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1001 Ways To Say That We’re Going To Universe 0!! Edens Zero Chapter 219 BREAKDOWN

This one had one too many titles, guys. I kicked around “The Road To Mother,” “The Road To Salvation,” or “The Road To Zero.” I JUST COULDN’T DECIDE!! I ultimately defaulted to this title because there were 1 too many good ones- ones that I might need to use later and would end up scr#wing myself over if I used it on this set up chapter. We’ll see how things shake out. In whatever case; We are Heading to the Nexus Point of the Multiverse- the Universe where the choices you make branch into literally everything else that is. The Crew Of Edens CANNOT mess around this time- and they can’t let the Edens One get their before them. If this arc is at all on the same level as Belial Goer, then I am willing to forgive the lackluster Kaede War arc and the end of the Aoi War. Those were not your best works, Mashima. know you want to try “other things,” but you gotta finish this project before you move on to your next!! 

Oh, did you guys know about that? yeah, Mashima did a collab with a Youtube channel, in which he talked about wanting to get more into making games and anime, and give himself a break from manga. He still wants to draw, he wants to try other things for a while. This will be his LAST Manga for a minute, guys. More details at the link– courtesy of @AnarshiE on twitter. So that means that he has to end this on the Highest Note a Mangaka of his status can. More details a little later, but for now- Edens Zero Chapter 219: “The Final World.” Here we go…….


Following the events of last chapter; Rebecca’s rediscovered parents……….. aren’t giving her a moments peace. Now that they’ve got their daughter back, they’re not eager to let her out of their sight again. From naughty games to baths to……….. Non-PG13 activities that should not be done in front of children(let alone their own daughter). She scolds them for being insensitive to her friends who lack this “loving family unit,” but they say that they don’t mind at all. Seeing how many “Lookers” are on the ship, Rachel can’t help but ask which of them is her boyfriend. 

Hermit and Sister bring things back to business, asking what Rachel plans to do next. Her AnswerShe’s Going Home To Miltz. There were more than likely survivors of the Saintfire Church, and they’ll probably worried for their founder right about now. But she does plan to meet them with her husband and daughter again- in another world. She tells the entire crew that Mother’s life force is running out, and that all of humanity will die right along with her if something isn’t done about it. Weisz sees it as some “Religious Recruitment tactic,” but Rachel assures them that she speaks the truth. 

If Mother is the source of all life, then that means that a part of her flows through all of humanity. So if she ceases to be, then Humanity will die out sooner rather than later. But Rachel was never able to figure out why this was happening; she just saw it as a common trend in every World she went through. Except for ONE world- The “World Of Possibilities:” Universe 0. According to Ziggy, it’s the only World where Mother thrives. She explains to Connor that these “Universes” are parallel worlds brought on by a single choice. And when a number is assigned to that world, it becomes a “Universe.” Make of that what you will.

She goes on to say that these differences won’t be observable for anyone but those with Cat Leaper. Rebecca thinks this means that she has to be the one to go to Universe 0, but Rachel was referring to the Crew As A Whole. Using Rebecca’s power and the Edens Zero’s ability to channel said power, she wants them to go to Universe 0- and find her all over again. She believes that her Universe 0 self will be able to help them find Mother- guide them, if nothing else. But this all comes with a Warning: Universe 0 is the “World Of Possibilities-” it can become whatever the “Observers” want it to be based on the choices they make. And from there, new Worlds are made. It’s the “Origin Point.” Meaning that Cat Leaper can’t undo anything that they do in that Universe. Rebecca will lose her power as Rachel has, and they will be stuck in Universe 0 for good. Death MEANS Death this time. Edens Zero Chapter 219 END!!! No Pressure Or Anything. 


