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Onward, Straw Hats! One Piece Chapter 1,056 BREAKDOWN

Quicker than I thought…….Guess we’re really going for it, now, huh? I can’t say that I’m upset or disappointed; the Post Arc probably wasn’t ever going to be that long, but I was expecting a few more chapters! I was also expecting something else to happen, but we’ll get to that in a little bit. But yeah, everyone- it looks like it’s time for the Straw Hat’s to get moving!! One Piece Chapter 1,056: “Cross Guild.” Did I mention we find out what Buggy did to become a Yonko? Yeah………..


Uta’s Soundtrack: The Worlds Continuation

I wonder how these lyrics will translate to english?…..

We have part 2 of the 3 part Mini series- detailing how Uta came up with her songs! In this part; Uta remembers a traumatic night in her life- the night that her village was burned to the ground. She awakens in a panic, and looks out the window- remembering when her father left her. She pulls out a scrap of paper from the trash. She looks at it for a minute, and starts adding to the song:

When I sing that song, It’s a prayer that you come along. I need to hear it- need to believe it.

Let’s have faith in our trust; I can hold on as long as I must. Till we meet again……. Outside a dream…..

Uta, the Daughter Of Red Hair Shanks

Cover Serial: Germa 66’s “Aah… An Emotionless Excursion” Vol 15

So it’s been enough time for Katakuri to Heal up

This week; we continue the current cover serial, detailing he Germa’s Escape from Tottland! After walking past the ingenius Caesar Clown; the Germa siblings are met by the current Strongest in Tottland- Katakuri and Oven. You know how it ended last time they fought Katakuri, and this time he has Oven backing him. So one would NATURALLY think this would end the same, if not a little worse. But keep in mind that they just met with Caesar again last Volume. He may play some role in this battle- be it with his Gas Gas Fruit or with some new creation of his. Probably…….. probably the latter……………..

Chapter 1,056

We open a little bit after the festivities– like a day or so. Shinobu and Raizo had their nutrients drained by Ryokugyu, so they’re recovering in the Shogun’s castle. Kin apologizes for being in current while the fighting went on, but they say not to worry about, and instead asks how O-Tsuru is. Okobore may have burned down, and she has a burn on her- but she’s otherwise alright. And according to her husband; “as beautiful as ever!!” And she plans to move back to the capital to be with Kin!

Meanwhile; Inu and Neko call Carrot into a separate room to give her some news: They’re staying in Wano!! And what’s moreCarrot is Named The Next Leader Of The Mokomo Dukedom. They’ve been impressed how much she’s grown while out and about with the Straw Hat’s, so they believe that she has what it takes to lead Zou into the “New Dawn.” She disagrees, pointing to others like Wanda and Shishilan as stronger and much more reliable. But they say that they’ll be there to support her- “The One Who Inherited Pedro’s Will The Most.”

The New Leader Of the Mokomo Dukedom, Folks. Oy vey………

A little later; Sukiyaki reveals himself to Momo and Hiyori! Emotions happen, and the Scabbards reveal that they already kind of knew that- except for Kin’emon; he was actually oblivious. Sukiyaki apologizes to everyone for keeping such a huge secret, and asks that they keep it a secret- the last thing he wants is people making him out to be some sort of “survivor” or something like that. But he’ll help them learn all about modern Wano, amongst other things. Like Pluton……..

Speaking of; Robin informs the Straw Hat’s about Pluton’s location(7 or 800 chapters after finding out where it was). Franky can’t help but be shocked- but Luffy couldn’t care less; he’s content leaving it where it is. All the conversation about “Ancient Weapons” ends up attracting Shinobu’s attention; she’s recovered from Ryokugyu’s attack- and come out all the better for it! She’s young again, and she has elected to take on Tama as her apprentice! She asks Luffy if she can join the crew when she becomes to Stronger, to which Luffy agrees to. Nami adores Tama.

I wonder………

But in the background…….. we find the ever tenacious Caribou listening in on the conversation, and is more eager than ever to tell “that person” the whereabouts of not 1, but 2 Ancient Weapons!!!

We then time jump to a few days later, with Momo overlooking the Capital. But he notices something…….. something just doesn’t feel right right now. So he goes to see if Zoro can teach him some new sword techniques. And then he sees that the Straw hat’s are gone– not even saying “Goodbye” to Momo or Kin. But to everyone else. D!ck move, Luffy. We cut over to Tokage Port in Udon, where Kid, Law, and Luffy are arguing about what directions they go in. Law picks the North East, and Luffy and Kid end up picking the Middle(East). Argument ensue. Law chose the North East because it’s the “most direct,” while Luffy and Kid picked the middle on. Draw Straws- Kid Wins.

……………………………….Yeah, okay.

Luffy says he should have first pick because he’s the “Emperor” now, but that just upsets Kid more. But not anymore than The Genius Gester Buggy and his new organization “Cross Guild.” It’s basically an organization that “evens the playing field” by putting bounties on the Marines instead. And helping him in this New Endeavor: Dracule Mihawk And Sir Crocodile. I don’t know what I was expecting at this point.

Luffy and Zoro don’t believe what they’re seeing, but Law thinks that he must be worthy of being an “Emperor” if he’s able to command such powerful people. Luffy tries to tell him otherwise. And Kid is more than ecstatic to have the tables turned- “the Hunters are now the Hunted,” and he’s ready to tackle some Big Names in the future…………….

