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1001 Ways To Say Luffy Has A New Outfit and Law vs Blackbeard! One Piece 1,063 BREAKDOWN

There are……….. Several things that happen this chapter(and by that I mean like 1 or 2 other things), but those 2 are like the MAIN things. Luffy and co are going to be getting their Egghead Island drip, and Law’s getting ready to show off what he learned in Wano! Oh, and Law becomes a female for a few minutes. No way in h#ll will this story end before Luffy and the other male Straw Hat’s get their genders swapped- at LEAST Luffy and Zoro. And you know D@mn Well Why. And yeah; I’m probably still sick. But I think I might be able to do an additional 2 posts this week! Sh!t, I HOPE I am. There 2 that I REALLY want to talk about. You’re seeing this on Sunday(probably), but I’m writing this portion on Thursday. The Fan translations aren’t even really out; it’s some weird scans with translated dialogue. Might save one just to show ya(I couldn’t). One Piece Chapter 1,063: “My Only Family.” Let’s Begins…………..


Germa 66’s “Aah… An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 21

We see that Cracker is frozen in ice, while Brulee manages to avoid the same fate. But she’s crying, and that’s because Pudding has been kidnapped by the party responsible. WhyI can’t say. I heard the idea that this isn’t so much a “freezing attack” so much as it Caesar’s Shinokuni bomb. Problem; we learned from the last volume that whatever went down in Chocolat Town was happening concurrently with the Vinsmoke and Caesar’s escape. So unless he found the equipment to set up a time bomb to go off when he escapes- this wasn’t him. I will admit; it might have been Yonji and Niji coming back to get payback on Pudding. And thinking about it; Judge wasn’t present for the escape. Something more is going on in this cover serial- something that’s going to lead to a MAJOR event. If we’re getting into the “Finale” of this story, then whatever Cover Serials come out have to MATTER– and they have to HIT. Hopefully this one can do it…………..

Chapter 1,063

Having witnessed Luffy and the other put the Automated Cooking Machine through its paces, Atlas comments on all of their big bellies(though Jinbe replies his was “already that way). The “Recycollie-” a mechanical dog- begins scarfing down the scraps of whatever couldn’t be eaten(cups, Burger boxes, etc.). So Atlas decides it’s about time she got back to work. She flies off, and we see some “Lab Assistants” walking by Luffy’s group. Jinbe speculates that they were just shy and waiting to see what kind of people they were. Bonney notes their outfits are a little “heavy” for the climate, but Luffy already found the machine that makes those outfits. Egghead Island Drip– INNITIATE. 

They all get changed, and note how light the clothing actually is- the boots even make Bonney feel like she’s “floating.” And Jinbe puts on a tropical island shirt because he’s rocking the “Dad Fit.” Bonney is about to separate to look for weapons to talk to Vegapunk with, but Luffy notes that Kuma is coming their way. The Pacifista is dressed up like a Police man, meaning that he’s a Patrol Man. And now he’s locked onto the intruders. Luffy sense the attack coming, and tells everyone to get out of the way. The Pacifista shoots the mouth laser at them for “stealing” food and clothing. Luffy’s about to smash the thing with an Elephant Gun, but Bonney stops him, reavealing to them that Kuma is her father. She pleads with them not to hurt her “only family,” but they tell her this is just another Pacifista. 

We then cut away from Egghead completely to see Law and his crew in the midst of combat- as Women. We learn that this is an illness invented by Doc Q of the Blackbeard Pirates, and his “Sick Sick Fruit.” This particular illness swaps the gender of the infected- and BOY is it infectious!! From Law to Bepo to Sachi and Penguin and the others- all the men start becoming women. But thanks to his encounter with Big Mom and Kaido, he’s learned that any Devil Fruit’s ability can be overcome with with enough Haki. He manages to return to normal, much to Doc Q’s disappointment. And it’s here that we learn some more of the Devil Fruits the Blackbeard Pirates have Collected

  • Van Augur- Warp Warp Fruit
  • Jesus Burgess- Strong Strong Fruit
  • Stronger(Q’s Horse)- Horse Horse Fruit- Mythical Beast Model: Pegasus 

Van Auger uses his fruit to transport Burgess over to the nearby island where Law’s submarine docks. He then uses his Buff Buff fruit to lift a mountain and throw it at them. Law manages to create a room to stop the attack, but things aren’t looking up just yet. As Blackbeard himself comes in on the back of Stronger and Doc Q. He reveals that he had been waiting on this island for 1 of those Supernova’s to come by; this was one of 3 routes once one leave Wano. He had no way of knowing which of the the 3 Billion Berry Boys would come this way, so he just had to wait. And now that one of them has come– he’s rearing to steal every single etching he has of the Road Poneglyphs. One Piece Chapter 1,063 END!! I’ll give it to ya, Odacchi; you said we were heading towards the Finale- and you MEANT that sh!t. Things are moving, and no one can stop them now……


We now have the Egghead Island fit for Luffy, Chopper, and Jinbe. And we even have a new fit for Bonney! Gotta sell that merch!! That, and Oda makes sure that the Straw Hat’s change outfits to fit better with whatever island they’re on. I especially like the boots; I wonder how Bonney and Luffy will fight wearing them. That aside; Police Officer Kuma. Like I said in the last chapter, I think that Kuma’s humanity and consciousness is in the Seraphim body. This is probably just a Pacifista Vegapunk keeps around to guard the island and his assistants. As for why it’s dressed like a Police OfficerSh!ts and Giggles- either from Oda or Vegapunk. 

