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…………….That’s F*cked Up, Man. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 72 BREAKDOWN

Even the translator’s all like……..

No, I’m being serious; that is all kinds of messed up, Jericho. You’re hot and all, but……… this……….. This is Messed Up. I don’t even think I’d say “I still smash, tho(ugh; I can’t believe I just said that),” ’cause this woman is TR~IPPING. To let you know: This chapter reveals that Jericho is…………….. she’s………….. She’s In Love With Lancelot. Someone who viewed her as family- an older sister, his teacher! WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH HER? I’m getting ahead of myself, and I guess I’m not being completely fair to Jericho. Let’s just get on with it. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 72: “A Freezing, Burning Heart.” I’m gonna need to shower after this……….


We pick up where the last chapter left off, with Lancelot arriving to help fight against the Traitor Jericho. She asks her former student if he intends to get rid of “the traitor,” but Lance says he only wants to bring her back to Benwick- as a family member; Ban and Elaine have been worried, and he feels responsible for why she disappeared to begin with. All This To Say: She’s coming back with Lance.

But she refuses to go; she threatens to shatter Guila if any of them get any closer. Jade thinks they should obey, while Chion takes the opportunity to chastise Lance. And Lance just walks on ahead. So she tries to attack, but Lance not only manages to save Guila, but even manages to knock Jericho away.

He hands over guila to Jade and Chion, and tells them to take her to Thetis before she freezes to death, and continues to chase after Jericho. He make his way through the dungeon until he comes to the Main Holding cell, where they’re keeping the suspected traitor. Lance find her again, and says that he’s been looking for her for the past 2 years to find out why she left in the first place. She brings up the events of the special chapter- when they were spirited away to the “World Beyond” 6 years ago.

Lance thinks that she left because in the 3 years they were trapped; all he ever did was cling to her side and make it hard for her to fight, and that she blames him for getting trapped there in the first place. She admits that what he’s saying is true, but it was still “The Happiest 3 Years She’s Ever Had.Why do you suppose that is? Lance wonders, and she admits the she “Loves Him.” But not in the “Brother/Sister/Master/Student” type of wayin the same way that a woman can love a man. Holy cr@p that’s messed up– and gets into some………… other serious issues. Which we’ll talk about later……

It is because of those unpleasant feelings that she felt she could no longer stay by his side; she never wanted to act on these unwanted feelings. “But if that’s why you disappeared,” he interrupts, “then why reveal them to me now.” She says that it’s because this will be their “last meeting.” See, King Arthur made a proposition to Jericho: If she were to do as he said, then she would get the world that she desired- a world where she would be alone with a Lancelot that loves “her alone.” Where the f*ck did this man come up with this plotline?

To live in this “ideal world” of hers; she’s prepared to face Lance with everything she’s got! Then she chants some incantation that takes her to Camelot. Lance checks the Prisoner; he was frozen to death. That- plus the blatant Mind control of his master- sends Lance into a rage, as he screams out “ARTHUUUUUUUR!!!!!!!!!!!” Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 72 END!! Seriously, Suzuki senseiWhat the f*ck?

they’ve got a name now……. I prefer “Galascula,” but whatever


As much as I’ve been harping on it; I’m not…………. all THAT disgusted by it. Creepy as h#ll and VERY messed up, but it’s not like I’m so repulsed that I’m gonna attack the creator on Twitter or boycott the series over it. Because I know better. Not only in the sense of “you shouldn’t attack the creator of a series-” or just anyone, to be honest– but also because I don’t think that this is completely the truth. Arthur’s definitely messing with her head- that’s not even a question. The question is really: “On What Level?”

How much of this is she really thinking?

I don’t know if Lance is already the “Prince of The Lake” that he is in the Arthurian lore(and was said to be at some point after that special chapter), but this might help us understand more. “Chaos” has given Arthur some pretty devastating power- power that we’re only beginning to learn about. He made Camelot from the Ground up- basically creating some kind of Separate Dimension for the kingdom to exist in; looking into his eyes makes you think you’re being violently murdered by monsters; and even revive the dead as we’re seeing with Melascula and Galand. He can even bend reality based on his mood, as we saw with chapter 336 of Seven Deadly Sins. Mental Manipulation is more than within his power.

