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Yuji Is A Human-Cursed Spirit Hybrid- Jujutsu Kaisen THEORY(MANGA SPOILERS UP AHEAD. PROCEED AS YOU WISH.)

Important Note: This post is from my old site- something I made a little over a year ago. Some of the information might be outdated as some new info has come to light, while some still seems to hold up. Either way, I just want to let you know this post is a little old. Otaku Orbit‘s post about Kenjaku being Yuji’s mom is what inspired me to bring this post over; I really liked what he said and he laid out the evidence rather well. Check out his post, then come back to mine and see how well this one holds up. On with the post!! 

Hello again, all you wonderful people out there in internet land!! Man; I don’t know what’s come over me, but I’ve just had this “wave of ideas” coming to me. This is one of those ideas: Yuji Itadori- the main character of Gege Akutami’s “Jujutsu Kaisen” manga, published by Shueisha in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine- is the offspring of a human and a Cursed Spirit. “What would lead you to this conclusion?” you might be asking me. Well; there are several clues in the story that support the idea of Yuji being a Human/Cursed Spirit. And if this is the case; it may well explain is incredible physical ability and the “Memory” bit. You know the bit I’m talking about. I don’t know if anyone else came up with this theory; it’s just something I got to thinking about recently. But, without further ado- Let’s Begin.

1 Body2 Minds

You guys know how I like to do things when it comes to Theory Posts: I like to present the theory, and then tell you the evidence to support the idea. Sometimes that’s not always the case when I go off on tangents and come up with other theories, but that’s not always the case. The theory here is that Yuji’s mother is another “skin suit” for the Curse user “Kenjaku-” who originally tried to make hybrid offsprings of Human and Cursed spirits long ago to try and “evolve humanity.” But Yuji’s grandfather “Wasuke-” being a former Jujutsu Sorcerer- could see through Kenjaku’s ruse while Jin- Yuji’s father- could not for one reason or another………..or so it would have seemed…………. Which I’ll discuss more in a minute.

Let’s begin with Yuji’s flashback in chapter 143– when we first meet Yuji’s parents: Wasuke warns Jin to leave “that woman(Yuji’s mom)-” or he’ll die. Jin doesn’t want to hear any of it- suggesting that they’ve had this exact conversation a few times- and doesn’t want Yuji to hear any of it. After all: “Baby’s remember more than we think they do.” Keep in mind the “memory” bit for later. But we also get a few pieces of information about Jin in the interim- such as his attempt to have a child with a woman named “Kaori.” But at some point and for some reason- that woman died. And he moved on to the woman that would be Yuji’s mother- against the wishes of Wasuke. This woman came in, asking what they were talking about. And when we see her; we see that she has a scar mark across her head- the same as Suguru Geto when we first meet him in the series.

daily getou on Twitter: "Getou on Jujutsu Kaisen 3rd PV!… "

We see that she has a scar across her head like Geto, who(SPOILER ALERT) is revealed to have died and is currently a “skin suit” for the man himself: Kenjaku(or “Noritoshi Kamo,” but there’s already a character by that name in the story, so let’s go with “Kenjaku” for now)- who was revealed in chapter 134 to be using Suguru Geto’s corpse to further his ambitions. He’s turned himself into a a brain, and put himself into other peoples bodies. He did this to implant himself into the body of the Noritoshi Kamo of the Meji period where he originates from, and then into Geto in 2017. Who’s to say he didn’t switch bodies at some point before then? He would kind of have to in between the last 1000 years- a Human body couldn’t last the long. At least; in his case.

But the fact that he’s kind of become a “brain inhabiting a skin suit” means that the “ascension” that he’s looking for is on its way. As we learn about Master Tengen in chapter 145(or possibly sometime earlier- I’m not as versed in where information appears in this series compared to others I talk about); he has to “change bodies-” planting himself in a compatible star plasma vessel once his body reaches a certain age. And he is a Human-Cursed Spirit Hybrid. My thinking is that Kenjaku- being the one responsible for these hybrids- would have this ability as well. He’ll change over his body to a compatible vessel to continue to try and make more of these hybrids. And he saw the perfect opportunity in the Itadori family- a family predisposed to Cursed Energy.

A Memory of What Never Happened…..

Other evidence being a weird occurrence around Yuji- something we see in Aoi Todo in season 1, and again with Choso in chapter 106: The seeming Memory Fabrication thing he does when he’s up against a dangerous opponent. Looking at Choso in specific; he was about to kill Yuji. But before he could do the deed; something happened that resulted in him gaining a memory of Eso, Kechizu, and Yuji sitting around a dinner table together. That sh!t ain’t NEVER happened. But something made him think that.

The other point is in season 1 in which Aoi Todo ended up with a fabricated memory of he and Yuji as classmates- even confessing to the idol Taka-chan. None of that happen- Yuji had only met him that day. But what does all of this have to do with him being a Human-Cursed Spirit hybrid? Well; I’m thinking that that might be his own Innate cursed Technique. He had to learn “Divergent Fist(I think he actually made that technique up)-” but a cursed spirit with such sapience would likely have their own technique. Jogo has “Disaster Flames;” Mahito and his “Idle Transfiguration;” Hanami has his “Disaster Plants;” this could be Yuji’s. But why is his technique “Memory Manipulation?”

