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DeeDee’s Out For Blood This Time!! One Piece Chapter 1,075 BREAKDOWN

I was thinking about it. And I was about to put 2 potential titles up there before saying “F*ck It” and the review banner. But the more that I thought about, the more I liked it. It sounds like something my friend Mammoth Base Opera Castle would come up with. And he comes up with some pretty funny ones. So I thought I’d take a page out of his book and make a reference! Let me know what you guys think. But yeah: Someone’s Here To Kill The Vegapunks- someone other than Aigis 0; someone with the same level of authority as Vegapunk himself(the only one’s HIGHER than him on the Hierarchy are the Gorosei, and Only Saint Saturn is on the way(as far as we know)); someone we don’t get to see fully yet. I have my own idea for it, but I don’t think there’s a lot of evidence for it yet. Let’s see…… One Piece Chapter 1,075: “Labophase Death Game.” I have Never Seen Squid Game. Maybe I will, but I don’t know. 


Germa 66’s “Aah… An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 31

Vegapunk is invited to a meeting with the Gorosei. Okay, HE’S gone. But this means that MADs continued after he left. But I highly doubt that it’s going to last. Maybe long enough to sell of weapons of war to the highest bitter through Du Feld, but even THAT probably won’t last long. But it also means that this flashback portion of the cover serial is almost over, so we can get back to what Judge and Caesar are doing in the present………. and what Reiju is planning for Caesar. I’m serious: I think she’s going to make Caesar give her her free will, and she’ll leave the Vinsmokes behind. Whether he’ll keep true to his word or not is another matter, but I think that he’ll at least set her free from Judge- just to spite him. 

Chapter 1,075

Following the events of last chapter: Shaka is rendered unable to get in contact with Pythagoras. And when he looks at the Monitor Snail- he ends up seeing a Shadowy figure taking out the snails….. one by one. They’re also seemingly jamming comms, as Luffy is unable to hear anyone’s voice through his headphones. Elsewhere in the Labophase; the Straw Hats, The Vegapunks, and Stussy have split into teams: 

  • 3F, Building A- Nami, Brook, and Edison
  • 2F, Building A- Atlas, the Immaculate Nico Robin, and Chopper
  • 2F, Building B(The Building To The Right)- Sanji, Stussy, and Jinbe
  • #F, Building C(The Building To The Left)- Usopp, Lilith, Franky, and York
  • Luffy, Zoro, and Shaka stay up in the Command Room on the 4th level of Building A

Group A: Nami ends up finding jewels that the Vegapunk’s made. Asking for them is a Pleasantry- she steals em while Edison is looking. But Edison is more concerned with finding the Stella. So Nami sets them down and demands that they come through here on the way back. Group B: Atlas explains that she can replace any part of her body whenever she needs to. They pass by tanks filled with “Oranoids” organs being grown on Egghead for Medical Progression. Though Robin thought that someone had chopped up the Stella and left him for dead. Still love ‘er. Command Room, 4F, Building A: Shaka is having a hard time getting in contact with anyone at the moment. When Luffy comes to see what’s going on, Shaka shows him the camera feed- they keep going out. Which can only meanThere’s Someone Else In The Lab……………. 

Group C: Sanji continues to simp for Stussy(as would most of us), so she leverages that to make Sanji look for the Stella. According to her, this is the Weapons Development floor. As such, it’s a lot more spacious than the other parts; less of a chance of bumping into something and……….Boom. Even so they should still be careful. Group D: York wants to take a nap. Meanwhile, Lilith explains her Bubble Gun to Usopp: “It Makes Strong Bubbles That Can Bounce Anything Back!!” They end up coming across the area Pythagoras was searching, seeing the aftermath of the blast. They also end up finding his Lifeless Body. Don’t worry; his head’s detachable. 

