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The King Descends! Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 76 BREAKDOWN

tWhat was the last chapter I talked about? Chapter 73That long ago, huh? Meh; I’ll make the recap as quick as I can. If I seem low energy, it’s because- at the time of my writing this(Wednesday, September 7th, 2022, 1:11pm)- I have work in a few hours, and nights recently have been……….. “trying” to say the least. I won’t even be able to finish this post the day that I started it; I have to get dressed 4 minutes from when I said that. Long story. Let’s just try to enjoy the chapter. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 76: “Descent.” For once, the title has something to do with the actual chapter title!! Hooray!! 


Chapter 74: Melagaland manages to take out the Knights of The Apocalypse! And what’s more- their allies are rendered with reverse senses due to Chaos Melascula’s poison. Hendrickson and Dreyfus arrive to help everyone get their senses back, and Isolde arrives to lead the charge against the revived Commandments. 

Chapter 75: Isolde and the other Holy Knights do their absolute best against the Demon Melagaland; they know that the power of the Knights of Prophecy will be key in defeating Camelot. That hope begins to converge withint Percival, boosting his magic to unprecedented levels- the Mini Percival’s are now sentient, speaking and everything! Merely them touching the other Knights rejuvenates them to keep fighting. But Melagaland still proves to be even stronger- almost killing Isolde. Tristan wakes up- enraged. He asks that they find Lance soon- he’s the only one that will be able to stop what happens next…………… 

THIS WEEK: Tristan begins to fight back against Melagaland- and he’s doing WAY better than anyone had previously. Gawain- awakened from being conscious- condemns Trsitan for lying about his power once again. Melascula uses “Hades Supper-” a spell that summons hands from beneath the ground to drag down everyone they touch. But even that proves to not be enough to stop Demon Trsitan; all he need do is “flex” his power and they all release him and retreat back into the dirt. 

He gets up close and personal with Melascula, and grabs her by the pits- trying to rip her right out of Galand’s head. She begs for her life, and Tristan says that he’ll comply- then rips her out anyway. As he said when this beatdown started: “He Can’t Control Himself When This Happens.” While back at the castle; Melidas prepares to head out. Elizabeth is shocked that Tristan would use such a power, but Meliodas isn’t all that surprised- now that Tristan has “friends he can depend on.” But that doesn’t mean he’s gonna sit back and watch the bloodbath- not as a “King” and certainly not as a “Dad.” 

Galand continues to fight on his own, but even his best efforts can’t stop Trsitan; all that happens is him getting cut to ribbons by the Prince Of Liones!! Percival tries to interject, but Tristan tells him to “stay back;” he’s too far gone, and won’t be able to stop himself from attacking those close to him. And then a voice let’s out a “Well Done.” He commends everyone for the “Good Show,” and the rubble of the town begins to float up into the sky- forming a Giant Staircase to the Heavens. 

The voice continues on to say “Such a bad girl, Gawain- running away without permission……….. How worried did you think your Big Step-brother would be.” He has come to assess the “Four Youngsters” destined to destroy his Kingdom- starting with the son of the King And Queen of Liones. Ladies And GentlemenKing Arthur Pendragon of Camelot. 

Seeing the man that ordered Ironside to kill Vaghese; Percival becomes overwhelmed by his rage. He flies at Arthur at top speed, demanding that his Grandfather be restored. Arthur dismisses him completely and turns his attention back to Tristan. In his unbound state; Tristan comes at Arthur, vowing to end the whole conflict here and now. Four Knights Of The Apocalypse Chapter 76 END!! I won’t say he’ll die- but he’s about to get f*cked up. And he’ll get teased for having to have his “Mommy” heal his “boo-boos.” Which is gonna hurt a lot more- especially coming from his father. 


There are many things that I want to talk about in regards to this chapter- and the ones that I didn’t cover. There’s Percival’s magic evolving, for one, but also Trsitan’s power; Arthur’s arrival; Gawain’s family life; and Meliodas’ next move. All of which cool. But if I had to choose one first, then it would be Percival’s magic. It’s certainly powerful, but a weakness has definitely been revealed in this arc. 

