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Kaido- The Origins: The Man Who Couldn’t Be Joyboy(Part 1). One Piece Chapter 1,049 BREAKDOWN

And so we begin the long await FLASHBACK. Well; PARTIALLY. It’s mostly just scattered parts showing……. well; we’ll get to that part. Point Is: This is only the beginning. Something as big and important as this is gonna take up like 4 or 5 chapters. Whether this is the END end as far as the Kaido battle goes, or if this is just the end of Luffy vs Kaido Round 4 is anyone’s guess. Good news is, though: We’re Back On The Ground. So the Onigashima portion of Wano is done. End Of Act 3- Here We Come!! One Piece Chapter 1,049: “The World Should Be.”

Germa 66’s “Aah….. An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 11

‘Nuff Said

I, uh……… The picture explains itself. As for who set the fire; I’m not sure. I don’t know how the invaders from Volume 9 were able to come to Whole Cake without using Brulee and her mirrors……. unless they weren’t the only ones who came to Tottland. Did those Chocolat Town invaders have allies waiting in the wings, or are they unconnected events? In a way- That would be Worse.


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Luffy and Kaido begin their Final Clash. As their Haki collides; Kaido commends Luffy for pushing him to this level, but tells him that he’s still not strong enough to “change the world.” He begins to recall the events that led him to this point in life.

Kaido’s Flashback: Born in the Vodka Kingdom(that explains A LOT); Kaido- at only 10 years of age- became the Strongest Soldier his island had to offer, destroying his foes in mere moments. 3 years later(46 years before the present storyline); the 13 year old Kaido was given over to the World Government by his Kingdom, which would guarantee them a spot at the next Reverie. The country couldn’t afford to keep paying the Heavenly Tribute to the Celestial Dragons without plundering and going to war with other Nations, so they decided to give over Kaido to compensate. But during the transport; Kaido escapes- earning him first bounty of 70 Million Berries.

For the next 2 years; Kaido went around causing trouble, and go caught whenever he needed a meal. Until 44 years before the current story: a 15 years old Kaido arrives on Beehive Island- The “Pirate Paradise” Fullalead and Blackbeard’s current territory. After defeating another Pirate Captain; Kaido is approached by a young Whitebeard, who informs him that Rocks wants to meet with him. And so- Kaido begins his life as a Pirate.

Then the God Valley Incident Happened, and, well……… Ya know how that went. Rumors of their defeat would spread like wildfire, but Big Mom gave not a rat’s tiny @$$ about that- she wants to know what happened to Kaido after the battle. Moving ahead 10 years(28 years before the current storyline): Kurozumi Higurashi would come to Kaido with a “proposition.Thus the current storyline. But at some point between the current story and the annexation of Wano; Kaido would rally his men together with a speech:

We’re Going To Take All These Pampered, Noble Born Rulers and Drag Them Off Their Thrones Down To The Battlefield With Us!!

THAT’S What I Call Equality And Freedom– A World Where Only War Decides A Man’s True Worth!!

Kaido- The “Embodiment Of Might”

Afterwards; he would meet with King, telling him that Yamato mention “Joyboy” for the first time, questioning where the h#ll he learned that name. King said that Oden wanted to open up Wano to “Welcome Joyboy.” Since King is also waiting to see Joyboy; Kaido tells him exactly who he is: The Man Who Will One Day Defeat Kaido. So now King doesn’t think he’s ever gonna show up. Speaking of; we cut back to the Present.

Several things happen: the CP0 agent who was still in the Go Board room escapes; Momo struggles to make a Flame cloud big enough to move the island; the lanterns go up for the end of the Fire Festival; the water from Zou washing away the fires on Onigashima- and some of the peopleand the Flame Clouds; and Denjiro consoles Hiyori. Most of the Onigashima plotlines wrap up– if not all of them. So the last thing to deal with would be……….

