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Evolution vs Stabilization! My Hero Academia Chapter 358 BREAKDOWN

The title will make sense later on. It’s one of those titles. But it’s CERTAINLY better than “1001 Ways To Say” X Y & Z(first time I ever used that symbol- on my life). I felt I should title it this way because of the 2 main characters in this chapter. Yeah, that whole thing with Izuku? Jumpin’ away from it to focus on something else! I got a feeling that we’ll be seeing the same letter again this year at Jump Festa. But Horikoshi’s got a new Editor now, so……….. better quality? Editor’s play a bigger role in the story than I thought- than ANYONE thought!

Whatever the case may be; it’s time again to talk about “My Hero Academia!” I feel like Horikoshi is about to set a record for the number of fingers and hands he’s drawing- in just this chapter alone! This manga will be remembered for that more than anything else. It’s at least a testament to his abilities as an artist! My Hero Academia Chapter 358: “The Guy Who’s Made Some Progress.” Let’s begin.


Now THAT’S what I call a “Hand Wave!!”

Were you guys expecting to see what Izuku was dealing with this week? If so: WHY? All jokes aside; we’re jumping back over to the Floating UA High, where All For Destruction shows off the effects of his “Singularity” with a TYPHOON of fingers and hands. Should Monoma look away or lose “Erasure” for even a MOMENT this whole stage is f*cked. Not that the heroes currently fighting a Quirkless Calamity are fairing any better; those fingers are f*cking them up MAJORLY! Sun Eater gets caught; Nejire chan almost gets caught; Jeanist keeping Bakugo and Mirko from getting caught- Pure Chaos everywhere that you look.

It works out well for Edgeshot because his quirk allows him to enter people’s bodies and attack certain pressure points. So he has a lot of space to attack him. But it doesn’t matter ’cause every time he takes off a lump of fingers- a whole other WAVE of them come to take their place. It’s enough to make Edgeshot call All For Destruction’s bluff that this isn’t a quirk. But the monster responds that this is simply the result of the “All For One” quirk and all the quirks within settling into a newer, stronger body- it’s stabilizing, and now his enhanced body is growing in search of the “ideal form” to handle these quirks. And he continues on to say:

With this body, and this power- All Will Come To Rest In The Palm Of My Hand. Giving rise to a world of my own, or one Beyond me Entirely.

Appearance, Form, Function- for a world split beyond any hope of a status quo; all that awaits is Schism and Destruction.

These massive disparities give rise to “Incomprehension.” And that lack of understanding, in turns- lead to Dread And Rejection. That’s the present state of the world, no?

But under my rule- All Will Be United As the Exploited Class! All Will Be Equal! Don’t heroes yearn for “World Peace?” Is it THAT hard to imagine taking a step toward that?

All For One/ Tomura Shigaraki/ All For Destruction

I see these all the time, but I feel weird using them. But since it’s such a cool coloring; I felt I had to. Credit to the artist!!

Bakugo has personally had ENOUGH of All For One and Shigaraki- “they’ve done nothing but yap yap YAP since Kamino!!” So he activates a new item he got from the support course: Suppressive Heavy Mobile Unit- Strafe Panzer. And BOY does it looks cool.

Using these Gun Turrets and all the sweat that he’s built up from dodging the fingers; he begins to blow away the fingers in an effort to get to the main body. Thinking of everyone who’s making this stage possible; Bakugo and Mirko move ahead. But ol’ Kacchan can’t help but linger on what All For Destruction said: “Said ‘Misunderstandings,’ in turn, give rise to ‘Fear’ and ‘Rejection.’” It calls to mind Chapter 1 of the story- when Izuku saved him from the Slime Villain(still waiting on that guy to come up again).

Bakugo has already admitted to himself- and to the Nerd– that he didn’t understand Izuku or his feelings towards him at first. But after coming to terms with it; he’s already far beyond what All For Destruction just said. He evolved. And he tells the would-be Demon Lord as much:

You wanna talk about some “Big Disparity?” “Lack Of Understanding?” “Dread?” Guess What? I’ve Long Since Taken That Cr@p To Heart.

And I’ve seen a REAL toward “progress,” with all that. It might take some time, but some people I know- are trying to Push Forward!

Thanks, Anyway, but- You Can Shove Your Sermon, Ya Nutsack Faced Handy Man!!

Katsuki Bakugo- Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight

He blitz’ past Jeanist, who’s amazed by his incredible growth, and initiates his New Move: Howitzer Impact- Cluster. Bakugo vs All For Destruction proper BEGINS- bringing My Hero Academia Chapter 358 to an Explosive END!! Pun Very Much Intended. But you knew that.

Explosion vs Destruction- NEXT TIME!!