On the one hand; it’s proven to be very effective, especially in group situations. It’s “Power Of Friendship” as an actual power; all he needs is multiple people around him to “believe” in him, and his power will grow in proportion. Pros: He’s as strong as is needed; every character serves some purpose, if only a small one; and can do and make whatever is needed for whatever situation because his magic has no defined shape. Cons: He relies on people who- let’s face it– range from anywhere to “just as strong” to “not quite,” like Donny and Anne. Without people around; he’s not so powerful. Which something that I think would be good for character development, and for his power progression. 

I think that the key to his Hero type magic lies in the aura he protrudes. This is just my own silly thought- not really based on much of anything- but I think that Percy needs to learn how to “contain” that power within himself; to concentrate it and control it, rather than just let it flow out into the massive ball he creates. I think that in doing so, he’ll be able to hold more magic within- that he may be able to keep all that power so that he can fight at his best even without a group around him. Let’s face it; the main thing that’s going to happen when it comes time for the bigger, long form arcs- we’re going to have the Knights of The Apocalypse separated during a lot of missions. They may go off on missions together, or perhaps with the allies that they already have- Percival, Anne, Donny, Nasiens; Tristan, Jade, Chion, Isolde; Gawain………….; and Lance seems like the “Solo Act” type. 

The other thing to think about is Tristan’s Demon Power.He takes more after his mom-” he likes to hear that. But every now and then; he’ll act like his father. I suppose that temper runs in the family, doesn’t it? All joking asidethis is cool. If we go by the logic that he “takes after his father” when channeling Demon power, then I think he’ll learn how to use it the same way Meliodas learned to control hisCharacter Devlopment. For Meliodas; he had to learn how to channel his emotions better- to stop getting angry over Elizabeth’s many deaths and just let himself cry. We don’t know enough about Tristan to say what his issues are, but it’s clear from what he said to Melascula a few chapters ago that he has “Daddy Issues.” Probably stemming from how much they both love Elizabeth; they must get really competitive when vying for her attention! No, but seriously; he’s needs to confront whatever his problem is with Meliodas- to accept that part of him and control that dark, overwhelming power. 

Gawain And Arthur’s Family. Gawain is specifically said to share blood with Arthur, so I’m guessing what happened with their family was: Arthur’s sibling married someone who already had a kid. Something happened, and Gawain and her older step brother went to live with his(Gawain’s) Grandparents- in Camelot. Or- no; Gawain went to live with his Step Grandparents…….. maybe. Full Backstory at some point- probably in the training arc that follows. or maybe when the fighting gets SUPER intense and Gawain needs to learn another lesson. I imagine he’ll be hearing that a lot………….

AND THEN THERE’S ARTHUR’S ARRIVAL. Character introductions are important, people; it set’s the precedent for what this character is going to do- what role they will play- for the rest of their time in the story. Kaido; Frieza; Cell; Madara; and a whole bunch of other villains have iconic, establishing introductions. This is a good way to introduce a Villain. He is now a “benchmark” for the Knights of the Apocalypse to match- the end goal of the story. The way he builds the staircase- the mere imagery- tells us he sees himself as “Divine-” with the power to back it up. Even after the big burst of power Percival got he was unable to make Arthur flinch. Though even that isn’t saying much, as he was still unable to stand against Melagaland. But you also have to consider the fact that he just healed everyone up and continued fighting. Can’t WAIT for the reintroduction of power levels. Arthur’s will either be 1,000,000+ or “incalculable.” 


………………… Yeah, that should be all. I had this thing that I wanted to say with Gawain, but I misremembered something from the previous story. So the idea just kind of fell apart. But other than that; there wasn’t much else to say. Tristan’s about to get his @$$ handed to him; I can already tell you that much. This arc will end with Meliodas vs Arthur; I can say that for certain. I don’t know what’ll happen to Chaos Galand and Chaos Melascula, but I’m still hoping they’re kept around- if for nothing more than to show how far the Knights have come. Other than that; this arc is getting to its climax. I think it’ll end before chapter 100- probably before we even touch 90. At least I hope so; I don’t think we can get much more traction out of this arc. Unless Guinevere comes back into the story. 

But yeah, guys; that’s all I got for you all today. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, people. Until next we meet, duckies; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~e!!!!!!

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