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The New Sun God: Monkey D Luffy! One Piece Chapter 1,044 BREAKDOWN

You know; it took me a whole WEEK to finish the latest My Hero Academia review. I’m trying to do better, guys- I intend to keep the promise that I made to you guys. So I’ll tell you that I didn’t think I would be able to cover this chapter of One Piece in the way that I used to- nor am I confident that I’ll be able to do it the way I’ve been talking in the last 2 posts. But I simply HAVE to talk about this one– as a content creator and a fan of the series. But I don’t have “all the time in the world” to do everything I want. SoLet’s Begin. One Piece Chapter 1,044: “Warrior Of Liberation.” Woah Boy.

Cover Serial: Germa 66’s “Aaah… An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 8

Oh They Are So Not Going To Be Okay.

Oven brings Niji and Yonji to Whole Cake Island, where his younger siblings are planning to dissect them. I’d leave it on that, but I want the “Analysis” to be focused on THAT. So let’s talk about the implications here.

Beyond just simple torture– making them suffer for what they did to them during the Tottoland arc; I think they might find something in their “Lineage Factor” that will allow them to achieve their mom’s dream of “Everyone at a Tea Party being at Eye Level with each other.” But will they also accidentally end up fixing them; returning their emotions and free will to them so they can be like Sanji? I don’t know what Oda is doing with this particular Cover Serial, but………….something is going to happen with this storyline.

And that’s not even getting into Judge’s and the others plans now that 2 of them are caught. Ichiji and Reiju don’t give 2 sh!ts, but their Judge’s “Precious Children.” Will he fight to get them back, though?


Following up on the last chapter; Luffy- seemingly rejuvenated after the interruption and subsequent loss to Kaido- begins to laugh uncontrollably, as he yells “I just lost- but I feel like I’m having a blast.” As he laughs; streams of Conqueror’s Haki comes off of him erratically- knocking out scores of Beast Pirates in the Skull Dome, and alerting anyone strong enough to stand that Luffy isn’t done yet. Momonosuke sees the display, and confirms to Yamato: Luffy Has Become “Joy Boy.”

Huh……. Okay then.

As everyone present at Onigashima takes in Luffy’s return; we cut over to the Gorosei, who discuss the importance of Luffy’s Devil fruit. You see: Luffy is in possession of the ultimate Devil Fruit- the Human Human Fruit Mythical Beast Model: Nika. It is the fruit with the name of a “God;” a power said to be the “Most Ridiculous Power In The World.” It has managed to evade the grasp of the World Government of all era’s for the last 800 years(confirming it’s from the Void Century). They speculate that it- like other Zoans- has a “mind of its own.”

According to them; this fruit not only gives the user’s body the properties of rubber, but its only limit is “the user’s imagination.” As a “Warrior Of Liberation;” the user of the Nika fruit would go around bringing smiles and laughter to all. And awakening it’s power further strengthens that. You’ll see what that means in a minute. Because for now; we cut over to the Treasure Repository on the 2nd floor to end the war between the Kozuki and the Kurozumi.

What A Loser. How pathetic can you get?

The sniveling, cowardly waste of a life Orochi tries to play to Hiyori’s humanity by talking about how much he “admired” Oden, and promises that they’ll “run away together” if she takes the Sea Stone nails out. Wow………. just……… WOW. Hiyori obviously doesn’t buy into any of it- instead deciding to berate and take out her anger on Orochi, reminding him how he spit in Oden’s face by breaking the last promise he made. As she remembers some of her last memories of her father; Hiyori removes the mask and reveals her angered, saddened tears.

It’s beginning to look like the end for this waste of a life until Kanjuuro’s Kazenbo comes to inform Orochi of its failure. He commands it to burn Hiyori and end this “Tragic Comedy” for good. But it backfires, and Orochi is the one burned by his own grudge! Huh……… that actually was kind of funny.

Back with Luffy; he’s still dancing around in the moonlight, as he proclaims that he can keep fighting now. With a “funny” heartbeat and power welling up like never before; he proclaims that this is the “pinnacle of what he can do-” Gear 5th. And with that power; he makes a GIANT HAND to grab Kaido’s Dragon Form, and drag him right back up to the top of the Skull Dome. Kaido cannot believe it- so much so that his eyes come popping out. Luffy……… he……… it’s not Gear 3rd, but he inflates himself, and starts swinging Kaido around. But Kaido’s too happy his Ultimate Opponent is back up to really give 2 sh!ts how he did it, and the fight enters Round 4.

