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The Will Of O! One Piece Chapter 1,066 BREAKDOWN

Welp, I saw “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” Gonna need to get to work on that. Good thing I got a bit of a Hiatus coming up! I meant what I said in the last review: I’m probably not gonna do any posts- or at least not many– past the 18th. ‘Cause Pokemon: Scarlet And Violet are coming out. I already pre-order MY copies! AND I have that Friday off?! AND my Ash cap is gonna be here in a few days(probably here when you see it)??! AND my copy of Edens Zero Volume 19 arrives Tuesday?!! MAN I got a stacked week to look forward to!! Which probably means something bad is going to happen. That’ll be fun. 

I said I wouldn’t do any posts next weekend unless one of the series had a “Gear 5th Level” reveal. And I meant it. But……. I get this……. ominous feeling……. that the NEXT chapter…….. Is Going To Be Of That Level. I don’t think that it’ll necessarily be “How Devil Fruits” works- I honestly don’t think we’ll learn all about that until the end of the arc. Will Luffy use Gear 5th and that’ll act as the catalyst? Maybe. Though I honestly don’t want to see him use Gear 5th again so soon. It’s one of “them” types of power ups; one that you don’t want to “ruin” by having the character use it in every little fight. Lookin’ at you, Ultra Instinct. Not what we’re here for. Let’s just get to it! One Piece Chapter 1,066: “The Will Of Ohara.” Get it? “Will Of O?!” I’m Clever. 


Germa 66’s “Aah… An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 23

They return to the Germa Kingdom. That’s all. No clue how long that this Cover series is gonna be, but we’re seeing them return rather than just “jumping in” after they’ve already arrived. Fine. But…….. that’s all. Oh, and they have Caesar with them. I feel like he’s going to be the key to giving Reiju her freedom, and ma~ybe giving the boys their emotions. I’ll say that ’til I’m proven wrong. 

Chapter 1,066

The Straw Hat’s in the Labophase are stunned by Shaka’s revelation!! The Ancient Kingdom that flourished during the Void Century had advanced technology equal to whatever they’ll find on Egghead Island! Though this is only speculative according to Shaka. Vegapunk once knew an Archaeologist who risked everything to figure out the true history- Professor Clover. He even found a “certain site” where Machinery dating all the way back to that Kingdom could be dug up. He turns to the Alluring Nico Robin when he brings up what happened to Ohara. He believes that they had uncovered the Truth- truth that he could only pieced together with what was left: During the Void Century; there was a War between the original 20 Kingdoms that formed the World Government and the Ancient Kingdom. But make sure that no one ever challenges their rule in the same way that Kingdom did; All Information Regarding The Kingdom And That Conflict Was Suppressed. Whoever knows about it……..

So now the Straw Hat’s are even MORE marked. But Shaka thinks that the Destruction of Ohara would be comparable to “confirmation” of this truth. Robin says that someone as high in the Government as Vegapunk should know all of this already, but Shaka tells her that even they’re left in the dark on the subject. Looking into it would result in immediate Execution. So Robin asks how he would even know about all of this when all of the information was lost in the Buster Call. That wasn’t entirely true, you see. A few months after the attack; Vegapunk would go to visit the grave of his old friend, Prof Clover. Like many Archaeologist and Scholars; Vegapunk was inspired by Clover’s actions- despite being incarcerated by the World Government on at least 10 occasions, he searched through the World’s history, and found out EVERYTHING…………………

After a while, he settled on Ohara, attracting the curious scholars of the World to him and making the land a “Holy Land Of Archaeology.” The real Vegapunk would visit the charred remains of Ohara, where he would find a group of Giants fishing out piles and piles of books out of the lake in the middle of the island. The Scholars of Ohara had dedicated their final moments to preserving these texts- a Final Defiant act against the World! Any Marines that found them weren’t smart enough to know what they were and left them. Vegapunk couldn’t help but cry when he saw it…….. 

