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Confessions Of A Thorny Tsun Princess! Black Clover Chapter 330 BREAKDOWN

I’m gonna be completely honest with you guys: I am working on 2 other posts at the moment– 2 that I really want to get out. So the “Analysis” section might be a little short. Especially since I’ve no clue where this is plot point is headed. I just know that this is probably the most significant thing to happen in this week’s chapter of “Black Clover.” After dealing the final blow to the Devil King; Asta finally collapses. But the Devil Of The 2nd Gate Of Qliphoth has some big plans coming up. Let’s see what it is. Black Clover Chapter 330: “Declaration To The Shadows.” Also Charolette has a Love Confession.


Following the events of last chapter: Asta and Liebe- having finally dealt the Finishing Blow to the Devil King- collapse from their over-exertion. The Devil of the 2nd Gate Of Qliphoth- Supreme Devil Adrammelech- FINALLY comes down from the platform he had been sitting on since he came to this world, and looks at Asta intensely. He thinks for a moment before going after his true goal: Lucifero’s Heart. Lucifero begins to dematerialize, and Adrammelech dips.

Well THAT’S Not Gonna Be Important Later.

Yuno- being the only one to come out of this battle conscious– looks around as everyone lies half dead. But none of them compare to the damage to Yami and Nacht. He uses “Conjunction” to bring Best Girl Mimosa O-Hime Sama to them. UnfortunatelyShe, too, is all out of magic; she used whatever was left to help Asta get back into the battle. Grey and Vanessa return to the scene, but Grey is all out of magic herself. They’ve all got nothing left.

Charolette does nothing but look on, begging and pleading for Yami to get up and continue being his “insolent self.” She even goes as far as admitting her true feelings in front of everyone, throwing Vanessa for a loop. But fortunately; she had just enough magic in her to keep Rogue around, who ends up brining the remaining Black Bulls onto the scene. They end up force-feeding Charmy’s Magic-Replenishing Food, giving her the Magic back to save Yami and Nacht. Relieved to be alive; Yami and Nacht banter about how they almost died.

Yami- in the state between this world and “the next-” heard Charolette saying something, but………her head explodes. Well, whatever– as I’m sure Yami would put it.

There You Have It Fandom: The First Death In The Spade Invasion Arc!!

Asta is super energetic that his Captain is alive- thanking Mimosa O-Hime Sama for saving him. But Yami is more concerned about his now ruined katana. However; he already got a new katana from William, so he just leaves the old one with Asta. As for Nacht; he decides to live with this band of misfits and do things “the right way” together. Which brings Black Clover Chapter 330 to a Happy END!! But we still have Adrammelech to deal with.


The majority of the chapter is the “Happy Ending” wrap up part of the arc; after that would come the small celebration. along with other little details that need to be resolved with this arc, and the fall out of everything set up in the end. We have the 4th Zogratis sibling to deal with, but I think we all know what we’re here to talk about: Adrammelech Makes His Big Move. What does he plan to do with Lucifero’s heart, and why did he look so hesitant to kill Asta?

Oh Cr@p.

I think the most obvious thing we expect Adrammelech to do with this heart is eat it, thus making him proportionally more powerful. Because “Devils.” And even though I can totally see it going that way; I’d also like to propose the idea of it being part of some kind of ritual. For what purpose? Well that all depends on what Adrammelech’s motivation in the story is- beyond just f*ckign with Humans, as Devils desire above all else. I certainly think that there’s more to him than that; perhaps the idea that he could plan to live up to the character he’s based off of.

In old lore; the Demon named “Adramelech” is the “President Of The Senate Of Demons,” which could tie into the story in some way. Perhaps- much like Lucifugus– he is a Devil that supports the Kings such as Lucifero. But maybe not Lucifero directly. He may be working for one of the other, like Beelzebub or the Time Devil. Which is why he refused to do as Lucifero told him in chapter 322. So he may have taken the heart as a means to reviving his true master. I think that that would be one way of bringing the Time Devil into the story and showing us what he can do. Though there is one thing that I would like to propose to you guys.

In chapter 286; we saw Nacht summon a Qliphoth Devil in his flashback. Meaning that there is a way to summon Supreme Devils for a Binding Ritual. Megicula is a Devil connected to Qliphoth who is not one of the 3 Kings. Dante and Zenon had contracts made with the Devil Kings, but Vanica did not. And the deal- what we assume the terms of their contracts were during their Binding Rituals- was to set them free utlitzing the Tree of Qliphoth. And to their credit; they managed to pull off the ritual. But then you have their 4th, Eldest sibling.

Who was his Devil?

Zenon’s was specifically to aid in the Spade Kingdom’s prosperity- to try and recapture the dream he and Alan had as children of becoming Commander In Chief– with Beelzebub, resulting in him getting Beelzebub’s power and eventually his heart. Dante and Vanica simply wanted power to enact their own selfishness, but the 4th– he seemed to have actually wanted something; something that he couldn’t have but wanted for everyone: An “Undying Body.” To this end; he made contracts with Devils for he and his siblings. Are you seeing what I’m laying down right now?

MY THOUGHT: The 4th sibling was contracted with Adrammelech. And the terms of their agreement was that- in exchange for setting him free from the Underworld- Adrammelech would help them to get their “Undying Bodies.” But what would they need with the Heart of a Devil King? It’s a little less complicated than you would think: The “Core” of their beings– rather than having their heart in them; it’s located in another place entirely and out of harms way, preventing them from dying. And also giving them a power boost because Shonen. I think that that wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility.

Though what happens when the terms of the contract are completed is the big question after that; I love Tabata, and I tried defending Lucifero last week, but even I have to say that I want a more engaging antagonist. And Adrammelech has the name and design for me to think he’s a good one; all he needs is the personality and he’d be perfect.


And- there you have it!! I got this out before the other 2 posts I have to do. Oh well. In any case, guys; those are all my personal thoughts on the chapter. I know this arc didn’t live up to everyone’s expectations following the Elf arc- or even really the individual fights with the Triad before hand. But it was a good arc none the less. Hopefully the next arc sees Tabata show us something incredible!!

That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, boys and girls. Until the next post, everyone- have a Magically enchanting day. Laters!!

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