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1001 Ways To Say This Arc Is Over. Edens Zero Chapter 216 BREAKDOWN

This one both had too many titles, and yet not one that specifically fits this chapter. This is the end of one of “Edens Zero’s” most important arcs; the end of the line for 2 important characters; and the beginning of our march towards the end of this story. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen; you heard me right: We are on the March Towards The End. I’m not gonna lie- this took me by surprise. Really it did. Seeing those leaks Friday/ Saturday; a lot of thoughts started running through my mind. What this series is for Mashima; what this series is for me; what this announcement kind of feels like; what’s going to happen when this story comes to an end; what was missed out on……. LOT’S OF THINGS– an we probably still have a year or 2 of this story left. 

Mashima said in one of his volume extra’s that he came up with a few more ideas, but he’s saving some of them for his “next work.” That line made me think this series wouldn’t EVER reach Fairy Tail in terms of length, but I always believed that it would make it past Rave master. Which it still might, but not by much; maybe only 4 or 5 chapters more. Either way, though; it’s clear that Mashima has either done all that he wanted with this story, or he wants to do that 4th story already and has too much on his plate to work on it- thus resulting in “Edens Zero” sprinting towards the finish line. Meaning that this story– is just about done. Listen to me, talking like we’ve only got 10 more chapters. This ain’t over yet! But it’ll be done sooner rather than later- and it all starts in Edens Zero Chapter 216: “Within The Fading Years.”  Let’s begin…………..


The Edens One rises out of the ground, prepared to battle the Edens Zero. Back on said ship; Hermit is telling Shiki about the Edens One. And she suspects that it’s goal is the same it had Ziggy going after: The Extinction Of All Organic Life. Connor and the others try to steer the damaged Zero out of harms way, but One launches an attack from it’s main cannon- breaking through the protection matrix and heavily damaging the ship. 

As the Zero begins making its escape; we cut to see Elsie and Justice at the old Lendard Royal Castle. Elsie admits that she had known about Acnoella’s true identity; she heard about her Mother’s decision to give up her humanity following the great war, but didn’t know she was using Mobius to create Dragons. Justice asks why she killed her then, to which she responds that he never considered her to be her “Mother-” she only ever pretended to be a Kind Mother. Internally; she only desired wealth and power. 

So Justice asks about Mobius. Elsie confirms that it was indeed the goal in that war; her family was planning to use it to take over the entire Kaede Cosmos, and needed to secure a supply route for weaponry. Thus the political marriage that would have let them absorb James’ Kingdom. She had find out what they were planning, and didn’t know what to do. So she went to another Kingdom she had trusted for advice. And that’s how the War was started. She apologizes to James for her actions, but he responds that she didn’t really have an options at the time. His anger made him blind to that, and he ended up taking it out on Elsie. 

Elsie says that she no longer has the will to fight; she doesn’t want anymore deaths on her conscious. And James admits that he feels similarly- having lost sight of what he was fighting for. 

Back with the ships; the Zero is doing all it can to avoid One. Then cutting back; Justice admits that Homura probably wasn’t the one who killed Creed- he was just too narrowminded to see it. Seeing as he’s not interested in arresting her anymore, she tells Justice to live. She has opted to stay, and let the Chronophage erase it all. But Justice feels the same way………

Back on the Zero; Weisz and Pino ask who’s piloting Edens One if he’s defeated Ziggy. He tells them that the ship now has a mind of its own. Laguna activates fast travel, and they escape Lendard and the Edens One’s wrath. They now only look on as the Chronophage comes to devour the planet’s time. In the midst of the reversal; Justice and Elsie are flashed back to the events of their chapter 124 flashback- before they are erased completely. The Time Eaten From Lendard260 Years. Xiao Mei appears to tell us that there was a “Love Story” told in all that time- between a Boy and a Girl. But no time to dwell on that now-Our Story Moves Towards Its Final Battle.” Edens Zero Chapter 216 END!!! Wow, that one was quick. I usually get through “Edens Zero” chapter review like that, but DANG!! At least, the “Review” part goes by quick…….


So We’re Finally There. He said in his Volume 23 extra’s that the “Story has entered its Most ‘Interesting’ Part,” but I didn’t think that meant the Final Part- just, you know; the part that would determine the “Status Quo” for the rest of the story! But I guess the ending IS the most important part of any story, huh? A~h……… The Era is Really Changing, isn’t it? The “Boys Journey/ Adventure/ Battle manga era is coming to a close with the rise of the “Experimental” age. Series like Naruto, One Piece, Black Clover, My Hero Academia, Bleach, Fairy Tail, Rave Master, and more of that nature out going out the door, making room for the……… Less Than Traditional series like Tokyo Revengers, Ruri Dragon, Takopi’s Original Sin, and other non-battle stories of that nature(or, I think Tokyo Revengers was a Battle series, but not of the “Superpower” variety) becoming the most popular. And in terms of “Battle Shonen;” we’re getting more of the “Man vs Monster” like Demon Slayer, Chainsaw Man, Jujutsu Kaisen, Kaiju No 8, Ayashimon, Doron Dororon, and more of that type. 

