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The Over-Leveled Party vs Very Hard Mode. Edens Zero Chapter 227 BREAKDOWN

I’m not a Gamer by trade. I play Pokemon mostly, with some Dragon ball games in there every now and then. But mostly Pokemon- from “Sun And Moon” onward. The harder games intimidate me. Though I did recently get Dragon Ball FighterZ for my Switch Lite. Beat it. Probably won’t go “pro” though. I say all of this because of the Difficulty I had coming up with the title for this post. I knew that I wanted to convey the idea that they’re powers are too far advanced for their current bodies to handle(which is actually a pretty good way to handle the power scale), but I also wanted to convey something that Daichi said to Rebecca in the chapter. And I don’t know Gamer Terms or how games work well enough to use a pun in the title. Heck, during the process of coming up with the title; my brother, Ajay- the only gamer I know– told me a term that would might apply to what’s happening here. But I suck at talking and explaining things, so I don’t know if I gave proper context to the situation. 

Honestly, I don’t think I’m explaining “Edens Zero” to him properly. He’s recently Rave Master fan, and has taken a bit more interest in the series because of it. But I suck at talking so I don’t think the true glory of this series is getting through. We need to watch the anime. In whatever case; he told me the term “Prestige” or something would apply to this chapter. Because the crew has been reset to………. not Level “1” but more like Level “15” or so. In terms of strength, they’ve got their strongest moves- but not the bodies to handle them. It’s like using teaching the TM for “Fire Blast” or “Overheat” to the Growlithe you just hatched from an egg. THERE IT IS!! No, wait………… Ah, F*ck it you’ll see what I mean!! Edens Zero Chapter 227: “Power And Body.” 


Picking up where the last chapter left off: Shiki- expecting to find his friend Laguna waiting ahead of him- finds himself standing against the Emperor of The Aoi Cosmos, Emperor Poseidon Nero!! They mention Laguna, which makes Nero think about where he’s heard that name before. But he can’t remember. So he makes a “bet:” Will Shiki perish before he Remembers That Name? Or Will he remember before Shiki’s end? He’s gonna use the dice to find out, launching them at Shiki. But the boy finds that the dice are unaffected by his Gravity- just as Ziggy learned 3 years prior. 

As he gets kicked around, Pino notices something; Shiki and Nero’s ether readings are about the same level. For Shiki to be getting knocked around like this, that would mean that Shiki isn’t fighting at his best. Then she realizesHe Can’t. His younger body is too weak to handle the power he gained over the 3 Years between the Aoi and Kaede Wars. And she wonders what this means for the others……. Speak of the Devil: We cut over to Weisz going to Fie’s location. But he finds himself in over his head when he ends up getting shot at from multiple angles. Fie had set up multiple turrets prior to the attack, which has allowed him time to figure out the weak points in the Prototype Arsenal armor. 

As he’s getting shot at, he gets a call from Witch; she has located Hermit on Digitalis. Weisz tells her that he physical body was on the Statue of the Blue Guardians, so she plans to go and retrieve her while they’re busy. Weisz vs Fie continues…….. Meanwhile: Rebecca gets her payback on Daichi. She’s been trying to see if she can rewind or anything, but she’s unable. But she’s still able to use Cat leaper’s physical boost to fight, in addition to having her combat experiences from the last world. BUT………… Daichi hits her with a surprise. See, Daichi is a bit of a Gamer himself. He’s the type to Max out his levels before going up against the boss. But in his experience, when you play games that you’ve already beaten; he’s found that playing them again harder each time. In terms that I understand: They may  be stronger and smarter going into the encounter with Drakken this time, but the Universe Leveled Drakken up to match that. As Rebecca finds out when “Pain Tree” comes out of the ground and starts to crush her. 

Back with Shiki; he uses “Wormhole” to move behind Nero for an attack. But Nero is able to see it coming in time and counter it. But seeing it is still a shock; he can’t believe that this boy possesses the same power as him. But Shiki asks why the “Emperor Of The Aoi Cosmos” is working for Drakken. Nero responds that he stepped down from the position of “Emperor” a long time ago. He decided to spend his retirement in the Sakura Cosmos, where Drakken would approach him for a business proposition. Low and BeholdThey are now Joint Managers of his Business, with Drakken as the face of it all. They take this to mean that the Empire was taken down, but Nero says that it’s currently “flourishing-” under the rule of his son, EMPEROR Shura. But that jogs his memory; he finally knows where he heard the name “Laguna-” Laguna is The Leader of Oasis. Edens Zero Chapter 227 END!! Similar, but different. That seems to be the Rule of Universe 0. Let’s see where this goes……..


Shiki’s not strong enough to handle his own power; Rebecca’ doesn’t have the power that helped her with a lot of her victories; and Weisz isn’t at full power. Either scenario you look at, the outcome is the sameThey’re Nerfered. And looking at it; they can’t even use the powers that helped them to win last time. Shiki’s current body is the Chapter 1 body he started with- one that, while tough, wasn’t able to reach his Full Overdrive- nor could it probably handle it. If he could access his Overdrive right now, then this fight would be a MUCH Different story. Considering how strong this guy is, and Shiki knowing that, he’d probably go Overdrive from the start. So either his body can’t even take the Chapter 98 Overdrive, his regular Overdrive is just as strong as the one he displayed against Wizard, or that form he got against Ziggy is now his default- in which case he REALLY can’t take it. 

