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Return Of The Would-Be King! Black Clover Chapter 365 BREAKDOWN

It’s chapter’s like this that make people say “Black Clover Is My Top 1;” “That’s My MC;” “Black Bulls A Generational Squad,” and all of that good sh!t. And you knowI don’t blame them at all. Every now and then, you’ll get a series that comes along and gets people all kinds of hyped- they start to say how this and that series are “Better Than The Big 3” or whatever, and I sit there like “………. Really?” Because in my mind; I feel like nothing can dethrone Dragon Ball and One Piece as my Top 2. “Dragon Ball” is feeling like its falling off for me more and more with every problem I see with “Super,” and One Piece only gets better and better for me the more I read Egghead. But I feel pretty comfortable in saying that they are Number 1 and Number 2. “Black Clover” would be #4. “Edens Zero” is 3, by the way. And seeing chapters like this, or even the back half of the battle with Lucifero- It’s not difficult to see why. Allow me to show you what I mean. Black Clover Chapter 365: “Five Hundred Years of Solitude.” How long does it take for someone to go mad‘Cause I feel like that’s long enough. 


Picking Up From The Last ChapterGrey and Gauche are down for the count, leaving only Secre to keep the Black Bulls in the battle. She monologues internally that her Sealing Magic is good for sealing away the pain and wounds they’ve sustained up to now- they aren’t “Healed.” And the spell will come undone if she falls. They gotta cover her. Charmy stands up first, using the Heart Kingdom Arrays and the Wolf to consume all the magic of the Guardian Angels, and thus starts amping her up. She and the others go in for another attack- and it ends the same way as before. 

Damnatio explains that certain Paladins are gifted secondary Magic attributes by Lucius; his comes from the Supreme Devil Baal, giving him Atmosphere Magic the chops up the Black Bulls whenever they get close. And because he knows his stuff, he decides to chase after the little jet thing Henry made…… for Secre. She sees the attack coming, and reminisces on her 500 years of solitude; as the bird Nero, she only though about completing her mission- that’s all that kept her going. Though it’s not like she felt she had much to live for without Lumiere. Then the man himself told her to “Find New Happiness” in this era. Low and Behold: She Found It. And it’s being dismantled right before her eyes. 

The battle even makes its way to where the Door of Fate ritual is being held. Vanessa and everyone else try to stop it, but, uh……… It all ends the same. And Secre only blames one person for all of this- for her being alive; for her having friends now; for her “heart” being returned to her- and he needs to hurry up and come back. They can’t get started without him. 

Man Oh MAN Is That Some Door.

He’s Back, baby; The Man- The Myth– The Legend– The One And Only Magicless Muscle Runt- Asta Has Finally Returned. And he’s about to slap Damnatio silly. Black Clover Chapter 365 END!!! Don’t worry, my sweet Angel of DeathThe Anti Magic Boy’s Have This Covered. 


What do I want to say about this chapter? I guess one of the bigger things is learning about Damanatio’s Devil powers and how Paladins work. Heath didn’t have any secondary Magic typing during his fight with Yosuga, so not all Paladins are guaranteed those same abilities. Not sure why Lucius is doing it like that, but clearly that means he makes certain Paladin’s stronger for specific tasks. This seemed to be the plan for Damnatio. As for the Devil he receives his power from; the word “Baal” was a title and honorific meaning “Owner/” “Lord” in the Northwest Semitic languages spoken in the Levant during antiquity. From its use among people, it came to be applied to gods. Scholars previously associated the theonym with solar cults and with a variety of unrelated patron deities, but inscriptions have shown that the name “Ba’al”  was particularly associated with the storm and fertility god Hadad and his local manifestations. Which is probably why this Devil was given Atmosphere Magic. Or at least I think that’s where Tabata took this. 

There’s also the idea of Baal’s placement on the Tree Of Qliphoth being the place after Adrammelech, and there are 2 more Supreme Devil’s between he and Lucifugus(who’s been purified and given to Morgen). Sister Lily was given The Devil King Beelzebub, and Lucius himself possesses Lucifero and Astaroth. Adrammelech is himself, but Megicula, the twins Lilith and Naamah, and those last 2 unnamed Devils are unaccounted for. And from chapter 336we have 1 Paladin who’s silhouette is unaccounted for- right next to Morgen. Take your pick with that guy, but that means there’s a bunch more Paladins out there. Looking at Morris’ horns, we asssume he has Megiculaand it’s possible that Heath had Lilith’s Devil Ice Magic, thus making his Natural Ice magic stronger. He had the 2 front horns…….

Man, the past 2 chapters have just been Damnatio f*cking up the Bulls. I don’t even really know what else I can say about that. I mean; they’re just getting SLAUGHTERED out there. Charmy tried eating up all of their magic, which in turn made her magic stronger, but……… you see how that ended. Seeing Secre poor her heart out like that was nice; she’s always been the most stoic of the Black Bulls, but Tabata has been showing her emote more with this Final Saga, between her actively messing with Noelle and Mimosa, and her reaction to Sister Lily “killing” Asta, and now we see how she felt about those 500 years as a bird watching over Licht’s old Grimoire. I can’t even comprehend what that much solitude would do to a person. So for her to say that Asta bringing her into the Black Bulls brought her “heart” back is nice to think about. Does she Love Asta? I don’t think the feelings she has for him are necessarily romantic, but more like……… I think any romantic feelings she had went towards Lumiere. And he’s(until we see him revived as a Paladin along with the other Wizard Kingsgone. 

I think……… she sees a lot of Lumiere in Asta(especially with that entrance), but I don’t think the feelings are the same. More like………. an Older Brother or something to that effect. Then again, maybe she is in love with Asta, but doesn’t feel the need to get involved with him “like that” because he’s 500 years younger than her, and- being one of the people closest to Asta as the Bird Nero- knows he has feelings for another, and doesn’t want to stand in the way of that. That’s probably closer to the truth than whatever I said. And I think that the Ryuuzen- at least Yosuga and Ichika- probably came with him. Then again, he, Ryu, and Liebe were the only one’s in that room. So maybe not. But they’re going to be in this fight, mark my words. Even after the Witch Trio went down, that door still managed to stay open. Not to mention the fact that Finral has mysteriously disappeared from the center of the Magic Circle.

Perhaps he actually had to Go in and grab Asta. And- at the advice of Ryu and Asta- is probably trying to get the Ryuuzen over here. Not ALL OF THEM obviously; they can’t leave themselves defenseless like that. Which is why I say Ichika and plausibly Yosuga. They’re clearly the strongest of them, so it might make more sense for one of them to go with Asta and one stay behind. And Yosuga is strongest, so he probably stayed behind to hold down the fort. Ichika because Yami- as well as…….. thething. They’re, uh……… Yami’s gonna crush his skull for REAL this time, isn’t he? Will Ichika let him? He still needs to “take responsibility” for it. Wonder what the other‘s gonna think of that………. 


This was a pretty good chapter. I feel like I should say that this was a “F*CKING AMAZING SUPER AWESOMELY EPIC” chapter considering that Asta’s made his return in this chapter, but……… it was just “Good.” Like………. What Can I Say? The “Jump” series didn’t really bring their “A Game” this week, I guess. Except for My Hero; Horikoshi SNAPPED this week. Seriously; High Praise for a series that I’m more or less over at this point. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and until the next post everyone; Stay Safe Out There!! 

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