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Rebecca Bluegarden: The Origin!! Edens Zero Chapter 218 BREAKDOWN

I’ve used that specific title in the past, right? Like; I know that I talked about Rebecca’s origin story in the past- I know I’ve done a post about her potential origins. But this chapter kind of confirms that I was wrong in my assumptions. At least, where her parents pertain. I’m still not sure how her timeline works out when it comes to her being “captivated by gravity” and Cat Leaper. But this chapter at least tells us how she ended up on Bluegarden, and all that surrounds that. It also tells us where we’re going next. We’re not done with the Grand Shiki Cosmos, people- we still got one section left!! Though I have no Earthly idea how Mashima is going to manage to tie it to the main story. If we really are “Moving Towards The Final Battle,” then everything that comes next has to tie back to the main plot. No time for Pointless Filler!!

In this week’s chapter; we learn about the origins of our dear Becky, her Mother, and learn more about this “Church of The Saintfire!!” Edens Zero Chapter 218: “Saintfire.” Let’s begins……..


Following Sister’s announcement, Rebecca(in a bath towel) and Connor make their way towards the infirmary. Where they are met with an Uncomfortable site

Seeing Connor again, and seeing Rebecca for the first time since she was 4 as we learn- she realizes that she’s not on an enemy ship. She apologizes to Sister, but the Life of Edens admits that she was actually a fair bit faster than her daughter. She tries to avoid talking about the “elephant in the room,” but her husband and daughter want to hear the truth. 

From The Top: Rachel was born on the Planet Miltz in the Yukino Cosmos. She lived in a Church where the Women in her family had acted as the “Founder” for Generations- The Church of The Saintfire, whom had worshipped time and the abilities of the Founder for ages. Rachel was raised from a Young age to take on that position from her own mother. But…… she wanted more out of life than that. She left, and ended up spending 3 years in the Aoi Cosmos with Lieutenant Commander Connor of the Freedom Force. He was promoted to Captain at a later point. The 3 years that they spent together were the Best Years Of Her Entire Life

Rebecca was born. But on that day; Rachel was found by the Church of Saintfire. Her mother had passed away, leaving the Church without a Founder. She didn’t want for her new family to get hurt, so she complied with their commands. Then they killed Connor anyway. They were none to happy that someone was “intimate” with their Founder. Using the power passed down in her family; Rachel would rewind time over and over, searching for a World in which Connor had lived. And when she finally found one- she went back to the Church without a Word. For years, she was under house arrest. And around the time Rebecca turned 4, the Zealots of the Church- a group called the “Fanatics-” had plotted to Kill this “Child Of Unknown Pedigree.” 

Once again- Rachel went through time in search of a world were her child had survived. And in all those Hundreds Of Thousands Of Worlds- she could never find one, being forced to watch the death of her daughter over and over again. But eventually she couldn’t even do that; she ended up using up all of “Cat Leaper’s” power and she found herself unable to move through time. At the end of her rope, Rachel did the only thing that she could think of: Send Her Daughter Away, to the “Cosmos Where Cherry Blossoms Danced………..” She had found a collection of Followers that she had trusted and sent them off with her daughter and enough money to support her, but they took the cash and ran. The rest you know……….

We see Rebecca’s reaction to all of this. About 70% Forgiven. Rachel continues to say that the Church scaled back to the point where they had completely forgotten their “cockamamie traditions.” So Sister asks how she ended up becoming one of the Oracion Seis Galactica. She reveals: Her Mother- Rebecca’s Grandmother– was the one deemed a Galactica. Her power made those around her afraid, The name “Nox” is the title given to the Founders, but it ended up taking on a “Life of its own,” and Rachel just got thrown into the ranks of Galactica over it. 

Rachel apologizes for leaving Rebecca alone like that. Forgiveness 85%. Rebecca leaves to get dressed, and admits that she still has some “mixed feelings” going on right now, but she’s glad she’s finally getting some answers. And to have finally met her parents. In her emotional state, Rachel admits that she thought about her everyday- That She Has Always Loved Rebecca. Forgiveness 98%. Hearing that, Rebecca turns around to hug her mom and dad for the first time. Edens Zero Chapter 218 END!! As for the percentage, there’s a reason it’s still not at the full Hundred. 


