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Arthur’s Offer And Some Joke About Conqueror’s Haki! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 77 BREAKDOWN

OKAY, so I couldn’t think of a good joke about Arthur having Conqueror’s Haki- SUE ME!! TRIED, okay?! And besides; this chapter is more about what Arthur offers the people of Liones, anyway. But I REALLY wanted to use the term “Conqueror’s Haki” for this post; it’s really appropriate for this chapter with what Arthur does(one moment in particular). One Piece uses it to show that certain characters possess the “Qualities Of A King.” Here; Arthur exudes a more……. “Know Your Place” kind of aura. You’ll see what I mean. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 77: “King’s Authority.” Even the f*cking title of the chapter………. 


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Arthur- having descended from the sky- prepares to do battle against a Berserk Trsitan. Before he’s even aware of what’s happening- Tristan gets knocked into the ground at high velocity. The Holy Knights prepare to fight against him for revenge, but something……….. something stops them from moving on Dreyfus’ order. Arthur’s “King’s Authority” forces everyone to hold their place out of sheer, instinctual FEAR. Well, maybe not “fear……..” 

Elsewhere; Anne manages to gain the crowd’s attention and tells them to evacuate. But before they can leave; Arthur manages to get in touch with all of them- with Everyone In Liones. His speech to the people

I Am Arthur Pendragon- King Of The Southern Kingdom Of Camelot, which was once destroyed in the Holy War between the Demon King and the Seven Deadly Sins. And now, you- The People Of Liones- Stand Upon The Same Road As Camelot: “Ruination?” Or “Survival?”

As Of Now; the Peace you have now is only fleeting- The History of what transpired in Britannia makes that all too clear. The Holy War 3,000 Years ago; the Holy war 16 years ago- battle after Bloody Battle between Different Races. And every time; we have continued to make sacrifices before other races. There must be some among you who lost someone in the Holy War- family, friends- leaving scars upon your hearts. Even after 16 years; there are wounds that don’t heal so easily…..

The lives of those lost will never return; you will be tormented by the wounds carved into your hearts for the rest of your lives. But What If You Could See Your Beloved Families Again? What if you could confess your love to those who died before you could tell them? What if you could make your unfulfilled wishes come true…….?” 

– King Arthur Pendragon Of Camelot

He essentially tells them that Camelot is a place where they may see those who have departed from this world; that their loved one’s are still alive and well in his Kingdom. And he’s offering them the chance to be with them once more. They’re NOT buying what he’s selling- until they see the faces of their loved ones in Camelot, courtesy of Arthur. Percival even sees his Grandpa over there. Everyone is overwhelmed seeing them again, and Arthur’s says that his goal is for the “Salvation Of Humanity-” as opposed to the Seven Deadly Sins; a “Medley of Other Races” that he claims will one day betray them. 

Hearing that; Tristan stand back up, and uses this speech as the opportunity to launch Darkness ball at Arthur. The King blocks the attack, and commends him for being able to resist his “King’s Authority.” Tristan responds that that entire speech “Made Him Want To Vomit.” Arthur sends an attack right back at Tristan, but it;s bounced back at him by the KING Of Liones- Captain Of The Seven Deadly Sins- Dragon Sin Of Wrath: MELIODAS!!!!!!!! 

Meliodas states that he hadn’t expected to clash with Arthur here and now, but Arthur claims that he’s only following Meliodas’ advice: “Once A Man Makes A Vow Out loud, He Can’t Just Take It Back.” He vowed to “Protect Humanity,” and the solution he came to was the extermination of all other races. However; Meliodas reminds him of something else he said: “Even If You Lose Your Way- The Seven Deadly Sins Will Be With You.” For that reason; he promises to bring Arthur back to his “senses.” Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 77 END!! This is gonna be one for the History Books- if only the Future Anime would deliver on it……………


Arthur Has The “Conqueror’s Spirit,” and it seems to be able to make anyone obey his commands. We’ve seen him do some trippy Genjutsu type of sh!t with Ironside, and we saw him do something like this to Ardbeg during his flashback. If I were to give it a description, I would say that he has the power to “Make People Obey Him.” The criteria seems to be for them to “look at him,” as we saw with Ironside, Ardd, and the Holy Knights present. In all 3 cases; his target was looking at him directly. His little “Live Broadcast” to Liones was something entirely different; probably more connected to his “Chaos” powers than anything else. 

Though clearly there are cases in which the enemy can “defy” him, as shown with Tristan. It could be the fact that he’s part of the Goddess clan- or the Demon clan since he’s channeling that power; it could be something a little more akin to One Piece in that Tristan’s “will” was stronger than Arthur’s(not sure if that makes sense power scaling wise, but I don’t even want to raise up on that notion; or it could be intense emotions. He did say that that speech “made him want to vomit,” so………….. plausiblyEh, probably the first one. Don’t know why that is, but it’s the only scenario(that I see right now) that makes sense. 

