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1001 Ways To Say REBECCA’S MOM REVEALED!! Edens Zero Chapter 199 BREAKDOWN

Yeah; we get a BIG ONE right before the big 2-0-0! Which makes me wonder what Mashima’s plans are for next week. It’s getting the cover of the issue(which, for this magazine- is a pretty big deal), and a colored cover to celebrate- something we DIDN’T get for chapter 100. So………. what will it be? Something pertaining to Shiki- or just more exposition about Rebecca? Who can say? But we got a whole week to think it over. And a few days to linger on this chapter.

Did I mention that we meet Rebecca’s Mom this chapter? Who do you think it is? Let’s found out!! Edens Zero Chapter 199: “Saintfire Nox.” Oh……….

I don’t even really have anything to say at this point……….


We begin with the Edens Zero’s game of “Cat And Mouse” with Crow. Mosco confirms that Sister and Hermit have managed to defeat their counterparts- and they’ve come out unharmed! And with that; they can stop playing the “mouse” and start being the Pitbull. Kris, Kleene, and Laguna are called back to man the cannons to back up Holy.

Elsewhere; Acnoella finds Justice and Elsie. Dragon’s have a good sense of smell, if you recall. The Dragons attack, and Elsie demands that Justice free him. Skies Above Lendard: Interstelar and the Union Army are having trouble with Acnoella’s dragons. And Cure tells them that the situation is worse than they could have ever imagined- All Of The Oracion Seis Galactica Are Present On Lendard:

  • “Machine King” Ziggy(thus confirming that he IS a Galactica)
  • “Demon King” Shiki Granbell
  • “Space Pirate” Elsie Crimson
  • “The Titan Of Eternal Darkness” Deadend Crow
  • “The Mother Of Dragons” God Acnoella
  • ArchbishopSaintfire Nox

Coming Soon………………

Meanwhile; the main crew makes its way to the core of Lendard, so that Rebecca can summon the Chronophage with “Cat Leaper(in case you guys forgot).” She asks once again if there are any other people one Lendard. Pino says no…… at first. Then she senses a “faint ether reading” coming from a nearby factory. Homura recalls that Connor said that Ziggy was gathering Human for the “scanning” process, so they go to save them.

But what they find here is something………… creepier than they expected: Wall FULL Of Women In Tanks. Seeing his own mother, and Madame Kureani on the wall; Weisz tries to dismiss it as an illusion.


Ziggy enters the scene, reminding Weisz of what Killer told him earlier. He confirms that every woman on this wall is a “Mother” of someone. See; Human Mom’s have this very special type of Ether- which he plans to use for his plans. And to mess with the crew a little bit. As such; he pulls down a particular tank: Saintfire Nox Of The Oracion Seis Galactica- and Rebecca’s Biological Mother!! Thus; Edens Zero Chapter 199 comes to a Divulging END! I REALLY gotta learn more words. That or stop trying to be all “fancy……………”

……………. I don’t see it yet.


Well………….. That was a BIG one. I want you guys to comprehend what just happened: We just met Rebecca’s MOM. We are about to learn a little more about the 2nd most important character in the story. Mashima probably won’t reveal EVERY LAST DETAIL of her origin, but we’re about to learn even slightly more about her! And with the way she’s set up- We need to hyper analyze whatever is in Nox’s flashback. Should we get it by the end of this arc.

We could look at Lucy’s family history in Fairy Tail to get an idea what Mashima’s going for with this one, but I don’t think it’ll be SO close. He doesn’t just “self plagiarize………” a lot. Character roles; Etherion; Oracion Seis; and a few other things- but it’s not like the stories are the same throughout all 3 works! Homura’s origin and relationship with her mom wasn’t JUST Erza’s recycled; he could go a totally different route with it this time.

Is it wrong to say “Never Clean” in this situation?

That said; I also don’t think that we’ll have another “Irene-” we got that with Homura. So…….. will Nox end up being an ally? I’m not sure. I mean; she’s certainly got to be powerful and dangerous enough to earn a spot as an Oracion Seis Galactica. Curious to see what she did to put herself on the map like that, but I get the feeling she’s not a “bad guys-” like Shiki and Elsie.

Joining the crew? I don’t know. On the one hand; Mashima’s falling into the “More Female Than Male” pattern from Fairy Tail, and he said in volume 2 or 3 that he’s trying to keep the gender ratio a little more “balanced.” That said; I can see characters like Holy and and a younger Elsie after the Chronophage rewinds everything. Heck; I’d even be willing to toss Justice into that mix. But yeah; she might- and she might just be a recurring character through the rest of the story. Someone they ally with sometimes, like Elsie.

Other than that: Weisz’ Mom And Madame Kureani. Mrs. Steiner is coming along if she makes it- I’m going to say that right now. I don’t know what will happen with Kureani, though; the last we saw of her was that gang making her their “pet.” Which is the PG13 way of saying she was their sex slave. I can’t imagine it was all that difficult to take her; it was a gang of no-names in the woods on Sun Jewel, and her mind was either completely “shot” or about to break. So they either took her while she was unconscious; she was like Hermit after a few years with that @$$hole and didn’t care anymore; or she LEAPT at the chance to leave with him. Not very easy.

But what this ALSO means is that Killer wasn’t lying to Weisz in chapter 192 really wasn’t a lie; she has been ALIVE this whole time. On the one hand; Weisz should be thanking the Doctor’s of Norma for saving his mom. On the OTHER- They Were Using Her As A Test Subject This Whole Time, while letting him grow up on the streets and get into trouble until it(in 1 timeline) it all blew up in his face. He’ll probably tell you that that was his OWN fault, but still.

Fun Interactions Inbound…………..

Now let’s talk about that ETHER. The reveal was cool, but we were bound to find out at SOME point. I definitely think that the “Mom Ether” thing is the big take away from this week. What is it? I am not sure. Like; I-I can’t tell you what this Ether is going to lead to. Maybe he’s going to use it to power Etherion; maybe it holds some sort of connection to Mother; maybe we’re about to be introduced to a whole new concept all together! I can’t say. I’ve, like- NO CLUE how to continue this post right now I’m at such a loss for words…………….

The arc is moving a long in places, at least; we’re probably gonna start seeing the other battles soon. The title of next week’s chapter is “Alternative,” which probably refers to chapter 165 and the relationship between Ziggy and Shiki. Come one, Mashima- we know it at this point. Ziggy is Shiki from another timeline. It’s not the “What” or even the “how;” it all comes down to the “Why.” But after we get that reveal; I feel that we should just linger on that knowledge and theory crafter for a few weeks, while we see stuff like Elsie and Justice vs Acnoella, or Holy and the Ship vs Crow. Particularly that last one.

Flashback: Imminent


……………………. I think I’ll end it there, guys. Anything else would just be “forcing” a conversation, and one of the main reasons I like blogging is because the conversation can end without both sides feeling “awkward” and like they have to keep talking. “If you’ve said all there is to say, then why keep stretching?” He says like he isn’t thinking about what he’ll says in the “End Of My Hero Academia” post. That’s gonna be a LONG one. But in any case; that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, my duckies. Til next we meet; Have A Wondeful, Wonderful Day. By~~~e!!!

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