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Shiki, Ziggy, And A Jump Through Time. Edens Zero Chapter 200 Birthday SPECTACULAR

Yeah; writin’ this one on my birthday. So leave a like and comment to wish me a Happy one! And I can think of no better way to celebrate turning 23 than talking about one of Favorite Manga from the last few years- Hiro Mashima’s “Edens Zero!!” But before we begin; I’d like to teach you all the meaning of a phrase you’ve probably heard before: “Murphy’s Law.

According to this age-old adage(Me is smart ’cause me use big me words): “If anything can go wrong- It Will.Stories use this idea to its fullest; can you recall any story where everything goes exactly as planned? Maybe in lesser-written stories where the Bad Guy’s a genius, but we’ll see it mostly with the Heroes of the story. This case is no different. Ziggy- somehow knowing of their plan- has gathered something that’ll put a hamper on “Operation: Planet Eater.” I hope you’re ready, Young Granbell……………. Edens Zero Chapter 200: “Alternative.”



In the last chapter: The crew makes their way towards to core of Lendard to initiate “Operation: Planet Eater.” But an unexpected detour reveals something horrific: Ziggy has been kidnapping people’s Mom’s and draining them of their Ether!! Amongst these mom’s include Saintfire Nox of the Oracion Seis Galactica- Rebecca’s MOTHER. And the “Archbishop” of the Religious organization “Saintfire” who controls time. She and her followers put up a fight, but………… Nah. Other Mom’s in the crowd:

  • Irma Steiner- Weisz’s mother. Foolowing her life force being drained by Drakken; Irma was kept by the Hospital for 3 months, being studied for research. Deceased.
  • Kureani Kogetsu- Homura’s Mother. Ziggy sent his minions to capture her 2 years ago, but……. she was in a……. “bad state.” As suchDeceased.
  • Rean Rutherford– Kris and Kleene’s mother. Deceased.
  • Uruha Husert- Laguna’s Mother. Deceased.

Seeing Ziggy do this to his friend’s and so many other’s moms; Shiki dives in for an attack- before being pushed back by Ziggy. He confirms that- while the other’s are in fact gone- Nox still breathes. He just got the rest of them to f*ck with them. But his aim with collecting all these mama’s is to drain a very special Ether from them- the “Power To Create Life.” Collect enough, and he’ll be able to find Mother herself. Then he’ll be able to Destroy Her- wiping out all organic life in the Universe.

“Family Reunion”

Shiki tries to attack again, but Ziggy opens a wormhole and sends Shiki away. Before he leaves himself; he tells the crew something crucial: This is the core of the planet. If they summon the Chronophage; it’ll eat the planets time. And anyone still there when it comes to feast- will be erased from existence altogether. On top of realizing that a lot of the Chronophage attacks were her fault; she now has to think about what’ll happen to the Mom’s still alive. Good luck sleeping tonight, Becky.

And then………….. we come to the tallest structure on Lendard, where Ziggy sent Shiki. Ziggy arrives, and the 2 take their stances. Their “Gravity Fists” Clash, and the building falls to pieces. Shiki takes his Overdrive- Ziggy remains the way he is. Epic Double Page Spread Happens, where Shiki gets in Ziggy’s face.

Let’s. F*cking. GOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

They break away, and Ziggy commends the boy for growing stronger. The fighting continues, with neither one giving an inch- but remaining unable to topple the other quite so much. Ziggy then says something curious: “So this is one who has gone outside a moment in time.” Shiki asks about this, but before we can get an answer- we jump to 20,000 Years in the future, just like in chapter 4 of the story. Same moment, actually– those 2 guys who were looking at the debris of a destroyed planet are holding a B Cube with “Edens Zero” inscribed on it.

Then………… Something happens to the Male corps gives off an Ether Signal. He’s alivesomehow. And thus; Edens Zero’s 200th Chapter comes to an Ominous END!! Maybe everyone once in a while………………

Don’t just stand there yelling GET HIM A SPACE SUIT!!!


Where The H#ll Do I Even Start With This Chapter? I guess I can start with the Moms. So we won’t be getting to meet Kris and Kleene’s mom, or Laguna’s, and they won’t just be characters that exist else where in the Universe while the adventure goes on. At least not Irma and Kureani. But then you have Nox. They’re going to save her; they’re going to save them all, and give the dead one’s proper burials. Because they “understand the weight of life.” And regardless of Homura’s past with Kureani- STILL the woman who gave birth to her, and made sure she was alive long enough to meet Valkyrie. She at least deserves to be buried.

She isn’t broken up, but she does feel bad……….

I don’t know how much time Mashima is going to dedicate to taking these Mom’s back to their families; he could have Xiao Mei that the crew delivered them all off screen, or he could use Nox to take them all back and remove them from the story for a minute. Or he could even have Elsie do that- or in all honesty the Union Army. A lot of way he can handle that, but I definitely don’t think that’ll be that important.