My Hero Academia Will Be On Break Next Week. 1) No WAY is this series ending this year with the frequency of these breaks. I get that he needs a break- he deserves the breaks- but d@mn, man. And 2)Gonna be ROUGH reading Jump next week. No “One Piece,” “Black Clover,” and now no “My Hero?” DUDE!! Oh man………… Well; whatever. This was a good enough chapter to leave off on. Pretty cool seeing him put his technology drawing ability to good use. I’ve always liked the way that he draws the machines. Makes me wish that there was more time to enjoy them; these are probably gonna be destroyed next time.

But to breakdown the title of the review; All For Destruction’s powers are beginning to “Stabilizing-” Tomura’s body and “All For One” the quirk are beginning to……. “sync up.” And because of the modifications to his body, as well as the number of Body Augmentation quirks within “All For One(as well as his leveled up “Decay”); his body is now compensating for all that power he has. But it also means that the All For One Vestige and Tomura’s mind are further starting to merge- He’s almost complete again. Which is why we’re getting an All For One(Pre-Final Arc) level speeches delivered as it it were Tomura talking; they’re BOTH showing.

But then you have Katsuki Bakugo– the “Evolution” in the title. Because of all the he’s gone through; he was already WELL past what All For Destruction laid out to us. He admitted to his own “incomprehension,” so hearing the freak’s speech just sounded like someone preaching at him about something he already knew. And anyone who KNOWS Katsuki Bakugo knows That’s not something he’s just gonna sit through. So the fight was “The Man Who Evolved Beyond This Point” vs “The Guy That Just Got Here.” But that doesn’t mean that he’s going to lose. Too much build up to this one.

……………………. I don’t really have much else to say about the chapter. The “Evolution vs Stabilization” was the main thing, really. I don’t know how long we’re going to focus on this fight, guys; we could jump over to see f*cking Shoji fight SPINNER for all I know! Seeing more of Bakugo’s development was cool, but at this point it’s well cemented that he’s not the same Kacchan we started the story with. It was a good chapter– it really was. But there isn’t really much to say……. is there?


All For Destruction lays out for us what how his particular Singularity works: “As the All For One quirk settles in; various external factors and the swarm of quirks have combined- molding this body into suitable accommodations.” Ujiko’s augmentations + Various Body Manipulation Quirks= Singularity. Does this mean anything for the story? Well……………….. Dabi is implied to have been augmented by All For One and Ujiko- it’s part of how he was able to survive for so long. Singularity? Probably. And then you also have Spinner, who was given a quirk or 2 by All For One prior to the battle. But he didn’t get their augmentations. So even if he DOES reach that point- he won’t live too long after getting it.

I guess if I had to ask 1 question about what Horikoshi plans to do with this power up(let’s face it- that’s what it is), it would be: Can Izuku Achieve Singularity? Based on what All For Destruction said; you would think not. But I want you to think about what the Doctor’s told him in chapter 309. All the damage done to his arms during the war- during his battle against Shigaraki- was said to have been enough for him to lose his arms. But his body had began to acclimate to One For All, so the damage wasn’t as severe as something like the Muscular fight. His body is starting to adapt to it. And going back to chapter 193; didn’t Yoichi tell Deku that “One For All” was already past the point of “Singularity?” Are you getting what I’m laying down, guys?

What I’m thinking is that Izuku is getting closer and closer to achieving the same level as All For Destruction. And he’ll eventually be able to handle using ALL of the Quirks within “One For All” at the same time, as well as control the 2nd’s mysterious quirk. Like the 2nd told him in chapter 349: “It’s not something that can be wielded the usual way, as I once did.” After a little over a Century of sitting in the “core” of One For All; his quirk has become unbelievably powerful. But as shown with Tomura; his “Decay” became to strong, so now his body has more flesh to compensate for it’s backlash.

Perhaps Izuku’s hypothetical Singularity would let his body tame and control that quirk just as easily as the 2nd did when this started. Something like that wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility. Especially after Jiro started fighting All For One. ANYTHING is possible at this juncture…………………..


……………….Wow, already done? I started AND finished this review Friday!! I guess that’s what happens when you aren’t reviewing 3 different series in one sitting, huh? But BOY do I miss doing that- even if it was a little hard to keep up with at times. I missed talking about these kinds of things with you guys. And I’m honestly gonna miss talking about this and Black Clover when they’re gone. Let’s face it: These 2 will be Gone before One Piece. Sad but true. Where Edens Zero and Four Knights Of The Apocalypse stand is subject to change, but they MIGHT live to see One Piece go before them.

……………..This kind of took a weird turn. So I’ll stop here. Enjoy this image that I didn’t get to use! And until the next post, everyone; Have A Fantastically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~~~~e!!

His poor, poor wrist…………..
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  1. Interesting thoughts on Quirk Singularity. It got me thinking how it would’ve been nice if Horikoshi focused more on Deku mastering his “few” quirks as compared to Shigaraki simply gaining access to many quirks, and how that applies to Deku controlling All For One at 100%.

    No chapter next week? I swear if Skycrawler isn’t shown meeting Deku…

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