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A Day At The Carnival. Chainsaw Man Chapter 142 BREAKDOWN

…………… That’s all I can say about this. The next few chapters are gonna be Short Reviews for sure- they’re gonna be battle chapters with Fujimoto showing off his art skills. But this chapter is the “set up” to that; we know what the characters are thinking going into the battle. Where we go from there is ANYONE’S guess, but I’d say that we’re about to see a few factions meeting up. The War Duo and Fami; Public Safety; the Weapons; and Denji. What will these characters coming together look like? And heck; don’t they need to get ready for the Nostradamus prophecy? Eh; guess we’ll get to it. Chainsaw Man Chapter 142: “Denji Fan Club.” There’s Nayuta and the Huskies, so it’s got a few members already…………


Denji and Mifune take Nayuta to a Theme park for a day and watch her play. Mifune confirms that Denji hasn’t joined the Church, and Denji tells her that he has no intention of becoming Chainsaw Man again. Which Mifune thinks is kind of tragic; “All that recognition and respect” just going to waste. But Denji reminds her that it’s “not all sunshine and rainbows. She agrees, seeing as Chainsaw Man is watched in the Bathroom. A pause, and Denji chews her out for watching him while he’s in the bathroom- calling her a stalker. Mifune says to call her a “Fan,” but Denji recalls how every girl who comes on to him hates his f*ckin’ guts. And she admits- she kind of hates Chainsaw Man, too. 

She lived in the town where Chainsaw Man would have a Bloody Destructive Showdown with the Gun Fiend. That night, her family home was caught up in the destruction; she pulled herself out of the rubble, and tried to yell for Chainsaw Man to help her parents. But her screams for help were drowned out by the rev of his engine. They died. But she doesn’t hold that against Denji or anything, because she doesn’t see Chainsaw Man as a “Hero” or some kind of Deity- because she saw Denji change back after the battle. And saw him cry when he had to kill Aki. It was then that she realized that Denji- that Chainsaw Man– was just a kid at the end of the day. And she wants to be the one to save him. “I’m not a Chainsaw Man Fan” she continues; “I’m a Fan Of Denji Senpai.” 

Before Denji gets the chance to properly react to this new perspective; Flamethrower sits down next to him, proclaiming himself a “Chainsaw Man Fan.” Even showing off his Chainsaw Man lighter. He requests- as a fan- to see Chainsaw Man fight again. Which he may just see, as the Weapons are about to level the first floor of a nearby building. Chainsaw Man Chapter 142 END!! Will it be Asa? Yoshida? DenjiWho’s gonna stop the weapons first? 


How do I want to start this………? I know that I want to start with Mifune, but I don’t know how to lead into that. The thing I want to talk about with her is what happens when Superheroes take off their masks- show some sort of vulnerability. After they do that, they go from being these “Larger Than Life” Unstoppable Icons to………… just another person. Some react to the “fall” of these people with disappointment- while others are just thankful that someone’s TRYING to make a change. Mifune is the latter; I think she’s being genuine in that she can accept Denji not saving her parents- because she’s seen Denji at his most vulnerable, and realizes that he probably lost a number of people he cared about on that day, too, from her perspective. Trying to kill him won’t bring her parents back, and- Yoshida likely knowing Nayuta’s status as the Control Devil and warning everyone who they send to kill her- knows that a fate worse than DEATH awaits her if she tries. She can just “Let It Go…………”

Then Again, This Is “Chainsaw Man” and Tatsuki Fujimoto.

She can do the smart, healthy thing and move on with the knowledge that Denji is- at the end of the day– just a kid(she’s 22). Or she can ignore all that and bide her time until she can cut his f*ckin’ d!ck off. If you’re smart, then you’ll put your money on that second one. But……….. I feel like believing in the first idea is more in line with the idea of “Chainsaw Man.” “Because of what he does, he is marked and killed by many Devils- but he revs his engine and arises again and again.” Chainsaw Man always keeps trying; Denji– no matter HOW MANY girls try to kill him- keeps trying to get a girlfriend. Chainsaw Man always wins in the end, no matter how many times he dies; maybe this is the end of Denji’s search. And it works out for him because she’s into Denji. 

