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The Scariest Types Of All. My Hero Academia Chapter 357 BREAKDOWN

Hey, all. Boy, I can’t remember the last chapter of this series we talked about. Sorry I sound so unenthused; the last few days have been kind of “rough” for me. And considering what my work schedule for next week is looking like- it’s not gonna end any time soon. But I’m gonna keep going! All I Can Do. Last time we talked about this series; Shoto kicked his brother’s @$$, giving everyone a Morale boost! Several things have happened since then. We’ll get to that in a minute. But first; My Hero Academia Chapter 357: “Wounded Hero, Burning Bright And True!!Had to do the introduction first.


The Story So Far

After Shoto froze Dabi solid with his Ice flames; the news of his victory spread like wild fire, giving everyone the boost to try harder in their own battles. Ashido finds Midnight’s killer, so you can bet she’s out for blood. Fat Gum and Aoyama are going up against a Tartaros Escapee under All For One’s employ. Spinner refuses to accept that Dabi lost after refusing All For One’s “help,” whereas he himself just gave in like always. But during ALL OF THAT- Dabi might not be down and out just yet. Which leads us over the the battlefield against All For One, where we are currently.

All For One manages to get under Endeavor’s skin, leaving Hawks, Tokoyami, and JIRO of all people to fight the Big Bad alone. For whatever reason; Jiro’s sound attacks make All For One’s quirks “rebel” just like Star And Stripe did, which allowed the Heroes to strike his sole(discernible) weakness: That Iron Long On His Ugly Mug. THAT fails to end it, so Endeavor gets back up and takes out all his frustration with himself on All For One. And here we are.

Chapter 357

As Endeavor continues his crazed attack; All For One begins to think: “This is just like back then with All Might.” It’s enough power to make him think that he might actually lose this. The fight continues, and ends up on the ground. Kamui Woods even takes it upon himself to move all the Heroes out of Endeavor’s way! Hawks asks him why he’s not using his “Prominence Burn” to finish it, to which Endeavor replies that he can’t use it “wildly;” he has to make sure that it lands, or they’re done for. As such; he’s whittling down All For One’s defenses as much as possible.

All For One moves to try and take his quirk, but the No 1 drags him across the map, and uses literal HEAT VISION to keep his hands away. Endeavor says “The Only Thing Those Hands Have Ever Done Is Destroy People’s Lives!!!” All For One’s like “So Have Yours!” Endeavor replies “I Know!!” And he laments in all of his mistakes: Touya, and all of the people he’s killed; the way he treated his family; his petty jealousy towards All Might; and compacts it all:

My Mistakes Took Form As Toya, leading to so many stolen “Futures.” The Past Never Dies– rage, resentment, and even penance are wound together toward the Future. And the future…….. Is A Path For The Young.

A Path With So Many Bright Choices. That’s Why I Must Win This; so that when Those Kids Walk That Path- My “Past” Won’t Stand In Their Way.

I’ll Keep Raging Against Myself.

Enji Todoroki- The Number 1 Hero

Thinking about his past mistakes- the mistakes that lead to this moment; he vows to be the one to take on the punishment- and live to keep check over Touya. With all the hate for himself he has in his heart(try saying THAT 5 times fast); Endeavor unleashes his strongest “Prominence Burn” to date, and burns All For One to a crisp. But he ain’t dead yet. It’s “All For One,” guys; he didn’t come into this without a contingency plan. Even though this body is disposable at this point; he has a theory he wants to test. Heroes ain’t the only ones who are “Scary” When They’re Wounded.

Elsewhere- over the ocean- we see Yoichi make contact with Deku; he’s sensing something bad going on with his brother. But Izuku’s about to have his hands full it seems, as something starts flying towards him at top speed. Well this can’t be good. Thus; My Hero Academia Chapter 357 comes to a Frightening END!! CAME UP WITH THAT ONE MYSELF!!!


……………….. Give me a minute; it’s been a while. Um………. I think that this chapter ties into one of the more Prominent themes of the story(no pun intended) of “Passing The Torch.” This theme is more prevalent in the One For All/All For One gimmick, but it’s present here in that Endeavor is choosing what the next generation inherits. And one thing they won’t get is All For One. Also him using legit Heat Vision was pretty cool to see.


All For One Has Eri’s Quirk, Doesn’t He? Or I guess a “Counterfeit” of it. Scenario 1)Eri’s quirk factor was present in the Quirk Erasing Bullets, and All For One was able to extract that factor from those tiny samples of blood, and he’s now using “Rewind” on himself to get closer to his original power. Scenario 2)Ujiko was able to make a counterfeit of Eri’s quirk from the Deleter Rounds, and All For One was able to get it out of the rubble of his lab- or one of the other labs they had as spares. Both situations end the same, though. The question just becomes “What is he going to use it for?”