Before they leave; Law is sure to give Kid’s crew an etching of the Road poneglyph- just to be “sporting.” But Killer tells Kid that if they really want the One Piece, then they need to go and see “The Man With The Burn Scar.” Luffy asked them who they’re talking about, but they refuse to let him in on it- Kid finds it funnier this way.

Back at the castle; Kin and Momo hear Yamato on top of the roof of the Castle. He’s about to head off on a new adventure with Luffy!! Thus- One Piece Chapter 1,056 END!! These post arc chapters sure are loaded. It feels like I’ve been talking about this chapter longer than I actually have! Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Oh, and Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine Will Be On Break Next Week. As well as Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Good Luck With That, Fanboy…….


Segments again? Yeah. This post arc chapters just have too much content in them to just “jump around” like I usually do! Although I feel like I could combine to aspects of this chapter- because I feel like they’re connected in some way………..

Caribou’s Contact And The “Man With The Burn Scar”

I’m more than likely not the only one said this(despite writing this portion the day before the official and the fan translations coming out on Friday with Spoilers as early as Wednesday), but I think that the one Caribou wants to give this information to, and the one that Kid wants to meet with, are one and the same. Evidence: None. I’ve got nothing. It’s just an idea at this point.

How do you know about……..?

But what I CAN say is that Kid and likely the other Supernova’s learned about him through word of mouth in the 2 years the Straw Hat’s were away. Luffy’s isolation is now coming back to bite him. Though he and the others- and all of us to be honest- don’t see it that way. But it does mean that Luffy is behind the rest of them in the race to get the One Piece.

And it may also mean that Caribou will play a role in that story- either getting them there, telling the Straw Hat’s everything that he knows about this guy, or meeting with them when they get there. Whatever the case may be; it means that Caribou’s role in the story isn’t over. He wasn’t used much at all in Wano, anyway, so maybe he’ll have some sort of purpose to the story going forward. I don’t think he’ll be a Straw hat or anything like that, but maybe an ally of sorts……… Oh, right- That.

Carrot, The Mokomo Dukedom, And The Straw Hats

And then you have this part. Carrot will be the Leader Of The Mink Tribe. Or……. will she? You would think with what they just said about Pedro, but then you have………. it’s like…….. No? She’s……… not the “type” for it. This isn’t me just hoping that she’ll be a Straw hat- I can take or leave that at this point. But I don’t think that she’ll want to rule over a nation or anything- it kind of limits her to one place when she said that she wants to “See The World.” Can’t see much from the back of a Humongous Elephant, right?

Now; I won’t pretend like she couldn’t. I almost said a little bit ago that she was “too young” for it, but then you have Luffy leading a crew with people a lot older than him. Don’t know if that’s the best example I could have given, but you see my point, right?! I think she might be able to- with the help of Shishilan and the others. But I also don’t think she wants to do that. If anything; I’d see someone more like Wanda and Shishilan leading in the place of Inu and Neko. Straw Hat? Again- “Take or Leave.”

I don’t really have a joke for this one

The Luckiest Person In History And A Game Changer

…………………….. Buggy is going to be the Final Antagonist Of This Entire Fre@kin’ Manga, isn’t he? Everyone’s like “Blackbeard” or “Imu,” but it’s going to be Buggy. I’m joking, but that honestly wouldn’t surprise me at this point. I don’t even know what to make of this team up right now other than the simple fact that it’s a union of 3 Former Warlords. Although I’m worried for Law, now; he now believes that Buggy is some kind of……….. Some Mastermind. Meaning if he ever meets with Buggy, then……… Oh my God, man…………..

I wonder what Smoker’s bounty is? Not 3 Billion, I’ll tell you that much.

But then you have “Cross Guild” itself and what it does. Marines now have Bounties. EVERYONE IS NOW A WANTED MAN IN THIS STORY. Well, not everyone; just, you know- the importants. Akainu and the Admirals are probably High as F*ck- like, Yonko level- while Vice Admirals and Rear Admirals are like Yonko Commander or lower. Though that begs the question of where Cross Guild is getting all there money from. I imagine Crocodile would be in charge of something like that, whereas Buggy’s old business venture would also be providing a lot of the cash. Mihawk’s their bodyguard, I imagine.

It also now means that Nami is going to start being Hyper Aware of Navy officers going forward; she’ll probably have Luffy and the others bringing in every Navy Officer they fight. Such as Smoker for example. I’m not saying his bounties like 900 million, but I do hope that we see Smoker again soon. And that he and Luffy have a legitimate fight. Just a personal hope; not expecting it or anything.


………………. I could talk about what Yamato’s gonna do in the next chapter, but……. I think we can all get a general idea of what’s gonna happen. And as for why Luffy refused to say Goodbye to Momo and Kin I have no earthly idea. Except that they may be planning some kind of “Big Goodbye” moment. Though knowing Luffy it’s probably gonna be some sort of gag. I honestly don’t know what’ll happen. We’ll just have to wait for 2 weeks to find out!

Kind of rude considering all you’ve gone through……….

Anyways, boys and girls; That’s all I got for the lot a ya today. Until the next post, duckies- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~~e!!!!!!!!!!

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