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Okay, I did a Bonehead thing. I……. forgot to save my original post before I got up to use the bathroom. Then my computer turned off. Then had a problem turn it back on. And all of my original work was lost. So if it seems a little “rushed” in the beginning- know that I’m kind of making up for “lost time.” That’s one. Only to find out that the site started a whole new post and I just remade this for nothing. I’ll keep it, but I’m using the original opener as the next paragraph. 

2) WHAT DO MEAN YOU’RE CAPABLE OF THOUGHT?! You mean after all this time of you being this…… “Obedient Super Dog” of a person who doesn’t even move unless ordered to- purring at a recording of your master’s voice- you mean to tell me that you’re capable of Complex THOUGHTNo, I’m not kidding with you here; Gigantomachia- the Living Typhoon who tore a path through Japan, leveling one City after another in just to reach his Master- is capable of emotion and thought. Namely; he feels ABANDONED by All For One. I’m playing it up like he was always just a monster, but let’s not forget that Machia started off as a Person. And it seems like that person is still there. Woulda thought it was buried thoroughly under all of those quirks, but alright. At least we’re closing to getting rid of All For Nothing!! My Hero Academia Chapter 384: “It’s A Small World.” I need to think up another insult; I was gonna use “All For Let Down” but…… ew. “All For Useless?” “Done For One?” This would be a lot easier with One For All………..


Picking up from the last chapterGigantomachia- under the effects of Shinso’s “Brainwash-“ attacks All For Nothing. Seeing his Loyal Monster throwing rocks at him, he finally realizes how it was that the Aoyama’s were able to trick him; Shinso’ “Brainwash.” He likens it to something He Himself would do to try and rattle Shinso, and he uses “Air Cannon” to break the control, freeing Machia. But what happens next…….. is something no one saw coming: The Obedient Monster Gigantomachia Asks Why he Was Abandoned. Like, seriouslyNO ONE saw that coming. They thought it was Shinso making him talk just as he did with the Aoyama’s, but…… no; The Beast Is The One Who’s Speaking. 

He thinks back to the day that he was left in those woods(from what we can tell, it was at some point before the fight with All Might- he still has his hair); All For One promised his successor would come for him. And he did. But come the previous War- All For One’s presence- voice and smell– came through Tomura. That day, when Machia arrived to help him; he could tell it was All For One. Meaning it was All For One who left him tied up at the hands of the Heroes. It was then that he realized that All For One had truly abandoned him…… and now he wants Revenge. While upon his back; Kirishima had defended Shinso from the blast. Shinso realizes that those with Multiple quirks are immune to his “Brainwash;” even when he was supposed to be under control, he heard Machia muttering about being betrayed, and just let him run rampant. He tells All For One the key difference between the 2: “He can’t control what’s in people’s hearts!!” So now; Machia, Mt Lady, and Giant Dark Shadow beat down the Wannabe Demon King!!

While they beatdown on the Dork Lord; we see the NHA reporter from the USJ Arc in the helicopter from the end of last chapter! She and her camera guy borrowed a Helicopter and the Absolute Best Camera they had so they could capture the action the best without getting too close to the action. She realizes that the “Guy Wrapped in Rags” is the UA student she interviewed just a year ago- and he’s fighting Tomura Shigaraki as they speak . Inspired by the Livestream of the event; she took the Helicopter and camera- even in this horrible weather. And she wasn’t the only one; the reporter who gave the Top 3 a tongue lashing back in 306 is headed for the battlefield as well, on a completely selfish mission to see what the Heroes who kept fighting are doing. And not just that……..

The plan: To Broadcast The End of The Fight To The World- Win or Lose. They want to show the world that- even after they all gave up on Japan; even after Hero after Hero quit when things looked bleakest- They never Stopped Fighting. Whether or not they wanted to out of “Obligation” or genuine “Heroic Feelings” seems somewhat irrelevant at this point. Low and behold; the Livestream to Gentle’s channel goes from 76oo views to 20,000 in SECONDS. The World Now KnowsJapan Is Not Done YET!!! My Hero Academia Chapter 384 END!! I wonder at what point the fight will get banned? When Izuku gets a hole in his torso? Or when Tomura becomes a Hand MonsterI wonder which will happen first……..


