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The Worst Start To An Unlikely Alliance! Edens Zero Chapter 239 BREAKDOWN

……………. It’s actually been a minute, hasn’t it? Since we’ve done a solo “Edens Zero” post? The last one was…….. 237Eh, feels longer than it really was. Then again, Golden Week was a thing- Mashima took his Holiday break and all(Really hope he used that time to actually REST and didn’t spend all his time working- I worry for his health with all these projects he’s taking on). But yeah; the past 2 chapters have just been part of Dump Posts. My schedule at work is getting more erratic and all, so I’ve had to structure my schedule around that. I also took a little break for myself to watch some movies I had been wanting to watch with at my mom’s house. That was a nice day. Let me stop rambling before I have to change this to a “Dump Post,” too. Get ready for the WORST POSSIBLE FIRST MEETING EVER. I’m exaggerating, but……. that was pretty bad. Edens Zero Chapter 239: “It’s HIM!!” Oh, and that d0uchebag is back. 


Chapter 238: Shura and the Oceans 6- as well as his Fiancee Ijuna- arrive on Sandra to “talk” to Laguna. Shiki steps in in a one-to-one parallel to when they met way back whenThey fight some- not showing off what they can REALLY do- but enough to where Shura proposes and Alliance. The Objective: Kill “Gravity King” Xenolith, who’s been reported to be on Sandra. 

Chapter 239: Shiki can hardly believe what Shura is suggesting. But what’s more; Shura claims that Oasis is harboring Xenolith!! Shiki says that Laguna didn’t seem to know Xenolith was here, but claims Xenolith is “that bad a guy.” Shura reminds him what he did to Foresta, and accuses him of working for Xenolith. The whole situation is so complicated that Shiki……….. okay, he might not fully understand it himself, let alone well enough to explain it to “The Tyrannical’ Emperor Shura. But Shura continues on to say that- should they fail to end the Xenolith problem here- he’s gonna have to use All Link to shut off al machines in Aoi. Though he claims that he doesn’t want to do it; he has Droid friends of his own he wants with him. But as Ruler, he has to make some Tough Decisions. 

Shiki is surprised to see that Shura is radically different here, realizing that they probably don’t need to fight right now. Then the Shining Stars go and attack the Oceans as retribution for the last world. It is NOW looking like things are about to go from bad to worse before they even GET to Xenolith, but that’s when Laguna steps in to calm everyone down. They all want the same thing, but there’s been a misunderstanding. The Shining Stars begin to realize their mistake(though Sister seems to have taken a liking to Milani). As for the situation with Ijuna: She was a spy sent into the Empire by Oasis. But she took a liking to Shura, and now- They’re Engaged. And she is UBER Clingy. 

Besides that, though; she believes this engagement is also the key to Oasis and the Empire finally ending the fighting. Especially since they agree that Xenolith is a problem. Shura says that they were tipped off about Xenolith’s whereabouts from a Doctor on their Science team. Then a voice calls out that that Scientist is the Root Cause of this whole situation. The REAL Xenolith comes forth- having backed up his consciousness into Aruna’s Bird friend Miimii. He confirms that his body and power were stolen from him by the Head Researcher in the Imperial Science Department: 

Dr Fre@kin’ MULLER.

*Inhale*……………………………. SON OF A GODD@MN B!TCH. I wanted to yell that, but I’m not in a location where yelling…….. THAT would be appropriate or beneficial to my life. Just know: I’m not mad at all. Because he already told us he would appear one more time. Oh, and Edens Zero Chapter 239 END. Alright, let’s do this. 


Mashima said on a collaboration with a Youtube Channel that he would like to bring Muller back in some capacity one last time. And he found a way. That being said, I don’t think he’s acting of his own accord. His MO would have been to torture Xenolith somehow; not take his body and use it for………… whatever “Xenolith” is going to do. Of course, the current plan seems to be getting Oasis and The Top Officials in the Empire in 1 place and crushify them in one fell swoop, but Who’s The One Who Came up with the Plan? I’m content to say One Void and leave it at that, seeing as he’s allied himself with the Galactica- a faction that “Xenolith” is a part of. What probably happened: One Void- knowing about Muller from the previous world- approached him with the goal of having him gather power Droid Allies. It’s possibly that Lady Freya isn’t willingly following Void’s orders- they might just all be getting reprogrammed. 

