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Sad Girl’s Revelation. My Hero Academia Chapter 391 BREAKDOWN

There were only 2 titles I came up with for this post. I decided to hold on to the other one for another post(probably the very next chapter), and chose this one because this chapter is just thatThe Revelation of What’s Going On With the Sad Man’s Requiem. It was foreshadowed all the way back in chapter 382 that her clones of the other League members aren’t as powerful as the one’s Twice would have been able to make, thus meaning she hadn’t “became” Twice. Sadness and confusion flooded into her mind, which was the first sign of what the problem was. Now we’ll get to that in a minute, but for right now; we’ve got to talk about the actual chapter. Huh; short introduction. Meh; that just means I can get to the “meat and potatoes” of what we’re talking about. My Hero Academia Chapter 391: “Rejecting The World.” 9 chapters to go…………


Picking Up From The Last Chapter: Togawice clones continue their onslaught- even managing to drown Pixie Bob in a sea of clones. Thus meaning there’s no one with the quirk to hold back the whole army. Then there’s narration explaining to us once again how her quirk works- and how the Heroes have no way of knowing how much blood she has in stock. Not that it would matter if they did; they slip up once here and they’re done for. Also we see the unconscious Little Shoto Todoroki; the Burnt Out Tenya Ilda; and poor little Keigo Takamai- grabbing his sword to get back into the fight……… plausibly. Then we see Uraraka rising above the Flood, trying to locate the original Himiko Chan.

Himiko Chan’s mind is flooded with thoughts of what happened to Touya, wondering if someone ELSE she cared about has left her forever. Eh; in a manner of speaking. But in her divided attention; Uraraka latches on to Himiko Chan and pulls herself to the sky with “Zero Gravity Spacewalk.” She yells about when they met last year at the Training Camp, and how her original opinion of her has changed from then to now. Himiko chan doesn’t want to hear it this late in the game, but Uraraka apologizes for taking so long to find her, and reveals the reason she’s not as strong as Twice: Her desire to kill the Heroes is overpowering her “Pure Love” for her friends. Tsu had speculated something else entirely, but Himiko Chan’s to the claim- validates what she just said. Time for a Death Match. My Hero Academia Chapter 391 END!!! Wow; that was short. Not that I’m complaining……..


………………… Do you all still care? I’m seriously asking, because I’m picking this post up Monday, June 19th, 2023, at 9:50 pm(moments after finishing the “Black Clover” review), and I’m just looking at what I already had written. And it just makes me think: “Does anyone still care?” Honestly at this point; I feel like I’m doing because I want to make sure I see this series through to the end- these posts are more for the you all who’ve been reading my reviews for this story since I started it to now. I……… I feel like I don’t care. Like………. this series just feels so………… hollow now. Which sucks because Horikoshi is d@mn near killing himself just to finish this story! This series has been on this Bi-Weekly schedule for the last- what– 5 chapters? I wish they’d just give him a Fre@kin’ break; I want to say a month like Gege Akutami took a few years ago, or like Oda’s taking now to recover his eyes. Heck, I think he needs a 3 month break like Tabata had- maybe longer. He can rest and plan out the Finale so that- when he comes back- he can just draw it up and finish the series like that. 

Like I thought: Kind Of Dull. The Todoroki Family storyline was the 2nd most important storyline in this whole series. And I got the feeling that- once it wrapped up- Every other story going on would start moving towards the climax. Which is probably why Horikoshi took so long in getting back to it- he, too, knew that the series would start wrapping up from there. But he set up so many small details and other stories that he needed to wrap up. Some didn’t care about a lot of them- some cared about a few– some cared about them all to varying extents. But it was very clearly a stalling tactic. And now that whole story is over. So it’s about time we wrap this up. The 3rd most important story in this series: Himiko chan and how to solve her problem. Bakugo’s popularity and intelligence willed him into the One For All story. 

Now we know why she couldn’t make perfect clones of her loved one’s like Twice: All that anger she feels towards the Heroes who took Twice away from her is clouding her love for her friends. Okay. Now that Uraraka has helped her to realize this, how do you guys think she’s going to handle this? Will She

  1. Give up her anger and calm the h#ll down, and “calmly” try to kill Uraraka and the Heroes? 
  2. Or will she double down in her fury and her powers tap out all at once, plausibly destroying the Sad Man’s Requiem in the process? 

I can really see either scenario happening, to be quite honest. Horikoshi seems to be ready for the series to end- but then all that stalling between the Todoroki plot. So I can see him either trying to keep this Requiem going a few more chapters. But the Volume 38 extra’s tell us that the next Volumes are gonna start ramping up to the Finale. I sort of believe it. But I don’t know what purpose it would serve to the story- or to Horikoshi’s health. This series ends soon- be it they need to give him a few months off(They Should Give Him A Few Months Off), or because Horikoshi- knowing what will happen if he keeps pushing himself to make this series with F*cking AMAZING Art– is trying to wrap it up so he can rest for…………… honestly, as long as he needs. This series sells so many volumes and makes so much money, and this series has………….. drained so much out of him that I doubt that there’s any push for him to make another manga so soon after he finishes this one. 

CHAPTER CHAPTER CHAPTER!! Um………… Ah, I got nothing. Nothing to add; nothing I haven’t already said; nothing. Um………. I finally got to watch “Sword Of The Wizard King,” so expect that Review at some point. Yeah. 


Welp…………… That’s all I got. A BAD chapterNo. Dull, but not bad. Still love Himiko chan; still gonna review as much of the series as I can while it’s still going. So, um………… Yeah. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Man, this is a bit lame; had I known I had THIS little to say I wouldn’t have stressed about making this review. Eh. Later. 

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