Though I figure that the spell placed on Jericho is a fair bit stronger than the ones placed on Galand and Melascula. But how much is he controlling Jericho? Is it just the “World With Lancelot” that she wants, or…….. did he make her have these feelings. I have an idea that I want to propose: Arthur and Camelot were the ones who were kidnapping the fairies of Benwick. And they did this to draw out the first potential Knight Of The Apocalypse- Lance. They originally planned to just capture him and kill him, but having Jericho there presented a problem- at first. Then, Arthur figured he could use Jericho as a pawn to either bring Lance over to their side- or kill him with the help of someone he’d never be willing to fight.

I say this mostly because of Ironside’s mission in the very first chapter of the series; he went after Percival because he was a potential Knight of Prophecy- they had sent out a number of Chaos Knights to dispatch all potential candidates. Something to that effect. And how that leads into how Jericho feels towards Lance: Manufactured feelings from Arthur. That “love” that she has may been built up and planted in her mind by Arthur- he could have used the “power Of Chaos” to implant thoughts in her head every now and again- thoughts that she wasn’t actually thinking.

…………………. Maybe stil…………… Nah; not worth it.

But like I said: It may be a ploy to get one of those prophesized to be their downfall over to their side. And I think this primarily because of what I learned while looking into Arthurian lore for last week’s chapter- the bit about Lancelot being a “present” to King Arthur from the Lady Of The Lake. Maybe this is how that plotline kicks off; with Lance deciding to go over to Arthur’s side so that he can save his teacher. He’s too smart and has too much “Ban” in him to ever actually betray Liones or his parents, but………. he also isn’t the type to “go easy” on people, as we saw when he dropped the guise of Sin the Fox. He could make his “betrayal” VERY convincing.

Another thing I just wanted to talk about briefly was the idea of Lance knowing how Chion really feels. The boy reads minds- he knows how that @$$licker feels about he and the other Knights of Prophecy(except Tristan). But he clearly doesn’t give 2 sh!ts, whereas he had a whole tantrum in the special chapter because of what he heard from the Fairies in Benwick. It’s a sign of his growth that he hasn’t kicked that guys teeth in(Lord KNOWS how much I can’t wait for someone to do it). And I think that he’ll play some kind of role in whatever development Chion will undergo in the future- he and Percival. And possibly Gawain, due to the small similarities in their behavior.

Chion “only trusts in himself and those he believes in;” Gawain believes that his power is unbeatable- that he’s “The Strongest.” They only believe in themselves. So whatever development that Gawain undergoes thanks to Percival will be passed down to Chion; teaching him that he can “rely on others” or something to that effect. And Lance would be a catalyst in that development because he’ll probably call out Chion’s thoughts when it comes time for the big betrayal, or maybe he protects Chion at a “grave cost,” revealing that he knew and still chose to protect him because……….. I don’t know; “he’s important to Tristan” or something. Pretty obvious what’s gonna happen. But I know that Suzuki sensei knows what he’s doing.


………………. Wow; that chapter actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be when I saw the initial leaks. I’m not even really that grossed out. Though it puts in a “contradiction” that I originally said in my review for this week’s chapter of My Hero Academia. For that reason; I chose to put this one out before that chapter- I wanted to change some things because I wasn’t really proud of how it turned out. But don’t worry; it’ll be out sooner rather than later!

But yeah; that’s everything I wanted to say in regards to this week’s chapter of “Four Knights Of The Apocalypse!” Got it out in a timely manner and everything; I had a REALLY BAD headache yesterday(from when you’re seeing this), and slept for a few hours to try and get rid of it. Worked, and now- you get a really good post! So until the next post, duckies- Have A Wonderfully Fantastical Day. By~~~e!!!

Yeah- Arthur’s Gonna Pay.
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