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Holy’s Vendetta! Edens Zero Chapter 202 BREAKDOWN

Pretty generic, but effective in explaining what the main thing from this chapter is. That said: I’m sorry, but this chapter wasn’t NEARLY as “hype” as anyone thought when the leaks came out. Like, we saw the leaks, and THAT happened, and everyone was thinking about what it meant- but actually reading the chapter reveals something completely different. I won’t say “false advertising;” leaks can only do so much for a chapter, but……… the chapter itself wasn’t “all that.” On the bright side, that means that this chapter won’t take too long. Edens Zero Chapter 202: “Unmasked.” It’s not at all what you’re thinking. Let’s get into it……..

Cool, but…… kind of “regular”


We begin on a shot of Crow after having absorbed Holy in last week‘s chapter. Kleene says that they’ve lost contact with Holy, so Connor suggests that they escape until they can think of a plan. Hermit turns off the Star Bringer, and all power is diverted to either escaping or the shields. Crow chases after him- activating his Overdrive and hitting the ship right in the shields, knocking it off course(basically into the ground).

Almost titled the review “Crow In Overdrive!” Decided Against It.

At the tower; we continue to she Shiki’s battle against Ziggy- the Machine King sends rubble at his grandson, and the boy uses his Gravity to crush it all. Ziggy warps behind him with Nero’s “Wormhole,” and knocks him into the building. Shiki rebounds, and lands a solid uppercut on his Grandfather, cracking her head apart to reveal a Human Head. Shiki can’t believe his own 2 eyes, and 1 of them is robotic! Yeah, this about to happen………

We then cut over to Holy in the Steel Sorceress 94- INSIDE of Crow! She’s not particularly upset, however; she’s in fact more than excited to finally melt Crow from the inside out. But she finds it difficult to use her Ether Gear. A voice tells her that it’s an “Ether Jammer” preventing her from activating her powers. That voice comes from none other than Deadend Crow Himself! Or, rather- the “Physical Manifestation Of His Personality,” which I took to mean A Solographic image of him inside his body. Either way you splice it; it means that taking this guy out won’t take down the Titan himself- you gotta take that one out to win this.

Seeing the object of her hatred there in front of her- at a size which would allow her to actually fight him hand to hand- Holy abandons all reason and moves to strike him with everything she has in her. But all it does is give Crow the opportunity to break her f*ckin’ arm. But seeing her up close and personal like this reminds him of someone. It is here that we get their full backstory: One of Crow’s victims during the “Bloody Atmos Day Incident” was her sister, Sara. And if that wasn’t bad enough; he would go on to strip Holy and in the Town’s Square for all to see. F*cking dirty b@stard.

He laughs about it, and she’s about to attack again, Crow grabs her by the neck, and jokes about doing it again. But decides not to because people “complained about the smell of her dung” last time. So he’s about to snap her neck- when his hand gets Chopped Off!! Kris and Laguna have come to her rescue. Thus; Edens Zero Chapter 202 END!! A “Storm” is coming, if you know what I mean!!

The Tag Team Of Wind And Water vs Darkness Incarnate- Next Time!!


I stand by what I said in the beginning, but I also want to say that this wasn’t a “bad” chapter. It was…….. “there.” It didn’t do anything really “big and important;” all it did was move the story along- it was just “and then these things happen.” Now I will say that I’m curious what Crow can actually do- even if this body isn’t real. I said I took it to be a “Sologram-” a Solid Holographic version of him, made in case he has intruders- but the more the I think about it; the more that I think that this might be a “Mechanical Enzyme” type of thing. Like; he has a factory inside himself that builds these smaller bodies for invaders.

But I think that we all know what the big take away from this chapter is: The Reveal Of Ziggy’s True Face. It’s no secret anymore; that was Shiki’s face under there! Or well; we’re left to assume. Until we get an actual look, it could be Weisz! We just know that it’s a guy under there!! But it’s probably Shiki. And as I proposed last week; I think the Flashforward to 20,000 years later is his origin story. I don’t know how he managed to come back to this time period, or what his motives are in coming back here specifically, but……….. We’re finally getting answers.

We also now know why Holy hates Crow so much. And after what he did to her and her sister- I don’t blame her. It also tells us her line of thinking when she decided to learn Ether Gear: it was made specifically to turn Crow into a puddle- very Slowly, and Very Painfully. Although, to focus in on Sara for a minute- Is She Truly Dead? I don’t know; I’m just thinking back to all the sibling relationships in Fairy Tail- like Simon and Kagura, or Yukino and Sorano, or the Strauss siblings. It’s like………. I don’t think she’s dead; I think we’re going to meet her again at some point in the future. Will she end up being friend or foe, though? And to whom? And then the flashback next week shows her violently vivisected or something. Oh well………

Seeing Kris and Laguna fight together is going to be interesting. I mean, sure; they probably have to get rid of that Ether Jammer to have a good fight(I hope they don’t offscreen something like that), but I’m sure Kris has a few upgrades that let him fight without Ether Gear. That should hold for a while while Holy and Laguna get rid of that thing. Then; Kris and Laguna could end up combining their Ether gear abilities to make some kind of miniature Storm inside the Giant. Or, you know; Kris could have a solo fight that shows us the full extent of his Ether gear better than Weisz’. He really “earned” his in the Aoi War, whereas Kleene, Homura, and Weisz were kind of just “handed” it. Though Homura’s made full use of it.


……………….. There wasn’t really much to say about this chapter. I don’t think it was “spinning its wheels” like the last few chapters of the Granolah arc of Dragon Ball Super, but……… Wasn’t all that “excited” despite the content being pretty good. I don’t know if Black Clover and One Piece took all my excitement with their chapters, but I just wasn’t feeling it for this one. I hope next week is different, because this is honestly one of my favorite manga from the last few years.

Doesn’t he kind of look like………?

Welp; that’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Until next time, everyone- Have A Magically Wonderful Day. By~~~~e!!!

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