Xenolith admitted that he himself is not immune to being infected with a Virus, so Muller might have found something that took his body and made him follow Void’s orders. And, in an ill-fated attempt to preserve himself from a Killer Machines- his. But Void was smart enough to counter that. Although; why would One- who Hermit claimed in chapter 215 had “Matchless Intellect-” need Muller of all people to come up with a Virus like that? That’s one of those things that require more information to do proper speculation on. Eh; maybe Muller’s just acting as a Red……… heiring……… while Void goes after the All Link System. I know, I know– I’m bringing up the All Link System again. But One- as “Ziggy-” wanted the All Link System for something; be it a bigger server for infecting MORE Machines with the same Virus as Foresta, or- like I keep saying– Hive Mind Army; it’s own consciousness projected over multiple Grunt bodies to fight the crew and keep tabs on them while the Main body is off doing……… whatever. That’s my theory and I’ll stick to it ’til it’s proven wrong. 

And then you have the Empire of Universe 0. Mashima made Muller to be an Irredeemable B@stard, so that’s gonna be the case in this Universe now matter WHAT, but it seems like Shura relationship with Ijuna and the Oceans 6 is made to reflect Shiki’s crew. More of their parallels; even down to the FURY that he shows when someone hurts his friends. Though not the same Shiki that brutally beat on Illeega before he even made sure Rebecca was okay; he stopped the moment Laguna told him to. But that still means that THIS Shura is still RADICALLY, RIDICULOUSLY Different from the Shura we knew all that long ago. So Shiki’s theory might prove right on the money, thus giving them a powerful Ally in the War against Void. And even if they can’t be full on “Friends” right now; they at least share a similar desire to protect their own- Shiki wants to protect his crew and his friends above all else, and Shura wants to defend the Aoi Cosmos at any and all costs. Common Ground. 

It’s good to see the Oceans again; I didn’t think at any point before all of this that we would ever see them again. But their here. Don’t much care for them, but perhaps Universe 0 can change that, yeah? I WANT to like these guys, but they weren’t very well utilized during Aoi War; they mostly served to show off the Crew’s Overdrive and give them something to do, but now we can see a different side of Kris and Callum’s relationship- see Lyra interact with Weisz like I initially wanted- see Milani’s full relationship with Cyca and how it reflects Shiki and Ziggy– and for God’s Sake rectify the end of Shura and Ijuna. I don’t know what Mashima was trying to say with their conclusion in chapter 166but whatever it was- he muddled it. Maybe the message was that Shura needed some kind of companionship- even something as toxic as that– to learn compassion and love for someone other than himself. Or simply that he someone CAN love him- not does. Something like that. 

This whole plot is reminding me of the Road to Enies Lobby: Seeing the Straw Hats, Galley-La, and Franky Family Unify to stand against CP9 and Enies Lobby. That scene of Luffy, Zambi, and Paulie all locking arms always stuck out in my mind. And I just released a post comparing One Piece and “Edens Zero,” so  a somewhat direct reference to that scene wouldn’t be a bad Idea at all!!- is what I’d like to say. But 1)I don’t want to here “EdEnS zErO cOpIeD oNe PiEcE” claims– I hear enough of that sh!t with Black Clover and 2)I get the feeling it would come off cringier and less serious considering who Shiki is; he’ll make a comment about them being friends now, and then they break and an awkward moment would ensue. So maybe not. 


Rather than drag this on and fall behind on schedule while simultaneously making a worse post; I’ll stop things here and leave things as they are. Which makes for a MUCH better, timelier post. Perfection. Though there is ONE thing that I want to say before I end things outThis is without a Doubt THE CUTEST HERMIT MIO COVER PAGE MASHIMA HAS EVER MADE. And I stand by that assertion: Hermit has never look cuter than in this cover page. Her smile; her choice of dress; the way her hair flows down- All of It Adorable Beyond Words. And that’s something I HAD to say. But now we can end the post. Let me know what you guys think of the chapter(Unless you disagree with Hermit’s cover this week; in which case- keep your dirty lying mouth SHUT), and until next we meet, guys- Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Stay Tuned. Laters!!! 

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