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Resurrection Red! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 BREAKDOWN

Get it? Both a play on DBZ Movie 15 “Resurrection F” and One Piece: Film Red! I actually came up with that title during the editing process of the Overview! Yeah, I decided to rename each section; no point in calling it the “Analysis” section if I don’t “Analyze” anything. And labelling the first part “Recap” was just kind of easy. So going forward- this is what they’re called. Also, if the panels and stuff look a little different from when the official comes out(even more so that when I’m editing), that would be because we actually got Fan Translations for the Monthly’s this time!! And I am going to abuse those scans as much as I can. I’m finally gonna get the jump on these 2, and possibly even get them out in the same week(Don’t Hold Me To That)!! But these are STILL some Girthy ones(ESPECIALLY Boruto); it probably still took a minute. Especially when I drag the Opening Paragraph like this. Gotta make it look long enough. That being said, I got nothin’. So let’s just get this party started! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91: “The Red Ribbon Army’s Revival.” Say THAT 20x fast


This is a movie retelling implementing the Prequel material they just finished. This is just the movie that I’ve already talked about(According to youtubers and leakers; the first 19-25 minutes in specific). I’m still gonna talk about the arc and this chapter, but know that I’ll be trying to keep the section going through the chapter- redubbed “Overview-“ as brief as I can. Or maybe a little longer, depending on the content. I’m actually kind of looking forward to go through the whole movie again and discuss that parts I missed talking about with the actual movie. We’ll see going from chapter to chapter. This month starts with Piccolo going to pick up Pan from Kindergarten. 

Piccolo says that her parents are too wrapped up in their jobs to pick up their child, but Pan doesn’t mind if she gets to see Piccolo. They go to his house, and she reveals an interest in being a Super Hero like Goten and Trunks. But they slacked off on their studies and were forced to hang up their capes. But seeing Pan invested in being a Super Hero gives Piccolo the idea that Pan wants to train her. She gets all excited. And we cut away to see the West Capital Police Department in an Important Meeting. Sergeant Nutz gives the entire Department an Overview of the Red Ribbon army up until it fell apart around 30 years ago with the death of its First Leader: Red Ribon. 

But now, his son– Magenta Ribon- is using the Red Pharmaceutical’s corporation to fund the revival of the Red Ribbon army! But to fully bring the organization back to prominence, they require the aid of a Genius of the level of Dr Gero: Gero’s Grandson- Dr Hedo!! Krilling explains that Hedo is the son of Dr Gero’s second son, who died in an accident while Hedo was still in Grade School. Hedo would go on to live off his inheritance and earn a doctorate at the Age of 14. But his “Quirky” personality made him clash with every lab he worked in; he ended up continuing his own personal research with what was left of his inheritance. But Hedo would also inherit the blueprints for a Bioweapon from his grandfather- one that the army has their eyes on. So they’ll likely make contact with him when he’s released from prison in 3 months. The police are to prepare for that day……

Red Pharmaceuticals: Carmine- unknowingly being followed Hedo’s spy bug Hachimaru- reports to Magenta the whereabouts of Hedo. 3 Months LaterHedo is released. Blows up the prison like in the movie. Magenta and Carmine approach- unknowingly being followed by Krillin. Hedo reveals that he used “Hachimaru-” an Bee he modified- to spy on Magenta, revealing that he knew they would come, and has questions about this “Red Ribbon Army” business. Krillin follows the car in an attempt to find their secret base, but Hedo’s observant nature let’s him know he’s being watched, and he send Hachimaru to keep him occupied. Meanwhile, he and Magenta talk, just as in the movie; Magenta gives him a phony story about Capsule Corporation being connected to “Secret Alien Invasion” plot, involving Hercule and Majin Buu and all that. In this version, he can’t believe that Trunks was only pretending to be a “Hero Of Justice.” 

They try to threaten Hedo to join, but he reveals that he’s already modified his skin to withstand most impacts. And Hachimaru’s stinger is super deadly; so long as part of the being is organic, his toxic stinger is more than capable of killing them. Which scares the heck out of Krillin; so much so that he ends up losing the car. Hedo accepts the offer- if for nothing more than their funding allowing him to create “History’s Strongest Androids.” 