The reason that I think that Rebecca still hasn’t fully forgiven her parents goes back to what I said in my review for a chapter of My Hero Academia- chapter 236. I talked about how children are……….. I don’t want to use the word “selfish,” but more “single-minded.” “They’re not interested in the details” I guess you could say. You could explain to them in Full Detail 3 times over why it was bad to lie to them about something, and that’s why they’re not getting the toy they wanted for Christmas- They Won’t Care. All they know is that they’re not getting something for Christmas and they’re upset around it!! Rebecca now knows why she was abandoned- understands the circumstances of the situation- and will eventually Fully forgive them for it. ‘Cause she’s a nice person. But she’s still upset about it. The facts don’t change: She was abandoned by her parents. And that hurt. 

Side NoteBeen a while, hasn’t it? This was a good chapter and all- provides explanations and emotional catharsis- but the whole time I was distracted by the fact that she came to meet her Mother in a bath towel. I KNOW she had to get there “right this second,” and she was just in the Spa cleaning Labilia, but……… Seriously? Didn’t even bother with the slippers or anything? Was the dress factory not fast enough or something? Or was she just too up in her emotions to realize she was in a towel? Then again, seeing her like this has reminded me that she hasn’t had a lot of fan service scenes since the time skip. And more………..

My perverted nature aside- Miltz arc incoming? Like I said at the start: Everything Has To Be Important From Here On Out. The Edens One has to be an ever present threat for us to take it seriously like we did Shura, Drakken, or even Ziggy. it has a lot to do to get ready to create the future that Ziggy came from!! So any arc going forward; we have to see One doing bad guy things- be it coming in at the 11th hour to get something crucial to its plan, or being ever present in the arc and leaving once it’s gotten what it needs. I’m telling you it’s going to get a Humanoid body- certainly more than one. Maybe it’ll do something akin to what Ultron did in Age of Ultron and have a main body, followed by a bunch of “Lackey Bodies” it’s connected to. This could be Edens Zero’s Best Antagonist if Mashima does this right. 

3rdRachel is left powerless. It looks like there are some limits to what “Cat leaper” is capable of- even more than what we see of Rebecca. Though that doesn’t take away from the power; need I remind you that we are on World 416(as far as we know, right now)? When we were on World 31 after the end of the Aoi War?! Now………. We know that one of the limitations she has is that she can only “Rewind” a few times a day before she starts to “crack.” And now we know that there’s some sort of “Ether Limit” or a limit to the number of times someone can use it. This is a Shonen series, so Rebecca more than likely “has the most power of any Cat Leaper in her family” or something. So don’t think we won’t be skipping through time anymore. But it all means that Rachel is Powerless. 

Am I the only one who had this crazy idea that she’d become the new “Shield Of Edens?” I thought of that around the time spoilers came out; I kind of thought that Mashima had given us a new “Shield.” And while she’s clearly not a “defenseless woman;” her not having Cat Leaper, or possibly not even having Ether anymore, let alone Ether Gear of her own- she’s in the Safe room with Couchpo and Labilia. Which sucks. Then again- Connor doesn’t have Ether gear, and he was steering the ship while Shiki was away. So maybe she won’t be useless(unlike the other 2Couchpo is Rebecca’s editor, and Labilia is there for the same purpose as Kleene and Kris were). Heck; I don’t even know if it’s possible to have “no ether.” I don’t think it’s ever been stated that Ether is something that has a “hard limit” like that, or if it’s like “connected to one’s life force,” so it may be that she’s only lost the ability to travel through time, but can still get a new power. Still possibly the new “Shield!!!!” 


And with THAT I have Run Out Of Things To Say About This ChapterAbrupt” maybe, but the truth. I’ve discussed the main points of the chapter, the potential routes that Mashima could take, and just my general opinions. I got nothing else. It was a nice, emotional, dialogue heavy chapter. Where we go from here- I’m uncertain. I think we might follow up with Clown next, but Mashima could do something completely different. We’ll just have to wait and see, duckies. Still no clue where the h#ll that comes from. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, ladies and gents- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~e!!

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