He seems to be using it to heal himself here- and it seems to be working better than the Hyper Regeneration quirk All For Destruction has. With that quirk; Tomura’s body is able to regenerate fully- except for the 3 fingers Re-Destro tore off. That quirk seems to heal you to the point when it was received; he got the quirk after he lost some digits, so he can never get those digits back(until he reached his “Singularity”). With “Rewind;” you could rewind someone to the point where they weren’t even Born(see Eri’s Dad for example). So All For One might not just go back to looking like Slender Man’s Shorter Cousin- he might be going All The Way Back! Which would beg the question of “Will He Get His Old Quirk Back?”

Hori-Horror Manga When?

Eri was able to return Mirio’s quirk by rewinding his body to a point where he had it, so……. could All For One’s body get rewound to the point where he had the original “All For One” quirk? Based on what we’ve seen of Eri’s abilities- That is entirely possible. But………. won’t that get rid of this counterfeit “All For One” quirk? Meaning whatever version of “Rewind” he has will get erased? And remember what Ujiko said when All For One was first introduced; he implied that All For One didn’t have the Hyper Regeneration prior to that point in the story. In fact; he said it would be 5 years before it was ready. Which would mean that returning to his original state- the state before the fight with All Might(that we probably won’t get to see)- would leave him not quite so powerful. Know what I mean?

And clearly he knows that “going back” to that will leave him extremely vulnerable. Which is why he still deems this body “disposable;” he knows that Endeavor is at least strong(and dangerous) as All Might was back then, and he saw first hand how THAT turned out. But he stands a better chance with his original power and younger body than he does the way he currently is. Though what he plans to do if he succeeds and doesn’t die is a bit of a question.

Like; what happens now that he has his old power and a younger body back, and doesn’t die? 2 All For One’s, and neither of them are willing to give up control. But one of them is not only Super Modified to be strong without quirks, but has also succumb to “Singularity,” has Hyper regeneration(we assume), a grudge that’s making stronger the more it grows, and the ability to turn anyone and anything he touches to dust. I don’t think that he’s thought this situation through completely.

Before………… all of this; I always believed that Tomura would overcome the All For One Vestige within him- absorbing him and taking back full control of himself. And then kill the Original for revenge. And the story would see Tomura tapping into those All For One-isms like intricate planning and manipulation to reach his goal of Destroying The World. Clearly that’s not happening, and it’s too late for that to happen anyway. But maybe Horikoshi is giving us a tease of “What Could Have Been” with this? Maybe the OG All For One and All For Destruction will meet up at some point and Destruction Decays All For One? Something like that?

Art, as always, looks really good. Especially with all the Fire and attention payed to Endeavor’s facial expressions. And that All For One panelthat was chilling. I agree that Horikoshi would be fire every single week, but………….. hopefully the end is planned out a bit better. Not gonna go there; just saying. Though I don’t think he’ll be writing manga for a while after this series ends. He seems to have taken a lot of breaks recently, and one of his author comments kind of indicates that he wants to finish this story as soon as possible. He’ll return some day I’m sure, but no time soon. 

So Cool.


Huh………… Pretty Good Chapter!! I actually kind of missed talking about this series. I know I’ve been kind of rough on it in places throughout this post(and when this series finally ends- I’m gonna “let it all out”), but this was a good fight. And Endeavor has proved to be one of the coolest characters in this Finale- an MVP, thinking about it. I wonder what he’ll do when it’s time to face All For Destruction. Will he even be able to move at that point? We’ll know if he’s still able to speak after this!

That’s all I got foy you all today. Until the next post, boys and girls; Have A Magically Day. Later!! 

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Comments (4) on “The Scariest Types Of All. My Hero Academia Chapter 357 BREAKDOWN”

  1. Yeah I definitely liked this chapter and I really hope AFO does have Eri’s ability and rewinds. Not to take away from the hero’s efforts since it was a tough fight but if he loses here it almost feels too easy in a sense. Not saying it was “Easy” but someone like AFO just feels like you need a bigger force of heroes to take him out.

    If he does go into his prime, then I think it’s time for All Might to return. I’ve been banging the drum on that ever since Mirio got his powers back since I feel like it was foreshadowing that Eri could do the same for All Might . Sort of reawaken the last embers within him

    1. I can see that happening- All Might returning to his prime. He’s just sitting with Tsukauchi and the rest watching the whole battle from elsewhere. But one problem is that he’s not out there now. Knowing his limits or not- HE WOULD BE OUT HERE, helping Endeavor kick the cr@p out of All For Lame-O.
      And another problem is that further makes Eri EXACTLY what everyone was afraid she would be: A Living “Senzu Bean.” I mean, yeah; too late to complain NOW, but it’s the truth.

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