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The Staircase To H#ll! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 103 BREAKDOWN

Man, there’s actually a lot that I want to say right now. My usual strategy is to talk about it all at random in these opening paragraphs, but I honestly feel like it would be easier if I just gave you a bulleted list: 

  1. This post was originally the review for chapter 102, but I realized late that it came out the same week as the Dump post, so I undid the Edens Zero review I was working on and turned it into a whole Dump Post, and saved this empty post for another time. Low and behold; I’m able to use this free post as the review for chapter 103– the very next chapter. Don’t even have to change the categories or anything- this one’s pretty much good to go in that regard. 
  2. Thank you once again to @BielzinhoFull15 for leaking the chapter early. It’s Sunday, April 23rd, 2023, 3:51 pm at the time of me writing this. I haven’t even put out the Dump post with those chapters yet; I already put out the Boruto review and I don’t want to take the “spotlight” away from it just yet- I’ll be posting the Dump Post on Monday. Though by then, you’ll have already read it. These little date and time things are for time travelers who want to come back to these specific moments. And on a serious note, there’s really no reason other than I want you guys to know how long each post takes to make. Some like the monthly’s take a few days to a week; some only about a day or 2. 

The next bit actually pertains to the chapter: We’re going forward with 1 less character. Man, it actually feels like Jade’s gone- it actually feels like we’ve lost someone. Rest in Peace, Jade- I mean it. But we gotta keep on truckin’- it’s what he would have wanted us to do. Let’s begin. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 103: “Off To The Demon Realm.” Oh, yeah; we’re going to the Demon realm. Take a wild guess who comes back this chapter; I bet you won’t be able to get it!!


Following the events of last chapter: Mortlach and some other Chaos Knights are on the move, utilizing a Magic Telescope that allows them to clearly see and hear everything up to 10 miles away. And what they see currentlyIo, The Four Knights, and their allies. Anne confirms that they’re about to reach Dalmary. Percival takes this chance to ask Io how she knows about him. She’s surprised that he doesn’t remember, despite how much they “doted” on him. Anne and Nasiens speculate that she’s the one who taught Percival Demon Dialect, surprised that he could forget someone so “pretty.” But eventually; they arrive at the Entrance To The Demon Realm- A staircase disguised by a simple illusion. 

Chion asks them why they have to go to the Demon Realm if they’re goal is to reach Camelot. Io confirms that there is in fact a road in the Demon Realm that leads to Camelot, but that’s the only path she knows. But with the path being so windy and long, Gawain teases that they should just jump. No. But the path is gonna be murder on Silvan and Trsitan’s Horse Escanor. Donny’s IdeaUse his magic to carry the horses down the whole way. This is in part training for him, as well; Jade’s death has lit a fire under his @$$, and he’s determined to become stronger for the both of them. Though Tristan takes the chance to apologize to Lance; because he didn’t stop Io, Jade died and Lance’s family reunion was put off. Not that Lance wanted to go back right now, anyway. No one else holds it against him, either. 

As they descend further into the realm, Gawain warns them of 2 problems that they will face when they enter this realm: 

  1. The Miasma of this realm is said to gnaw at the bodies and minds of Non-Demons until they’re dead.
  2. The four clans- Demon, Human, Fairy, and Giants- don’t have the best relationship. So they’re not gonna be all “buddy-buddy” with every Demon down here……

As for the first problem, Tristan uses “Saint Cloak” a barrier of light the surrounds and encompasses each of the kids, allowing them to walk around in this realm for 6 hours only(though he admits that a “Saint Cloak” made by Elizabeth would last a Whole Week). And as far as problem #2 goes, it’s not as if they’re worried. Especially not Percival. But…….. they’re about to run into a dilemma. See; a Royal Guard sensed them entering Gate 220- but they don’t know who entered. So they naturally assume that it’s another incursion from Camelot. KING ZELDRIS’ ORDERS: “Seize Them And Bring Them To Him AT ONCE. I hope Gelda softened him up a little bit. That or he’s the “Chill Uncle” type of character! Oh, who am I kidding- They’re BONED. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chaper 103 END!! 


Immediately after adding the images to the first part of the post, I realized somethingTristan and Percival are about to meet with their Uncles. I don’t know how often Zeldris comes to visit, or how often often Meliodas’ family comes down for a visit(Trsitan knows Elizabeth could keep up a “Saint Cloak” for a week, but he also hasn’t indicated that he’s been down here before), so……… this may be their first time meeting in…….. probably since the end of the Original Manga. ‘Cause there was a line in the final chapter that indicated that Zeldris and Gelda would be there for Tristan’s 10th birthday. So this would probably be their first time meeting in 6 years. That MIGHT be a Happy reunion, depending on Zeldris’ mood. PERCIVAL’S Uncle, on the other hand, is much like his father: WANTS HIM DEAD. That DEFINITELY won’t be a “Happy Reunion.” Especially when Ironside starts playing the mind games with a boy who’s mentally like 8. 