…………. I don’t know what really to talk about. I mean; I AM glad that Horikoshi is beating down these areas- Machia’s area is over and done with; THIS area looks like we’re about to wrap this up; Central Hospital’s Battle seems to have ended, now that a lot of Heteromorph’s have come over to the Heroes side; Best Girl Himiko chan straight up left her area, meaning nothing important should be going on there beyond defeating the Near High Ends; Dabi left hisDabi, Himiko chan, and Machia are all in 1 area; and then there’s Aoyama and Fatgum’s area- which we haven’t seen since the battle started. Thus it’s just these last 3 areas. And the Aoyama area doesn’t seem like it’s gonna be all that important, so that shouldn’t take more than a chapter or 2(probably 3) to complete. 

But before we cut away from here, I think Horikoshi is going to want to wrap up at least one of these plots. No clue which one first, but any of them could take up 3 chapters. 4 or 5 if it’s for the Todoroki’s, and 3 and half for Himiko chan. As for All For Nobody Care’s; back against the wall; flashback chapter; revelation; Final Words; Gone. Not very many chapters; we need to know what that story he and his brother were into was called, and how it ends to get an idea how this story will conclude. Also need to learn how he became the person he is. And at what point he developed his quirk. Mmmmm……….. okay, that might be a bit of a long one. I’m trying to figure out how many more chapters are left before we end this. 

In my minds eye; I can see anywhere between 405 and 420 chapters. That said, we also gotta keep in mind how much content can go into a chapter. It surprises me whenever I go back and binge read manga how much can happen in just 3 chapters- which is why I said quite a few times earlier that those plots will probably end in 3 chapters. But I honestly see this series reaching 400 something chapters before we come to an end. Tomura’s fight might be a little like Muzan’s I’ll also add; once all of these other battles are over and done with, they’re all gonna jump Tomura along with Deku, taking up 5 or 6 chapters before we get back to the Solo match, which will probably end up as 3 or 4- 6 by itself. Then we’re going to see them have a 2 chapter talk pointing out everything both of them have done to get here- see Tomura learn from everything and all of that, and then………. what happens. 

The aftermath probably isn’t gonna be that long; probably a chapter or 2 to the Aftermath of the battle, another to mourn the one’s lost in this battle(’cause I see a death or 2 at some point between now and then), another 1 or 2 to the future of the- let’s not kid ourselves here– Important Characters. Aoyama, Uraraka, Shoto, Ilda, possibly Present Mic, and CERTAINLY Bakugo. He’s getting revived; if Horikoshi pulls that sh!t again I will stop talking about this manga altogether. BAKUGO IS GOINGT O MAKE IT OUT OF THIS FINAL BATTLE. Deku, Aizawa, Small Might, and Endeavor are……. another matter. They’re all on the list of characters who- now that we’re in the 11th hour- may not make it to the 12th. I could go either way on whether they live or die- so long as that doesn’t happen again. Seriously, of all the problems this Final Arc has had; that’s the one I can’t let go of. Tomura may also die. Though……… I have this…….. odd theory about how Horikoshi can redeem Tenko and kill Tomura off in one shot. 

A Reach of an idea, and we need a few leaps in logic for it to work, but……. I feel like it’s cool enough. And fits in line enough with what Tomura has become at this point for me to be like “Hmm….. Maybe.” BASICALLY: MY thinking…….. is that- through his Singularity- he’s going to be able to………… Divide. Like, whenever he becomes…….. WHATEVER he’s going to be; Izuku will manage to appeal to Tenko- that scared little boy who was denied any chance of becoming a Hero by his sh!t dad. But not to Tomura- the “Will” of that boy’s quirk using his horrible upbringing to destroy everything in its path……. or something like that. I think “Tomura” applies more to “Decay” than it does to “Tenko.” So when Tenko begins to have a “Change Of Heart,” the quirk- “Tomura-” will boot the boy out. And with it’s ridiculously powerful body, it’ll try to finish what they set out to do in the first place and Destroy The World. 

EVIDENCE:…………. Not really anything. Simply put; I feel like all this stuff about “Vestige’s” and “Quirk’s Overwhelming the User,” combined with the fact that Tomura………… can simply no longer be considered “Human” with all the sh!t that’s going on– Horikoshi has the chance to show us just how “split” Tenko’s mind is. On the one hand is the monster who’s killed enough people to be considered the Greatest Mass Murderer in History; the Villain who’s sole goal in life is to destroy everything that reminds him of his horrible upbringing when he would be LOCKED OUTSIDE FOR WANTING TO BE A HERO. And on the other is the boy that people didn’t help because he “looked creepy-” the boy everyone sought to ignore because they thought someone else would do it. The boy who just needed someone to reach out a hand. You can’t kill the boy. You HAVE to kill the Monster. But through his body mutating the way it has- creating Flesh Replica’s of his family that would become a Giant Hand on the right side of his body- just because of something Mirio said to him, then……… I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t. He already went the extra mile of making Tomura a Finger Demon and revive Bakugo from having his heart exploding- Why the h#ll not at this point? 

