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The Battle Royale On Egghead Island! One Piece Chapter 1,077 BREAKDOWN

A bit of a generic and plain title, I know, but apt for this chapter. Of all the chapters in this arc so farl this one is probably…….. the least “Hype-“ an “In-Between” chapter that’ll probably be better when put into a volume. As such, there’s not much that I can say or allude to with this opening section. I’m sure I’ll find something to dissect when we get to the “Analysis” section. Um…….. I’m working on this along with Edens Zero post that I hope will be out before you see this. It’s a loaded one, and I don’t write down my thoughts before starting posts, so, uh……… Yeah. And stopping in the middle to work on this post so I have more time to do the Analysis section because I find “One Piece” takes a lot more “Brain Power” than other series probably isn’t going to do “Edens Zero” any favors. Huh. Let’s begin. One Piece Chapter 1,077: “Should Have Noticed Sooner.” 


Germa 66’s “Aah… An Emotionless Excursion” Volume 32

Back in the present, Caesar and Judge stop fighting, realizing that Vegapunk was the one who was always getting in their way. Kind of an abrupt way to end that flashback their, Oda. It was definitely Vegapunk leaving that began the fall of MADs, but I guess that goes without saying considering who was left. And they blame Vegapunk for that. So now an Evil Genius of Devil Fruits and Poisons is teaming up with someone who knows how to mess with Lineage factor. Cr@p, they might actually be able to do some serious damage if they put their heads together………..

Chapter 1,077 

Back down in the Fabriophase; Sentomaru- still injured- is telling all the workers and Assistants to leave Egghead as soon as possible. When asked why he chose to deploy the Mark 3‘s, Sentomaru regales to them the Tale of The Island That Opposed The World GovernmentOhara. You know the story. And Sentomaru concludes that if the World Government has decided to erase the Biggest Brain in the World and halt Scientific progress, then whatever is about to happen to this island may well end up being an even WORSE Catastrophe than that!! He hopes that the Straw Hat’s can set sail before that happens……….

Control Room, Building A, 4F: Luffy, Lucci, Zoro, and Kaku continue their battle against S-Bear and S-Hawk. But these f*ckers are TOUGH; Luffy feels like he’s fighting Kaido all over again! Which reminds Zoro of his opponent in Wano- King. Hearing that there was a Lunarian on Kaido’s crew, Shaka speculates that it was their escaped Test Subject, Alber. Realizing that the Seraphim’s were made with King’s blood, Zoro tells the others to focus on the flames on their backs- they become faster when they go out, but they lose some of their toughness. He apologizes for not noticing sooner- and proceeds to list off King’s notable features, all of which present with the Seraphim. They tell him he should have noticed sooner if he knew all that……… 

Building A, 3F: Nami puts aside her feelings, and attacks S-Shark with everything she got- and to great effect!! But S-Shark escapes underground with the Swim Swim fruit’s powers, and comes up behind Nami. It had already taken out Edison and Brook, so Nami seems defenseless. EnterSanjiphim. “Article 1 Of The Sanjitution: He Who Scares Nami Get Death!! Article 9: He Who Makes Nami Scream Gets RARE HEAT STRIKE!!!” After making sure Nami swan is okay, he goes back to back to fighting S-Shark- his eyebrow twirling in the opposite direction……….

Building C, 3F: Franky, Lilith, and Usopp combat S-Snake. Lilith’s Bubble gun produces bubbles with the same energy as the ocean itself; Devil fruit users- and those who possess Green Blood like the Seraphim- are rendered powerless if they brush up against it. It stalls S-Snake for a minute, but she’s Real P!ssed once she gets back up. As she attacks Lilith and Usopp, Franky comes up from behind her with the bubble from earlier, crushing S-Snake beneath it. But she’s efficient at tricking people between her being a child and her relation to Hancock, so Franky lets up and ends up getting turned to stone with a “Perfume Femur.” Lilith and Usopp were not far behind. 

Basement Floor 1- Former Devil Fruit Research Lab: Shaka makes his way to the basement, thinking that Stellapunk might be down here. And he was right on the money; he finds Stellapunk along with the other Cipher Pol agents Lucci mentioned upon arrival. He’s about to let them all out, but……… Gets Shot In The Head. The assassin comes closer, shocking Stellapunk right down to his bones. One Piece Chapter 1,077 END!! Like I SaidNothing Much. 


I’m starting this after posting that “Edens Zero” review, and………… Yeah. Let’s see if I can keep this one from getting as “messy” as that was. So; Sentomaru knows that something bad is about to happen. But he isn’t getting updates from the Marines because- be it the Intruder on Egghead or the Navy itself- something’s jamming the signal so he can’t get updates. So I don’t think he knows about the 100 Naval vessels headed by Kizaru on their way here. But he definitely suspects that a Buster Call Level event is about to go down- Nothing less for an Emperor, even a Newbie like Luffy. And in his state and even with the Mark 3’s, he knows that even he and the Straw Hat’s won’t be able to take something like that- especially not with all the people they’ve got to defend right now. 