He’s explaining what happened when york notices that S-Snake is awake and moving about. She dotes on it a little bit- before getting turned to stone. And then it ends up destroying the whole catwalk with a laser blast, disobeying the orders of the Satellites. Thankfully they’re able to catch themselves with their hover boots(aside from Usopp), but the situation is still pretty bad; Lilith says that the Seraphim were built to be “The Ultimate Form Of Humanity,” so the chances of them winning a fight against them as is is………. slim. 

Command Room, Building A: Luffy’s group is being attacked by the Seraphim as well- S-Hawk and S-Bear. They also are not accepting orders from Shaka. But rather than coming for Shaka or the Straw hats; it seems as though they’re gunning for CP-0. Zoro doesn’t like these guys, but letting them die while they can’t fight back would leave a “bad taste” in his mouth. Speaking ofS-Bear Launches a Mouth Laser, causing a massive explosion. Shaka says that the only reason for them disobeying at this juncture would be because they’ve already got orders from another Vegapunk as part of some plan to kill them all. Seeing the situation for what it is, Lucci and kaku make an offer to tip the scales in their favor: They can join forces to fight the Seraphim. But…………. Luffy and Zoro are skeptical. One Piece Chapter 1,075 END!! You coulda just told them “No.” D@MN.


I don’t think that the traitor is the one we saw on the monitor; I’ll start with that. And that’s if a Vegapunk is even a Traitor. If one of the Vegapunk’s is betraying the rest, then they’re almost certainly working with someone else- someone fast enough to take out the baby monitor snails without getting caught, and strong enough to fight when it comes down to it. On the other hand, if none of them are the traitor, then it’s someone with equal authority to or higher than Vegapunk’s. But the only one’s ABOVE him are the Gorosei. So it can only be a Vegapunk that’s giving them orders. What I’m thinkingThere’s A 7th Satellite- one that Stellapunk discarded for one reason or another. 

Perhaps this Vegapunk still has access to the Stella’s knowledge, and is using the Seraphim to exact revenge on its creator for abandoning it. Or perhaps it wants to become the “Only” Dr Vegapunk and take all the scientific glory for themselves. Though that could also be the case if one of the one’s we’ve already met is betraying the others. But that would mean they have an ally working in the shadows to make all of this happen; perhaps a Lab Experiment that they let loose to through off suspicion or something. Something Sci Fi-esque like that. 

They can manufacture Jewels and Organs. Honestly, that’s probably the most “Normal” thing in this series; if you’re smart enough to make hover boots and gloves that let you hit light- why NOT put that to use making materials to sell and organs for medical purposes? Makes total sense. York is super tall, so there’s that. Stussy and the others in the Weapon Development area. That, uh…….. that’s not going to end well for them, is it? Comms are jammed, and the intruder is taking out Baby Monitor snails; it’s free to move about the Labophase as it sees fit. And you just know that whoever they are is coming for those untested Weapons! Good thing Sanji’s indestructible now; he can keep our beloved Stussy Sama safe from harm! No, but seriously; something is telling me that that place is gonna blow up, taking the whole Phase with it……..

…………………. York’s Not DEAD, Right? She can definitely shut off the Love Beam’s effect, but……….. she, uh……… she shot a LASER at the catwalk. Even if you want to say that she didn’t blast York directly, that fall certainly smashed the statue. They can put her together again, but………. between the Navy Fleet coming, the Intruder, and the Seraphim’s Never-Ending attacks- Will they even get the TIME? I don’t know is Hancock can undo the effects herself since she didn’t do it directly, and I don’t know if they can find all the pieces before they leave. My point is that There is No Logical Way That They Should Be Able to Save York. But I can still hope; if a fre@kin Falcon can tank a Point: Blank Explosion, then it’s not so unbelievable that she survives this!!………. RightPlease, Oda- you can take the rest, but at least leave York!! At least not NOW. Then again, her only function is to eat, sleep, and cr@p for all the Vegapunk’s. However the f*ck THAT works. It’s time that Vegapunk learned: You gotta do all the eating, sleeping, and cr@pping Yourself- No Delegating it to a Giant Woman clone of yourself!! This series is so f*cking weird. 