Kaido thanks Luffy for being alive, and apologies for the interruption. Luffy laughs it off(which he’d usually do anyway), and says “Let’s Finish This Up!!” Which brings the iconic One Piece Chapter 1,044 to an comedic END!!!! How Very Interesting This Is Going To Be…………….


I could talk about the “poetic-ness” of Orochi’s fate- I honest and for truly want to. But for the same reason that I put off the discussion about the cover page this week- I want to get into the MAIN course of this chapter: Luffy; The Human Human Fruit Mythical Beast Model: Nika; The World Government’s plans; and what this all means for the story. I hope it’s clear with Orochi. And I hope that he dies here.

So……….. The Sun God Nika Fruit. After 27 years- 1,044 chapters in to a story that’s got at least 5 or 6 more years to it; the power that we thought our main character had was not in fact his true potential. I Want To Make That Clear: The chapter clearly tells us that he is made of rubber- that his body still has all the properties of rubber, but that was not ALL that it could do. There was more to it; Oda didn’t completely change everything……..for worse. Which I think is a testament to his writing abilities; he didn’t retcon and change EVERYTHING everything about the fruit, which he easily could have and just kind of ruined the whole story. Good on you, Eiichiro Oda.

Doesn’t he look kind of like…………

No, no; this is just an add on. But I wonder what Luffy will be able to do with it going forward? I’ve had this mini-theory over the last few days to help me cope with this reveal(I’ll get to that in a minute) is that the reason the Straw Hat’s are able to adhere to “Gag Logic-” regrowing teeth and bones just by drinking a carton of Milk, or Franky being able to build a bridge in seconds in Thriller Bark- is because the fruits been making his “imagination” real. You know who he ishow he is; He totally thinks that’s how it works. I had thought that was a good way to explain “One Piece’s” “Cartoony” behavior- why everything was so playful.

But my brother pointed out how not every gag in the franchise has involved Luffy in some manor; he wasn’t present when Sanji kicked a guy so hard that he turned handsomethen back to ugly. I……………. I feel like this fruit is still connected to why this world is so “silly,” though. Like with Bound Man or Gear 3rd; Luffy’s just always been making silly sh!t happen and doing comical stuff the whole series, making foes and allies alike laugh with his Rubber body and the power of his “imagination-” just like the Gorosei said.

Even Doffy had to take a minute to laugh at this!

Speaking of: What does the World Government Want With This Devil Fruit? Just to keep anyone from having it- be they Pirate, Revolutionary, or Joe Shmoo down the block? Or…….. does Im desire it for some reason? It is a popular theory that Im is the Original King Of The World from the Void Century- a theory that I myself am a subscriber to. And the reason that he’s been able to live for so long is because he had a Doctor from back then perform the “Ageless Surgery” on him, and he’s been the secret ruler of the World ever since. He may even be the origin of that tale in the first place; someone who saw it spread the word around, and now that Devil Fruit is one of the most wanted ones in the world- along with the Nika fruit.

But what could he want these fruits? He probably wants to prevent another Immortal from coming into being(it would only be a matter of time before they came across each other, and that would be a threat to his rule if his secret existence was leaked), but what about the Nika fruit? Could he- perhapshave something that he wants to make real? I’m thinking he wants the Nika fruit because it cane make his “Imagination” a Reality. And for a “World King;” there’s only 1 thing that he could want- something that seems to happen in every era that makes something called a “Great Cleansing” necessary: Absolute Control.


I think that Im wants to control the world better than he’s been doing- that he wants this next “Cleansing” to be the Last one. Perhaps the plan has always been to get this fruit so that he could take control of the world absolutely; no more “Joy Boys,” or “Poseidons,” or Pirates, Revolutionaries, and ESPECIALLY no more members of the D Clan. He doesn’t want anymore people who will defy him; for everyone to be under his absolute control; and maybe- just MAYBEHe’ll finally be able to come out of the shadows and make his existence known. So that he may actually……… meet people again. I know that would probably take down a “Friendship” route with the story- which is like the BANE Of The Anime Community’s F*cking Existence– but…….. I still feel like it would make since for “One Piece.”

