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Establishing “Dominance.” Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 74 BREAKDOWN

I was debating on doing this one. I don’t really feel like talking about it right now, simply because it’s gotten into a lull period where things are happening and yet nothing’s really going on. But then I already posted that Chainsaw Man post and my review for Edens Zero are already out. And this week’s chapter of Four Knights Of The Apocalypse wasn’t “all that.” Thus leaving me with a spare day to make another post. Which JUST SO HAPPENED to be the day a new chapter of “Boruto” would come out. It had been a while, anyway. So let’s see what I can do with the content provided. I kind of wanted to talk about this series a little, anyway; I have some thoughts that I want to get out there, too. 

In the last chapter; Shikamaru devised a plan to gain Eida and Daemon as allies: Granting her wish of meeting with Kawaki. Thus, Boruto and Kawaki were given the mission to live with the siblings. This month- the plan is set in motion!! Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 74: “Baptism By Fire.” Boruto only says this phrase once at the end of the chapter; don’t take it literally. 


Amado, Eida, and Daemon arrive in Konohagakure. Shikamaru, Sai, and others have arrived to greet them; whereas Shikamaru has been caught in Eida’s ability once before, the others………….. fumble over themselves the moment Eida steps off the train. Them and everyone else present at the train station. She says they can skip the “greeting” part, and tell Shikamaru that they accept the cohabitation plan. They offer to take her to their lodging, but she decides that she and Daemon can go on their own. 

Yeah, she can fly. Using her Senraigan; she already knows where she’s supposed to go. So she just flies over, much to the surprise of everyone but Amado, who says that it’s not so uncommon among the “Ohtsusuki Lot-” even Boruto and Kawaki will be able to in the future. Seeing Amado again, Shikamaru tell him to stop holding out and tell him EVERYTHING. Meanwhile, Kawaki and Boruto are checking out their new home for a while. Konohamaru admits that procuring this place wasn’t easy; they actually had to “twist the arm” of the previous owner to get it. Boruto’s super excited to live in such a nice house, but Kawaki tells him that he needs to get focused. The 2 start arguing- more from Kawaki than Boruto, as the events of the initial meeting are leaving him worried……….. 

While some distance away from the house; Mitsuki and Sarada are keeping watch waiting for Eida to arrive. Knowing that Eida more than likely knows what they’re planning, Sarada feels a little more than “anxious.” Mitsuki tells her to just “keep a constant scowl,” as Shikamaru ordered. Team Ino-Shika-Chou arrives, wanting to see the “Mystery Woman” everyone’s so worried about. Chou-Chou admits, however, that she wants to see this new “Love Rival” after Kawaki’s heart. As their talking it over- Eida arrives, touching down on the deck and shooting all the kids a glare. In an Instant- Inojin, Chou-Chou, and MITSUKI fall for her. They don’t even get the best look at her FACE and their foaming at the mouth to get close to her. 

Moegi arrives to reprimand her students, and gets the details of the situation from Sarada- she and Shikadai having been seemingly unaffected by Eida’s “charm.” Eida walks in the house, and makes Konohamaru faint just by speaking to him. Boruto call down to Eida so they can talk, but Daemon comes down and takes the boy by surprise, introducing himself. Daemon recognizes them as Ohtsuski immune to his sister’s ability, so he decides to hold a “demonstration” to make sure they know “where they stand……………..”

Kawaki calls “Bullsh!t” and tries to throw Daemon out of the house, but his attack is reflected and he’s sent backwards. Daemon decides to “call off the tricks” and take Kawaki seriously. Using his dojutsu, Kawaki sends some Chakra rods Daemon’s way, but the boy catches them all, and knocks Kawaki out. Boruto attempts to intervene, but………………. it ends the same way, and he didn’t even really put up a fight. Some time later; Boruto wakes up, seeing Eida stroke Kawaki’s hair as he lays on her lap. She apologizes for the “harsh greeting,” and Daemon adds that it was merely to show them: They Are The One’s In Charge Here. 

Kawaki gets up, and for once– Eida is the one that’s left flustered! But Kawaki ignores her completely and shoots a death glare at the cocky Daemon. Shikamaru calls in with Bortuo, who explains that- despite the “Baptism By Fire-” they might be able to get a long. Or at least not kill each other on the first day. With that “Glowing” status report; Shikamaru and Naruto can now get all the info they need out of Amado. Provided that they let him smoke. Boruto- Naruto Next Generations Chapter 74 END!!! “Keeping Up With The Ohtsusuki?” “Tween Boys?” What Reality TV show is this gonna end up being?!