Robin remembers the events of that day as well as ever; saying goodbye to her Mother and being saved by Saul. Vegapunk continues to say that he wanted to take the books with him to Punk Hazard, but……….. that would not have ended well. So he let the Giants save them. And then a 33 Year Old Monkey D Dragon comes up, saying “It’s Been A While, Vegapunk.” He’s come to pay his respects to Pr Clover, as well. Vegapunk(Age 43) tells Dragon that the Giants are aware of the true value of the books, so they’re Captain is bringing them to the safest place in the worldElbaf. Dragon admits he was worried seeing Vegapunk, who passed on joining his “Freedom Fighters” to work for the World Government, but Vegapunk says that he’d never let them get these old texts. He only joined them because he needs funding for his research. And it’s not like EVERYONE in the organization is “Pure Evil.” 

Dragon vowed on that day to raise an army- one strong enough to fight the World Government head-on! And from there; he, Emporio Ivankov, and Bartholomew Kuma founded the Revolutionary Army. The rest, as they say, is history. No one can believe the story that’s being dumped on them right now. But Shaka continues to say that Vegapunk would go to Elbaf to learn the fate of the Ancient texts. The Giant Captain- covered in bandages from head to toe- tells him where they are, and Vegapunk gets a feel for what the Scholars of Ohara had figured out. And all that info is up in his head. Robin asks if the Captain’s name was “Saul.” Shaka can’t confirm anything; the guy went into hiding. But no time to dwell on emotions. He’s got something ELSE to show the Straw Hats. 

We then cut over to Luffy’s group for the final part of the chapter. They’re trying to get the Robot to move, but nothing seems to be working. Then something happens, and a man starts poking out. This is the REAL Dr Vegapunk- stuck between the Machine and the outside. Luffy pulls him out, and Vegapunk immediately notes that he’s Dragon’s son. He also greets Bonney after so long, and shows them that their Dom shoes can hover. But it ends up sending them too far in the sky. One Piece Chapter 1,066 END!! Wow, I knew this would be an “Exposition Heavy” arc, but D@MN. There was a lot of dialogue in this one!! So much to talk about. 


Shaka does bring up an excellent point: The World Government actively trying to suppress all of the information on the Void Century is actually confirming there’s something to hide. And then there’s the Ancient Kingdom having all this advanced technology; tech that probably gave the 20 Kingdoms a hard time during whatever War went on. And now, there’s someone who’s able to make tech on the same level. So when he came to their doorstep offering the ability to make all of this sh!t for them; they probably pounced on the opportunity to have that sh!t on their side!! Probably why they want Pluton, too. That was probably a Game Changer for the Ancient Kingdom- one that I bet Im wants for himself. But no one can find it because whatever information on it gets BURNED!!! If it IS in some of the text that was on Ohara- they blew their chance to find it. 

Dr Vegapunk And Dragon. Is Dragon coming to Egghead to save Vegapunk? I never really thought about where Luffy and Dragon would meet; I thought about the situation that would facilitate their meeting, but never where it would happen. Will it be Egghead? Because- if Dragon is anything like Luffy- then he won’t just let his friend be killed, whether he’s on the Opposing side or not. Current situation regarding Sabo be D@MNED; he’ll use whatever powers he has to rush over here!! 

So THAT’S the True Body? And his joke is going to be saying “Science Terms?” “Main Stella Body;” “Save Me Quasar…….” Alright, got it. Don’t hate em; it takes a while for me to decide whether or not I dislike a character or not. I’m not “laughing” at his gimmick, but I’m not annoyed by it. And when I saw his design in the leaks, I was like “Yeah, that’s actually closer to what we were expecting.” Seriously, ask yourselfIs this NOT what were expecting Vegapunk to look like?! Not this specifically, of course, but we were expecting a Wacky old man. Who is apparently based on that one picture of Albert Einstein. 

