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Sad Man’s Requiem!! My Hero Academia Chapter 375 BREAKDOWN

I’m STILL saving “Sad Man’s Requiem” for when this plot point becomes SUPER Relevant. So for now; it’s just “The Resurrection.” But don’t let that distract you from the fact that this is a BEST GIRL CHAPTER!!!! I know it also includes my least favorite character, but having Himiko chan in the spotlight for a few chapters is gonna be fun!! All of that said, I don’t really have a lot of things to say. Honestly, making that One Piece post took up a vast majority of my “creative juices” and- towards the end of it- Energy. This post is going to be relatively “calm” compared to that one. ‘Cause this chapter didn’t really “do it” for me- aside from having Himiko chan in it. Okay, it’s starting to sound like we’re already ending the post- let’s just get to it. My Hero Academia Chapter 375: “Chaotic Confusion.” 


Rewinding The Clock A Bit: The chapter opens on Okuto island, with Tsu and Uraraka facing off against Best Girl Himiko chan. Through their many battles; Uraraka has figured out that Himiko chan’s stealth techniques work through use of “Misdirection.” Realizing this; Uraraka’s plan is to keep 1 Sensory type Hero and 3 others around her at all times. But Himiko chan backs away…… and we then jump over to Gang Orca who’s figured out that one of these Mid Ends doesn’t have “Super Regeneration.” So he jumps on it and breaks its f*cking ARM off!! 

Himiko chan realizes that she and the Villains are on the backfoot here; even with enough blood for a 30-40 minute transformation- she lacks anyway for the Clones she’ll make it off the island. But with the rage in her heart; she decides to ingest the blood, and “bet on Spinner.” She takes out a vile and is about to consume it, but Tsu- being ever observant and “cool-headed-” smashes the vile with her tongue. But it was a Feint- it was a Nomu-attracting drug. A Nomu attacks, and she ends up taking some of Tsu’s blood and her goggles….. and moves her out of the way. She ingests Twice’s blood, and starts making clones. 

If you think that was bad- Kurogiri shows up, asking where she wants to go. Her Answer: “To Exterminate The Heroes- Starting With HAWKS.” Kurogiri sends the main body to the All For One Battlefield, and the rest of the clones are spreading out all over the rest. To try and keep her here, Uraraka entices her with the proposed “Chat About Romance,” but………. it’s too late for any of that. Gunga Mountain Villa Ruins: Hawks, seeing the Twice clones, moves in to kill them all at once. But it’s already too lateThe “Sad Man’s Parade” Has Begun. But before the portal closes; Uraraka and Tsu latch on and follow her. Things Have Gone From Bad To Worse. And it ALL started with a Glowing Baby. My Hero Academia Chapter 375 END!! THAT was brisk. 


I REALLY liked the initial War arc. Specifically how everyone’s individual actions would compound in singular moments- how Momo’s plan was the only reason Jeanist was able to procure Machia, or how Dabi’s little “Exposed” video crumbled the whole of society to…… what it is now. Everyone’s actions built up to make for a cool, coherent story. Sadly, Horikoshi had moved away from that kind of meticulous build up in favor of ending this as soon as possible. But it looks as though he’s trying to go back to that format, referring to the “Butterfly Effect” whenever the topic comes up. Because of Mic’s failure, Kurogiri was able to break free and he’s now moving characters to wherever they need to be for the “Final Climatic Battle.” This is where Himiko chan and Uraraka need to be. Where Dabi, Endeavor, Hawks, and Twice need to be. I don’t WHY, but they do. 

As for the purpose of that- I think that Uraraka is going to be following All For One to the Deku field for the “Emotional Reunion,” as well as make a version of the image he used in that one art exhibition. You should see that above. But yeah; I think Uraraka is gonna follow after him. But what will All For One do once he gets there? I’ve always liked this one idea I’ve heard in a video: The idea that Tomura would use the “All For One” quirk proper to steal the copy of the quirk from All For One himself, thus making up that last 25% he never got from the surgery. Now things have CLEARLY gone left, but the idea still stands- maybe he’ll even gain access to quirks he lost long ago………….

To bring it back to the Uraraka-Toga storyline for a minute; her going to the Deku field kind of robs them of that chance to talk, yeah? So whatever Horikoshi has b=planned for that storyline- will be wrapping up a little bit soon. Especially if he’s aiming to finish this any time soon. It’s about “Crunch Time,” people; the “Wheel Spinning” we’ve kind of been on is about to stop, and he’s gonna start finishing a lot of plots. Then again, I didn’t think the League Of Villains arc would be as long as it was. 22 CHAPTERS. So we’re probably in for a few more chapters before we go back to Deku’s Final Fight. Honestly, I’m kind of starting to think All For One will take a Twice Clone to the field, let him get off a “Sad Man’s Parade,” and then swipe his quirk and give it to All For Destruction. Truthfully. 

………………… I don’t got much else to say. Like I said: I kind of used up all my “creativity” and energy making the One Piece post. That, plus this being an “In Between, Placing Pawns On A Chest Board” type of chapter- means that I don’t really have much to say about it. We’re just getting the ball rolling towards the Finale……..


Not really much I can say about this chapter. And for that, the new way I do these posts has made the process even faster. But it also means that I don’t have very many “Closing Thoughts.” The chapter looked nice; nothing was really a “problem;” and we’re ramping up to the “Grand Finale!” Let me know your own thoughts in the comments, everyone- Have A Fantastically Glorious Rest Of Your Day. By~~~e!!! 

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  1. I don’t think we’re anywhere near the finale. There’s more named characters, both on the hero and villain side that haven’t had focus. And Deku and Shigaraki have yet to go head-to-head at 100%. Hori’s probably got several twists ahead. Complete with annoying flashbacks explaining them. I’m so over that storytelling trope.

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