But another thing that I see happening at that point………….. should be obvious based on the next statement. Because of how I’ve laid it out, I don’t think that it’s a surprise that- being ejected by the “Physical Manifestation” of his quirk- would make Tenko Quirkless. Anyone get what I’m building to? The KEY difference between Izuku Midoriya and Tenko Shimura: Deku was told that he can be a Hero. Tenko was not. But he could have that chance. Once the battle is over……. and Izuku starts to succumb to Singularity……. and his body gives out on him……… in his final moments…… He Passes One For All To Little Tenko, and tells him with his last breath “You, Too, Can Be A Hero.” That is how I see this series ending. Or, well; the Cliff Notes, anyway. And it may not even come to pass like that- if at all. 

Izuku succumbing to singularity is something that I see as a possibility, based on- well- Gear Shift. The after effects are already leaving him oxygen deprived and his skin red, but as someone on Twitter pointed out; it looks like he’s starting to form a crack in his head. The same person would also point out a crack forming on Tomura’s cheek. But whereas Tomura’s body is evolving to match the power(growing more and more flesh to compensate for “Decay’s” back lash- or so my person theory goes); Izuku’s only recently started to grow in comparison. Come the time of his second fight with Muscular, his body had grown to handle 45% of his own power. That plus the Faux 100% he developed through “Fa Jin” and the Overwhelmingly RIDICULOUS Power of “Gear Shift- The boy’s gotta be feeling it right now. And that’s not even to mentioning the level of “processing” he has to do to handle all these quirks!! 

Let’s see…….. The Chapter itself……. Machia is capable of Emotion and Thought. Not something I saw coming, but welcomed if it means another creation of Failure For One blows up in his face. Ah, still can’t find one. In any case; first his New Body is too difficult to control because it has Too Much Hatred to get a handle on, and now, the pet he pumped full of quirks is going to use those quirks to make sure he ages into nothing. You know, he really SHOULD think these things through a little more. What, he didn’t put a “Failure Clause” in Machia like he did with Nagant? He Really IS “Good For Nothing.” Heh, got it. No, but seriously; he should probably have a Back Up plan installed in Machia somewhere- be it in the quirks themselves or from Ujiko who SO did experiments on him implanting something that’ll kill him when he disobeys Ol’ No-Face. Don’t know what or how, but at this point I’ll just shrug and say “Yeah, alright.” I’ve accepted the existence of Tenko in there!! And I was able to make a pretty good theory out of it, so…….. Eh, Why Not!! 


Rather than force this post to go on for any longer, I think I’ll quite while I’m ahead. Not bad for something I came up with on the spot. There was this one panel from a chapter of Berserk that I saw that made me think of the theory; from chapter 363. I have not read Berserk; I tried once before but……. LIFE. Sh!t came up and I never got back to it. But I remember that that was the last chapter that was out when I was trying to read it. It was around when the series creator- Kentaro Miura- had passed away. May he rest in peace. I don’t the context of the scene, the significance, or any idea who this character is. But I felt like it was someone important that was once dead- someone reborn with a second chance at life. And that made me think “Wait…… Tenko could use a second chance like that!!” 

It seems like……… The Only Option that Horikoshi has for redeeming Tomura. Like, no matter how much I stand Tomura- HE’S STILL A MURDERER. Like………. A Really BAD One at that. And he’s FAR too powerful to be contained. IF Horikoshi intends for this story to end on a Redemption of Tomura Shigaraki, then…….. he’s gonna have to reset the whole thing. And heck, thinking about it; it might be why he decided to keep Bakugo alive after all of that- have him as the one raising Tenko, training him to use One For All as the Gran Torino “I Wasn’t A Holder But I Taught One” type of Anime Sensei. “My Hero Generations” coming at ya in late 2024!! ‘Cause it will end this year. Maybe late in the year like November or something; maybe earlier like July or June. BUT IT ENDS THIS YEAR. 

Okay- NOW I’m done. Let me know what you guy’s think. Until next time, all; Have A Worry-Free day. See ya later

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