6 Months Later: Piccolo is training Pan, finding her a degree tougher than Gohan was at her age. Even so, she’s anxious to learn how to use Ki attacks. But Piccolo says she won’t be learning that until she learns to fly- the most basic ki manipulation technique. She tries it, but can’t get off the ground. Piccolo reassures her that it’ll be like “Second Nature” when she gets it, which prompts her to ask about her dad’s past; she had heard that he could potentially be stronger than her Grandpa. Piccolo says that that’s the truth, but Gohan hasn’t had a reason to fight in a long time. With that, Pan takes off for home. NEXT DAY: Piccolo is training on the rock formation by his house when he gets a call from Videl. The school she teaches at is having a Martial Arts Tournament today, and Gohan is working on his next Research paper; NEITHER of them can pick up Pan today. 

Annoyed, Piccolo accepts, so Videl plans to buy him another stuffed animal. Now he’s really irritable. So he goes to check on Gohan. He finds the Boy Wonder stuck to his computer. He opens the window, and Gohan shows him his latest finding: An Ant that Glows Golden yellow as a Defense mechanism- dubbed “Super Sai-Ant.” Piccolo angrily asks if this is really more important than picking up his kid, but Gohan says they have Piccolo so it’s fine. The same with his training; “No need to worry with Dad and Vegeta around!!” Though he’s not THAT “Rusty,” as he defends against an attack from Piccolo- only to get punched in the very next scene. 

So Piccolo materializes his old training weights as punishment, and leaves exasperated. So MUCH so that he can’t even meditate properly. And not at all when he is attacked by some “Old Fashioned Super Hero.” The stranger recognizes him as the old “Demon King Piccolo,” but……. stuff happened. Not that this newbie cares; he flashes a “cool pose,” but says his identity is still a mystery. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91 END!! Okay, I kind of had to write that one all over again. But my thoughts don’t generally change going into the next part………….


Like I said: First few minutes of the movie, with some details added to explain the opening parts and bridge it with the Prequel. That said, I feel like not having them as Superheroes any more is…….. lame. I mean, if they aren’t gonna be prevalent in this retelling- if that was just to explain how Hedo ended up in jail, then……… Why even do it like that? You could have just as easily made those 3 chapters a Krillin centric story to explain all that and called it a day at 1 chapter; don’t give us 3 and then just…… throw all that away. Could’ve had them working with the Police department and help Krilli tail Hedo, finding their base and getting Piccolo involved in their story somehow. You could have done a lot of other things if you weren’t gonna go any further with that. 

It’s like they were about to do what the anime did with the TERRIBLE “Resurrection F” retelling arc and add in some more details, but……. just gave up at the last minute. Seriously, though; that arc was AWFUL- Truly appalling. In any case; we heard from Victory Uchida that Trunks and Goten’s story was over and all, but it could have just as easily been a switch in perspectives and not just throwing them away like that. ‘Cause I actually kind of liked that arc. I made my thoughts on Beta 1 clear in the last review, but other than just him- I kind of liked the designs of their costumes and how we got to see them,…….. DOING THINGS; not even just “Stuff beyond what their dad’s are doing.” So that’s definitely a thumbs down from me in that regard. 

They added that Krillin was following them in the car, and his fight with Hachimaru is how the bug ended up on the glass, which is what made Carmine spin out of control. I don’t know if he went out of control in the movie; I haven’t gotten the chance to rewatch it yet. And it was okay, I guess; probably a MAJOR turn off if 18 had seen him lose to a Bee, though. Honestly, seeing the Police Department trying to go to war like this- after hearing in the Original story that the Red Ribbon Army had “More Military Power than the King of the World-” is telling of how little of a threat they are without Hedo. It now paints the picture that they didn’t have as much man power or firepower as the old Army did. 

It’s that kind of thing that made me start to think of a Future arc they could do, based on everything that they’ve been building in Universe 7. We saw at the end of the Granolah arc that Frieza is taking the Saiyan’s seriously; he’s not gonna rush into to fighting them headfirst without a plan. And he definitely doesn’t want to bring down the wrath of Beerus or Zeno; strong as he may be, he’s also always been a Paranoid. He doesn’t know if he’s stronger than Beerus, so if he goes to fight him head on NOW, then there’s still a chance that Beerus could destroy him- and he’d be dead for Good. And even IF he manages to overcome Beerus, he’s still nothing compared to the Zenos. So he’s plotting and buying time to rebuild his ranks. He’s not coming into the next fight unprepared…………..

