in the span of like 5 chapters……… I’m not sure anymore…….

And of course, the reason they weren’t here before hand. Something is going on at the UA shelter. Something that’s bad enough for them to realize something was wrong- but not SO bad that they felt the need to warrant them going to check it out so they came all the way to Gunga. Wait, What? Did they go into the shelter to see what was going on and deal with it quick so they could come here? But………. why would the Shelter Situation warn them that they need to rush up a f*cking MountainOr wait, maybe I’m trippin’. Maybe they’re saying “We were placed at UA in case civilians needed to escape, but they never came. So we went where we’re currently needed.” But even that seems like it doesn’t make since. You mean you left the shelter unguarded so you could “get in on the action?” Maybe it’s the translation I’m reading, but………. something isn’t adding up with their here. If the official is saying something different, then I’ll add  “Post Edit Note” below to talk about it more. Good thing I’m writing this part on Friday, February 17th, 2023, 6:42 pm! I can only write about what I’m reading; I can always add more during the weekend leading up to the official release. 

Editing Note: Okay……… that’s a little bit clearer. They were at Shiketsu ready to help Civilians into the shelter, but the Refugees never came. So they came to Gunga. But then they should be going to UA to check out what’s happening. I honestly don’t know why they would come here and not go to UA to see what the problem was. Maybe they’re saying “UA’s Fine, So Let’s Go Help The Heroes,” but……… they’re abandoning their post. And we know that All For One and Skeptic definitely set something up to go down while the Heroes were distracted. Unless you’re trying to say that the Liberation Army’s beliefs are about to gain some traction; I’m gonna have to say that Shiketsu made a bad move here. 


Wow………. I actually managed to start and mostly finish this post in the span of a Day. Not bad. Again, if the Official release says something different, I’ll add and Editor note talking about it. I won’t erase what I wrote because I want you guys to know my thought process at the time. Looking at posts where I’ve deleted whole segments based on the official release, I find that it doesn’t read so well. Plus, it feels like a “Time Capsule” before those translations seemingly “disappear.” I know I can’t find a lot of those same translations when I go looking for them. If you have, then link me to the site. And let me know what you guys think of this chapter. “Til next time, guys- Catch ya later! 

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  1. Horikoshi got me with the Hawks “death”, ha!

    I don’t get what AFO is trying to do to get full control of Shigaraki. I thought he’d already given Tomura his quirk factor when he passed his quirk to him. He’s gonna give him the All For One quirk copy he has to?

    1. Perhaps he means that this rewound body now has the Original “All For One Quirk-” a younger variant of the same quirk. And he’s trying to pass it on to Tomura so the Vestige of THIS “All For One” and the one already present in Tomura can team up and fully absorb Tenko and Tomura…….. or something. At leas that’s how I’m choosing to interpret the situation.

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