These last few chapters have shown us that he’s kind of empty without Chainsaw Man- that he kind of lacks an identity or direction. Because everyone Loves Chainsaw Man- no one really cares about Denji. Except Nayuta, Meowy, and the Huskies; he’s the center of their Universe! No, but seriously; Denji wouldn’t have a shot with any woman if he doesn’t flex the fact that he’s Chainsaw Man, and he knows this. And then comes this 22 year old woman who sees him for who he is behind the Chainsaw; who sees him trying and struggled to save people as Chainsaw man while also chasing his own personal desires- someone who doesn’t have it all together but is doing his best for his sister and their pets. I’m talking about all this and in a few chapters she stabs him in the f*ckin’ face or something. But I trust Mifune right now; I don’t know what on Earth would make me want to trust any woman Denji gets close to, but I do. 

Another thing that I just wanted to quickly mention was how the Weapons revere Chainsaw Man just like other Devils. They want to be hacked up by him; to go head-to-head in a Bloody Battle and to be hacked up by his Chainsaws- to maybe even be Eaten by him and “become part of him-” that would be the Single Greatest Honor they could ever think of. That being said, I doubt Denji WILL eat them. Though……….. would there be any other way to stop the Weapons? These guys are……… TOUGH. “Killing them” regularly won’t keep them down; the Weapon Fiends showed to be tough enough to keep fighting against the Real Chainsaw Man. Denji is going to have some problems dealing with them…………

Though; you also have to think that Public Safety is gonna get involved. They’ll die, but they will. Meanwhile, the Church- on top of doing NOTHING to stop their “Top Brass” from mutilating untold numbers of people- lose face with the public in general, but really they just lose some of their top earners. That’s gonna be a Pretty Big Handicap. 4 of the 7 weapons will be gone from their ranks, yeah? And the one’s remaining are gonna get side-eyed like crazy going forward, on top of the Church now looking like their devotion is getting in the way of protecting people. Like………. What the heck, man? Is Fami making them do this like Makima did to them way back when? Or are they acting of their own accord? In which case, how will them doing this affect Fami’s plan? 

The plan is to weaken Chainsaw Man and turn him back into a Human, and then split him up into Denji and the original Chainsaw Man. Is this gonna help in that? Because Chainsaw Man is already becoming less and less feared by Chainsaw Man. So if he saves a whole bunch of people right here, then maybe the all of Human’s fear for Chainsaw Man will weaken, leaving just Devil’s fear for his erasure ability. Though it could also be Asa coming to the rescue; she could swoop in and kill them all, and then take all the credit, thus making Chainsaw Man look……… well, like he no longer cares. And that’s probably gonna weaken Chainsaw Man, anyway. Either way, Denji’s becoming more and more human. 

Yoshida is part of Public Safety, and we’ve already established that they don’t have what it takes to take out the Weapons, yeah? Plus no one’s life is guaranteed in this series, so he may just die with the rest of the Public Safety Hunters. The War Duo is strong, but I don’t know if they can take on multiple powerful Devils like this at one time. Not to mention that them trying to bring out Chainsaw Man like this will interfere with Fami’s plans. So Fami may just send her second Chainsaw Man to slay them and dip- leaving Asa to take credit for killing the Rouge Weapons and further dampening Chainsaw Man’s reputation through……… well, the same way Mifune came to dislike Chainsaw Man: “He Never Came To Save Them, No Matter How Many Times You Called His Name.” Heck, knowing this series; this might ALL be a part of Fami’s plan and it’s going accordingly. She seems to be the “Older Sister” of the Horsemen Devils- someone smarter than all of them with the most level head. She might be in total control of the situation. Perhaps that’s part of why the Weapons are allowed to know that that Hideous Fake isn’t the real Chainsaw Man. That and the fact that they’ve MET the real Chainsaw Man and- like Asa- know better. 


That’s………. that’s all, yeah? I can’t think of anything more that I want to say, so I’ll end it here. Like I saidBusy Next Few Days. Just got busier in fact. I haven’t even gotten to the DLC for Scarlet And Violet yet. AND One Piece chapter 1,092 just came out so I have to talk about THAT!! Well, first I have to read it. Uh……. I’m gonna cut this outro a little short. Let me know what you guys think will happen next time, and until then, folks; Stay Golden. Later!! 

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