No, but seriouslyDon’t Blow It. With the usage of Cat Leaper, the second invasion of the Belial Goer was……… I won’t say “Complete Success” considering Drakken turned into a Tentacle Monster, but it definitely went way better than it did in World 29. And having “Reverse” in her back pocket like that let her replicate the same effect on a smaller scale throughout her battles. She won’t be able to do that anymore. I don’t even know what her “Battle Viability” is gonna be following that; will he even be able to use Ether gear at that point? She JUST got her Overdrive in comparison to everyone else!! She was always the weakest among them, but now……. she’s about to lose her “Ace In The Hole.” She’s going to need to learn something new going into Universe 0. Is THAT what Mashima brought Labilia on the ship for

She knows the “Dancing Sakura” style of Karate, and she did pretty good against a powerless Rebecca(even when her heart wasn’t in it). Maybe she could teach Rebecca in the VR-C? And once she’s as much of an expert as Labilia, THEN she’ll sacrifice her powers and take the ship to Universe 0. Though………. I’m still kind of unsure if they lose their Ether altogether, or just the ability to move through time. If she does keep her Ether and Ether gear, then that just adds on to learning Martial arts from Labilia; she can use her speed in conjunction with her martial arts to make up for her lack of time travel abilities. Something like that, I guess. 

But then you also have Code 3173/ Etherion to think about. That Rebecca is functionally Dead, but she’s still pumping Ether like she’s alive. Or……… Is she out of juice? I know there’s the fan theory that the Edens One is being controlled by Etherion Rebecca, but let’s think for a second in terms of her running out of Ether. Because her family can. The ship was attacked by a Chronophage before it could ever make it to Universe 0. And Rebecca’s powers can summon a Chronophage. I think that the Chronophage is specifically trying to eat Cat Leaper’s ether- or whatever it can get from when she uses her powers on some planet. Which is why it attacked the Zero as it was making it’s way through time; it was trying to get Cat leaper Ether!! Which it may have gotten, considering they haven’t moved through time ever again. 

I’m trying to say that the ship can’t move through time with Etherion Rebecca anymore, so they’re definitely going to need their current Rebecca to do it. But they might need the Room; there’s probably some special equipment in there that extracts Cat leaper’s ether that isn’t anywhere else on the ship. MEANING that Rebecca is about to see her own corpse. She’s going to puke. But she’s also going to need to be hooked up to that machine for the ship to get to 0. But doing so will attract another Chronophage. And like Rachel said: Getting to Universe 0 is going to be a “1 Time Only” type of deal. If she messes up on this, even a little bit- Humanity is doomed. So they’re going to need to find a way to keep the Chronophage off their backs. 

I think that the last thing that I really want to speak on would be the collab Mashima did. Because it provides some interesting information about the future of the story. 1) Mashima’s taking a break from manga after this. It was back when the Kaede War arc ended that I went on that little tirade about all the projects that Mashima’s getting involved in; that he’s taking on more than he can handle, and- of ALL the things that he’s currently working on- “Edens Zero’s” quality is the thing that’s suffering. ‘Cause that wasn’t all that great of an arc. And the reaction to the new Volume cover ain’t all that positive, neither. So……… he’s going to wrap up a project, and focus on the rest. Good for his health. But it’s a bit sad that this series is coming to a close so soon………

2)He said something very foreboding about Weisz’ story. Something to the effect of: “I really like the Weisz setting- There’s Grandpa Weisz and Young Weisz. Do you think it would be better if there was a ‘Farewell’ to it someday?” That doesn’t sound good. Especially since we haven’t had a meeting between Young Weisz and the Professor. Translations weren’t “stellar,” so I’m not sure which one he’s referring to, but I know that this means that one of their stories is about to end. Hopefully it’ll have nothing to do with the fact that he also expressed interest in bringing back Muller. 


Abrupt- but considering I started at like 7 the night before and had to do some things before getting back to this post; I’d say I did pretty good. The new system is REALLY Working well for me!! I can’t wait to see what the finished products looks like. Once again; Thank you to @AnarshiE on twitter for the information- she seems to do colorings and EZ news and the likes. So check her out if you got the time. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, guys. And until the NEXT post, boys and girls- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~e!!! 

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