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When A Magicless Commoner Dies And Is Sent To His Teacher’s Home Country And Meets His Childhood Friend! Black Clover Chapter 337 BREAKDOWN

Yeah, Asta went and got himself Isekai’d. That was the extent of the joke. I had a bit of a hard time coming up with an isekai-like title, so I just thought of how to explain this portion of the Final Arc. Other than that– HOLY SH!T WE’RE IN YAMI’S HOMELAND. I can’t wait to see what the place teaches Asta; his character development, and his power progression are going to be important. And tied together, knowing this story. I hope you’re ready, ya Muscle Runt! Black Clover Chapter 337: “Whereabouts.” 


We open on the Black Bull’s hideout- still in the shape of the “Raging Black Bull(but smaller than the “Ultra” version).” Same old Same old, much to the annoyance of Nacht. But he rounds them up and tells them that Asta Has Died. None of them can believe what they had just heard- they refuse to. And- despite all the facts- so does Nacht. Until he sees Asta’s lifeless corpse with his own 2 eyes; he won’t give up on his fellow Devil Possessed. So they initiate a “Find-And-Rescue” mission. 

Elsewhere; Asta awakens in a strange room- completely healed, to his surprise. But what’s even more surprising is that Charmy is bringing him tea. Oh, no, wait; it’s just a Tea Serving Ocha-Ami doll that looks like Charmy. Wait, that’s still not explaining anything. A man speaks up- “Ryuya Ryudou” is his name, and he was a childhood friend of Yami. They get to talking about it- revealing that 1)Yami’s always taken long dumps and 2)He’s afraid of bugs- turns pale at the sight of em. Okay, that’s something to know. 

Asta asks where Liebe is, and Ryuya tells him that’s he’s also undergoing healing treatment. That makes Asta realize: HE HAS TO GO STOP LUCIUS!! Ryuya stops him, telling him he’s not ready to do much of anything- physically or emotionally. Yeah, he knows about it; about Sister Lily’s final rejection, and the betrayal of Julius. All thanks to his left eye; it tells him everything he needs to know about XY and Z just by looking at it. And right now, it’s telling him

And it’s not like his Anti Magic powers are gonna let him get back to the Clover Kingdom, anyway. They’re quite far from the Kingdom, in fact. Ladies And Gentlemen: This Is The Land Of The Sun. And Ryuya is the Shogun of this land. And he’ll be helping Asta gain the power he needs to end this conflict! Black Clover Chapter 337 END!! Are we gonna get Asta in Samurai Armor? or are we gonna go further towards Naruto than Samurai 8I’m sorry, that was messed up; Kishimoto got scr#wed over on that one by that sh!t editor Horikoshi just had to deal with. 


Tea Dolls That Look Like Charmy. That has to have been the funniest thing that Tabata could have done. And it recontextualizes Yami inviting Charmy to the Black Bulls! He…….. he thought she was one of these dolls, didn’t he? He saw her, and thought she was a doll that would serve tea or whatever. Then she showed……. “autonomy” in offering him food, and………… I’m sorry, that’s just too ridiculous to think about. Yami whole life thought that Charmy was a doll!! 

The other funny thing was finding out about Yami’s weakness. Him taking long @$$ dumps was always a thing, so it’s not like it’s a curse from the Clover Kingdom. Maybe a curse from someone in the land of the sun, though that’s just a joke my brother came up with. But to find out that he’s afraid of bugs. Are you sh!ttin’ me? Zora was off training with Magna during the initial 6 month time skip between the Elf Invasion and battle with the Triad, so he wasn’t around to find that out. But you’re telling me that- in the last YEAR AND SOME CHANGE– Zora never once had a bug in Yami’s presence? Even to f*ck with everyone? Or did he do that in the past and immediately regret his decisionDEFY you to hold up a bug to him. Sh!t, you can if you WANT to- just don’t be surprised if he decides to crush your skull! 

But on a more serious note; People simp for ANYTHING, don’t they. We don’t even know the girl’s name and people on twitter are already thirsting after her. And the one’s that aren’t are already deeming her a part of Asta’s harem. D@mn, man; ain’t 5 enough for this man?! I don’t really count Secre; she hasn’t shown any romanitc interest in Asta- she just ends up tagging along with Noelle and Best Girl Mimosa O-Hime sama. And secretly laughing at them. But man did I see people just throwing out all this sh!t makes me wonder how they’ll react when she- you know– speaks even a sentence. She had like 2 PANELS TOTAL of face time!! Though I also saw people calling her “Female Yami.” She…….. we haven’t……… The f*ck iswrong with people. 

Okay, let’s get real: Ryuya Ryudo. Friend of Yami, so he’s pretty tough. But that eye of his………….. what’s up with that? It let him learn everything he would need to know about Asta- even bits about Charmy, like how she’s a glutton. Is it just his magic, or……. is their something more to it? I saw a small theory on twitter that he may have traded his eye for an eye of Astaroth’s, The Supreme Devil of Time. And it allows him to perceive the events of others by looking at them. There is no precedent for this theory; it’s just something that I saw someone throw out and something that I kind of liked. This could honestly just be what his magic does, and it’s allowed him to steer this country in the right direction. 

I also saw something shared around on twitter(I spend more time on twitter than Facebook these days) roasting this dumbo who said that Tabata just “copied Wano.” People were saying sh!t like “Bro thinks Oda invented Japan.” I think that he meant more like “copying the Wano arc,” but even THAT just makes him looks like a f*ckin’ moron. It’s just a panel at the end of the f*ckin’ chapter, dude; we’re not gonna be here even a 10th as long as we were in Wano, and it’s not like the arc is even gonna take place here. I honestly don’t think we’ll come back here after we leave; this is the FINAL ARC of the story- it’s not like the entire rest of the story is gonna be set here, and when Asta’s training is finished he’s leaving. And unless Tabata shows this place off in a brief look in the final chapter- we probably won’t come back. No, this will not be a “Copy of Wano.” They just both happen to take place in Japan- home country of BOTH creatives. 

As for what Asta could learn here……………… No Idea. I’m not sure if it will pertain to the way he uses his Anti magic, or if it’s going to delve a little more into how ki works and what he’ll be able to do with it. Could be both, honestly; he managed to come up with “Black Asta” by using his ki to circulate the Anti magic through his body. And I have talked about the possibility of Asta being able to use Anti Magic without Liebe being present; how he has Anti magic in his body at present, and he could always use ki to force some of that out. Something interesting like that………………….? 


……………. Yeah, that sounds about right. The part with the Black Bulls might not go anywhere(which tells us what exactly is going on with the Land Of The Sun); they could honestly just search for the whole 7 days and find nothing, or they could find a clue in the exact attack. Not sure. I kind of hope we see them train more, but I don’t expect it. This was a nice chapter; quick without being “rushed-” enough time to tell us some things and set up concepts for later. And supremely Hilarious. 

That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Til the next post, duckies; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~e!!!! 

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