But more than that; I feel like Mashima………. I think that this story was more of an “Experiment” than anything else. He wanted to see what it would be like to do a series set in space- something that he talked about in his Afterword’s in Volume 1. But he also says- I thin it was around Volume 16– that he found drawing Battle scenes in space to be difficult. That, and around the time of chapter 200; he admits that he only ended this to be a 100 chapter story. This all tells me that he just wanted to see what making a Space series was like. And now that he has; he’s pretty much “done” with this story. Especially since he’s already got ideas for his 4th work. 

Maybe I’m just looking too much into it; maybe I’m just upset that this story- a story that I liked from jump– is coming to an end. And it began with like……… A “Not Good Arc?” Maybe it’ll be better binging it, but at the moment- the Kaede War arc has just been a disappointment. It’s pacing is the main thing that’s making me think that Mashima is ready to wrap this up; it feels so rushed and like he just “threw things in” to make it seem more interesting than it is. He’s functionally killed off the Oracion Seis Galactica, and- with this information- I don’t think Shiki’s gonna get to join Interstelar. The “Traitor” subplot was kind of just an excuse to give Pino the keys to awaken Future Shiki, and Acnoella was a throwback to BOTH Acnologia and Irene. Yet was not as cool as EITHER. I like Crow more after he’s revealed because it made sense why he was Evil, but I’m not gonna go to bat and tell you he was one of the series “Best Antagonists.” And Ziggy being a Galactica was just dropped on us. 

Looking back at my comment a few reviews ago- about Shiki being the equivalent to a Yonko in One Piece not being as big-a-deal as it “should be-” I think back to that and say “That was kind of dumb.” Shiki is NOT a criminal- he wasn’t trying to be a Galactica. Him getting something like a “bounty” wouldn’t be a good thing like it is for Luffy; him joining the ranks of the most wanted criminals in the story shouldn’t have been a “Good Thing.” That said; I also feel like we never really got to see the Consequences that come with being a Galactica. When they went to that resort; you didn’t have people freaking out about having- in THEIR minds- A Super Criminal at their relaxation spot. Or having the Law Enforcement of that world coming to arrest him or anything. Heck, we didn’t really get to see how Rebecca’s subscribers react to the news of her being friends with a Galactica. ‘Cause she still has those early videos up on B Cube of Shiki- be it the one where he crashed the Aqua Wing into Norma or the video on Mudroll. 

To bring all of this back to the chapter- I feel like Justice and Elsie’s storyline just had to “conclude” so that Mashima wouldn’t have to think of how to resolve it in the finale. It just feels like he “wrote them out.” I’m not saying that Fan theory that Shiki and the others would take a Young Justice and Elsie onto their ship would have been any better- I don’t know how that would have worked out. But I feel robbed of a Shiki vs Justice rematch. Or seeing him go after Homura. Which was just magically resolved by him having to sit down and think. I’m glad he came to his senses, but I feel like the Justice we saw on Foresta- even having sat and thought about it- wouldn’t have thrown out the possibility that Homura killed Creed. Oh crud, are we even gonna get that Oedo arc? I somewhat get the feeling that that would come off too much like the Wano arc of One Piece, but heck- These Series Share Some Similarities, if only small and honestly coincidental ones. 

……………… I could probably keep going- just on sheer “momentum.” But for the life of me I can’t think of anything more that I want to say. I’m just sad that one of my favorites series is coming to an end so much sooner than I was expecting. That, and the “Changing Era” is just starting to make me feel……… Old. And I guess I’m not handling it well. I don’t know, man. This arc just……… it kind of p!ssed me off. This is- for me– “Edens Zero’s” WORST arc. Hopefully the Finale won’t be as rushed………. 

Chapter itself was meh. I’m not too saddened by Elsie and Justice’s fate; it just felt like he was wrapping up a storyline. When Witch died; Mashima made me FEEL that sh!t. No New “Shield Of Edens,” that’s another thing. But yeah, when Witch died- for those of you who came over from my old site- know how much I LOVED chapter 168– how well he did sending off that character. Or chapter 167 showing off the crew’s emotions and the stages of mourning a loved one. Or even all the way back during the Belial Goer arc when the crew was utterly defeated by Drakken; seeing Shiki’s emotional breakdown, or how Rebecca felt the following week. When Mashima puts his best foot forward- We Will Cry. This chapter was not the best example of that. 

I think I said everything in the last review when it came to the Edens One- it’s probably gonna have a Humanoid body to conduct the “day-to-day-isms” of being the Final Villain and setting up for the Final Battle; maybe some upgraded versions of the Dark Stars(What happened to Wizard, by the way?); moving along Shiki and Rebecca’s “Mutually Beneficial Relationship,” and just in general moving those ships along; resolving all of the series mysteries- typical finale stuff. But first: Family DRA~MA~~!!!! The Title of the Next Chapter is something along the lines of “The Father, The Mother, And The Daughter.” Nox is about to wake up. THIS- I’m Excited For. 


…………….. That’s all I got. I’m…….. I’m sad. And a little angry that this is the arc that kicks off the finale. But I guess I should stop dwelling on all the negatives and look forward to an exciting finale. Like I said: This is one of my favorite series- like, one of my top 3. I should be Happy to see the future for all of these characters- to finally have their questions answered. Let’s Get Excited People. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments. And until the next post, everyone- Have A Wonderful Day. By~~e!!! 

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