For Rebecca; it seems like she’s able to take her power. I’m not sure what that says about “Cat Leaper,” though; whether it’s attribute of Time Manipulation is the main selling point with a slight physical buff, or if she’s been working out in this Universe and is able to take the power. But even so; it looks like she’s still not strong enough to take down Daichi. Although he seemed to be taking some manor of damage before hand. I’m not sure how strong she is right now is the point, but she’s going to need help in this fight. 

And then there’s Weisz. After the 3 year time skip, he became a Mechanical Engineer. Though that was probably still mostly because of his Ether gear, which is why the Arsenal Armor probably isn’t up to snuff without Hermit there; she’s his “Girl in The Chair” I guess. It also was probably just a factor of how much time they had; he only just got his memories of the previous world back like……. bare minimum a day or 2 ago. So for him to have made it even this far with the armor was probably a rush job and took up a lot of whatever spare time he had. It makes me wonder what he could have made for himself had he had a few weeks to make this armor. Considering the fact that he says he needs Hermit’s help, I doubt it would be as strong as the Mark II he used against Nasseh, but he probably could have made the Mark I by himself. 

But going back to what I said in the review part about the Belial Goer; it seems like the Constant for the crew is that the Belial Goer is always going to be a struggle for them. But when it saw that they might be able to take it this time- that they’ve brought over their “Max Stats” like that- it “upped the difficulty.” Is that why Nero is here insteadWait a second: How…….. is Nero……… Where’d the Water come from? How……….. He said he still has “Wormhole,” so…….. What’s going on here? Shiki and Ziggy are cases of 1 person having 2 powers, but Ziggy got his by using “Gravity Drain” to take it from Nero, and then he passed it on to Shiki somehow. Hm……… Ziggy said in chapter 164 that “Gravity Drain” is the “Deepest Part Of Gravity- Where All Excess Is Destined To Fall.”  We still don’t know all about that stuff; Mashima’s been keeping all of that stuff vague. I’ve been seeing theories that this fight is where Shiki is going to learn how to use the “True Gravity” and crush the dice just as Ziggy did. And that may well happen. And it may give us a better idea of what the purpose of Gravity in this series is supposed to be. 

But when it comes to “Gravity Drain,” I think that what Ziggy did to pass it to Shiki was……… “Throw It” to put it simply. I think that the power he took from Nero- “Wormhole-” is like a ball. And Ziggy was the old man who takes whatever lands in his yard. Nero’s “baseball” landed in “Ziggy’s” yard, and he took it for himself. And then, upon his death; he “threw it” into Shiki’s “yard.” That make sense at all? When and how he did that is anyone’s guess, but that’s what happened. The only question is what happened to the Nero Ziggy fought in the Aoi War. We never see a body or anything to indicate that he’s dead, so for all we know; he’s just sitting there in Shiki’s “Gravity” right now. I hope Mashima explains all of this soon. I’m glad he’s enjoying his long form storytelling, but if this is the Final Saga, then your going to need to pay off the things you’ve set up. Like what the H#ll Gravity is supposed to do here.

Other Things: Shura IS the Emperor, as we suspected. But Laguna is leading Oasis instead of Goodwin. I don’t know about Goodwin. We know from Dialogue that the former boss- Ijuna’s father- died and left Goodwin as the Leader. From there, Laguna would leave the organization to find another group strong enough to defeat the Empire- first Drakken and then the Edens Zero and her crew. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Perhaps the death of Ijuna’s dad was different in this Universe; he may have had to chose the next leader on his death bed, and decided on Laguna instead of Goodwin this time around. But knowing Laguna before he met the crew; I’m willing to bet that he’s running the organization……….. fairly differently from what we saw from Goodwin. If he doesn’t think Oasis is strong enough to take down the Empire, then he’ll make them stronger. What will he do to make that happen

This all brings up the topic of what happened to Ijuna in this Universe- did her Father die before she was captured by Shura? Did he die trying to save her? Or did he die as she was getting captured? Heck, I’m wondering how the Aoi Cosmos is fairing right now? Shura isn’t Nero; he’s not the type to let Oasis stand against him as long as his father did. I think that a War might be brewing right now- one that Shura himself might instigate. And I don’t know if Oasis is strong enough to go up against him……….


That’s all. Even if it wasn’t, I can promise you that I forgot in the process of making this post. I don’t mean to cut this short, but there’s nothing more that I can think of to talk about. Right now, I’m just hoping that Rebecca is able to get out of the “Pain Tree” before it goes too far. Maybe Happy will show off some kind of new power- like “Ether Wings” or something. That’d be something!! Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. Til next time, guys; By~~e!! 

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