MELIODAS VS ARTHUR. Let’s. F*CKING. GOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, am I glad you’re only reading this and not hearing me say that; it would sound old and dated as f*ck(said the 23 year old man). In any case; this fight……….. I don’t even know what to expect. This isn’t Meliodas’ story anymore; he’s now in the role of “mentor,” or just in general someone from the previous generation. That means that it’s a toss up as to how Suzuki wants to play this. He could:

  1.  Meliodas is the “Old Man;” he’s not as strong as he used to be due to XY and Z reasons, but he’s going to do his best. He’ll come out of the fight alive, but heavily damaged. 
  2.  Meliodas is as strong as ever, but Arthur is that much stronger and almost kills Meliodas. Percival or whoever jumps in and stops prevents the killing blow, and Arthur decides to retreat for XY and Z reasons. 
  3. The 2 are equal, an Arthur retreats out of fear of how the fight will go if it continues for very long. But Meliodas reveals that he may not have been able to win, and the Knights of Prophecy have to take that knowledge into the training arc that’s coming next. 

Though even these scenarios are determined by how Suzuki wants to go about this story. This is a Sequel series; the older generation tends to take a back seat so the New guy’s can get over with the audience. Some stories do this better than others, but it’ll often end the same way: The cast of the previous series falls behind, just as the Sensei/Old Gen of their story fell to the wayside, too. I don’t know if this story is going to be like that, though. And it all comes down to this 1 color page. 

The Seven Deadly Sins vs The Four Knights of The Apocalypse. This Is Happening. From a business standpoint it’s just dumb NOT to. It doesn’t matter whether or not Gawain has Escanor/Mael’s grace or not- HE’S COMING BACK WITH THAT SAME POWER. May ruin the saddness of his death a little, but I almost feel like it’ll be worth it in the end to see that again. He says like he isn’t planning to rip “My Hero” a new one for what just happened in that series. But in any case; the fight will happen. And for that reason; we can’t really have the Sins fall behind- it won’t be interesting if they stay at the same level they were when their story ended, while we’re watching the Knights of The Apocalypse level up higher and higher to challenge the guy who commands a force that created the 2 Strongest Beings In This Universe. They’re gonna have to scale to match that. 

What I’m getting at is the idea that it won’t just be Percival and the other’s training and getting stronger; The Sin’s will,too. A kind of “split perspective;” something that Horikoshi tried with My Hero. Though this story can pull it off because neither side is the “Villain” of the story; the Editorial staff won’t have him change the whole story and focus on one or the other- we can focus on both factions growing and learning from their experiences. Thinking about everything that both sides had gone through to get to the point where that battle will occur will make the emotional pay off and spectacle all the more “impactful,” creating something that………. SHOULD be one of the Greatest Battles In All Of Anime HISTORY- right up there with something like Goku vs Frieza- but it WON’T. ‘Cause Netflix being cheap + Not Good Studio On a “Rush Job” to appease Netflix= Meliodas vs Escanor From Season 3. Woah, where did all THAT come from

No, really; WHAT WAS THAT? I’m not gonna delete it, and I stand by what I said, but where di that random burst of negativity and anger come from?! This was a really good chapter!! Well, maybe just “Good;” nothing in this chapter really “hit” me like that. It was a fun read, but it’s not like I was “in love” with it. I don’t know, guys; maybe the My Hero collapse just affected me more than I thought. Or maybe I just want to talk about all the stuff I have planned for that post as soon as possible. Probably…… probably that second one. I shouldn’t hate on Studio Dean, either; I’m sure they could make something good if they had Time and Money that’s required to make a quality product. Netflix gets not slack from me. 

………………….. We Were Talking about Meliodas vs Arthur, weren’t weI would speculate a little more about what it entails if I knew exactly what the combatants can do! We only know about Meliodas from the end of “Seven Deadly Sins;” we didn’t even learn about his TRUE Magic power in that story!! We know that he Learned how to use “Full Counter” from Chandler, but we don’t know what his true power is. And even if we DID– IT’S BEEN 16 YEARS; even the strongest we’ve seen him at in that story might not do this version justice. It’s not like he’s just “sitting on the throne making laws” ‘n sh!t; he’s still running the Boar Hat; travelling around collecting booze; and probably does some training with Tristan every now and then. Whose to say he hasn’t been doing some training of his own with Ban? They could BOTH be stronger now- I’M WILLING TO BET THAT THEY ARE!! 

And Arthur’s powers are being built up as this Great Big Mystery. We may in fact learn the ins-and-outs during the fight through dialogue between the 2, but I doubt that we’ll know EVERYTHING this soon. I COULD look through the original story, and I’m sure I will when I’m done with this post, but- like I said: Things Change. Who knows how this is gonna go………


………….. That’s all. Said everything I wanted to, and then some. So I guess….. That’s All, Folks! Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, everyone. And until the next post, duckies; Have A Magical Day. By~~~~~e!!!!!!! 

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