Franky, Lilith, and Usopp vs S-Snake……….. Yeah, alright. Might be some kind of “wake up call” for Franky. Ever since we got the idea for Vegapunk’s getting on the ship, I felt that Oda would use this as a chance for Oda to teach Franky “Less is More.” I…….. am not the biggest fan of his Post Time Skip design. It feels…………. clunky; almost like he forgot he was the Shipwright. And I know he’s got those little hand deals coming out of his giant robot mits, but……….. Seriously? Plus, he just seems really “top heavy” and sluggish to me. I want the Old Franky back- but keeping the functionality of THIS one, ya know? They can grow organs, I don’t see why they can’t Regrow his arms. Do what they do to him when they finished growing the Seraphim- implementing the Laser tech and helping him get better longevity out of it…………. I don’t know, I just want to see him fight someone for real. The Franky Shogun is cool and all, but I’m kind of over it. or heck, let Usopp use it. 

The little tangent on Franky aside; I want to see what else Lilith has in her arsenal. And what she can bring to the table in the Straw Hat’s crew. 7 OR 8 PEOPLE, man. For Oda NOT to give us a New Straw hat is just him trolling us at this point! That aside; maybe this fight will also reveal some kind of “chink” in the Seraphim’s proverbial “Armor.” Like Zoro found out with King: When the flames go out, Lunarians become Faster- but lose some of their trademark Durability. They might have something to compensate for that, but the Vegapunk’s may have also installed some sort of “Failsafe” that the World Government don’t know about……….

And lastlyLuffy, Zoro, Lucci, and Kaku. A “Dream Team” of sorts. Now………. Luffy and Zoro aren’t stupid; even THEY know that letting them out- especially RIGHT NOW– would be stupid. They SPECIALIZE in “Betrayal.” That said; they aren’t the types to let people who can’t fight back die, and the situation is looking pretty darn serious. So much so that I don’t think that Lucci and Kaku will betray them while they’re fighting. Luffy’s able to read peoples emotions(not to mention his proficiency in Future Sight); he’ll see any of their attacks coming. But in that same vein, I’m thinking that he’ll chose to let them out. He knows how tough Lucci is, and- following the events of Sabaody- how tough the Pacifista’s can get. Seeing the situation for what it is, I think that Lucci and Kaku are smart enough to realize that the only way to stand against the Seraphim is to team up with the Straw hat’s………. for now. After they manage to win, though- only their physical conditions will dictate whether or not they fight. And my money is on Luffy and Zoro for that THAT match up. 

I’m talking about how none of them are stupid enough to let their own animosity towards each other or orders from the Government get in the way of this “Survival Game” they gotta play, but……….. Lucci’s also smart enough to take advantage of the situation. Shaka better watch his back……… 


Not much to speak on this week, but………. enough. I thought there wasn’t gonna be much after Luffy demonstrated why he’s an Emperor to Lucci, but I guess Oda had more planned for this arc than we realized. It’s not like I’m complaining about it, and it’s not like it’s gonna be as long as Wano was(There’s no way ANY ARC going forward is going to be longer that Wano was); this is still one of the better Post Time Skip arcs!! Let me know what you guys think in the comments. ‘Til next time, boys- Have A Magical Day. ‘K, Thanks, By~~~e!!! 

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Comments (2) on “DeeDee’s Out For Blood This Time!! One Piece Chapter 1,075 BREAKDOWN”

  1. The Seraphim gonna deliver as an actual threat. I’m expecting there to be at least one more we haven’t seen yet.

    A “lost” Vegapunk? Interesting. I’m down with that. Safe to say whoever the mastermind is calls themself “Vegapunk”. Makes sense since they can control the Seraphim.

  2. I think S-Flaming if we see anymore in this arc. Luffy know’s Doffy’s weaknesses well enough to face off against him again. Or S-Crocodile with a different fruit power since Vegapunk could never quite copy a Logia. What fruit would it be, I wonder………

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