……………… So they’re part of some Reality TV show? Or some Sitcom that has an overarching story(kind of)? We’re doing that now? I mean; I knew a guy back in Community College who wished we could have seen……….. a whole chapter of Naruto and Hinata going on a date? I………. I guess? These guys admit they don’t do so well when it comes to love stories, so I never expect that kind of thing- their “love” comes through in the actions they take in the story. But then you had Samurai 8 which tried to do that “Love Story” cr@p, and………… I didn’t hate it. Not anymore problematic than any other relationship at that age, I guess. So I suppose that Kishimoto- who’s supposed to be writing the manga now that the original writer left(even though he’s still listed as the “Supervisor)- is trying his hand at another one, with the proper “romcom” antics we see in movies. Maybe this won’t be terrible– which is all that I can ask for from any series. 

It’s 1 thing to be “Boring;” it’s WHOLE OTHER THING when you’re wasting my time- ESPECIALLY with Monthly series. You make me wait 30 some-odd days for the next chapter just to show me Naruto taking a DUMP and him having to unclog the toilet, and you’ve lost me as a consumer. What am I trying to say with this? I suppose it would be: I don’t want for this next stent of “slice of life” to just be “filler.” The anime has enough of that, and it’s not even all that good the vast majority of the time. To the point where I just don’t watch it unless it’s manga content. 

Right now; I just feel that the series is boring. But whatever the next Action packed arc is, I feel that this arc will be a little more relevant. This is a “Character Focused” arc I suppose; an arc where they’re not really doing anything except grow “closer” as a group. Boruto, Kawaki, Eida, and Daemon are going to be living together for a minute(whether that’s fully fleshed out or left to the anime to give us 60 episodes of Eida trying to get in Kawaki’s pants is a topic for the future- however close or far it may be)- they’re going to grow to be Friends at some point. Kawaki and Daemon seem to be adversaries at the moment, but I kind of feel like their going to have that “older Brother/ little Brother” deal going on by the end of it. Kawaki still wanting to kill him, but in a sillier manor. 

Boruto is the “Protagonist” type- his written to get along with most everyone, unless the story they want to tell requires that he doesn’t. That, and the fact that he’s an Ohtsusuki now means that anything he says to Eida- any feelings, romantic or familial- are GENUINE. He can talk to her on a different level than anyone else; has the………. has more “Emotional Maturity” than Daemon and Kawaki so he can kind of understand her feelings- he was sent on this mission to be do just that. And Eida being older and effectively “All Knowing” means that she can help Boruto with his own little “love story.” Thus doing what my College Classmate did and potentially give us a better romance subplot. Something to that effect. 

Once again- Daemon proves his strength. You can argue all you want about it, but it’s becoming more and more clear that He’s the Strongest Character in the Verse right now. Granted, Kawaki wasn’t taking him seriously- not even growing his horn out. But even so; he still used Isshiki’s Dojutsu and it did nothing. And I think there’s a reason for that. Look at how Daemon acts: He thinks he’s Top Sh!t; disrespects everyone, choosing to treat them as “rides;” says what he wants; picks fights with people; and doesn’t really follow orders unless they come from Eida. Eida carries a very similar air to her, except less violent with it. My point is that Daemon and Kawaki are the same. Ever since he got his Karma mark back, he’s been acting disrespectful to everyone he comes across unless they’re Naruto. 

He and Shikamaru have been butting heads since Code’s little incursion; calling him useless only a chapter ago, doing what he wants without regards for orders, and even in this chapter he starts arguing with Boruto. Because it seems like no one could beat his @$$. I think what the story is going for is something as simple as “Daemon being a reflection Kawaki, showing him how he’s been acting, and he realizes he needs to change.” And then, like I said- since they might be going for the Brother Dynamic- he decides to make that change to “set an example” as to what Daemon should be like with this power. Something simple like that. Which would AGAIN tie into whatever arc comes next. 

Other than all of that; I kind of liked the comedy. This Ino-Shika-Chou formation– No. But then we haven’t really gotten to know them in the manga, and the anime- NO. But this was actually pretty funny! We know from Code’s second Incursion attempt that Eida’s ability affects people differently. As Amado describes: “Different People Get Different Symptoms. Some ‘Simple types(Delta in this context)’ just become infatuated.” Inojin- Simple. Chou-Chou- Basic. But MITSUKI of all people?! I knew he’d fall for her just like everyone else, but for him to fall for her in the some way THEY did- I actually kind of smiled. I don’t know how they’re gonna deal with that, but it’s clear that Shikadai and Sarada are going to be……… more like Shikamaru and Amado when they interact with Eida. Unless they really didn’t get the same “Good Look” that the others did. I wonder about that. 


……………… I had less to say than I thought. My ultimate thought was that this series isn’t all that interesting, but I think it’ll read better when it’s time for the BIG stuff. I think what’s being set up is obvious, but in a Good way. Though something I notice with chapters of “Boruto” is that they usually have at least 1 battle- even if it’s something small like this. Last month was the only one in my memory that didn’t see anyone in combat. But yeah; I think this is gonna be hilarious if nothing else. Let me know your own thoughts, guys. And until next we meet, Ladies and Gentlemen- Have A Fantastic Rest Of Your Day. By~~~e!!!!! 

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