As Kaido’s “Flame Dragon Torch” bites down on Luffy’s giant hand- the main Dragon himself asks Luffy “What Kind Of World Do You Wish To Make, Straw Hat?!” It’s Luffy, people- it always comes back to this simple desire:

I’ll make……….. A World……… Where My Friends……… Can Eat……… As Much Food…….. AS THEY WANT!!!!

Warrior Of Liberation/ Joyboy/ Sun God/ Would-Be King Of The Pirates: Monkey D Luffy

With every last bit of his strength; Momonosuke manages to summon an impressive Flame Cloud to move the island out of the way. Meaning that Luffy can knock Kaido’s head in. And clock him He Do~es– with every Fiber of his being; he pushes past the Dragon Torch, and punches Kaido hard enough to SLAM HIM into the dirt!! As he plummets to the ground; Kaido remembers the words he told King: The “Joyboy” would the one who can defeat him. Meaning that he’ll have to accept that Luffy is Joyboy.

Momonosuke lands Onigashima on the ground, and Luffy begins to fall. Thus; One Piece Chapter 1,049 comes to a Riveting END!! Like I said last time: This is over.


The Fights Overthat much we know. Luffy defeating Kaido? The dialogue and imagery would indicate as much. In his mind; Kaido remembered who he said that Joyboy was. Which would only come to mind if he admitted that he lost to himself. Ergo– this seems to be his loss. Whether Kaido awakens, or has been using his awakening is anyone’s guess. I like to think that he’s an Awakened user; he sure seemed to know what it was and the signs of it. And I don’t see why he’s hold back on using it after accepting Luffy’s strength. So yeah; he’s probably Awakened.

Kaido: The Early Years

But then there’s also the Kaido Flashback- the main thing to look at in this chapter. We now know where he comes from(though not the location of the Kingdom), and we now get an idea of why it is that he has such trust issues. Despite working for them since the age of 10; his own homeland decided to trade him off to the Marines- just to preserve themselves. There was definitely something that happened during the fall of the Rocks crew that was probably the Root cause, but that was pretty much the start of the problem.

It also gives us a small timeline of the event in Kaido’s life. We’ll get a full Rocks Pirates/ God Valley Flashback at some point in the near or far future, but this just tells us how old he was when he joined Rocks(15 years old), and what led him to a life of Piracy. But……….. that’s about All. I definitely think we’re going to see a little more about his past, but I think it’ll end with him joining Rocks. We might not see how he ended up like this completely until the actual God Valley Flashback. It won’t be very long, but we’ll see a little more about his character- I’m sure of it…….

The Water………… It’s washing everything away………. Reaching every corner of the castle…….. even the Treasure Repository…………. where Orochi is BURNING…………. He’s not dead yet, huh? That fire’s gonna go out, and he’s gonna get back up, and run away like a coward. I can already see it………

We’re not done here………


……………. You know? I expected to have more to say with this. But after writing this post- trying to see what the flashback could tell us about Kaido- I realized that any more discussion would drag out the post. Even in the original draft of this post I could feel that I was forcing myself to talk about it more. And I’m not trying to do that anymore. So I’ll just end this post here. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, and until the next post, all- By~~~~e!!!!

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Comments (2) on “Kaido- The Origins: The Man Who Couldn’t Be Joyboy(Part 1). One Piece Chapter 1,049 BREAKDOWN”

  1. I definitely enjoyed this chapter quite a bit but I’m hoping Kaido gets a little more of the origin story here because there’s a lot of interesting things to look at. I was glad they cleared up how he got arrested by the marines so many times. I always thought that was a bit iffy so this way since it was about food that makes a whole lot more sense to me.

    As for the fight, I’m still banking on Kaido getting up and either using an awakened mode or just saying that he’s going to get even more serious. Mainly because I really want a full Strawhats vs Kaido fight to end off the arc. If he did lose here, well he had a great run so I can’t fault that. Definitely the toughest guy Luffy’s ever gone up against

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