He’d say anything he can to f*ck with his nephew’s head, but it’s still a good chance to learn what happened with Percival’s mother. Since the reveal of Diodra, I’ve been wondering what Suzuki Sensei is doing with Percival’s family. Varghese was Ironside Biological Dad, based on their similar appearances; we don’t know Diodra’s current age, but Percival is 16 despite looking more like he’s 12; Mortlach is Ironside’s brother-in-law, admits to being the younger sibling to Diodra’s mother; but there are hints in the story that Percival might not be fully human. And since Suzuki Sensei put in the 6 hour limit on Tristan’s cloak- we’re going to learn something. Not to mention what Io said in the chapter; as if she knew Percival from way back before he could remember. This is all painting a picture to me. I have 2 ideas as to what’s going on(a lot of lists in this post, I’m noticing): 

  1. Diodra is fake- something created by Arthur to manipulate Ironside into working for Camelot. Be it that he and Percival were supposed to be twins and Diodra died at birth, or if Percival was such a “mistake” that he just…….. MADE UP A WHOLE NEW “SON” to replace him. Or- as he implies in chapter 19– Varghese taking Percival was so traumatic to him that his mind + Camelot’s Magic created Diodra, and seeing Percival again is just a reminder of “what he lost-” something so awful that he just wants to “erase” from his mind altogether. 
  2. Percival and Diodra are Half brothers- Same Dad; different moms. Diodra’s mom is a human, while Percival- based on evidence- is some other race. Plausibly Demon, but I won’t treat it like it’s the only idea. Pericval’s mother is more than likely dead– be it from Arthur giving order to Ironside to slay her to prove his loyalty to the “Forever Kingdom,” or it may have been Varghese under orders from Arthur, thus paying off “He Took Something Important To Me.” From there, Varghese probably realized something was wrong with Camelot and betrayed after having forced Ironside into this life, thus…….. what happened. 

All of this depends on 1)If Mortlach knows about Percival and 2)Their first interaction. Though what Io said also implies some connection to Demons. It’s like; Percival is able to pull off that “childish charm-” Elva was very doting to him in chapter 3 of the story. But…………. not as of late. Because all the woman around him know his actual age. So it’s like………. When would Io have been doting on him throughout the course of the story? Come to think of it, what the h#ll is she talking aboutFrom what we’re told, Percival spent his entire life on top of the Finger of God with Varghese. Suzuku Sensei even went out of his way to use extra pages in volumes to show the challenges of raising Baby Percival, who was strong enough to push Varghese!! Forget what the h#ll she’s talking about- WHEN The H#ll is she talking about?! That Demon town on the peaks of fear only seem to only have a bunch of Grey and Red Demons; Io wasn’t……… she said that she and her friends were in the Demon Realm until Arthur came to get them!!! Like…….. this would have had to have been like the first few months of Percival’s life for it to make any sort of sense. And that’s not even talking about why his Mom knew Demons in the first place. Maybe he IS Half Demon…….

It’s not like him being Half Demon will take away from Tristan or anything; it’s not like having 2 Half Demons is gonna mess with the flow of the story. It honestly might serve to explain why Percival isn’t dying at all; no one’s been able to stab all 7 hearts- they hit about 4 or 5 at most(not a lot of space in that tiny body of his for those Hearts to be all over the place). Heck, looking at it; Lance is Fairy-Human; Tristan Is Demon-Goddess; we don’t know about Gawain quite yet, but there’s clearly something going on with her for her to have this magic; and Percival is SOMETHING-Human. Somethin’ just isn’t adding up right now………

Other Bits To The Chapter: I think Donny’s development is gonna lead to something important. He didn’t know Jade all that well, but his death seems to have hit him pretty hard- be it because of his own experience with Death with his mom, or because a “Brother-In-Arms” just lost his life. Either way, I think it’s pretty good; it doesn’t matter how well you knew the person- a death of someone you knew will always shake you. 2 ways to look at it: “Jade’s gone…….. The next one could be Me……. I can’t make my friends sad like that” or “We were just starting to get to know each other.” More than likely both. So now he’s going to work hard- hard enough so that Jade won’t have died in vain; enough to where it feels like Jade is still fighting with them. And that’s when it hit me: Donny’s Power Growth will lead to a Magic that’s something like Jade’s- something with his “Telekinesis” as a base, and incorporates Jade’s “Monochrome.” 

Isolde told us in chapter 75 that “Magical Power Is Something Born From one’s Will, Thoughts, And Experiences.” So the more that you grow; the more you can do with your magic. This is where Donny is beginning to grow. So one day, his made might let him control even light just as Jade did. That’s at least what I’m thinking will happen at some point. 


Wow……… Started and finished in the same D@mn day. Not bad if I do say so myself. I’m liking these chapters coming out days in advance- it gives me time to prepare for the next post a few days ahead of schedule! Monday will be the Dump Post, and this one should come out Tuseday. And then the Edens Zero review should come out tomorrow from the time of you reading this. And then I can work on The Owl House review without distraction. Wow, that one might just be my Magnum Opus post- one better than even the Attack On Titan retrospective!! That, plus the fact that EVERY CATEGORY is gonna be represented in the banner on the Homepage. Things are really looking up right now. Though it’s been my experience that it makes the Aftermath that much worse. But I won’t focus on that; I’ll simply focus on the fact that I have post lined up for the next few days. Until next time, guys………. 

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