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Manga Dump Post #12: New Site- Old Problems!

t …………………. think we’re on 12 right now. The number carried on from my old site, since a lot of you are coming over here from there. Look: My Grandmother is out of town at the moment, and won’t be back until Monday(I’m writing this Saturday at 1:40pm). Things happened- things that I can’t talk about, but what I can tell you is that I’m the one in charge of cook and taking care of her 3 dogs. A lot of work. But I wanted to talk about these chapters regardless. It may not be individually the way that I wanted to, but I will. 

For The New People: “Dump Posts” are posts that give a brief summary of the new chapters of the series we discuss in 1 big post. I talk about the chapter, give some of my thoughts, and leave a link to the actual chapter for you to read. This particular post will cover the Shonen Jump chapters- One Piece 1,060; My Hero Academia 366; and Black Clover 338. Let’s begin……….. 

One Piece Chapter 1,060: “Luffy’s Dream” 

The chapter wastes no time in showing us the Straw Hat’s reaction to Kobra’s supposed death and Vivi’s disappearance. Luffy refuses to believe that Sabo had anything to do with it, and Robin agrees, having spent some time with the Revolutionary Army. Luffy demands that they go back to Alabasta right this second, but Zoro reminds his Captain that there would be no point in going to Alabasta without those 2 present. He suggest that they do the same thing that Luffy did when it came to the situation with Ace: Let Vivi handle the situation on her own until the opportunity to help presents itself. The rest aren’t as willing to agree with him, and he comes to blows with Mr. 4th Place over it. 

The Allruing Nico Robin also informs them of the abolishment of the Warlord system, as well as Buggy’s placement as an Emperor of the Sea. Luffy refuses to believe Buggy could ever make it to the top on his own, so Robin offers updates on other events. But Luffy isn’t interested, and instead goes back to defending Sabo. He says that Sabo’s upbringing gave him a desire for freedom- for the freedom of everyone. He calls back to the promise that was made between the 3 brothers, and reveals the TRUE reason he wants to become the Pirate King! None of the crew can believe what they just heard, but they now understand why Luffy wants to be King Of The Pirates- he’d need to be to make that happen. 

To that end; Franky says that they have to find that last Road Poneglyph sooner rather than later. But Robin says that finding it  won’t be that easy……….. 

NAVY HQ IN THE NEW WORLD: The Navy is losing their sh!t over finally finding Sabo; he’s not using the White Transponder Snail to hide his call to Dragon- it just shows how desperate he is. But the information he has to give him is crucial. He tells Dragon that he had no hand in Kobra’s supposed death, and tells them that he saw…………… someone sitting on the empty Throne of the World! The Navy tracks down the call coming from the Lulusia Kingdom. And what happens NEXT- is nothing short of “Bone Chilling.” 

You see: The Lulusia Kingdom is one of several that have rebelled against the World Government; they have their former Monarch’s locked up in a Jail cell on the island. But as soon as Sabo starts talking about the secret hidden in Pangea Castle; Lord Imu delivers a chilling monologue- one that gives us a clue as to WHY he is The KING

Communications, Listen To Me: You Did Not Detect Anything Today. You Did Not Intercept Anything. The Kingdom Of Lulusia? That Country Never Existed In The First Place.

In a flash- Lulusia is gone. The reports chock it up to New World seaquakes, and call it a day. Days Later: We see the Straw Hat’s making their way to a Winter island, signified by their current climate zone(freezing fre@kin’ cold). But their path is obstructed by a “Current Eddy” that makes a giant afro-like structure from the sea. Nami orders Jinbe to change their course, but Luffy and Sanji sense someone in the water- a girl. Zoro slices the it, freeing the girl from her prison. “The Glutton” Jewelry Bonney Of The Worst Generation- Bounty: 320,000,000 Berries. Chump Change. 