I’m curious how the rest of the Straw hat’s will react to Bonney being Kuma’s daughter- particularly Zoro. On the one hand– they don’t care. Like; they’re not gonna start fighting with her over any of what happened 2 years ago- especially after Kuma protected their ship for 2 years straight. If anything, they’ll probably be right along with her in trying to find out why Vegapunk did all of this to Kuma. Maybe that’s what Zoro wants to ask Lilith about. But then you have her explaining her backstory to them, and hearing what Bonney did while in Marie Geios- like her meeting with Sabo. This arc is going to be more “Expositional” than anything; we’re gonna see some fighting when Aigis 0 comes in, but I think we’re gonna get a few chapters of Exposition before any of that. 

But of course- the MAIN thing in the chapter was the segment with Law and the Blackbeard Pirates!! He REALLY wanted to draw Female Law, huh? He probably wants to draw Luffy and the others like that, too. Though………. his choice in how may have just alerted the SJW’s of this series existence. I saw a comment on my Twitter timeline; it went like “Is Oda Calling Gender Swaps A Disease?” And now I’m all worried. In happier news; we now know more of the Devil Fruits that Blackbeard’s been collected. I think that Van Auger’s might be one of the more dangerous abilities, considering how important transportation is in this world. He could very easily teleport a bomb into someone’s body. And considering he’s a sniper- he won’t miss. 

It’s funny; I didn’t know the horse was gonna have a Devil fruit! I had forgotten who “Stronger” was, and I thought it was that guy with the wings and the top hat- Laffite. But no; it was the Horse who had the Pegasus Devil Devil Fruit!! In which case, I’m wondering what kind of power that guy has. And Burgess just has super strength. Cool. Not everything needs to be overly complicated; sometimes, a guy can just get a fruit that gives him super strength! Though I have to say that it’s not as interesting as the other fruits at present. Especially Doc Q’s Sick Sick fruit. Queen, eat your heart out. 

It seems like this power is just “I can create any kind of ailment;” he made a sickness swaps the gender of the infected. But as Law showed us; the cure for this disease seems to be “excessive Haki,” as I’m sure that’s also the cure for the other illnesses. Thus proving what Kaido said: “Haki is the only thing the can transcend all.” And I think also paints a picture at what this fight will be for Chopper.. It’s no secret that this crew kind of parallel’s the Straw hat’s, almost to a T. That, plus the Arc structure for “One Piece,” we kind of get a picture as to how the battle between the crews will shake out: 

  • Luffy vs Blackbeard(Obvi)
  • Zoro vs Shiryu(Obvi
  • Usopp vs Van Auger(Sniper Battle)
  • Catarina Devon vs Either Nami or Robin(look into why she was locked up in Impel Down
  • Chopper vs Doc Q(Doctor Battle)

Chopper’s fight against Doc Q would carry the theme of “The Doctor Who Wants To Cure All Disease vs The Doctor Who Makes Them.” And If Haki is what’s needed to cure the diseases that Q comes up with, then……… Chopper’s going to need Haki to fight him. But he doesn’t have Haki right now. I’m not sure how Oda will handle Chopper- or really the rest of the crew- will learn Haki, but I think he’s building up to it between Robin’s “Demonio” and this reveal. 


……………………. I think that’s good. This wasn’t a very long chapter, and it moved kind of quick. The big thing were the 4 Devil Fruit reveals, and Oda taking the chance to draw Law as a woman. I don’t think we’re going to follow up with this immediately, but I also don’t think Oda’s gonna wait until the end of the arc to show us the aftermath. I think that we’ll be following up with Zoro’s group more than anything. But that’s just me. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, everyone; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~e!!!

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Comments (2) on “1001 Ways To Say Luffy Has A New Outfit and Law vs Blackbeard! One Piece 1,063 BREAKDOWN”

  1. I’m not that surprised about the Female disease. Oda’s sexist. Call it him being “old” or “just writing a boys’ comic” or “Japanese” but that’s the way I see it. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his moments where he writes women well. He does. But I consider those the exceptions, not the rule.

    Anyway, I’m VERY excited about Van’s devil fruit. I think Usopp VS Van Augur may be the SH/BB fight I’m most looking forward too.

    1. My brother says that “One Piece” is very much a “product of it’s time.” And you know- he has a point; this series is OLD. Any tropes that it’s using were adapted from those before(Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakushou, Ruroni Kenshin, etc.), and it’s from the first wave of series to do that. It, uh…… it’s not “Aging Very Gracefully” I guess, huh? Hopefully that doesn’t hurt the series overall score when it’s finally over.
      YES- I am VERY excited for that fight! Especially with this very cool devil fruit! I think what Pekom’s said on Fishman Island might come into play there. Van Augur’s a good sniper, but with this fruit- he can just “warp” the ammunition or himself to a place where he CAN’T miss, rather than actually “try.” Usopp, however……. He’s Gonna Give It His All. I’m hoping he’s at least progressed with his Observation haki, but I would hope that he gets Armament at some point between now and then(though there doesn’t seem to be that much time left before that…..).

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