And I really want for Nox and Rebecca to talk. My hope is that Nox didn’t want to give Rebecca away; I feel like making her a “Selfish Woman” would just be the same as Kureani. And while that was cool, I don’t think Mashima’s gonna repeat the same beat in the same story. I mean, maybe in his next series, but not right now. I want Nox to be another ally to the Edens Zero- kind of a “Protective Mother” that tries to kill Weisz and Shiki for perving on her so much(as a gag), and- rather than try and demand her back- just let’s her continue to journey with her friends. Know what I mean?

In fact; I can already think of how her story went- assuming that Mashima chooses to make her the “Sympathetic type.” And it all goes back to what Ziggy revealed in the chapter: She’s the leader of a Religious Organization. There are 4 ways she became the leader:

  1. Her power messes with time, according to Ziggy. She is the Prophet that they have been waiting for, and now she’s their leader.
  2. Her power let her force her way to the top.
  3. She was down on her luck and feeling less than hopeful after having to give up Rebecca, and found this religion. She would stay with that group and rise through the ranks. Her power was recognized and she became a Galactica.
  4. She founded the cult

She looks a little………. Young………….

I want to say that answer 3 is the right answer, but I also don’t want to discredit the other 2 ideas. Especially since I just thought of something else. But we’ll get to that in a minute. Firstly; she seems to have Time powers like her daughter. And she either knew something about these powers, or some 3rd party told her something about them. And from there the cult was either founded by and around her, indoctrinated her, or she was made the leader on the spot. I’m uncertain at this point. We’ll likely learn more when she wakes up and it’s time for the “Post Arc Reflection” period.

Although something that I just thought about: Doesn’t she look kind of young? And isn’t it HEAVILY implied that Rebecca is from the future? Maybe it’s not Nox who’s some kind of “Messiah,” but she’s the “Mary” to Rebecca’s “Jesus!!” She passed on “Cat Leaper” to Rebecca, and someone(Shiki’s) gravity “pulled her” out of the future, bringing her to the present. That is a theory. But it doesn’t explain Nox’s origins, or why someone so young is the head of a Religious group. All that will probably be explained in due time, but at least we’re getting a better idea of Rebecca’s origins. I hope this theory isn’t overlooked or copied……….

The Flashforward. That godd@mned Flashforward; we haven’t even THOUGHT about since chapter 4 of the story(there was that little segment inchapter 134 that basically told us that that was Rebecca’s B-Cube, but other than that). I’m guess that we’ll keep getting more of that moment in increments like this- around every “Milestone” chapter or so- He says and then next chapter opens with the follow up. I’ve been running under the assumption that the bodies there are Shiki and Rebecca. Because main characters. There is no evidence to say they aren’t the corpses- no reason to say they are. Could be Weisz and Holy for all the f*ck we know. There’s just no way to tell right now.

And it’s not like we have anything more to speculate about. I don’t know what Planet that was; is this chapter implying that it’s Lendard? Or is it another world that’s going to be critical to the story, in the same way that Blue Garden is? ALL WE KNOW SO FAR: A catastrophe occurs 20,000 years in the future. Some troops are sent to scope the area. They find a male and female corpse– both Human. They find a B Cube that has “Edens Zero” on it, and hold it up to show us a planet turning to dust. That’s all we know right now. We’ll get the full picture someday……….

Dust In The Wind…..

Shiki is a “Being Outside A Moment In Time?” What can I really gather from that? That Mother may have pulled this particular Shiki out of a point in time to “change the Universe?” WE KNOW THERE’S TIME TRAVEL SHENANIGANS AFOOT; every bit of information we get gives us 10 or 20 more questions to ask! That’s not a Bad thing by any means- it’s actually one of the best parts of any long running story, I feel. We can get all the answers we want, but you gotta make sure that these kinds of things were questions in the first place!!- or something like that.


………………………That’s all. That’s pretty much my take away from the chapter; the more answers we get- the more questions pop up. Also I want Nox to be an ally; I just want Rebecca to have a good relationship with her Mom!! I’m not saying she’ll join the crew, but much like Elsie- she’ll be around. Mother Help Any Soul That Harms Rebecca in Any Way. And help Weisz and Shiki when her wrath comes down. Then again, if “Rebecca” isn’t even born yet, then…….. Oh my God, so many hilarious interactions can come from this. PLEASE, MASHIMA SENSEI~~~~!!!!!

I just wanted to use this image at some point.

In any case; that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, my duckies. Let me know your own thoughts on the chapter, and be sure to share this with all you’re friends. Please, as a Birthday present to me! Until the next post, boys and girls; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~e!! 

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