To tie this into the core themes of the story(already breaking my own rules…….); think about the way that Luffy behaves with the Straw Hats. Now think about the idea that I proposed. 1 is a cohesive unit- everyone is themselves and has their own autonomy and ambition, and will take time out of that goal to help each other reach their own respective goals. They’re more like “family” than most blood related ones. The other has Forced Friendships– “Friends” who have no individuality whatsoever, and do whatever the guy in charge says they do like obedient zombies. 1 is only “in charge” when the situation calls for someone to step up and be a leader; the other is ALWAYS the Leader. Do ya see what I’m sayin’?

Imu doesn’t want “friends” in the same way that Luffy does; he just wants people around him to do what he says and jerk him off no matter what he does. And he may also want to have an “Adventure,” but I don’t think he wants the difficulty and challenge Luffy wants from his adventure; he wants to have fun- so long as he can’t get hurt. And as long as he’s in control of everything- he can’t be hurt. He is- at the very core of his being- a Coward. The exact antithesis of Luffy in ever since of the word. It all comes together. I imagine that he wants to travel because he’s been in a f*cking castle in hiding for 800 long years- like a coward.


There’s………. a lot more to talk about with this. Like the implications of the “Sun God” being an actual Deity in the “One Piece” world- the only confirmed deity so far, or what Luffy will be capable of going forward. And while part of me wants to continue; the other part knows that……… he needs to find out how to make this all work. ‘Cause restraining myself like this is KILLER. And I want to make more posts on this individually for 1)More Content 2)More “One Piece” Related Content and 3)To help me reacclimate to blogging regularly.

I have 1 other post I want to put out, but it’s taking a lot of time and is kind of difficult to talk about. Can’t seem to find the right way to say what I mean. I’m working on it. So until I can figure it all out; this is all that I have for the lot of you today. Have a magically wonderful day, duckies. Later!!

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Comments (4) on “The New Sun God: Monkey D Luffy! One Piece Chapter 1,044 BREAKDOWN”

  1. So I’m not a fan of the new form or all the twists yet but I figure I should hold off on any strong opinions until I’ve had time to see more chapters of it. Right now the main 2 things I have an issue with are the Gorosei saying they’ve tried to get the Gum Gum Fruit for 800 years. I really feel like they could have gone after Luffy at any point way before then. He never hid his gum gum fruit at all and I have to assume everyone knew about it.

    The other is that the form is pretty crazy like Looney Tunes but I hope Luffy does not go too far into having gag character type abilities like Arale. I feel like it’ll be hard to translate that to the rest of the verse without Luffy decimating everyone or having to get nerfed later on. It reminds me of Gremmel (I think that was his name) from Bleach where his imagination could do anything so he just ran out of ideas against Zaraki which I thought was a bit lazy.

    Still, there’s a lot of Wano left to go through so we’ll see how it all pans out. I’m still rooting for Kaido to take the win again because I really want him to stay up long enough for Blackbeard or Akainu to show up but if he has to lose, he’ll still have done amazingly well throughout the arc so far

    1. I,uh……. I didn’t have the “Best” reaction to it reading the spoilers. Then I kicked around a few ideas of the implications of the story, and that made me warm up to it REAL quick. Also; I liked the design from the get-go- reminds me of the Super Saiyan transformation.
      One of my brother’s read a pretty sound theory on the sub reddit that explained it thoroughly. I can’t even BEGIN to think of how you’d go about finding it, but in essence: The Government only knew THAT he defeated Krieg and Arlong- not how. And it’s the East Blue so it’s not big deal. They knew THAT he defeated Crocodile, but not HOW.
      No Government officials around for Skypiea means no one could confirm his defeat of Eneru. I forget how they explained Enies Lobby; I just know that the only place they would have been able to find out that he had the fruit they were looking for was Marineford- and they had to deal with Whitebeard. And if they turned their attention AWAY from Whitebeard to get Luffy- well: “HE. IS. WHITEBEARD.”
      A really good theory; check it out(if you can).

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