But……….. The “Big Head” Thing. He……. he cut up his brain into 7 pieces, leaving one with himself and the other 6 parts with the Satellite bodies, didn’t he? That’s what the lid on his head is for, now. Okay, Oda. Weirdly enough, the reveal of the “Main Body” isn’t the “Big” thing of this chapter. 3 Things Stand Out in this chapter: 

  1. Dragon And Vegapunk’s relationship 
  2. Saul’s Alive…… probably
  3. Shaka has something else to show the Straw Hats

Saul’s survival. You know, I don’t think it was ever confirmed that he died. I mean, it was Aokiji that caught him. It makes sense that he’s not dead yet. Or, at least he was. Shaka said he went into hiding after they got the books out of Ohara, but……. that may have been all he had in him, yeahSaul might be dead now. Though I hope not; that would feel like unnecessary cruelty to our beloved Robin. Though I feel like people are about to have a problem with it. For me; it’s not like it ruins Robin’s backstory or anything. It’s just adding more to the hype of the Elbaf arc!!

Dragon And Vegapunk!! How did they know each other, man? I feel like Dragon either sought him out directly to join his “Freedom Fighters,” or they met when Dragon was out on whatever quest lead him down the path of a Revolutionary. Maybe he was on the expedition that Clover started that got him locked up 10+ times, and he started the Freedom Fighters, seeing how oppressive the World Government is. Maybe Vegapunk was part of it, too. And in exchange for letting the others go, he offered his services to the World Government- hoping to improve the world while also saving his friends. Maybe. Though I doubt it’s as straightforward as that. 

The Last Thing to talk about: Shaka wants to show the Straw Hat’s something. What could that possibly be? Whatever it is is something important. Something that they all need to see……….. More Proof Of The Secret History? Seraphim Clones that would be important to them as a crew? Not sure. Though looking through the chapter to see what that would be, I’m realizing that I didn’t talk about Pr Clover’s life at sea. The image depicts him as a legit Pirate, but I doubt that was ever his life. That was probably just some kind of Propoganda from the Government- him leading the expedition and the Government making it out to be more than what it was. He probably just used a sword for his own protection. 

Then there’s also the Giants fishing out the text. Oda’s the type to hide little details in his panels. In this specific case; It was Harujdin and the New Giant Warrior Pirates of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Yeah, that sounds about right. Travelling to an island that was formerly Buster called is illegal, yeah? So I suppose that’s how they made a name for themselves. We can now surmise that the Giants know about the Ancient History, but do Harujdin and the others? Probably not, but you never know who knows what with this story. 


And we’ve only been here for like 5 chapters so far. We’re getting more information about Dragon; we’re seeing more of what the Seraphim can do; we’re learning more about the Void Century and the Ancient Kingdom; and we STILL haven’t tapped into the inner workings of Devil Fruits! This arc might not even touch 30 chapters, but Oda’s clearly trying to tackle everything that he needs to before we move on to the next island- and what will likely be one of “One Piece’s” final arcs. It’s gonna be Elbaf- for real, this time. And with what’s being set up- that one might. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, all; Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~e!!! 

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Comments (2) on “The Will Of O! One Piece Chapter 1,066 BREAKDOWN”

  1. I agree about Elbaf. I wasn’t sure we’d go, but with Saul there and mentioning it’s the strongest non-WG country, that’s gotta be where the SHs are going. Not to mention, it’s probably where the last Road Ponegliff is located.

    This chapter also seems to be setting up the SHs interest in Laugh Tale for other than it’s where One Piece is. I’m seriously wondering if Dr. Vegapunk will reveal Laugh Tale was the ancient civilization island.

    1. Do you think we’ll learn the name of that Kingdom soon? It may be Laugh Tale, but what will it’s name be? I kind of feel like it will start with a “D,” as in those carrying the “Will of D” are carrying on the will of that Kingdom and defying the World Government.

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