We see from Choso, Eso, and Kechizu that they all have some form of Blood manipulation technique(Choso can manipulate it; Kechizu ‘s poisons and decomposes; and Eso has both), and their father is Kenjaku. If we’re going by the idea of Yuji also being Kenjaku’s child, then wouldn’t he have a similar innate technique to them? I don’t think so, and I’ll explain why.

Blood Manipulation: “Convergence”

Let me explain how “Innate Cursed Techniques” work(and by that; I of course mean “copy them from the Wiki”):

They are intrinsic supernatural powers congenitally engraved into a sorcerer when they are born. They generally manifest around the age of 5 or 6, and are completely unique to the respective user. These techniques cannot be copied in most cases because they require innate talent to possess. For those who possess an innate technique, it is considered to be 80% of their skillset. Jujutsu Kaisen Wiki

From this description; we gather that your lineage does not directly determine your innate technique. Another example would be Maki and Mai- Maki has the “Heavenly Restriction” placed on her, whilst Mai has “Construction.” But if that’s not enough evidence for you- I can also point out how Choso and the others were created vs how Yuji was born.

2 Humans- 1 Curse

We learn during Choso’s inner monologue in chapter 134(it may have been revealed earlier than that, but I’m on a role and I found this chapter easier. Plus; I’m on a role at the time of me writing this and I don’t want to stop just to look for it so THERE!!) that he was born when Kenjaku had a Human woman impregnated by a Cursed spirit, and Kenjaku mixing his blood into the fetus- then causing her to have multiple miscarriages, creating Choso, Eso, and Kechizu. But Yuji seemed to have actually been………”born.”

But Choso was made back when Kenjaku was still using his original body. Since he’s been moving from one body to another for hundreds of years; he’s likely become more Curse than human. If he is in fact Yuji’s mother, then he wouldn’t need to mix in his own blood into a hybrid baby- his DNA would just be a part of Yuji. And since he’s more of a Cursed Spirit now(or it would probably be more accurate to say that he’s more like Sukuna in that he’s no longer human but not quitea curse); that means that Yuji would be his biological offspring and a Human-Cursed Spirit.

………………Wasn’t I trying to explain the Innate Technique Connection? Let’s get back to that for a minute: Kenjaku and Sukuna are fairly similar characters. Both were once Humans who furthered their Cursed Energy to the point where they essentially became powerful curses. Both are hundreds of years old(though Sukuna might be older as he’s over a thousand). And both have plans that will affect the World somehow(Kenjaku wants everyone to be a Human-Cursed Spirit hybrid, and Sukuna seems to want to destroy and rule over everything). Okay- just the “Human Became Cursed Spirit” thing. I might have been reaching with those last 2 points.

In any case; I’m getting at the idea that Kenjaku may also have the ability to steal Cursed techniques- just like Sukuna. In fact; he may have gotten the idea to do that from Sukuna since the King Of Curses is older than him. And yes; there is some evidence in the story that Sukuna can use the Cursed Techniques of others. Though it is unclear how right now. But as for Kenjaku; he may be able to steal the Cursed techniques of others by stealing their bodies. Perhaps Yuji’s mother had an innate cursed technique when her body was stolen, or he could have picked it up along the way to that point, and ended up passing that onto Yuji. Or again; it could be that Yuji’s Innate technique just manifested differently from Choso. It could just be something as simple as that.

I think one more piece of evidence that I neglected to mention earlier was Yuji’s immense strength and why he only recently got his Innate technique. I only realized I hadn’t talked about these points after skimming through my post to make sure I brought up every point. Starting with Yuji’s own strength; we know that Yuji is incredibly strong- even before accessing his Cursed energy. That would mean that his body was already physically capable of moving at the speeds he displays against Choso- who displayed that he can also break a wall like Yuji did. Already a comparable feat. But there’s also the fact that his strength is completely natural to him- while someone like Maki has “Heavenly Restrictions” placed on her.

But then there’s also why his innate technique awakened so late in life. I’m not entirely sure why. It could have to do with him being a Human-Curse hybrid- they may only awaken their innate techniques when they tap into Cursed Energy. it may also have something to do with Kenjaku actually messing around with Yuji’s physiology and cursed energy a little bit- likely trying to “implant” this innate technique. Huh; that might be a better idea than him “inheriting” it. Maybe he even put the condition on it that he couldn’t use it until he was able to access Cursed Energy.

Divergent Fist

We also learned in

chapter 135

that Choso can sense his brother’s “deaths,” and he was able to sense Yuji’s– which was probably a better piece of evidence than anything I could have brought up, but I also kind of forgot about it. This post kind of falls apart in places. But I do believe that I have presented enough evidence in the story to support the idea that Yuji is the offspring of a Human and a Cursed Spirit. But what do you guys think? Let me know your own thoughts down in the comments. That’s all I gots for y’all today. Until the next post- Have a Magically fantastical day, duckies!!

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