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One Piece Chapter 1,094 SHORT REVIEW

If I were to turn this into a Full Review- the title would be something along the lines of “The Saint Jaygarcia Saturn Chapter.” Because I sh!t you NOTAll of the notes I have on this chapter pertains to Saturn. His abilities; what his presence means in the context of the story; his Potential Devil fruit powers; Haki; how Haki and Desire tie together……… I actually just came up with a Really Cool idea involving Devil Fruits and haki and their connection. But it STILL goes back to Saturn and WHAT HE DOES IN THIS CHAPTER. Other than that, it’s just another fine Chapter in Egghead; this is EASILY the best Post Time Skip arc and maybe will end up as a contender for one of the Best arcs in the Series. All hopes pend on that Landing. Nagato was right: “The Success Of A Series Largely Depends On Its Ending.” 

This ending HITS- TOP TIER SHONEN ARC Right There. Please O God Up In Heaven– Let This Be STELLAR. Also please let Oda be healthy. Not for the sake for the story, but because I don’t want him to fall ill. That would make me very sad. Downer Note To Lead Into The Chapter On……… Let’s not dwell on it. One Piece Chapter 1,094: “Five Elders- Godhead Of Science And Defense- St. Jaygarcia Saturn.” These chapter titles, man………….

What We Can Infer From St Saturn

From what the dialogue impliesThis does not happen often if at all. The Gorosei do not come to the lower realm often, and if they have then they were likely never seen- nor has anyone lived to speak of it. I………. what………. what can I say that people aren’t already saying? It’s more than likely the Mythical Ushi Oni fruit between the bullhorns and the spider legs; he’s got the ring so he’s 100% AwakenedHE LOOKS LIKE A F*CKIN NIGHTMARE DEMON; and this is everything that I could find about the Ushi Oni from Google: 

  • Translated: “Ox Demon”
  • Alternate names: Gyūki
  • Habitat: usually along the coast or near bodies of water; found in West Japan
  • Diet: varies from type to type, but always carnivorous(So he has a Carnivorous Zoan, making him a little more “Battle Happy”)
  • They are exceedingly cruel and savage. They breath toxic poison, and eat humans. Some ushi oni are lurkers, attacking people who draw too close to their lairs
    • Others are hunters, roaming the coasts seeking prey
  • The cruelest ushi oni ravage the same towns over and over, inflicting terrible curses or bringing diseases

The official release when they reveal his Fruit’s name will likely be “Ox Demon,” and him being a Carnivorous Zoan means he’s kind of “kill happy” like Lucci. He also breathes poison. And while Luffy is super resistant to poison by now- the rest of his crew and everyone one Egghead are not. That’s something they’re going to have to deal with later. And his dialogue implies that at least he has come down to the lower realm once before. I feel bad for the poor sap that made HIM have to come off the ship. 

Saturn’s Summons 

Okay, what the h#ll was up with the Magical circle? Haki or something indicative of his Devil fruit powers? I’ll admit, I only used the one source when I made that list, but the others on the page on Google didn’t look all that trustworthy to me. So maybe the Ushi Oni does have some kind of “Magic Summons” ability. Or maybe……….. this is something……… he was “given” by Imu- something that lets him make a whole Magic circle like this. A piece of technology from the Void Century, or something a little more “mythical?” Only time will tell. But it’s also just cool watching that happen. 

Luffy’s Surge In Importance

Luffy used everything in his arsenal to try and defeat Kizaru- while Kizaru didn’t seem to be taking him seriously, either because he’s still far beyond what Luffy is capable of, or the sheer nature of his Devil fruit. But either way you splice it; the fact of the matter is that Luffy has exhausted himself- when one of the people who wants him Dead just arrived on the island, backed by the guy who just fought him and didn’t even break a sweat; a guy out for revenge and plans to send his crew to H#ll with him; and THOUSANDS of Navy soldiers. His “Luck” can only take him so far. And if Saturan decides to fulfill Imu’s wish here and now, and he fails because Luffy has so much Plot Armor at his back- Luffy’s Importance to the world will SPIKE. Especially if Morgens gets wind of it all. “One Of The Gorsei Descends Upon The Lower Realm To Eliminate Emperor Straw Hat Luffy-” THAT would sell paper. And may just put him as a higher priority on the Government’s sh!t list. And he called Luffy the “5th Emperor!” 

Bonney And Saturn

So Saturn’s the one who had Vegapunk “kill” Kuma. And since Bonney knows this, that means that it was in Kuma’s memories. So he ordered it right in front of him. Cold. But we knew that already. No, no; the question on our minds is: Why Kuma? Bonney told us that he- and thus herself- are members of a “Special Race,” so removing his humanity was probably to keep that race on the side of the World Government- at least a member of it. But why all the Experimentation? Is it just because of that “special lineage” that he’s the only one capable of surviving such……….. Oh, he’s DEFINITELY a f*cking Lunarian. Maybe not as much as King, but he’s got that Durability in him! And it’s only because Lunarian’s are so tough that they managed to get as far with did with turning him into a Pacifista. Though I imagine that their original choice of PX-0 was Alber/King. But and he Kaido got away, and they switched to the only other Lunarian they could find: Kuma. 

But Kuma was the beloved King of the Sorbet Kingdom. So how do you ruin the reputation of someone loved by all? Say it with me, folksC-P-9. Have em pose as people and systematically take down the Sorbet Kingdom and Kuma’s reputation from the inside. From their, the Government comes in and offers them protection- by taking down the “Tyrant” Bartholemew Kuma. And as a prisoner of the World Government, well………….. Would they treat you like a person? Experience tells me “No.” 


For such a Huge Moment in the series, there wasn’t much about the chapter itself- not much AROUND the moment itself. But STILL too important for a regular ol’ “Dump Post.” I actually came up with a really interesting idea regarding Awakenings involving Haki and such, but……… That’s something better saved for its own post. Now if ONLY I had the “will” to get to it. I’m kind of tired right now and…………. don’t really want to do much of  anything. I’ve got this and Dead Rock ready now, so I think I’ll stop and “recharge” before I start on another post I won’t finish. And also maybe finish those other posts. ‘Til next time, all. 

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