Luffy and Lucci teaming up to fight against S-Bear was cool. I imagine this is somewhat of a “Redemption” for Luffy considering what happened with the Pacifista’s and Kuma on Sabaody- a chance to prevent what happened there 2 years ago from happening again. And teaming up with Lucci is probably something he never expected to be doing. Will it go further? Eh, one of Luffy’s best traits is “Bringing Allies To His Side-” be it people who want to bet on him and see him succeed, or Allies of circumstance that think he has a chance and stand to get something out of his success. Take for example Crocodile; Luffy is probably the LAST person that he would ever want to team up with. But he’s also been on the Receiving End of Luffy’s Boundless Determination. As such, when he was escaping Impel Down; he was probably thinking “Unfortunately, If ANYONE is going to be able to break out of this place- It’ll Be Straw Hat.” So he decided to help Luffy save Ace if it meant he was able to get out of Impel Down. 

Lucci- having met a similar fate- recognizes the situation for what it is, and- having already been betrayed by the World Government in the CP-9 agents cover series- realizes that the situation isn’t looking good for him. So he’s probably coming to a similar conclusion as Crocodile: “If Anyone Is Going To Make It Off This Island Alive- It’s Gonna Be Straw Hat.” But he’s also got his own sense of “Justice” going for him- one that may not necessarily align with the World Government as much as it did before that Cover Series; for him, he was doing what he thought was right by any means necessary. But the more and more you look at how the World Government treats its Subordinates, the more and more they realize that this whole organization is made to serve a bunch of Awful Pieces of Sh!t in the Celestial Dragons- a Security Company with more power than it should have. Something that I’m sure being put in Aigis 0 helped him to realize. 

It’s a big theory in the community right now that Lucci and Kaku- about to see how little the World Government cares for them- will abandon the organization altogether this time and go off to do something else. What that’ll be is up to Oda, but they probably won’t work with the Straw Hat’s until it’s time for the World to Rally behind them against the World Government. I’m starting to believe that that’s where this is going. As for any beef with Luffy, well………. I don’t know if he’s mad about his defeat at Enies Lobby or knows that he’ll never be able to kill Robin with Luffy around. But whatever that beef is, they can settle later. 

Sanji’s Eyebrows. We clearly see in this chapter that his eyebrow ended up changing directions……… pretty much on the same page. In a recent SBS, Oda broke down that the Raid Suit activated some latent Vinsmoke traits, giving the same sort of Exoskeleton as his siblings- even giving him the same eyebrow as them. By the end of his fight with Queen, though; they curled back in their regular direction. Here they curl again. Not sure what that’s indicating; maybe that he’s not always in the Exoskeleton. Maybe he “sheds” it after an intense battle and “grow a new one” in moments like this. It makes me wonder reaction his body will have when he has to fight a woman again…………… Well, we know, but I’m referring to his Vinsmoke genes and note the other thing. 

S-Snake continues to be the Seraphim that emotes the most, though there have been some instances of S-Hawk showing visible irritation. S-Snake, though- the Most Emotional. I’ve heard the idea that she kind of needs emotions for her Love Love powers to work, which- fair enough. It may also be some of Hancock’s innate vanity plus what Lilith has said about the Seraphim’s, making S-Snake really believe that she IS “The Best Of The Best,” and having people fight back like this and actually get far enough to weaken her probably got under her skin, which is why she got so upset with Lilith’s bubble gun. Speaking of WhichThat’s probably one of Franky’s Future Upgrade. Since even having Green Blood makes you unable to swim and such, Franky will probably also rejected the idea just as he has with a Devil Fruit. But having a weapon that’ll specifically handicap a Fruit user seems more up his alley…………

But yeah; S-Snake has more humanity than the rest. S-Bear probably has the least since they’ve already cracked the code on how to take Kuma’s humanity, and it might be something in Mihawk’s past that’s making S-Hawk get all irritated fighting against Zoro. He may be made to be tougher and stronger than Mihawk, but he probably lacks the real Hawkeye’s Sword skill and Haki power. That might be bugging him; knowing that he’ll never truly be able to overcome his predecessor with his own power- only remaining a “Counterfeit.” I wonder where their seeming “Autonomy” will go……….

And now we have the Intruder. Based on Stellapunk’s facial expression; he seems to have caught a glimpse of who it is, and he knows who this is. That or I’m looking at the scene wrong and he never got to see who it was and was just shocked to see Shaka get shot down like that. The dialogue does imply that the Assailant was close enough for Stellapunk to notice him(but somehow not Shaka)- probably using the Silhouette Silhouette Fruit that Oda’s so fond of to mask himself from Vegapunk. And looking at it, the sound effect bubbles imply that he’s running up stairs to get the other Vegapunks- unseen by Stella. And yeah, we still don’t know who it is or even get some sort of hint as to who; it seems like Stellapunk is more shocked by what happened to Shaka than shocked by who it was. Maybe it’s Punk Records using a body made from scrapped parts; maybe a rouge clone- a secret “8th” Vegapunk of some kind; or some scientist who wants to prove his smarter than Vegapunk by killing him without Vegapunk ever finding out who they are. WHO KNOWS. 


Huh……… this one “flowed” better than Edens Zero I feel. This chapter was definitely just here to move the story along, so it wasn’t nearly as important as a plot heavy chapter like this week’s Edens Zero. Though it gives us some idea of where Oda is taking the story of Egghead Island. My guess for when this arc will endSummer-ish. I think we’ll see some more of Sanji vs S-Shark next week, the conclusion of Luffy and the others fighting S-Hawk and S-Bear, and MAYBE the more of hint to the Assassin. Maybe we’ll hear something about the Naval Fleet coming, but I feel like something will happen to avoid a Full On Conflict. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and until the next post- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~e!!! 

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