And then you have the Z Fighters- Goku and Vegeta stay prepared to catch smoke from anyone, but they ALSO know how Frieza is, and they experienced first hand how much stronger Frieza is right now. That’s the whole point of their training now; being ready to face Frieza when he makes his move. At least it is for Vegeta. And ever since the end of the Tournament of Power, Toriyama and Toyotaro have been making movies and arcs respectively that end with a LOT of characters surviving- most of which becoming Allies. Of course Frieza has been rebuilding his ranks; he recruited Maki and Oil at the end of the last arc, and they more than likely have OG-73i with them- one that’s been through the Moro arc and all. Frieza could be having his scientist Mass Produce 73 just like we saw at the BEGINNING of the Granolah Arc. But through all of these arcs, we’ve also been seeing Goku and friends gaining a bit of an Army themselves…………

They now have a Direct Connection to the Galactic Patrol, who’s implied to be at War with the Frieza Force to begin with. But they also have all those Criminals in the Galactic Prison who want out bad enough to take any deal they’re offered, and they have an ally out there in the form of Granolah- the once “Strongest In The Universe.” And of course Frieza went and dropped Broly into their laps, bringing with him Cheelai and Lemo. But then……. they have a number of Allies on Earth to work with. Maybe not so much the Police force but you never know; Numbers count for SOMETHING. But now you have a revived Red Ribbon Army- as well as Dr Hedo’s genius and Gamma 1. Hedo’s got that formula to make skin tougher, which Bulma seems to want to mass produce at the end of the movie(though she wants it for cosmetic purposes); she could use that to Amp the Police force. 

But back to the army; Carmine seems to have fled. Staff Officer Black killed Commander Red to take over the Army himself’; who’s to say that Carmine isn’t going to try the same thing? They have Hedo’s tech to work with- scientist can reverse engineer his tech the same way Bulma did with Gero’s research back in the day. They’ve got weapons and Number of their own. And Ambitons; one’s they can’t fulfill if Frieza fulfills his greatest desire and Destroys the Earth. You see what I’m getting at after 4 or so paragraphs? I’m going to say this, fully aware that I’m now putting something out into the aether knowing “Super’s” and this who “Revival Era’s”  track record of taking cool ideas and……. well; “F*cking them up Royally” to put it lightly

Universe 7 War Arc

They GOTTA make use of all these characters and storylines that they’ve built up………… right? They’ve got enough material here- between the last 2 movies and last 2 arcs- for me to say that they could make a compelling War arc in the future if they put their minds to it. Seeing a conflict of that scale is really the only thing that “Dragon Ball” as a franchise hasn’t seemed to get to. There was the Super Dragon Ball Heroes thing, but do you even remember what I’m talking about? No, no- A Marineford/ 4th Great Ninja War/ Thousand Year Blood War/ Holy War type of arc; closer to Marineford in that it’s just a “Huge Melee” of characters with only a few key fights in the arc itself. You know Marineford itself was 33 chapters in lengthAin’t that nuts to think about? 33 chapters total- For THAT Beauty of an Arc……….. That is my favorite arc in One Piece- Favorite stent of the series, to be quite honest. Everything from Sabaody right to the end of the War- Oda’s Best Work That He’s Yet To Top.

That being said; I also know about the “Lose” nature of the series writing- not even just “Super’s” laxed writing style; Toriyama didn’t have a whole bunch of plans going forward. And without a plan- Frieza. Cell. King Piccolo. Tien. TIEN. Remember back when Tien was……… SOMEBODYSeriously. go back and watch “Dragon Ball;” the series gets really good once you get to the first Tournament! But in any case; they have not been planning for that. I won’t even try to say that they have been. They’re just leaving plot points open in case one of them manages to hit with the audience so they can bring them back when it’s convenient. I’m just sayin’There’s potential to use it all. Even the Multiverse we haven’t touched on in For-F*cking-EVER. 

Now that I got the main thing out of the way, the other stuff is basically what I talked about all those months ago. It’s only the Opening act and some change, but there isn’t really that much for me to talk about. Pan looks super cute in this chapter; all of her scenes in this chapter looked adorable. And I’m looking forward to seeing Piccolo fight Gamma 2 again. But that’s really all I can say. Huh; now that I changed the title of this section, I don’t feel the need to look for more meaning beyond what’s here. Cool!! So……..


This section doesn’t need a title change. The only thing that needs to be updated are my closing thoughts. For some reason, I’ve been spacing on what to say at the end of these posts. Uh……. This was a good chapter. I’m more or less indifferent to them adding Krillin into that scene; arts good; Goten and Trunks just ceasing to be Super Heroes like that is pretty lame; and it seems like this is going to be just as good as the movie……… at BEST. I notice with every arc in the manga there’s something that just rubs everyone the wrong way- really ever since the Goku Black stuff. So I guess we’re gonna be on the lookout for that…….

Whatever the case; let me know what you guys are thinking in the comments. Til next time, my friends; Catch ya later!! 

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