……………….. That was Uranos, wasn’t it? Either that or part of Imu’s Haki. He HAS the “King’s Ambition;” we’re just trying to figure out what he can do with it. He may have used Uranos to wipe Lulusia away and used his Conqueror’s Haki to make everyone “forget it existed,” but that just seems little too easy. Then again, that’s not always a bad thing. I don’t think Sabo got……………! Nami said that the Eddy current is a “mass of warm water is being forced up at this point from somewhere.” Aftermath of the blast?” Or is Sabo not dead and trying to force a way out of the water? 

And then you have Bonney. No idea what Oda is going to do, but one thing is for certain: We’re going to learn her true age- soon. Sanji ain’t trying to catch no charges, and he’s not trying to get in an old woman’s pants! All jokes aside; I like that Zoro is continuing to keep Luffy’s head on straight- Luffy is an Emperor now, and that title carries WEIGHT. Luffy may be aware of what it entails, but I don’t think he comprehends what it means yet. He has to grow into the role- and Zoro is there to make sure that happens. 


My Hero Academia Chapter 366: “Full Moon

If nothing else; this series will always be remembered for it’s Phenomenal Art. Narration tells us that Tomura’s body is almost done. It tried being a “mass of flesh that enveloped everything,” but the Heroes bested that. And without his quirks on he couldn’t repair the damage being done to him. So it now believes that a form more fit for Defense. 

Boy does that sh!t work out; if you thought the Heroes were playing on the defensive BEFORE- you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ like this. One after another; he knocks the Heroes to the way side to keep them from “fixing what he’s already broken(Bakugo).” All except for Mirio- the only one who has no offensive capabilities on this battlefield. He can safely ignore him and whoop up on the Heroes til there aren’t any left. 

To complicate things further; Mandalay’s gets in contact with them all, and asks that they keep All For Destruction distracted for 2 Seconds so they can drop the barrier. THEY DON’T EVEN THINK 1 WOULD BE POSSIBLE; he’s just too much for them. Mirio panics- running through everything that he’s gone through up to now; from meeting Sir Nighteye to what he said at the end. His Bright Idea:

You know I can’t even knock him for that one‘Cause it WORKS; AFD is kept distracted for the 2 seconds they needed. With the barrier down- He can make his presence known. That’s right, everyone: The Crybabay All Might Fanboy We Know And Have Mixed Feelings About- IS HERE. Useless Little Izuku Midoriya has made it to the UA Barrier, and he slings himself at All For Destruction with all he has!! 

I didn’t laugh. I don’t know about you guys- “to each his own/” you have you’re since of humor- but I didn’t find it funny, Though it’s not like I hated it. It utilized something that was established in the series(Nighteye and Mirio’s sense of humor), and made sense at the moment. It was so ridiculously stupid that the monster had to take a minute to look at this- in his mind– “desperate attempt at delaying the inevitable.” Which it did

This also means that that thing coming towards Izuku all those chapters ago WAS in fact Star And Stripe’s jets. It HAS to have been; to offscreen an epic sky battle with some Nomu would be………. in character for the current- NO!! Focus on the positives…… focus….. focus…….

Black Clover Chapter 338: “Trouble On A Foreign Road” 

Asta can’t believe that he’s now in his Captain’s homeland, and asks how to get back. Ryuya tells him that Lucius won’t make another move for a while, so he has some time to take it all in. Asta asks him what being a “Shogun” is. Ryuya likens it to being the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. But Asta just blurts out that he “doesn’t seem that strong,” to which Ryu agrees. The lady by his side, however…. 

He notes just from her ki that she doesn’t seem to like him, but he also notes that it feels familiar in some way. Though he wouldn’t dare go near her the way she is. They go for a walk, looking around and getting familiar with the land. We learn 2 things on this walk: 

  1. People in the Land Of The Sun use scrolls to perform “Yojutsu,” just as the Clover Kingdom’s continent uses Grimoires. Yojutsu is magic, and magic power is “yoryoku.” 
  2.  The specialty of Hage Village- Nomotatoes- can be found here! 

Asta sees a girl asking for Nomotatoes, reminding him of the days he and the children of the Church went out with Sister Lilly. Which dredges up the last thing he saw before he was sent here. All the while; Ryu forsees a gang of bandits attacking, and moves the girl and her sister out of the way. The Bandits are surprised to see Ryu walking about, but he tells them that he HAS NO SORCERY POWER WHATSOEVER. As such, he leaves it in the hands of Yami Ichika- the girl at his………… Wait, What? 

Yes, ladies and gentlemen; This Is Captain Yami’s Little Sister. Also, his name is “Sukehiro Yami.” Son of a b!tch hid that in plain sight. The Bandits don’t think much of Ichika, but she uses some kind of ki related ability in conjunction with a veil of Darkness to dispatch the criminals promptly. The people cheer her on, and Asta finally catches on. Ichika grabs him by the face, just to make sure that you know that she and Yami are related, and tells Asta not to “approach her so casually.” 

Ryu says that she- along with the other “Ryuzen Seven-” are incredibly strong. If Asta wants to grow stronger, then he should train with them. But Ichika doesn’t like “men like Asta,” so………….. BIG TROUBLE. Black Clover Will Be On Break Next Week. Eh, had to happen at some point; man needs to rest after delivering consistent quality. 

I’m willing to bet my bottom dollar that the Ryuzen Seven are the same as Magic Knight Captains, and Ichika- being the one that seems to be the closest to Ryu- seems to be one of the stronger ones. I suppose it runs in the familyChar’s gonna have some trouble getting along with her. Though maybe not sense they dislike men. Or did Ichika just mean men like Asta? That should tell you how she feels about her brother. And her usage of ki in this chapter might be a little more revealing of Yami’s home life. She might be the stronger of the 2, which…………….. is horrific. 


………………….. Yeah, that’s about right. Kind of a rush job, but it’s a “Dump Post-” it’s not like it’s meant to be the “long form discussion” that I usually try to do. One Piece and Black Clover were easily the better chapters this week- that’s been the case since “The Fall.” But it’s not like My Hero was “Unbearable.” I wasn’t laughing, but I wasn’t angry, either. Maybe you feel differently. In which case; let me know why! That’s all I got for the lot of you today, boys and girls. Until the next post, duckies- Have A Wonderful Rest Of Your Day. By~~~~e!!!!!! 

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Comments (2) on “Manga Dump Post #12: New Site- Old Problems!”

  1. I’m betting on the weapon that destroyed Lulusia being Uranus. Makes sense to me the World Government would have a trump card like that they’ll break out only when absolutely necessary. I don’t think the “Lulusia never existed” was a haki thing but an order thing. The higher-ups are literally telling them what to think and believe.

    So yeah, Uranus is probably with the WG. Team Luffy has access to Poseidon, and chances are Blackbeard will get Pluton. The final-final One Piece arc is gonna be crazy.

    1. Yeah; things are getting crazy. I saw this theory about each Ancient weapon represents some form of Haki: Uranos being Conqueror’s; Pluton being Armament; and Pluton being Observation. Maybe that was where the idea came from when the Ancient Kingdom who made these weapons were coming up with ideas?
      As for the command “Lulusia Never Existed;” a simple “Command” only goes so far. Someone’s gonna open there mouth at some point, and then another will be spurred to do the same thing. I think that Im has some kind of crazy Conqueror’s power that lets him Actually control people- at least a small group, so that he’s not “All Powerful.”
      You know people are already asking “Why didn’t he use Uranos Before Now?” I was expecting that. And I’m of the mindset that this isn’t something that can just “be used” like that. Before long; people would start asking questions- theories popping up- people actually SEEING this thing- Marines taking a problem and deciding to speak out. And then there’s what Doffy said during Reverie: “Power Degrades Over Time.” If this IS the Ancient Weapon Uranos, and Im’s been using this for 800 years to preserve his rule- how much longer will he be able to use it? Is THAT why the World Government is so gungho about getting Pluton?

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